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With My System, I Can Even Tame Gods

Fantasy 756 Chapters 3.6M Views
Author: DXHaseoXD

3.85 (35 ratings)

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After being sent to another world because of a god's mistake, Lin Fan obtained the ability to...tame?

"What? As long as I raise affection, I can tame anything? Even gods?"

"Could I even make a harem with this power?"


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    Shame doesn't feed you, so there's no point in having shame. Try it, you won't regret it. Also, you might want to read this when you're alone...Along with wearing baggy pants...

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    i would say i enjoyed this novel till the latest chapter (i.e 67) . and yeah there are cliche but the thing is every novel has it. for me this novel is enjoyable and the update rate is constant( big thumbs up to the author for that) and also mc unique ability is op the thing that irritates me is that mc doesn't adapt to the medival environment in the Beginning chapters but i can see that he is changing too.

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    Quite a good novel but i dropped it at that mercenary chapter mc is an naive idiot that thinks that letting those people go who have come to kill him is the best thing to do if you can tolerate this type of mc then it'll be a good read for you.

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    is the typical japanese novel harem isekai, with the beta mc included :/ [img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins]

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    This novel has some weird inconsistencies in it. These could be fixed if the author tries to flesh out the story information more and put more thought in their world building and word choice. The story has a relatively fast pace and this seems to be caused by the lack of thought the protagonist has. The protagonist doesn’t seem to observe the world he is in well and this is confirmed by the lack of his use or the author’s lack of including the protagonist’s use of his “Apraisal Skill”. Furthermore, a good amount of the novel takes place in the protagonist’s head (his thoughts) rather than descriptions of the world of the novel. I personally like the concept the novel is based upon but the rest of the novel is subpar so far. (I’m around 20 chapters in.)

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    It's not bad, yet another harem novel with a twist, but the MC feels more like a 12-13 year old than a 25-year old man. Adjusting to new culture is one thing (ex. adverse to killing), but lacking common sense just to have cliche encounters tends to get annoying. However, if you like beta MC's this novel could be your cup of tea.

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    The protagonist is just terrible he drools after every girl and can't get out of the "EaRtH MiNdSeT" so he doesn't kill people coming to kill him and just makes more problems for himself the world is nice and interesting and the writing style is great just the events and the protagonist are terrible to make matters short this book is just a problem solving book some thing happens to mc then mc wins the he makes a stupid decision and makes more problems for himself then he solves those problems that is the book in a nut shell

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    Quiet good exactly. There are some loopholes or a part what i don't like example starter pack these are what will help you surrive but author skip it like nothing important. but i can't handle this kind of story. i will mostly flip the table. His naivety is too much.

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    The story is good but some things are getting annoying. The mc sometimes forget information he already knows, especially about the composition of this world ( different continents with different power bases ). I am at chapter 125 and he was suprised at least 4 time about the same information. That there is a magic continent. Even after the dragon confirmed his suspicion. He still got suprised by the dungeons information and also after hearing magic continent from tian tian after becoming a dungeon town owner. The main char is stupid and i sometimes think that the author himself forgets information he already revealed to the MC. As an author, he should be able to follow his own story but i am happy that he never mixed names so fat

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    So for starters theres no real description of the world just that its a "cultivator world" pretty much all the info you get, i always give new books i try about 25 - 50 chapters before i trully drop them but i couldnt even make it to 25. dropped at 20, MC is Beyond beta its pretty sad i understand not have experience with women but this is beyond that by a lot, it feels more like this is a 13 yr old boy going thru puberty. You had a good idea coming in but ruined it by how your mc is. and technically if he has maxed out mental fortification he shouldn't react like a 13yr old when the dumb cliché things happen. conclusion do not read if you hate Beta MC's read if you enjoy reading about Beta Mc's.

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    MC is just a beta male who thinks with his lower half. Indecisive . Aversive to killing . 🤮

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    Average isekai cultivation novel, not worth of your time unless you wanna waste it. It doesn't bring any novelty nor has amazing story telling, at best average.

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    My only reason for not liking it is Mc is dumb beyond reason 👍🗿

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    Just found out this amazing book have a free offer from Webnovel and after binge reading to 600th chapter, It's only now I realized that I haven't give All Five Stars yet. Shame on me, Here's your stars, Author! 🤩🌠🌟⭐✨📖✨⭐🌟🌠🤩

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    I'm expecting a full cultivation world where mc cultivate and get heroines but this is just somewhat japanese like fantasy with a drop of cultivation. And the progress of Mc cultivation is so slow that it feels that strength doesn't matter, he doesn't even cultivate. But meeeh, nvm.

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    MC is controlled by his girls as he is submissive type. Truly disappointed. Hope atleast his system will be his ultimate secret. Great plot. Skilled author. Anyway story is very good, MC should be the one in control of everything including girls with backbone, else how is he even going to tame gods when he can't even tame his master?. Thanks for this masterpiece. I will update my review later

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    like it when it was at the beginning but got off track after that it is too clinch to read now

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    intriguing system .. well written .. hope mc uses his system more and author clearly explains cultivation levels , world background and levels ,powers . Mainly everyone goes for system levels for quick pace story, clearly visible stats and levels .. which author needs to work on ...MC has max level appraisal .. but never uses it even when he meets new people now thats just dumb , but system recently got upgraded lets see whats ahead chapter 70

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    Author DXHaseoXD