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  • His Concubine

    His Concubine

    Historical Romance ROMANCE R18 HAREM


    Mairy Alois was once a happy princess of the Aeternam empire. She once had a complete and happy family, and a happy kingdom. But, Everything changed when a young boy named Ignis came into the picture. Her happy life was stolen from her. Ignis ruined her life. She was once a princess, but she ended up being his concubine.

  • Noble Rose

    Noble Rose

  • Hibiscus: The Hero of Gedeva [BL]

    Hibiscus: The Hero of Gedeva [BL]


    Ilayan postures straight, upholding the dignified image as much as he can muster; he approaches the box. His footsteps echo throughout the entire hall; silencing the crowd who are most eager for his answer. With a decisive face, his arm moves, then, in all his knees, he sinks. In front of the most powerful man in the realm, he presents himself humbly; the scarlet ribbon lies in his open hands. "Forgive my insolence, Your Majesty, but with all the courage in my being, I ask—please grant me the hand of the Seventh Prince."...After the ten-year war at Gedeva, Ilayan marches back to the capital with victorious feats on his shoulders; the youngest Major General of the Military Forces in the history of Alexin Empire. As the symbol of aid and danger to those who covet the throne, he faces off a new silent battle of political schemes and conspiracies. But helping him now are not his comrades from the barracks but the male consorts he married in his harem [?] Disclaimer: This is a historical BL, which means having mxm & bxb pairings. Therefore, all members of Ilayan's harem are men. Note: This will be my new story here, and I hope you enjoy it. I'll try my best to update every day.

  • Earth and the Red Planet

    Earth and the Red Planet

    All alive and kicking He started to enthusiastically tell his plan in a trumpet blast voice by saying:“let us make and design robots in our own image, in our own likeness, after that,let them rule all over the corners of the red planet and do multitudes of researches on our behalf.”(he spoke like in the bible when God was about to create man), and he continued by saying:“let us make these robots more Advanced than any other machine before, to the extent that they will have the freedom and power of choosing between what is right and what is wrong, let us make them move like us, think like us and even mimic all of our human moods, let us increase and multiply them in numbers after a certain period of time and group them together into families just like us, above all let us limit our interference with their lives, let us let them live alone far away sixty-four million two hundred and twenty-one thousand kilometers away from us in Mars. As for us, we will only act as their gods, we will be watching their day to day lives from the microcameras which we will place on each of their foreheads,Let us do this and change the way we look beyond our skies and space”;

  • Open door

    Open door

  • A Billionaire Twin

    A Billionaire Twin


    Amethyst is a regular college student who passed the scholarship examination in RH University. She grows up in an orphanage but like everyone else when she reaches the age of eighteen she has to leave the only place she can call home.Luckily Sister Mila the director of the orphanage found a place for her to stay. Amethyst didn't know everything would change when she entered the university. A rich bad boy Senior who’s name is Skylar Alois took a fancy of her. Amethyst life was turned upside down when some rich girl named Stella Adams set her up to ruin her reputation and her scholarship just to get even to her for thinking she seduced the man of her dream. Things got complicated when the guy Stella hired to rape Amethyst was replace to unknown person and now she's pregnant without knowing who the father is. Ten years later everything has changed. The bad boy senior became the youngest multi-billionaire and a CEO of a very big company and Amethyst is now a mother of twins. She manages to take online studying and now she's in a hunt for a job to provide necessary things for her growing twin. What will happen if both cross paths again and something feels so familiar but unexplainable whenever they meet each other's eyes or accidentally had some skinship. Follow Amethyst's life struggle together with her mischievous twins.

  • Dear Diary, Give me your Love

    Dear Diary, Give me your Love


    Giselle receives a lock diary as a parting gift before heading off to university. She meets Jonathan, who has the ability to manipulate the physical health of others. She believes that her feelings for him are unrequited. Then she meets Alois, who has the ability to heal the mental health of others while sacrificing his own. Giselle must protect her loved ones from their effects, all while battling her romantic feelings.

  • Gadis Bangsawan Penjahat ingin melangsingkan Suaminya

    Gadis Bangsawan Penjahat ingin melangsingkan Suaminya


    Putri Pangeran yang kalah dalam pencalonan untuk menjadi tunangan Pangeran Kedua, Camilla. Pangeran memilih putri Baron sebagai tunangannya, dan dunia memberkati cinta keduanya sebagai takdir. Di sisi lain, Camilla yang pada akhirnya disesuaikan dan diangkat sebagai penjahat cinta, sebagai hukuman dia dibuat untuk menikahi pria yang sangat gemuk dan jelek yang disebut Katak Rawa』 dari penampilannya, seorang penguasa jarak jauh. daerah bernama Alois.Sebagai mainan manusia katak yang jelek, gadis penjahat yang mulia berjalan di sepanjang jalan hari-hari terakhirnya yang menyedihkan――seolah-olah aku akan membiarkan itu terjadi! Aku tidak akan menikah begitu saja seperti ini. Saya pasti akan membuatnya diet dan memolesnya menjadi pria yang baik dan menunjukkan kepada mereka yang baik――!/Kisah romantis antara seorang gadis yang tidak putus asa dan seorang pria intelektual yang berbeda dari penampilannya, diet dan makanan mereka, berguling di telapak tangan tetapi membiarkan diri mereka berguling.#sangat sedikit novel terjemahan bahasa Indonesia di webnovel#jadi saya yang menerjemahkannya#hey yang bisa donasi boleh, 1000Rp juga gak apa apa ok ... buat beli kopi ... lewat DANA YA...Kode QR... ADA Di photo profil ku....

  • Insurgency


    After being court martialed for not following orders, ex-captain Alois Dorn is sent into stasis as an optional way to get out of his sentence. 1000 years after he went into stasis, he awakens to see his homeland turned into a civilization that can no longer reach the stars, and focuses on escaping the horrors they see every day due to the actions of an elite that he volunteered to fight all those years ago. Seeing this, he steels himself, and begins an insurgency to retake his home from those who only seek to use his people to squeeze as much wealth from them as possible.

  • The villainess and her sweet loving husband

    The villainess and her sweet loving husband

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY VILLAIN

    A Count’s Daughter who lost in the running to become the Second Prince’s fianceé, Camilla. The Prince chose a Baron’s daughter as his fianceé, and the world blessed the two’s love as fated. On the other hand, Camilla who was tailored and elevated as the love’s villain in the end, as punishment she was made to marry a fat but cute man――called people made rumor『Toad of the Swamp』from his appearance, a lord of a remote region named Alois.As an ugly toad-man’s plaything, the noble villainess girl walks along the road of her wretched last days――as if I’ll let that happen! I won’t just get married meekly like this. I’ll definitely make him diet and polish him into a good man and show them good――!A romance story between a girl who isn’t discouraged and an intellectual man who is different from his appearance, a diet and their meals, coaxing the other yet sometimes being played themselves.

  • Seven Sins And Punishment

    Seven Sins And Punishment

    Romansa Historis ROMANCE R18 CONQUER SEJARAH

    7 kisah menyedihkan dengan pengantar tidur masing-masing, dari satu api kecil bernama 'ambisi' bisa membuat 7 dosa mengikat kaki dan tangan manusia."Dari sebuah neraca keadilan, kini berubah menjadi koin emas penuh keserakahan." (Peter Menogrolle)"Dari sebuah cermin kebahagiaan, kini berubah menjadi gelas kaca diisi darah penuh kerakusan." (Tiffany Zartitian)"Dari sebuah lili penuh kebaikan, kini berubah menjadi tulip penuh obsesi dan nafsu." (Daniel Walliston De Luka)"Dari sebuah gaun cantik, kini berubah menjadi sepatu merah penuh kesombongan." (Roseanne Walliston De Luka)"Dari sebuah busur untuk melindungi, kini berubah menjadi buku yang diselimuti kemalasan." (Alois Walliston De Luka)"Dari sebuah poci teh memantulkan wajah penuh kesetiaan, kini berubah menjadi surat penghianat penuh rasa iri." (Kai Kamal)"Dari sebuah apel untuk seorang ibu, kini berubah menjadi sebilah pedang keadilan dilumuri kemarahan." (Terry Honest)Kelak seluruh dosa itu akan mendapat hukuman.

  • Aerie



    Revenge. Pain. Sorrow. Scars. A Kingdom, brought to ruins. A man, that must be slain. A battle, that must be won. A destiny, that is sealed. What will take place when Lorcan realized he didn't finish killing off the Adromenda bloodline? Will Aerie survive, or will Lorcan finish what he started? Can Aerie become the warrior she needs to be so she can slain the man who killed her mother in cold blood, and finds humor in the pain of others?Aerie Adromenda, the daughter of Serephina Adromenda and Alois Adromenda. One being both witch and werewolf and one being a born vampire. Aerie was hidden from the world for 17 years. Aerie was born with all of her parents powers, but at the age of 2 was blessed by the Goddess Athena and given a bow that holds the power of the stars. Her parents were determined to keep her safe and kept away from Lorcan, but the day of Aeries birthday was the day they were no longer able to keep her out of his hands.Lorcan Gennady, a man who wanted to hold the world in his hands. Lorcan wanted to be the man on top of the world and have it all, so he could never falter, never age, and never be taken down. When the whispers of an offspring holding all those abilities reached the Kingdom of Rhysand, Lorcan was determined to kill the child and become the man who had it all. Until the day he saw the child, and realized it was a female. Would he kill her and take it all and become the strongest of them all?Would things take a turn andeverything change?Only the Gods will know. "War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who remains."-R.F. Kuang, The Poppy War

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