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Original Works

  • The System Of Somatosensation

    The System Of Somatosensation

    Fantasy System Reincarnation Academy Fantasy WeakToStrong StrongLoveInterest Remake

    The sense of touch or somatosensation is one of the important senses in a human body. Losing this ability can surely hinder your everyday life. Unfortunately for Tetsuo, he got a sickness that loses his ability to sense anything ever since he was young. After dying after complications on his body worsened, he wished to experience the feeling of the touch once in his lifetime. For some reason, he was born again and was now living on another world. He also gained a power that somehow had some connection from his dead Father. Join Tetsuo as he find more of his ability as friends and foes appear to help or stop his journey and the revelations that has something to do with his own existence. ----------------------------------------- This the remake of TSOS. Don't be surprised on the view count, its been a year since I started this and remade it again.

  • Mistake



    This is a mistake

  • Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic

    Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic

    Horror&Thriller Apocalypse HiddenGem Tragedy NoSystem Undead ColdProtagonist RomanticSubplot DayAndNightCycle Japanese PureSurvival


    Labeled as a delinquent and bad influence, high school student Kyosei Ichinose choose to stay out of the people around him, indulge himself to his headphones, pick fights against other people and stay alone. He was later famous for being a dangerous fellow that even his fellow students and his teachers feared him. One day, everything is normal until the world is now in turmoil after the appearance of a mysterious disease that turns humans into mindless cannibals, infecting humans all around the country in an alarming state. After receiving a distressed message from his former friend, he reluctantly returned only to find the school overrun by the dead. Armed with his house keys, a revolver and a duffel bag containing a few items to aid the rescue, he returned to the school without knowing why he still need to rescue a former friend. -------------- Updates depends on Author. Usually 1 chapter a day or 2 chaps a day if I am in the mood. 5-10 chaps every Friday depending on the rank. Ps: I won't go premium so you all can read at your hearts content!

  • Book of Divine Creatures

    Book of Divine Creatures

    Fantasy Transmigration Academy Mystery Magic Monsters PoorToRich WeakToStrong FantasyModern MyPlanet

    His former life was blank. He never knew if he died or not in his former world. One thing is for sure, he was no longer on his own body. Opening his eyes, he later found out that he transmigrated to another body with the name of Li Jin. The former owner of the body commit suicide hence he was kicked into this new body. What is more, the world was now a magical place with creatures fighting for survival called Divine Creatures. His only problem is that he is also a poor boy, orphaned and was kicked out from his own house due to the debt on his aunt. He was forced to pack his items with him and a mysterious but did not even have a single content book called the "Book of Divine Creatures." The book can create his own pocket dimension in which he can create his own paradise of creatures. Not only that but it also records all the divine creatures he encountered in his entire life. Join him create his own world by opening the book which will change the history of the world of Divine Creatures and Humanity.

  • Versatile: Alternate World

    Versatile: Alternate World

    Video Games Adventure Modern Revenge Magic GameElements Vengeance VideoGames ColdProtagonist FirstPersonPOV TimeTraveling


    Manato Tsukasa is one of the top tier players of the game, Alternate World. However, before he managed to reach the top, he originated from the bottom and experienced different sorts of humiliation and downsides. Instead of being down and depressed, he used those events as motivation to rise up, resulting in becoming one of the strongest Magic Knight player. Also, due to the game, he found the love of his life. When he was about to get married to the woman he is engaged with, he discovered that he was one of the few targets to be assassinated and she was tasked to do so. Without knowing who did it, he furiously escape. After desperately escaping death, he encountered a similar person in the alley, bloodied and out of breath. Manato recognized this person to be the creator of the game, Alternate World. The creator then handed him out an item that will return him to his past self, hoping that he will be the one who can change their destiny. He was also entrusted to travel back in time with a peculiar data that can only be accessed back in the past since he is already dying. Desperate to survive, he grabbed the item and decided to return. He woke up once again, in his 17-year-old body where the game is still launching. In his hands, is the weapon entrusted by the creator that has been transported with him? With his photographic memory and the data in his past, he won't just go down easily now that he had returned to the past. Instead of choosing the Magic Knight class, he instead choose the class that most players have to struggle with using. However, after doing a few things different from the past timeline, he found out that the past is now rewritten slowly as he messed up the events that should unfold, making a new future. Questions and mysteries slowly arises as he pieced together everything he knew. And what is the secret behind the game? Is it really a game or something more? ------------------------------------------------

  • Chat Group For Magicians

    Chat Group For Magicians

    Magical Realism Romance Adventure Modern Magic MaleProtagonist Chatgroup spells


    Being a NEET or Not in Education, Employment or Training after being humiliated in his high school life, Kazuma Fukuyama is considered a worthless individual in life. On his way back home after buying cup noodles from a convenience store, Kazuma suddenly receives a notification that he is invited to a chat group. Although he is afraid of meeting others, chatting in the internet might help him cope up with his trauma. Only to find out that its more magical and mystical that might change his life forever. -------------------------------------- This is my fifth novel in webnovel. Also, this is not a fan fiction of CCG or Red Envelope of the Three Realms so don't compare it to that. They don't revolve in the same universe and although they have similarities, they are not necessarily same.

  • The Haunted Hunting Club

    The Haunted Hunting Club

    Horror&Thriller Adventure Mystery Horror Psychological Thriller

    "Hey, do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you encountered at least one of the seven mysteries of the school?" Our school has been standing for decades, and although it was a prestigious one for students, it can't escape the real things hidden in plain sight. According to the book written by my sister who disappeared a decade ago, something ominous is hiding in the shadows and its not explainable by science. She disappeared after a certain event and she left me her will. And that is to continue the club where they hunt supernatural activities and phenomena. However, it only has a single member at the moment... and she is a strange one at that! ---------------------------------------- Warning: Some of the rituals going to be mentioned are real and for your sake, please do not even try them at home.


Daemonspectra: Thanks for the chapter.
I'm glad that you started again.

Versatile: Alternate World · C40
13 hours ago
usually, yes, but it's childish of me. It's his opinion View More

tekite: Ooh u AnGErY

Chat Group For Magicians
16 hours ago
And I thought this would be another food wars View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C252
20 hours ago
as long as the daily release do not decrease View More

Megansar: I’m actually ok with privilege because it hasn’t reduced our chapters and we still got a small mass release.

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C251
1 day ago
Yes, he has a lot of them but did you notice that he usually learns skills whenever he is not on the hunt or currently resting? I designed him to do things like that so it won't be a conflict to the flow of his hunt. Many readers don't want explanations of this and that in the middle of the hunt and if he wanted to learn most passives, I will be explaining a lot of them. View More

Adypoker: Yes, but didn't he have a lot of surplus SP for Swordsman and Magic Swordsman?

Versatile: Alternate World · C34
1 day ago
Most passives are expensive than active skills and since it is still in the early game, he has limited SP for the time being and if he relies on sp farming, it would take time before he gets all SP he needs. View More

Adypoker: Why the author isn't making the MC learn every passive skill possible is going right above my head...
The "MC" said that he didn't want to get too many skills so he didn't have to manage all of them, but passive skills don't need managing, they're active 100% of the time...

Versatile: Alternate World · C34
1 day ago
It should be 10 SP per level. And he only gets random sp per kill. I already clarified the title of Death's Favorite. I think I messed up the info. View More

Adypoker: Wait where did all of the extra SP go?
10 sp per kill if he killed the amount I'm guessing then he killed 15 lizards total...
Then the SP should be 150...

Versatile: Alternate World · C11
2 days ago
oh, I didn't notice this. I made a mistake. Instead of "double", it should be "increase" instead. The rate he gets SP randomly per kill increases. I have to clarify it. Sorry for the inconsistency. View More

Adypoker: Wait wasn't Death's Favorite supposed to give him double SP?
Then shouldn't he get 20 per level?

Versatile: Alternate World · C10
2 days ago
No worries. It's not really a big deal and although I hesitated at first, I want this novel to gain an exposure to others and by applying the contract will be one of that solution. No worries though, I discussed it to the staff and they agreed that they won't ask for me to lock the chapters of the novel. Only the gift function will be open. View More

unstable_24: Dear author, if having the gift function a disadvantage for you don't do it though I don't know it's effect.

Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic · C190
4 days ago
Thank you very much. Too bad that you won't be sticking around anymore but still, I am thankful for giving a bit of time with my novel. I appreciated it. View More

q00u: I come back to find another gone premium. Doh! I remember when this story was just starting out. Good times! While I part ways here, I genuinely hope things brings you tremendous success. Of course, you're already a winner in my book for sticking with this story so far. Keep up the great work, and best of luck in your future!

Chat Group For Magicians · C94
5 days ago
Sorry if you don't like the mc's new behaviour. But it's part of the plot that he became like that. I could say that he will get an extra personality due to this which would make more conflict on himself View More

Troll_Fox: Well, I like the former Mc better. Even tho he’s passive, he’s not such a AH and is pretty nice......

I declare thee dropped!!

Chat Group For Magicians · C90
1 week ago
It's the chat ranking, magician ranks are different. These ranks are much more like to unlock a certain feature of the chat View More

Kenrio: Isn't they ranks mortal magician, Apprentice magician body, tempering magician body,grimoire magician and adept grimoire magician?

Chat Group For Magicians · C22
1 week ago
this is just a fiction and I never said it is inspired in real-life Japan. And by the way, this novel has no system, only zombies. And I know about the fact that Japan has a lot of firearms ban. And I don't really mind your criticisms about this novel. I am writing to my readers because many enjoyed it. If you don't like my novel, well, it's your opinion. There are lots of novels out there about zombies, go ahead and read them. View More

ATCkit: only got to chapter 3 but could not stand the horrible grammer.
I would not read it if I were you. instead, read one of the many other zombie novels on here.

Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic
1 week ago
it's always so short... View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C224
1 week ago
the backstory is still there though they will be mentioned not too soon. The MC will still have a few things to do and he has not interacted with anyone yet. But don't worry, although most of the plots are changed, I did not change the backstories of different characters. Afterall, the novel is already predetermined if not for the game framework messing up. View More

CompletelyZero: Hahaha! I got pushed back in time and now in a different time line of Versatile.... Hahaha.. It feels weird.. Recalling all that happened before and now a lot has change, i though that the author would only change the game framework because it was so damn difficult to maintain and confusing, but infact changed some events thus leading to this.. But the main plot remained. Returned back in time to be stronger to prevent MC from dying, save people that also died and take revenge to the evil doers.. Now the difference that timeline/storyline and now?? Which is better?? Old.. He gets the game by helping someone ... Now he gets it by being first in line... Well, doesnt matter its free.. But i like the old cuz of the backstory and anguish MC felt no having the game first.... Next.. Old..Free New improved Cabin, he get an improved cabin to use for the game, no differ from ordinary cabin only spec are improved, ok... Now.. Free Tattoo to be used as game link up??? Because it portable?? Make sense but a big jump from a cabin to a tattoo. It be too unrealistic.. A bracelet or headgear instead is juz right to make it portable but realistic.. But who am i to complain about technical stuff.. It just a story right... Nwei .. If the author is reading this. Here my though, your old story is great because of the plot and hero backstory, the game framework did got messed up that make it difficult and confusing to continue with.. With your new story outline is much cleaner and the flow is acceptable juz like a game it is.. I hope you could still put up the backstory like the old outline it give the MC motivation to go thru the event..

Versatile: Alternate World · C25
1 week ago
nah, I got a fever that is why I didn't get to update at all View More

Daemonspectra: i thought you dropped the novel.

Versatile: Alternate World · C36
2 weeks ago

leichryscherry: That would really be a big problem in the future.. they should eliminate these banshees before they evolve

Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic · C126
2 weeks ago

leichryscherry: Don't worry author san i will continue to vote.. this novel is great.. I can't actually take it off my hands... great job 👍👍👍

Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic · C125
2 weeks ago

SireZippy: You do you bud im enjoying the story and wont drop it. Dont let a few whiners get you down. You dont need those type of readers

Chat Group For Magicians · C79
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
oh man, oh man, oh man. The prequel is finally here! Who would have thought that the journey of Ye Xiu to the road of glory will finally be released here in Webnovel! Although I personally liked his second avatar, I am also wondering how he ended up as a legendary gamer! This is a must to read novel! View More
The King's Avatar - For The Glory
2 weeks ago
I am thinking that this spell would go haywire and instead of cleaning the room, it would flood instead. View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C206
2 weeks ago
then go ahead and read translations. No one is forcing you to read mine. If you don't like the flow of the story, just go and leave View More

TheTrueGilgamesh: Your MC is a japanese guy...... Nonono😂😂 not this again i'm done you know what they say it's better to read annoying chinese MC than a P*SSY😂😂

Chat Group For Magicians
2 weeks ago
even the bike security is so expensive View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C202
3 weeks ago

Halvie: Make sure you update it tho Lotta people just become bored and stop leaving some loyal readers hanging

Chat Group For Magicians
3 weeks ago

leichryscherry: Thanks for the story.. it's great

Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic · C52
3 weeks ago

leichryscherry: Hahaha nice he now have a high powered guns

Outbreak Chronicles: Dead Pandemic · C53
3 weeks ago
that would be too much and it would cause burnout to the translator. If we want the story to continue updating, let's get content with it. View More

agmmagm: More pls :( like 50-60 chapters will do for today

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C200
3 weeks ago
lol, I thought there really is a gift function that gives skin care View More

Qwip: See this! I just gifted the story: Skin Care

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C200
3 weeks ago

Qwip: See this! I just gifted the story: Skin Care

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C200
3 weeks ago
Finally, a great novel once again reached a very satisfying conclusion. Such a good novel worth spending SS for reading! View More
The King's Avatar · C1728
3 weeks ago
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