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Worldshift A New Beginning.

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Author: Crown_Nyx

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It's been years since the system emerged on Earth, yet strangely, the world remained unchanged—no monsters, no apocalypse, no towers, no gods; everything was normal. That is, up until the unavoidable happened.

Transported alongside the rest of humanity, Lucius Maxwell arrives in a new world, one filled with intelligent and dangerous races.

As he explores and travels through this magical realm, Lucius unravels the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic "System."

However, a hidden past haunts him—a past he can't seem to remember, a broken time.

---Author Note To Readers:

This is the tale of Lucius Maxwell, unfolding not only his journey but also the lives of those around him in both the new world and the old.

Each character comes with unique backstories and intriguing hidden details, weaving a narrative that unravels the complexities of their pasts and the mysteries that bind them together.


Just a heads-up:The story is slow-paced. The positive is that it allows you to experience a very satisfying character growth, giving you a full image of their personalities, feeling their emotions, and witnessing how they deal with struggles while pursuing their goals.

However, it's worth noting that this may not be for everyone, as some readers may find it slow and choose to drop it. Nevertheless, I believe that having a story written this way will fill you up instead of leaving you wondering about the missing plot holes.

[Author Note: Check The Auxiliary Chapter: Zone Map for an Epic Map!]

Tags: #HiddenPlots, #System, Angels #MinimalRoleOfSystem, #NormalMC, #UniqueStory, #OlderMC, #D&D Monsters, #MatureMC, #Romance, #NoArrograntCharacters, #GameElements, #Goblins, #Kobolds, #Dragons, #Golems, #Demons, #Gods, #Bloodline, #litrpg

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    Review for Chapter 100 By Author Crown_Nyx: It's been quite a journey; in less than a month, I've written over 100 chapters. I want to thank you all for the support you've offered, which has motivated me to keep going. For new readers, I hope you'll give it a try. The first few chapters might not make much sense initially, but they are important. As you progress, you might come across a few minor mistakes, but I've been quick to react and edit them as soon as they're spotted. Enough about that, what can you expect from this story? Here's a list: 1) A main character who is realistic, along with well-developed side characters. 2) Strong female characters who aren't just accessories. 3) One love interest, but with a hidden plot. 4) Massive plots that interconnect like puzzle pieces in later chapters. 5) The system plays a minimal role—it doesn't force anyone to do anything and treats all members of this new world equally. 6) No forced plot, boring young masters, or arrogant individuals. A lot of thought and ideas have gone into the story, with the system playing a minor role. Every character is important, each with their own struggles and reasons to live and survive. You can use this review for [Question & Answers]. I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. That's all, and I wish you a good day.

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    After following the story for a while, this is an updated review(I am not good at giving reviews) At the start, I was going to lower my rating because some things were pretty slow paced, but then once the plot came together, I got amazed and hooked. I just think that other readers who are used to other novels with x kill x will find it too much realistic... Another thing is the system, like the author stated does nothing apart from offering everyone an equal chance to grow stronger, it's up to them to take it or lose it. Like I said earlier the only negative I find is the slow pace but I got over it by now, I can't wait to see the new system you mentioned in latest chapter!

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    Lucius! I think I like him😏His personality got me on😁well nice book you've earned yourself a real fan here😅😎[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    I love Lily personality it reminds me of Xena the Warrior Princess, would like to know why she attacked him at the start? Also the city they are in seems mysterius looking forward for the future ! Great chapters!

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    LV 14 Badge

    I'm about to start reading I'm just glad the MC isn't 1-16 years old

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    An interesting story. We follow Lucius's adventure in a new and somewhat fair world. The novel gives off the vibes of ORV at the start with how things started. All in all, I think you should give it a try.

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    Started out good. Transmigrated story with a mature MC. Then, the story take a weird turn where the MC start doing morally grey decision. Maybe that's the best the MC can do at those situations. But I still blame the author for choosing this kind of development. Dropped at chapter 64. Good luck for those who like it.

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    [NOTE: This reviewer only read up to 10 chapters of this story] I just want to say that I really like the premise of your story and that your way of writing is very detailed. Your storytelling reminds me of the books I used to read and not mere web novel! However, some might not agree that this is a good thing. Some words utilized are far too complex that it might hinder the readers from fully understanding the story, because well, they don't even know the words! Second, the first and second chapter was info-dumping a bit. Third, some paragraphs are HUGE! Consider trimming them down for mobile readers. That's all my comments for now. Good job on this work and I hope you keep this up!

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    Finished so far with "Chapter 5". The concept is good and the story isn't flat, there's a sense of direction. I like the way the author describes her characters, it's really well done. If I have to give this story one flaw, it's that it doesn't have many chapters. Author go free as well!!😂😂

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    Just five chapters so far but I can already see the potential of this book. I like the fresh idea of "Fair world" and how people in this world will function. I don't really can give an honest review because there's little chapters but we'll see... more chapter author!

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    it's good that the mc is matured enough befitted in his age. the system also isn't annoying enough to annoy the readers.the downside is that when i read one of the tags, it says NO ARROGANT CHARACTERS. You can't BUILD a WORLD without those individuals.

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    You did a great job author, you should be proud! It was good! The only thing I really have to say is that the character design was a bit lacking, but other than that I have nothing to contribute!

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    Reading this book felt like embarking on a captivating journey around the world. The characters were as varied and intriguing as the cultures that span across our globe. The plot unfolded with the same unpredictability as the shifting of tectonic plates, full of seismic surprises that kept me hooked. Each chapter felt like stepping into a new country, filled with unexpected marvels and wonders. Simply put, if you're in search of a narrative as engrossing as the study of our diverse world, this book should be your next destination. Rating: 5/5 stars. As delightful as stumbling upon an untouched destination!

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    Story is a pretty good system novel blending unique world building into a common genre.It's a little fast paced but didn't feel to lost with the plot. Grammar is also very good.

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    The book delivers what it promises. A well paced, balanced trial that keeps you in a good amount of suspense without trying too hard to make the MC be the ultimate underdog.The writing quality is excellent as well.Good luck on your road to the top)

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    This novel is great! It might look like the usual system novel but for me it's not. It explains a different type of system where they had the same stats or something like that. Also, it takes 17 years for them to start their adventure that seems like they were being prepared before they were dropped (transported, I mean) into another world. You guys are gonna love this! ^_^ Keep writing, author! ^_^

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    At first sight the novel is well written. And the worldbuilding is good too,intriguing and the elements are well placed. Keep up the good work author!!

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    This is a really great story with nice pacing and good writing style. I love the dynamic between the characters/system. This is worth your time to read, so do it!!!

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    Wow! Your story's background is truly unique and intriguing! I'm captivated by the creativity and originality displayed by the author. The writing flows so smoothly, making it an absolute pleasure to read.

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    So far so good but is this a harem cuz if it is then unfortunately it won’t be upto my taste . Hope would not regret until the midway Anyone know ??

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    Author Crown_Nyx