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Undead Path: Advent of Strongest Necromancer

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Author: PrinceClover

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Ten years ago, a catastrophe struck. Dimensional Monsters appeared in the Dimensional crack, and beasts mutated, forcing humans to the brink of extinction. One man stood and brought humanity to the light.

In the current year, if you aren't awakened, you are worthless, living a life to entertain them as much as you can.
Draven doesn't want to let his future be shackled by the fault of being powerless to change his fate. He desires to stand high above and conjure supernatural powers like awakened would.

One day he died...

Redemption took place when the Path brought him to trial.

He realized he had awakened an unwanted path, or so he thought.

Just when he wanted to hide from human society, a Goddess saved him and blessed the flaws of the undead.
What would happen if Draven, an undead, supposed to have many limitations and weaknesses, suddenly became invincible from a single word of the Goddess?

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    • Story Development
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    • World Background

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    After writing for more than a hundred chapters, I think it's time to give a review, especially to the readers fancied to know about the story. Let's start with writing quality; like one of the reviews below, the free chapters, most of them were lacking quality, and as much as I wanted to edit it, I will once I have time. However, I guaranteed that the writing quality from the locked chapters onward was satisfactory. As for the stability of updates, since this novel is now contracted, then, of course, I will guarantee to complete the win-win, so expect high volumes of chapter updates (depending on how the readers support the book.) As for story development, I admit I dragged the entrance examination arc a bit, but I have to since the Federation Awakener's Academy arc is a major one, so I have to show more foreshadowing. As for Character Design, I have been designing supporting characters, which I am absolutely assured would be loved by everyone. As for world background, I almost made a huge mistake because of the timeline. Coincidentally, I read a novel, which greatly helped me to fix my problems. Last but not the least, I have come to a decision that this novel will be a non-harem. At first, I had decided on two female-single leads, but I don't want to indulge in a harem because of my personal preference. Therefore, I decided to stay in the single-female lead. If you have more queries, please reply to this review, and I will entertain you! *wink!*

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    Author is here! I'm sorry for my shameless five star reviews, but I think it would be more shameless If I don't support my own book. Anyway, since you came here to drop by, why don't you take a peek at my novel and give me reviews about your thoughts on it? I will be grateful for that! Thanks in advance!

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    This novel has the potential to become one of the best works on this site. It will depend on the author how he will use the world plot and characters throughout the plot. I hope the author increases the number of updates for this novel to gain notoriety.

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    The writing quality is really bad. Don’t know much else. some of the lines were cheesy and I saw numerous small and large spelling and punctuation issues. If author went back and fixxed it might be worth a read, but bad intro all together

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    I give this book a 4.6/5 rating as there was some mistakes in the first few chapters of the book. The plot is good and the way that the author describes the world building is mind blowing. However, I did not get the chance to see a much slower progress or a relevant description of some of the characters. For example, "He bumped into a young man, age 18, much smaller than him." I was taken aback by how the MC would know that the man he bumped into was age 18? He could've jus describe the young man's relevance to the story or describe the young man himself. However, please don't be too offended to this review and take it as a grain of salt. The author is great in other areas of the novel and I could see good potential with this. ^_^

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    The novel shows a different side of what isekai might have felt like. However, I do wish that the author would say the MC's name in the beginning of the sentence or something that would easily describe what the MC would look like. But all in all, izz a great book

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    Good novel, good plot. Just a few tweaks of editing here and there will make this more exciting and appealing to every audience. Kudos to the author who wrote it. This novel is truly fantastic and awesome! I can't wait to see what adventures the MC would go through.

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    Author is probably new at english or he writes before organizing his thoughts, not a pleasant read

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    Author PrinceClover