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  • Amnesia




    "Do you think you can escape?" She stared at the person with horror.She was feeling very miserable that the person she was hiding from,she would find out about him like this.Every nerve on her body was warning her to run away from there. The person chuckled. "I know what's in your mind.Don't even try to do this!!!" Her eyes lit up in anger. "Do you think I will give up, if a devil like you threat me?" Her words left a devilish grin on his perfectly symmetrical handsome face whose one glimpse was enough to capture any woman's mind and body. She suddenly lifted a vase that was in her range and was about to smash on his head,but before she could do that he caught her hands and pulled her to himself, capturing her through his body which was huge and very masculine compared to her tiny frame. "Devil or God whoever decides to save you,unfortunately it is impossible.Because I am your fate and no one can save you from me…." He mumbled in her ear. ************************************************ Have you ever thought that what would you do if you were trapped in the world of amnesia? What would you do if life has cheated on you in every aspect and came to end because of this? If life would give you another chance in exchange for something very important, would you dare to take it? Wang Wei a well known businesses man once saved a young woman's life while someone threw her unconscious body on the road.After regaining her consciousness,she failed to remember anything about her life, not even her name.After some days she discovered that there is a big mystery related to her life.She no longer lives in a single world.She has another life which one she assumed as amnesic life…. Will she be ever able to solve the mystery of her amnesic life? Will she be able to find the culprit who is responsible for her present condition? Will she be able to take revenge? Will she be able to find her saviour or she will mistake him as someone else…….. Read the novel to find out......

  • Chronicles of a Part-time Reaper

    Chronicles of a Part-time Reaper

    Michael Thorne is an ordinary (albeit clumsy) teenager. He isn't some great guy, or even an evil one. He's average in every way until he trips over a curb and passes out. Apparently he face-planted in a puddle and managed to drown in a centimeter of water. Instead of transmigrating to another world, reincarnating, getting a system, or anything cool like that, he went to Purgatory. The dude in charge was bored and took pity on our poor protagonist, and let him come back to life, in exchange for working for him part-time. Now alive (again), Michael has to deal with the collection of souls for the big guy downstairs while dealing with high school drama, family issues, and other general weirdness. (I am a new author, so I appreciate any constructive criticism and input. I will try to do stable releases, but I am in school, so sometimes they will be less stable.)

  • Amnesia*


    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION MAFIA

    A young girl who was reported missing 15 years ago who's case is now closed suddenly wakes up with the loss of her memory. She encounters a reformed dirty cop and they both work together to figure out what happened in her 15 year memory gap.



    Romansa Fiksi Ilmiah ROMANCE

    Kisah bermula dari seorang wanita bernama Yuki Myesha atau biasa dipanggil 'Yuki', merupakan seorang karyawan disalah satu perusahaan teknologi terbesar di Indonesia, yang bekerja di divisi "Uji Coba" atau biasa disebut dengan Blackbox Testing. Rich Farizha merupakan seorang Manager Direktur diperusahaan teknologi terbesar di Indonesia, sebenarnya dia adalah anak dari perusahaan tersebut namun Ayahnya meminta Rich untuk memulai karirnya dari bawah sebelum menempati posisi tertinggi. Rich memiliki seorang wanita yang sangat dia cintai bernama Yuki, pertemuan keduanya bermula dari sebuah tragedi dimasa lalu. Awalnya semua terlihat baik-baik saja sampai suatu hari Yuki tanpa sengaja mendengar percakapan dari seseorang tentang "Mesin Waktu", tertarik dengan hal tersebut Yuki justru terlibat dalam misi "Pengubahan" yang dilakukan Prof. Alfa secara diam-diam. Yuki akhirnya kembali ke masalalu yang sangat dia sesali awalnya namun Yuki terpikir jika dia kembali maka dia bisa mengubah takdir buruk yang terjadi kepada hidupnya. Atas dasar keyakinan itu Yuki bertekad mengubah alur buruk menjadi lebih baik. tanpa disadari waktu mengalir kejalan yang berbeda dan menimbulkan sebuah perbedaan besar pada masa depan. Apakah yang akan terjadi selanjutnya? Note: *Cover bukan milik penulis jika anda keberatan saya menggunakannya silahkan hubungi saya **Semua karakter, nama, dan kejadian hanya fiksi Happy Reading and Enjoy NayI

  • -Amnesia-


  • Amnesia.


  • Amnesia...


  • Isekai amnesia

    Isekai amnesia

  • Amnesia Nct

    Amnesia Nct

  • Amnesia love

    Amnesia love

    During their marriage, nothing is going right and Zed and Xalia wants to divorce. But their lawyer tell them to wait for 3 months and see how their relationship is going. They are not okay with the idea but have no choice.Will the love each other have come back?***N/A: Cover don't belong to me...

  • My Amnesia

    My Amnesia

  • The Boy With Amnesia

    The Boy With Amnesia


    (I do not own this picture) My name is Kai. I have Amnesia. Can I trust anyone? Will I be in danger? Read my story to find out. Thanks.

  • Amnesia: Ashkron

    Amnesia: Ashkron


    The world of Drigun forever divided has a story that will last a long, long time begins in one common place. That's right, it begins in a land for humans. Ashkron is a demi-human with memories gone like amnesia. He lives a small life before sent on a large adventure so sudden that some find bad, but as you follow his journey, you'll unfold the histories, mysteries and discover yourself in action and adventure!

  • Short Amnesia

    Short Amnesia



    A young man going off to college wants to cement his relationship with his girlfriend, but before he can, he loses all his memories.This story follows the journey of Chris as he tries to get his memories back and secure his relationship with Alice.*I am not the owner of this cover image. If you are the owner and would like me to take it down, please let me know and I will do so.*

  • AMNESIA - Jenlisa

    AMNESIA - Jenlisa

  • Istriku Amnesia

    Istriku Amnesia

  • Adventures of Amnesia

    Adventures of Amnesia


    A group of people are given a “new life” in the world of Motika, with no memory of the “old life” they apparently chose to leave to be here. They are recruited to be “adventurers”, explorers and warriors of the Order races against the chaotic beasts and monsters. One, a Foxkin(or Kitsune), must learn to navigate Kontra alongside those like him, and the natives of this world with their very own party of adventurers.This is the story of the adventuring party... “Amnesia”.

  • Yoonmin amnesia

    Yoonmin amnesia


    there will be smut and or sexual content

  • Kid Amnesia

    Kid Amnesia

    Just a short Radiohead story I made...

  • The Guardians: Amnesia

    The Guardians: Amnesia

    To what lengths would you go to discover your true purpose?Faye is thrust into a world that she had long forgotten. She is introduced to the realm of The Guardians; Wielders of the world’s greatest magic. It is a world unseen by mere human eyes. Faye learns that in order to see the guardians, their magic, or their world, she must be one of them. As she adjusts to life in this newly discovered guardian city, Faye –with the help of her best friend, Ethan, and a loyal group of guardian friends – begins a tedious journey towards self discovery.She will never be the same again.