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  • The World Awakens: Ten Consecutive Draws Before Invincibility

    The World Awakens: Ten Consecutive Draws Before Invincibility



    It was the year 2040. Chen Feng woke up and the world became a massive virtual reality game. A time rip had occurred in North America, Europe, Asia, and throughout the world. Monsters streamed through the rip. The time of the awakening was here and everyone had to go through ten random draws at the beginning. Chen Feng, who had been rebirthed into the game was very lucky and started the game with ten SSS-class talents. [Lucky Halo] The Goddess of Luck will watch over you. [Elemental Compatability] Compatible with all elements in the system. He can learn any skill of any element. [Treasure Sensing] He can clearly locate where the treasures are and their grades. [Super Tamer] He has no limit as to the number and grade of beasts he can tame. [Super Synthesizer] He can synthesize all skills, objects, and living things. [Power Trove] There is no limit to his attack range and his attack speed increased by 100 times. [Topsy Turvey] He can turn negative effects into positive effects and save those forever. [Talent Stealer] Your talent is great, and it is now mine. He can kill his opponents to get their talents. [Passive Increase] Stop using active skills during a designated period and his passive skills will increase a hundredfold. [God of Tricks] God said, let there be light, and there was light. The skills you create will become real as long as enough people believe in it. The people were awakened on the day of the game and Chen Feng became a god-like existence.

  • 100 years before Divorce

    100 years before Divorce


    The only thing that Xia Sha hate in this world is cheating man. Her parents marriage is the prove that woman shouldn't tolerate a cheating man. Just her luck! her fiancee is cheating with his secretary. What a legendary romance, she wanted to congratulates them. Then she meet again with her rival's brother, Guan Xian. He is one of that disgusting creature on earth. Playboy, f*ck boy, womanizer, what ever it is he is the man with the biggest potential to cheat his wife! The problem is HE WANTED HER TO BE HIS WIFE! omaya, she shouldn't come to elder Wang's birthday party for the first place. He even collude with her mom. Now she has to beware of his sly trap every second of her life. Damn it! At the end she end up with wedding ring with that devil because her mother threatened her with her health. Just as what she expected! He cheated on her! the moment she found that he cheated, Xia Sha send the divorcee agreement to Guan Xian's office immediately. "Guan Xian! you cheating scum! I want divorce! divorce! divorce!" "Divorce? sure, but I recommend you to read our premarital marriage arrangement again." It was stated that they have to undergo 100 years of mediation period! "..." when did she sign this prenup arrangement. why she didn't saw this coming? Several months later she was pregnant. "GUAN XIAN YOU BASTARD, GO TO HELL!"

  • Darkest Before the Dawn

    Darkest Before the Dawn


    Dawn is a 18 year old werewolf who lived with her old pack for 14 years. When she was 14 years old, the Alpha discovered a rogue gene in her, a gene that allowed her to disobey the Alpha Command. Dawn is branded a rogue and is banished from her pack forever. Taking nothing and saying goodbye to no one, Dawn has to live her life hiding in the shadows from packs who wish her dead. Wanting nothing more but to be apart of a pack again, she is left with a life of loneliness. Nathan is an future Alpha, who has been raised all his life on how to protect his pack and to kill any rogue that crosses his path. In order for Nathan's father to pass down the Alpha position to his son, Nathan must have his mate. Though what happens when the future Alpha who has been trained to kill rogues and a rogue who wants nothing more than to be apart of a pack again, become mates? Torn between their values and their hearts the two mates have to come to a life changing decision. Do they spend the rest of their lives together as equals or do they destroy each other?

  • Before The Dawn

    Before The Dawn



    Apa jadinya jika seorang penyidik kepolisian, mendapat telepon dari pria misterius yang memberitahukan tentang kasus pembunuhan yang sedang berlangsung? Hal seperti itulah yang menimpa Arvin Theodore. Seorang penyidik kepolisian nomor satu di unitnya. Entah membawa tujuan apa, seorang pria misterius memberitahukan secara langsung mengenai kasus pembunuhan yang sedang atau akan terjadi. Di satu sisi memang terlihat menguntungkan, tapi di sisi lainnya justru mengundang banyak tanda tanya. Hingga pada akhirnya, melibatkan Arvin dengan pembunuhan berantai yang dilakukan oleh seseorang yang memiliki julukan The Dawn. Pemburuan sebulan tiga mayat pada tanggal-tanggal tertentu, sudah menjadi ciri khas pembunuh yang satu ini. Dia mengeksekusi korban secara brutal. Pun meninggalkan tanda seolah memberi pesan peringatan. Dalam proses penyelidikan yang Arvin dan rekan-rekannya lakukan, justru menggiring mereka pada kelompok bernama Black Alpha. Sebuah kelompok kejahatan bawah tanah yang ternyata memiliki benang merah dengan apa yang terjadi enam belas tahun silam. Tragedi yang coba Arvin lupakan selama ini, justru kembali menghantuinya. --- Author Note: Cerita ini hanya fiksi. Jika terdapat kesamaan nama tokoh, pangkat, latar tempat dan kejadian/kasus. Itu murni atas ketidaksengajaan penulis. Pun penulis tidak memiliki tujuan tertentu atau hubungannya dengan pekerjaan dari instansi terkait.

  • I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived

    I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived

    Sci-fi EVOLUTION


    "Blake traveled across parallel worlds and arrived at the Cretaceous Period! What’s more, he became a Tyrannosaurus rex! Fortunately, he obtained the Evolution Template system! [Ding! Super Tyrannosaurus template unlocking progress: 100%] Blake transformed into a Super Tyrannosaurus! [Ding! The King of Monsters template is now unlocked!] Just when it was unlocked to 25%, humans from the future arrived at the Cretaceous Period through a wormhole! Facing the prehistoric behemoth, all researchers were shocked! “Oh! My! God! I can’t believe my eyes!” “A monster! It’s a monster! I knew it! I knew that the shows I watched when I was a kid aren’t cartoons! They are documentaries!” “How can it look so much like Godzilla? Oh my goodness! Could it really be Godzilla?!” Blake looked at the tiny researchers in front of him, then pointed his finger at his belly and giant abyssal mouth. What are you looking at? I am a little hungry!"

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Ella Chance is gone.The day she was to go to her fiance's mansion, her family has been raided by unknown men and she got into an accident.Her body was left in their family car. Along with their family driver, Mr. Soller, Ella was burned and nowhere to be recognized if it weren't for her necklace her father has given her on her eighteenth birthday.In the aftermath of the incident, by the time the press was about to report the news of the death of one of the elites' daughter, they were told that Ella was just fine, that she is alive.'Deceived? We'll have to burn you too then.'

  • Before Lovers

    Before Lovers

    Have you ever seen someone and had the strangest feeling you've met before?<br><br>When Paul notices a handsome man watching him on the bus, he's a little annoyed. When it happens again the following evening, he begins to worry. On the third day, the mystery man, Calvin Dickson, taps Paul on the shoulder and introduces himself. Paul can't help but be wary. Calvin gives Paul his card and suggests they meet for a drink. When Paul reads the card and notices Calvin is a chartered accountant, he decides the man can't be too crazy and decides to accept the offered drink.<br><br>There's an immediate connection between the two men, but there's more than that. Strange things happen to Paul whenever he becomes intimate with Calvin, which leads Paul to consult a psychic.<br><br>What he discovers will change the way he thinks about life -- and Calvin -- forever more.

  • before you

    before you

  • Before her

    Before her




    The story is about two childhood sweethearts who did everything together. She is so happy today because,she was going to attend the same college wih her bestie. The boy's name is Dicky Salvador he is19 years old,and girl's name is Cher Quinn she is 17 years old. They both studied and got 'A' in the exams and test. They both participated in the quiz and they always win their quiz. One year later,it is the final year's graduation they did everything accordingly. After the graduation they went to a party there were singer's,dancer's,and played so many games. Cher and Dicky got drunkshe was going to sleep in a room, and when she was changing her dress. She felt someone's presence when she turned she saw Dicky he was attracted to Cher's beauty. She told him to go but didn't pay heed to her words he told her that. He had always loved her since childhood he expressed his feelings so did Cher do the same. They got intimate with each other the next morning. Dicky woke up and saw Cher sleeping next to him and she also wako up. They both didn't remember anything that happened last night they went home and freshened up. In the evening his father told him that he is going to do his MBA in London. He had booked his tickets and its tomorrow evening.It was his dreamthat he will do his MBA in London,he called Cher and shared the good news to her. They went for a date in a coffee shop sat down and discussed about his work. They talked until they were tired. He came back and packed all his belongings and in the evening. They escorted him to the airport and did good bye to him. The next day when Cher was dressing for her lectures,she started to feel nauseous she went to vomit. She came back and saw her mother she asked her what has happened. She said she was feeling giddy she went to the bathroom again,and she asked her for the second time. She said was feeling feeling nauseous and pains in her belly. She rushed to the washroom again when she returned,she started feeling hot. Its like her body was on fire,she was feeling and fainted. The doctor came and checked it confirmed that she was pregnant,and she should take care of her. Her escorted the doctor out when she came back after a few minutes Cher woke up. She asked her mother and she told her she fainted and that she is pregnant. She told her mother that she didn't get intimate wuth anyone. She started crying and recalled everything that happened,between her and Dicky two days ago. She went to school after that dive months has already past. She was happy because she won't be seen by anyone and that she is pregnant. That she is gonig to do her BTECH for three months and vacate for two months. Before she even realised four months has already passed and she has finished her BTECH. When she was returned to her house she had labour pains and was sent to the hospital. They did a CS on her she had a pretty baby girl and was named Sara Quinn. Cher's mother Abby and father Gerald told Dicky's parents,about their son impregnating their daughter. Dicky's father Lamar andmother Khloe told them that,since their he to London he haven't been picking. Abby and Gerald said they should try and contact their son,as soon as possible and take responsibility for his immaturity. Now stay tuned for what will happen in Dicky,Cher and Sara's life in BEFORE SARA. ---------------------- ----------------------

  • Fallen: Before

    Fallen: Before

  • Sirens Before Night Falls

    Sirens Before Night Falls


    In a world where the night is plagued with man-eating monsters called Stained Souls, three sirens warn the people of their arrival. A world where cloaked figures called Exorcists dance through the night, purging the monsters off the streets. In this world, Devin is bullied for his doll-looking features. Little did they know, he could see the monsters even before the sirens calls. He was in his last year of high school when he was transferred to an island to attend a boarding school. A school for Exorcists.[ Image on the cover not mine ]

  • Before Noah

    Before Noah



  • Shinayo: Before

    Shinayo: Before

  • Before Death

    Before Death


  • Before You

    Before You

  • Before you

    Before you


    Meet Sophia. The shy and introverted new girl who would much rather be surrounded by books than people. She's in a new school during her senior year and tired of just being the nerd. So instead before her first day of school she changes her look and is caught within the crowd.Gaining attention from the one and only popular guy of the school Adrian.

  • before us

    before us

  • Before Time

    Before Time