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  • Babysitting kookoo

    Babysitting kookoo

    Fantasy Romance BTS

    Everyday was same for mentally 6 year old Jeon Jungkook until he met his babysitter Park Zia.. what will happen in their life..? Will they end up together..? What made kookoo mentally six..? Read to find the answers ;) © carrot_guk

  • Babysitting The Duke

    Babysitting The Duke


    Arabella Elaine Ridden, the only daughter of Marquis Ridden was known as the most beautiful woman in the empire. However, she was always abused and exploited by her family to the point that she became crippled. But it wasn't just her family who despised and mistreated her. Everyone has been treating her like trash.Until one day, she met the Duke of Finley and fell in love with him at first sight. So when she found out that the Duke has already had a woman that he loved, she tried every means to separate them which leads her to a miserable end.Wait! It seems like I reincarnated as Arabella, a villainess in a novel I had read when I was 16 years old! I thought I could live my life over again after running away from home and living in the countryside without getting involved with the main characters. But who is this unknown man laying inside of the carriage that I rent? In the end, after knowing that the man suffers from amnesia, i decided to take him in and babysit him before returning him to his house. But what's with this situation right now? "Don't leave me Bella. I can't live without you.""Your family is looking for you. You should go with him.""I don't know them and i don't need them. You're the only one that I need, my wife." W-what are you saying? When did I become your wife?———Hello! This is keith_jhuztine and this is my first English original novel. I hope you'll support and stay with me until the end. Happy Reading :)



    Cole needs a job so bad but she's underage, until one offer changed her life forever.

  • Babysitting System AWAKEN!

    Babysitting System AWAKEN!


    "Lin'er we haven't had a day of peace in ages!!" "dad look look! BOOM "Yes very pretty explosion honey" We must do something with these kids!! "Well lets go ask father for help" "Kids who wants to see GRANDPA!! MEEEEEEE! I said it first no I did. I'm fatser than both of you. Nun huh. Am too. Am not "Hey sweety how have you been". Tired. I call dibs on the sword! Hey not fair! "Haha so the kids been bothering you" "You have no idea father." *Snort* "When did I become your father Peter" "Dad!!" "I know i know welcome Peter." Do you think you could help us out by asking the dimension? "Of course!! Sometime later "Huh? Where am I? "Really this is what we get. Welcome to Babysitting the multiverse the dimensional sprit was called upon and has choesen you to watch its children!! But I dont want to watch its kids. Tell it to stop being lazy. Hello hello is there- YOU stupid BRAT!!! the dimensional sprirt chose YOU. Yeah I heard you but what has that got to deal with me. Why I outta- Enough sys. Oi who said that and why are these giants looking at me This is my first book so please be understanding. Our MC is a 24 year old guy who is the middle child of 13 kids. He was killed and whisked away when-opps author said no spoilers. Anyways he is not from a normal Earth. His Earth is one of the few who were chose by sdgnr9iugvjpv Faction. *Tsk* Author has place filters on me. *Squints eyes* SO since I cant say anything just ignore this.*Hmph* Lets see you readers now.*Whack!* Ouch!! Fine please read and support this book

  • Babysitting the Bad Boy

    Babysitting the Bad Boy

    Fantasy Romance BADBOY

    Adeline Gates was a ordinary 17 year old senior who was just trying to get through senior year. Saving her money from babysitting so she could go to college. Her life changes when she meets the bad boy of her school Xander Rutter. They come two different sides of the world. He's arrogant, a smartass, a jock, and overly handsome She's shy, smart, a bookworm, or in Xander's case a nerd What happens when she has to babysit the bad boy? Why does he need babysitting? Find out in Babysitting the Bad boy




    Andrea Blake is the daughter of a maid whose life has always been filled with pretence and lies.Well, that's not entirely her fault because she had to live a lie just to cope with the rich students at school.Her mother is a poor maid who is obsessed about giving her daughter the best education in a rich school.To cope with the rich kids there, she decided to lie about her mother's real status, so she won't suffer bully and discrimination by the rich kids at school, but everything changed when the truth was revealed.Andrea was subjected to being bullied and she kept quiet about it.It was a blessing in disguise when her mother decided to leave town, to start a new life in the city with Andrea.Everything would have gone great if her mother hadn't enrolled her in another rich and popular school called JUPITER HIGH.Having no choice and knowing how persuasive her mom was, Andrea began to attend Jupiter high.It wasn't hard for her to make friends because she had lied once again, lied about her status to prevent her self from being bullied.Her lie was going smoothly until someone caught her, a fellow student like herself.Max Winston is the son of a rich conglomerate and he is well known for being cold hearted and unfriendly but everything changed when he caught Andrea and found out her secret.Having been caught, Andrea did her best to please Max  to help her keep her secret.Now the question is will Max help Andrea keep her secret and save her from being bullied once again? What will happen when max's cold heart begins to soften towards poor Andrea?What will happen when Andrea meets someone else who knows her secret?. Find out everything in this love triangle relationship.  

  • Babysitting the Gay kid

    Babysitting the Gay kid

  • babysitting the bad boy

    babysitting the bad boy

  • Babysitting this Rude Weirdo

    Babysitting this Rude Weirdo

  • New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

    New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters



    Lin Xuan was transmigrated to a fantasy world and had a one-night stand with the powerful Ice Empress. Four years later, the Ice Empress, Donghuang Ziyou, appeared on Lin Xuan's doorstep with their daughters, forcing him to marry her. The moment Lin Xuan saw his cute daughters, he was both excited and anxious at the same time. Fortunately, he received the Daughter Adore System. Ding! Your relationship with your eldest daughter has increased by 1 point. Reward: Emperor Realm Cultivation. Ding! You have taught your second daughter a new word. Reward: Chaotic Holy Body. Ding! You have chased away the monster that was scaring your third daughter. Reward: Heaven Devouring Arts. Ding! You have defeated the demons with your fourth daughter. Reward: Chaotic Divine Sword. Three years into his fatherhood, Lin Xuan had become the strongest in the whole universe. "Who would've thought that you are so good at this!" Donghuang Ziyou exclaimed. "I'm a professional in terms of babysitting!"

  • Babysitting The Babies of the Billonaire

    Babysitting The Babies of the Billonaire

  • Babysitting the Billionaire's Twin

    Babysitting the Billionaire's Twin

    Autumn Saunders will receive their company. But when her parents decided to arrange a marriage for her, she ran away, leaving the obligation to her sister who was pretending to be her.On the other side, Jaxon Parker is a young businessman who has two children. He's the one who will soon be the husband of Autumn only if she didn't run away. They're not still meeting yet, but Autumn's parents decided to continue the wedding and pretended that her twin was her. But what if Autumn Saunders lost her memory and ended up being the caretaker of Jaxon's twins? Will they end up falling in love with each other, or will Autumn continue to seek her lost memories?

  • The Babysitting of the Billionaire (HUNHAN) (BXB)

    The Babysitting of the Billionaire (HUNHAN) (BXB)

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE YAOI FUTURE

    Luhan is simple boy and girly face pero sa pasok niya sa isang company at gusto ng anak ng Boss niya na maging yaya siya nito sa magtanggap niya na maging yaya ng anak ng boss niya At sa pagpasok niya sa buhay ng mag ama hindi niya inaasahan na meron siya malaman na hindi niya pala alam sa tanang ng buhay kakayanin niya kaya ang nangyayari sa buhay niya Sino ang papakinggan niya ang pamilya na sobra niya mahal o ang taong minahal siya at inisip lang ang ikakabuti niya

  • Babysitting the bad boy's brother

    Babysitting the bad boy's brother


    Amanda Wealth the good girl. Ansel Luck the bad boy. What happens when it suddenly crashes upon Amanda a.k.a Amy, That the "little man" She's babysitting is the brother of The Bad Boy a.k.a Ansel Luck?? "You are unbelievable," She said, scrunching her nose in disgust. "Oh thanks, That's the best compliment I got this whole year," He winked at her and grinned. What will happen, From 4:00 to 9:00, A whole month? Will, they survive each other's company, Or Not? Will Ansel be able to get what he wants? Will Amanda choose Ansel over her perfect boyfriend? Read to find out. Babysitting the bad boy's brother. "It's more like I'm babysitting Him, Not Alex!" She cried, Wiping her forehead.

  • Babysitting The Playboy(PLAYBOY SERIES #1)

    Babysitting The Playboy(PLAYBOY SERIES #1)


    Si Klayde Fontamilla ay kilala bilang cold hearted playboy not until he met this girl in black ang makulit at palaban na si Niña David at ayon sakanyang mommy ay magiging Babysitter nya.Anong mangyayari sq dalawang 'to kapag nagsama sa iisang bahay? You wanna know? Tara na at subaybayan ang pagmamahalan nina Klayde at Niña.ONGOING☕

  • Babysitting the demon lord in our second life

    Babysitting the demon lord in our second life

    A prestigious Hero Knight who dies with pride after being killed by the Demon Lord reincarnates as the best babysitter, and the Demon Lord who eventually dies slowly because of their battle Reincarnates as the worst and weirdest if bounded by fate they even met again in their second life, what kind of weird things may happen? well.... who knows?

  • Babysitting the Tyrant Duke and His Twin Child

    Babysitting the Tyrant Duke and His Twin Child


    A girl who died by saving a cat in the middle of the road and being reincarnated as a village girl in the novels that she love the most 'The tyrant duke and his twins'. How will she survive? Let's found out together in her wonderful journey.

  • Babysitting Mr. Childish (Childish Series #1)

    Babysitting Mr. Childish (Childish Series #1)

    Have you ever tried babysitting your nephew or niece? If yes, it's not easy right? It's like even if your mouth gets hurt from restrainting them to stop doing things but they just won't really dare to stop.How about babysitting someone at your age, but the thing is, he is childish? Swear, you'll get more stress compared to the stress you get from your relatives.This is what Raven does to Haley Sandigo. She is a strong go lucky girl with a huge patience. That made her perfect for a babysitter to Raven.Raven Rozega is a handsome campus prince. He got all the good features in appearance but something's wrong with his attitude, he's not just rude, but he is also a childish. But what will happen to Haley when she get too attached to him? What will happen to her knowing that she is unconsciously falling him?Falling for a childish innocent person is not easy. So does Raven will like her back? Or she'll just hide her feelings for him because she's having hard time to show her affection to Mr. Childish?

  • Reconnecting with the boy I used to babysit.

    Reconnecting with the boy I used to babysit.

  • The CEO's Babymomma

    The CEO's Babymomma

    Contemporary Romance CEO

    "I have a proposition for you that could help you pay up your debts." He blurted out as he kept following her. "What is your proposition about?" She asked evenly. "We can't talk about it..." "It's either you say it or you get lost." It was obvious she wasn't a very easy person to deal with, but then who would be after experiencing that manner of humiliation? He mused, "Okay, if you insist." He said as he tried to figure out the best way to make his intentions known. What was the polite way of telling a lady you wanted her to be a baby mama for a stranger, and then give up rights to the baby? "So?" She asked impatiently. "Well... It involves you carrying a baby..." "You mean babysitting?" She asked, wondering how a babysitting job would pay enough to clear her debts. "No. Not that." He said with a shake of his head trying not to stutter, "I mean you being pregnant with..." Before he could finish she kicked his leg. "You jerk! I'm not interested. Never!" Well, Never say never. ..... Vanessa Scott, a 23 years old orphan and only guardian to her 16 years old sister Sophia is thrown into a dilemma when she is given a week to pay off her late father's debt or risk herself and her sister being taken captive by the debtors. Her only way out of this web is a deal that would change her life forever. A baby momma deal!. Alexander Moore a devilishly handsome and wealthy CEO has all it takes to sweep a woman off her feet but lacks the will to make any woman his wife. When it's time to have a child of his own, Alex decides what he needs is a surrogate. An unknown woman with certain physical attributes to carry his child to term for a huge amount of money. What happens when Vanessa meets all the specifications required to carry the child of a man who doesn't want to know her or be known by her? What happens when they meet against all odds and live under one roof with no knowledge of one another? Would Alex fall in love with his pregnant 'housemate' and make her his wife?