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Villainous Me: Help! The heroines are yanderes!

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[Under thorough editing]
A young man woke up to a world of magic and endless possibilities.
He was transmigrated.
Only that he now had three huge problems.
One, he had no memories of his past.
Two, he was a villain destined to die no matter the outcome.
And three, the heroines were all kinda... should he say, obsessed?
Yeah, he was fucked.
No Yuri.
Conflicting emotions of MC due to loss of memory for the first part.
Huge plot twist, so don't fall for whatever you see.
NTR? Not.
But probably netori.
Beta MC? Big No.
Harem? Yes! Don't ask me how but I'll make it possible.
More golden tickets for faster updates!

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    Hmm, you could replace the title with "Extra Character: Help, Yandere Heroines" or something like that. Because I don't see any connection in MC related to evil, being led by his system, even though he believes he has free will and controls himself, but I think that's what his system wanted him to believe. He builds his self-confidence from nothing and loses it when he faces difficulties and a lot of fear. There are strong and yandere heroines, it can be said that the MC's role in this novel is to be the heroines' toy, because he is very weak compared to them. I don't know why you have to make everyone around him strong while he is weak unless you want him to be a plaything for them. He does nothing but run away from his problems.

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    WHAT?! I just did what any shameless author would do.

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    I'm sorry maybe there's something wrong on my end l. But I literally cannot follow the story I can't seem to find what's going on. Like is there some way I have to read it because this is and I'm being serious this most hard to follow story I have ever seen. Maybe you edited some parts out or something because truly I can't figure out the story at all!

    View 5 Replies

    Want to start reading but wdym by ntr:probably not 🤔

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    Book title and cover instantly attracted me to give the novel a try and I have to admit I was surprised by the authors's writing style with little to no grammatical mistakes. This novel takes us on a journey as mc slowly embraces his role as a villain and I feel like we've barely seen anything yet as he'll surely become .....

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    The main character is just there to be bullied by everyone and most of the other reviews haven’t read even one part of the book. The system in this says he’s there for retribution but there’s no hints or foreshadowing. The author just says wait for the twist which is probably about 10 chapters after the pay wall. I really don’t recommend unless you like to see the main character just suffer.

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    just started a bit .lemme guess the twist in the summary.... the whole thing is a game played by mc and he loses his memories every time he dies , so he can go back and enjoy the game again without breaking . the game name would be prolly villain /character simulator or something.He actually may be coming from the modern world .there prolly a lot of flaws in my logic, but I'm guessing the actual twist will be even stupider 😂😅

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    ------------------------------------------------- Definitely not doing this to get to ten reviews

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    Good adventure and good background story.

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    Nice... That's all I've got to say. ------------

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    Great idea and all but... what the Heck is up with the sudden twist. it's like I was starting to get the hand of the story and all of a sudden- boom! plot twist! But that aside, it's good... I think 🤔

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    the title is so funny. every time I see it I click on the novel just to read the title and leave. I keep imagining the MC saying this while speaking in a high pitched voice making a 😱 expression sounding like Mickey mouse for some reason.

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    The title really intrigues me and got me to read your novel, HAhahahah.

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    If your confused about what’s going on your not the only one. This had to be written by a crack head on an acid trip

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    LV 4 Badge

    I really tried to give it a shot and made it past chapter 60, but it seemed to be the main character suffering from memory loss just getting dragged around to complete plot points. He doesn't know anything about the world or what is going on, so by extension neither does the reader making it is difficult to enjoy. The grammar was good though I'll give the author that.

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    I don't understand at all what's happening. The plot is very disjointed and things just seem to jump from scene to scene with no explanation of how they got to that point. Characters are also not very fleshed out.

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    It seems very interesting so I will give it a chance

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    Heya 👋 shameless author here. so if you're reading this, you are probably considering if you sure try this novel. Well.... please do... I really need to know what you think...

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