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  • Amnesia




    "Do you think you can escape?" She stared at the person with horror.She was feeling very miserable that the person she was hiding from,she would find out about him like this.Every nerve on her body was warning her to run away from there. The person chuckled. "I know what's in your mind.Don't even try to do this!!!" Her eyes lit up in anger. "Do you think I will give up, if a devil like you threat me?" Her words left a devilish grin on his perfectly symmetrical handsome face whose one glimpse was enough to capture any woman's mind and body. She suddenly lifted a vase that was in her range and was about to smash on his head,but before she could do that he caught her hands and pulled her to himself, capturing her through his body which was huge and very masculine compared to her tiny frame. "Devil or God whoever decides to save you,unfortunately it is impossible.Because I am your fate and no one can save you from me…." He mumbled in her ear. ************************************************ Have you ever thought that what would you do if you were trapped in the world of amnesia? What would you do if life has cheated on you in every aspect and came to end because of this? If life would give you another chance in exchange for something very important, would you dare to take it? Wang Wei a well known businesses man once saved a young woman's life while someone threw her unconscious body on the road.After regaining her consciousness,she failed to remember anything about her life, not even her name.After some days she discovered that there is a big mystery related to her life.She no longer lives in a single world.She has another life which one she assumed as amnesic life…. Will she be ever able to solve the mystery of her amnesic life? Will she be able to find the culprit who is responsible for her present condition? Will she be able to take revenge? Will she be able to find her saviour or she will mistake him as someone else…….. Read the novel to find out......



    Sci-fi ROMANCE


    Kisah bermula dari seorang wanita bernama Yuki merupakan seorang karyawan di sebuah perusahaan teknologi terbesar di Indonesia, yang bekerja di divisi "Uji Coba" atau juga disebut Blackbox Testing. Rich merupakan seorang Manajer Direktur perusahaan teknologi terbesar yang sama dengan Yuki, sebenarnya dia adalah anak dari perusahaan tersebut namun Ayahnya meminta Rich untuk memulai karirnya dari bawah sebelum menempati posisi tertinggi. Rich memiliki seorang wanita yang sangat dia cintai bernama Yuki, pertemuan keduanya bermula dari sebuah tragedi di masa lalu. Awalnya semua terlihat baik-baik saja sampai suatu hari Yuki tanpa sengaja mendengar percakapan dari seseorang tentang "Mesin Waktu", tertarik dengan hal tersebut Yuki justru terlibat dalam misi "Pengubahan" yang dilakukan Prof. Alfa secara diam-diam. Yuki akhirnya kembali ke masa lalu yang sangat dia sesali awalnya namun Yuki terpikir jika dia kembali maka dia bisa mengubah takdir buruk yang terjadi kepada hidupnya. Atas dasar keyakinan itu Yuki bertekad mengubah alur buruk menjadi lebih baik. tanpa disadari waktu mengalir ke jalan yang berbeda dan menimbulkan sebuah perubahan besar pada masa depan. Apakah yang akan terjadi selanjutnya? Note: *Cover bukan milik penulis jika anda keberatan saya menggunakannya silakan hubungi saya **Semua karakter, nama, dan kejadian hanya fiksi Happy Reading and Enjoy NayI

  • Amnesia*



    A young girl who was reported missing 15 years ago who's case is now closed suddenly wakes up with the loss of her memory. She encounters a reformed dirty cop and they both work together to figure out what happened in her 15 year memory gap.

  • Amnesia...


  • Chronicles of a Part-time Reaper

    Chronicles of a Part-time Reaper

    Michael Thorne is an ordinary (albeit clumsy) teenager. He isn't some great guy, or even an evil one. He's average in every way until he trips over a curb and passes out. Apparently he face-planted in a puddle and managed to drown in a centimeter of water. Instead of transmigrating to another world, reincarnating, getting a system, or anything cool like that, he went to Purgatory. The dude in charge was bored and took pity on our poor protagonist, and let him come back to life, in exchange for working for him part-time. Now alive (again), Michael has to deal with the collection of souls for the big guy downstairs while dealing with high school drama, family issues, and other general weirdness. (I am a new author, so I appreciate any constructive criticism and input. I will try to do stable releases, but I am in school, so sometimes they will be less stable.)

  • Kill the Sun

    Kill the Sun



    Earth, thousands of years after the apocalypse. Countless technologies and advances had been lost to time as the Specters, horrifying beings with terrifying powers, arrived and destroyed the world. Over the coming thousands of years, humanity had built itself up but always died again. Nobody remembers the past. Nobody remembers what humanity had once accomplished. Now, everyone is living in a world where the Specters reign supreme. ----- A boy with amnesia woke up in the middle of the Dregs, the worst part of Crimson Fungus City. The boy grows up and manages to become strong enough to pass an exam for one of the most prestigious jobs in existence, a Zephyx Extractor, someone that can harvest the powers of Specters. Sadly, he had already gained a power from a Specter in the past, which made him ineligible for the position. But then, a mysterious man visits him. And his luck finally turns around.

  • Inheriting Billions in Wealth Starts With Amnesia

    Inheriting Billions in Wealth Starts With Amnesia


    Lola Hussey, battered by the entertainment industry, started packing overnight: "I'm scared of cyberbullying, I want to go home and inherit my family fortune." Haters: "She's paranoid every day, disasters follow her everywhere." Oh snap! Haters jinxed her, Lola Hussey had a car accident on her way home. It seemed like a minor issue, but Lola Hussey woke up with amnesia! Hospital interview video leaked–– Lola recalled: "I vaguely remember my dad is maybe the richest man in Yita Country, my mom is maybe the owner of the largest plantation in the world, I have several high-profile brothers, I think I live in a mansion with thousands of square meters every day, hundreds of Filipino maids, and luxury cars all around..." Haters: This isn't amnesia? She's clearly gone stupid! Just when everyone thought Lola Hussey was beyond hope. But, why is Lola Hussey appearing in a live broadcast by the owner of the world's largest plantation? Why did the richest man in Yita Country announce that he wants to take Lola Hussey out of the entertainment industry and bring her back to inherit the family fortune? Why did the CEO of Empire Group drop a billion-dollar project to personally bring Lola Hussey home? Haters unsettled: What else do you vaguely remember? Lola Hussey noticed a highly influential figure: "I vaguely remember that Ethan Ainsley seems to like me." Haters: ? Ethan Ainsley: "Yes." Haters: ...

  • Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband

    Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband



    [COMPLETED NOVEL]Living together with my ex-husband?Sarah never thought she would one day meet Michael, her ex-husband, again in the operating room with his body full of wounds and needing treatment from her.They were already divorced for three years, and Sarah didn’t have a good memory of the man. If she could… she would have let him die. However, she was a doctor, and a doctor's job was to save patients.Sarah immediately regretted her decision to save the man because it turned out that Michael had amnesia and remembered that they just got married! To make matters worse, she stupidly accepted her ex-in-law's request to pretend to remain Michael's wife while taking care of him. Why did she do that?However… during the time she spent with her ex-husband, Michael's attitude was very different from what Sarah had last remembered. He was very gentle… and loving. It made the feelings she thought were gone, come up to the surface.Would Sarah be able to deal with her feelings? What would happen when Michael's memory suddenly returned? Would his attitude stay the same?=============EXCERPT:"Wifey," Michael called, looking at Sarah who was lying beside him.“Hm,” Sarah answered curtly, not looking at Michael."I think I'm healthy."Sarah's body stiffened when she heard that. Was Michael healthy? Did that mean he had remembered everything? Would he scold her for tricking him?"Wifey? Why are you silent? I think I'm healthy and I can do it," Michael said quietly."What do you mean?" Sarah finally looked at Michael with raised eyebrows. “Do what?”"Making babies."=============Ps: The cover does not belong to me, credit goes to the owner. You can tell me If you want it to be taken down.Pss: Check my other stories in English1. Superstar Husband & Genius Wife2. The Lady Vampire and Her Lover3. Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband4. My Beautiful Queen is Vampire

  • Let's Not Divorce

    Let's Not Divorce


    I was a horrible husband, and a scumbag father. Having amnesia wasn’t an excuse. Even so, because of that, I lost my family instantly. In order to save Nero– my son and heir– I killed my daughter Neoma. And then I had to witness Mona, my neglected wife, die in front of me. Why did I have to regain all my memories at that exact moment? I wanted to die with Mona and Neoma. And, just when I thought I could finally be reunited with them, I opened my eyes and realized I turned back time. I returned at the exact moment Mona and I were in the middle of discussing divorce. Divorce? No way in hell would Nikolai divorce Mona this time!

  • Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife was a Delinquent

    Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife was a Delinquent



    In order to be loved, she changed her whole personality, but all she got in return was a cold husband and her unrequited feelings. Now that she lost her memories and went back to her old self, she's determined to never love again. She wouldn't let anyone trample on her anymore. But then, why is her husband coming back around again - turning over a new leaf and wanting to take her back so desperately? "You should know well by now, my beloved wife. Didn't you change yourself for love...?" he muttered vehemently, voice low and smoky. His unwavering eyes are blazing with passion and a deep sense of endearment that she'd never seen before. This isn't her husband at all - instead of cold, his gaze appears to be on fire. "The same goes for me... So, love me, love me not - you're going to take responsibility." --- Impassive, strait-laced, stiff and very compliant - that's how everyone sees Cassidy Eleanor. She's an underdog wife who's desperate to gain her husband's affection and would even sacrifice her own freedom. Coming from an unknown background, she was neglected by her spouse, persecuted by his family, and misjudged in her workplace. That's all until it came to a point when she already had enough. In an effort to flee from the clutches of a loveless marriage and all the obligations that were forced on her, she got herself a ticket and boarded a plane. Little did she know that a bombing incident would ultimately ruin her plan to start anew. Then, before she knew it, she woke up to find herself with a type of amnesia that caused her to forget everything that happened to her when she's past the age of eighteen-years-old. To be exact, Cassidy had gone back to her old self - right before she met her husband, Adrian Millicent. --- Cold, distant, steely and iron-willed - that's how everyone sees the owner of the country's richest conglomerate. Adrian is known to be a prodigious figure in a variety of fields and commerce, a prestigious individual with billions of assets, and a man of outstanding achievements overall. He used to be the most-sought-after bachelor of the country, but only to get in an arranged marriage by his grandparent - with a woman of unknown origin, to boot. He really couldn't care less, though. After all, he never needed love to begin with. That's all until Adrian found this reserved and amenable wife of his acting like a wild and boisterous teenage girl one day. -- WFP #23 Gold Tier Winner -- [Warning: Mature Content] (Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the original artist) - Follow me on Instagram (acieetin) - DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)

  • Rise Of The Hollow Death Soldier

    Rise Of The Hollow Death Soldier


    Ever since those dark portals suddenly opened up in the sky, and they poured out, Humanity knew well a new era had been set upon them. An era named the Hell Descent. A full-blown war that ravaged the entire world, between Humanity and the Abyssal creatures. All hopes seemed to have been lost against the creatures with scales resistant to atomic bombs and size rivaling entire mountains. The future was bleak, and the long-lasting food chain was disrupted. And when it looked like the universe had turned its back against them, Earth's Slumbering Mana finally awakened ushering in an era of prosperity. Ruins containing magical knowledge and Artifacts. People with abilities called awakeners were born. Ancient Ruins appeared somewhere dreams shape reality with dream weavers, nightmare hunters, and constant fluxes between the dream world and waking life. Worlds filled with endless doors, each leading to different fantasy settings, realms, and dimensions, and dark fantasy worlds consumed by shadows, where darkness reigned supreme, populated by shadow creatures and dark magic! The world is boundless and the only limit is beyond imagination. The story follows a young man named Khan Humana, a 10-year-old patient of Amnesia, who was raised in an orphanage and later enlisted in the Earthling Alliance Force to combat the Abyssal creatures. After a secret mission goes wrong, Khan finds himself on the brink of death and manages to awaken the memories. The memories of his true past but that wasn't all... [Congratulations, the Host has successfully fused with the system.] [Congratulations, Host has awakened the Bio-Nanotech System] He was called the Hollow Death Soldier when he was just living life because it was the only option. But now he had a goal and the entire Takamahagara will either bend or break if it dares to stand in his way. -- -- -- Tags: Male MC, Killer, Anti-hero. Update Schedule: 7 chapters per week. Chapter Length: 1200-1800. -- -- -- Support Targets: 50 Powerstones= 2 extra chapters 200 Powerstones= 5 bonus chapters 10 Golden Tickets= 2 extra chapters 100 Golden Tickets = 11 extra chapters. -- -- -- Thanks in advance and your motivation will help me go above my 100% performance to boost this novel.

  • My First Love Has Amnesia

    My First Love Has Amnesia

    Di tengah masalah hidupnya yang sedang sulit-sulitnya, Luna mendadak mendapat tawaran yang gila. Dia diminta bantuan oleh pihak keluarga dari mantan kekasihnya saat SMA. Pria bernama Rafael itu ternyata mengalami kecelakaan mobil parah, sehingga membuat pria yang kini telah menjadi CEO sukses itu mengalami kehilangan ingatan. Apakah yang akan terjadi kalau Luna menerima tawaran itu demi menyelesaikan masalah hidupnya? Mampukah dia tetap berkomitmen menganggap ini sebagai sebuah pekerjaan, atau justru perasaannya malah ikut bermain di tengah jalan? Membuat tak hanya ingatan Rafael yang kembali, namun juga perasaan mereka yang telah lama terkubur? BACA JUGA SEQUELNYA: The CEO and His First Love

  • Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel

    Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel



    [Status: COMPLETED] [Trigger warning for attempted suicide. First 100 chapters are filled with angst and drama but I promise it will get better on later chapters.] “I am not happy anymore.” Her husband said with a straight face. “Let’s get divorced.” Three months ago, when she found out about her husband’s unfaithfulness, Li Xiuying had hoped that it was a mistake, that he had a lapse of judgement. Three months later, he delivered the ultimatum without the decency to tell her the real reason he’d ask for separation. “I simply don’t love you anymore.” was the only thing he said. Determined to move on, she was about to leave and go to her twin sister, but fate had different plans. The mistress had caused her demise, and what could be, would never be. Enraged by the knowledge of what her beloved sister went through, Li Chuntao abandoned her dream of becoming a doctor to avenge her sister. Disguising herself as her dead sister, Li Chuntao faked amnesia to cover her flaws while portraying Mu Jianyu’s innocent wife. Amidst her quest to seek justice for her sister’s death, will Li Chuntao finally acknowledge the love she had long denied for herself, or will she allow hatred to consume her? Editor/Proofreader: ninaviews Update release: 2 chapters on weekdays --------------------- Little Miss Series (1) Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife (completed) (2) Little Miss Witch: Revenge of the Tainted Angel (completed) (3) Little Miss Sunshine: Conquer the Emperor's Heart (4) Little Miss Trouble: The Emperor's Rebellious Consort (5) Little Miss Heiress: The 30 Days Free Trial Lover (6) Little Miss Fae: Banshee in the Modern World (7) Little Miss Immortal: The Nine-Tailed Imperial Consort --------------------- My Other Books (1) PS I'm (Not) Over You (2) Gourmet Empress: Hubby, Why's Your Name on the Menu? (3) Evil Husband, Glutton Wife: Buy Miss Piggy, Get Free Little Buns Official Website: Join our discussion on discord: Buy me a coffee: Donations: Follow me:




    "Pretend to by my son's wife and I will give you a million dollar or any amount you want " Rose said. "But your son isn't a fool, even if I were to pretend to be his wife, he will surely know that am a fake" Whitney replied. "He's currently suffering from Amnesia, he doesn't remember the things he did a year ago, so fitting you into his life won't be a problem" **** Whitney Archer is just a first year Psychiatric doctor. She's poor, humble, crazy and a debtor. She live in debt all her life but everything change for her when she meet Rose Graham. Mother to Logan Graham who is a rich handsome bachelor, he's the typical male crush and every girl's dream but he's someone who is suffering from Philophobia. His fear to love has hardened his heart which makes him cold and distant with the opposite s£x. Not wanting her son to be single for the rest of his life, Mrs Graham decides to hire Whitney as his personal doctor and fake wife. But all that got bursted when Logan memories return and he realizes that apart from lying to be his wife, she's also a doctor whose goal is to make him fall in love. What do you think will be the fate and destiny of this two?

  • The Devil who devoured Snow White

    The Devil who devoured Snow White



    When she woke up, her nightmares began. After a tragic accident, Lu Mengjie woke up with no memory of who she was, unable to recognize the people around her as well. Without her memories to guide her, she was like a blank canvas... that was until the Devil from her past finally appeared.The Devil was known for his cruelty, a heartless man who only cared for himself and no one else. He would use anyone as his pawns, however he liked. He was a selfish tyrant walking freely in the world he saw as hell. They were two imperfect souls; one was damaged, and yet, she had a fire burning inside that refused to be put out by the iciness of the world around her, while the other was filled with complete darkness, as the world had eaten him alive with its brutality. Simply intended to be together, their love for each other was perfectly imperfect, and out of their control. Join Lu Mengjie on her journey to unravel the mystery of her accident and the enigma that surrounded the Devil in her memory. Their love would be tested. Lives would be lost. Love conquers all but would their love be strong enough to withstand what's coming their way?------------The ML won't be known until CHAPTER 93! So prepare for a roller coaster of emotions and let's play a GUESSING GAME on who the ML is![WARNING: BOOK HAS MATURE CONTENT and NOT for the FAINT-HEARTED. Don't worry, there will be NO RAPE in this book. BE READY FOR A WHIPPED, TRAPPED, TRIPPED, WIFE-DOTING HUSBAND. Don't read if you are under 18. You can come back once you've reached 18 *winks*]WSA 2021 EntryUpdates: 1-2 Chapters/weekAuthor: BerriApplepiEditor: nago_dm ( Edited starting from chapter 94)IG: @berriapplepiDiscord: Donate: First love, Royal Romance, Comedy, Modern, Psychological, Dark, Mystery, Family, Friendship, Action, Tragedy, Game Elements, Character Growth, Couple Growth, Drama, Amnesia, Scheming, Betrayal, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Split Personality, Adorable Kid, Wealthy Characters, Torture, Marriage, Revenge, Second Chances

  • Dosen Amnesiaku

    Dosen Amnesiaku



    Mikha seorang siswi kampus jurusan teknik informatika bertemu dengan seorang dosen yang mengajar di jurusan akuntansi. Awalan yang hanya sebatas sahabat kini beralih menjadi seorang kekasih. Namun siapa yang menduga mereka akan mengalami banyak kejadian di masa lalu? Dari mulai orang-orang yang mengenal Ali si dosen hingga insiden yang dialaminya masa lalu. "Pak! saya menemukan informasi mengenai Aarav Alkatiri," ujar Mikha. "Apa yang kamu temukan? kita harus mencari informasi terkait Aarav Alkatiri karena itu berurusan dengan saya," jawab Ali. "Saya mendapat alamat rumah Aarav Alkatiri di Indonesia! barangkali saja kita bisa mendapatkan informasi lebih lanjut disana!" ucap Mikha. "Ya sudah, ayo kesana!" ajak Ali. Bagaimana ceritanya? apakah mereka berdua bisa memecahkan teka-teki ini?

  • The Boy With Amnesia

    The Boy With Amnesia


    (I do not own this picture) My name is Kai. I have Amnesia. Can I trust anyone? Will I be in danger? Read my story to find out. Thanks.

  • Amnesia Nct

    Amnesia Nct

  • The Guardians: Amnesia

    The Guardians: Amnesia

    To what lengths would you go to discover your true purpose?Faye is thrust into a world that she had long forgotten. She is introduced to the realm of The Guardians; Wielders of the world’s greatest magic. It is a world unseen by mere human eyes. Faye learns that in order to see the guardians, their magic, or their world, she must be one of them. As she adjusts to life in this newly discovered guardian city, Faye –with the help of her best friend, Ethan, and a loyal group of guardian friends – begins a tedious journey towards self discovery.She will never be the same again.

  • Amnesia (Omegaverse)

    Amnesia (Omegaverse)


    Daniel pressed his lips together angrily - no doctor was going to help change his perception of Vincent, not one! Not after what had happened. There was no way to make a victim of violence love his aggressor again, no doctor could do that. And what good would that do? Vincent softened towards him only because he was suffering from amnesia, which made him forget Daniel's misdeed, and once he remembered everything in detail, he would cut Daniel slowly this time, pulling out his veins, enjoying the agony with the pleasure of a maniac. - Gem J Lambert You can find my other books on Wattpad and AO3