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  • Autumn in Beijing

    Autumn in Beijing

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

  • And he called me Beijing

    And he called me Beijing

  • Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered

    Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered


    [Two-faced Languid Rich Male Lead vs. Deeply Hidden Beautiful Female Lead] Qin Ran had grown up in the countryside. She disappears in the third year of high school and ends up suspended for a year. One year later, she is brought to Yun Cheng by her mother to attend First Middle School. Her mother tells her: "Your stepfather is from a prestigious family, your brother is a genius, and your younger sister is a top student. Don't be an embarrassment to them." Anybody who is anybody in Beijing all receives a warning from Master Juan of the Cheng family: Master Juan's wife is from the countryside and doesn't know how to socialize nor make connections... her temper is also really bad, so please be tolerant of her. One day, when Master Juan is investigating a certain big shot, his subordinate stares at the sockpuppet—an online identity used for purposes of deception—he had accidentally revealed. It's from the wife that supposedly doesn't know anything... He falls into silence. The two bigshots has probably been hiding their sockpuppets from each other in order not to make the other party feel inferior.

  • Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

    Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again


    Qiao Nian lived in the Qiao family’s house for 18 years before her biological parents found her. Suddenly, all the wealthy families in the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter! A true daughter of an affluent family would be talented, gentle, and kind. A fake daughter would not be able to pick up any skills and accomplish nothing. Everyone wanted to see how miserable she would become when she went back to her ravine after being kicked out of a rich family! Qiao Nian also thought that her biological parents were poor teachers from Luohe County. Who knew that her brother drove a Phaeton that was worth three hundred thousand yuan! Her biological father was also a professor who taught at Tsinghua University! The big boss of the family of scums became a bootlicker and bowed in front of her grandpa… Qiao Nian was dumbfounded. Erm… this wasn’t the same as saying yes! After being freed from the family of scums, Qiao Nian was able to be herself. She was the top student in the college entrance examination, a live broadcast star and the heir of an invaluable cultural heritage… Her identities were revealed and when she started to appear on the hot searches in the city, the family of scums turned green. The anti-fans mocked: What’s the point of trying to fake an image? Aren’t you just sticking to my brother everyday? Qiao Nian responded: I’m sorry but I already have a match. Top Brother: @Qiao Nian. Let me introduce her to everyone. This is my sister. Wealthy Grandpa: My dear granddaughter, why are you working so hard? If you want a bicycle, grandpa will buy it for you! The rich and powerful in Beijing spread a rumor that Master Wang was hiding a wife in his luxurious house. No matter how much people tried to persuade him, he never took her out to meet anyone. If he were asked, he would say the same sentence. “My wife is from the countryside and she is shy.” That was until one day when someone saw the noble and cold Master Wang holding a girl’s slender waist while hiding in a corner of a wall and muttering with red eyes. “Baby, when will you give me a title?” [Fake daughter who is from a truly wealthy family] + [Two big bosses]

  • Wei Wei is just moved from Shanghai to Beijing

    Wei Wei is just moved from Shanghai to Beijing

  • Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her!

    Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her!


    Once Gu Qingjiu, she was fortunate enough to be born in the “best” family, ended up having a miserable and unjust life. Reliving her life once more, Gu Qingjiu chooses to enlist in the military and bear the toughest hardships she has ever faced. Everyone says that she's the least possible person to join the special forces. However, she manages to prove all of them wrong. Good-for-nothing? Who's the good-for-nothing? Is she a good-for-nothing when she can throw all of them onto the floor in a fight? Is she a good-for-nothing when she has results better than everyone else? She’ll prove all of them wrong. Enter Helian Niancheng, the well-known, youngest major-general in Beijing. A banishment sends him into the basic ranks in a military camp as a new recruit. From then on, he meets a person that makes him dote on and protect at all costs, his beloved. However, his beloved is only focused on fighting and killing. Major-general Helian declares this to be a very bad, a very terrible situation. Yet, Gu Qingjiu merely replies, “Scram! Lower your gun if you dare!”

  • After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World

    After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World


    Jiang Zhi was a good person in her past life. She was so good that she was placed on a pedestal and married a scumbag for the sake of her family's fate. It was a painful life, but in the end, her family still felt that she did not do well enough. When given a chance to start over, Jiang Zhi expressed that she would reject emotional blackmail and choose her own fate! Hence… Father Jiang, "Your husband likes to watch beautiful women dance. Do you want to go get lessons?" Jiang Zhi smiled and nodded. The next day, she went to apply for a boxing class and beat up the scumbag at the red-light district. Stepsister, "Hey, stop working out. Only by being as weak as me can men have the desire to protect you." Jiang Zhi smiled. "I can beat ten weaklings like you with one hand." The divorce and face-slapping happened in one go. Jiang Zhi became an anomaly in the family, causing panic and eventually being expelled from the family. Everyone was waiting for her to come back crying and beg for mercy. However, surprisingly, Jiang Zhi, who had left home alone, was doing very well. She started a company, invested in it, and managed celebrities… She even picked up a handsome little celebrity to raise. The little celebrity was destitute, but he actually had the constitution of a koi fish. Ever since she picked him up, Jiang Zhi was lucky and her business went smoothly. She even had fewer enemies. But… her waist was hurting too. Seeing that it was getting better after Jiang Zhi's divorce, the wealthy ladies were extremely jealous. Later on, Jiang Zhi became the big boss of the Beijing circle. Her family kept sending her candidates and asking her to choose a marriage partner. Jiang Zhi waved his hand in frustration. "You want me to marry you? Unless you're the richest man." The next day, a photo of the mysterious richest man in the country was taken and trending. Jiang Zhi, "???" Why did this photo look more and more like the little celebrity beside her? The next second, Jiang Zhi was pinned down on the bed by the man. "I've been with you for two lifetimes. When will I be able to become a full-time employee?"

  • The Typhoon's Dangerous Wife

    The Typhoon's Dangerous Wife



    One marriage, Two bosses, and 3000× chaos. An arranged marriage arranged by the Longs and Xin's in hopes to end years of animosity between Beijing's two prestigious families. Long Jie's future head of the infamous Long family is arranged to marry Xin's one and only heiress Xin Zhenyi. The greatest love story in making, amidst the chaos. Long Jie: The last thing he wants is a Wife.....yes a bloody wife but to control the Long family he has to get a meek wife and Xin Zhenyi choose by his Elders fit the picture. A perfect Meek simple-minded woman who he can control and bend according to his will. But he was a Long and their lives are never simple and for the first time, he calculated someone incorrectly. She was not what he believed all along. But there is something to her, something very familiar about her. __ Xin Zhenyi: she has achieved more than any man could even dream of, destroying anyone who walks in her way. she knows exactly what type of man Long Jie is, and she would rather die than give up the power she built up whole her life. But one can try? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - She was aware of his effect on her. He was something she never knew, she needed. Everything about him was perfect. On the surface. But if he thought that he could fool her into thinking he was a good man for me, he was wrong. The moment she saw him, she knew the truth. Those grey eyes hid his lethal heart. Those lips were vessels of deception. That body? Made for causing pain. ___ Welcome to Beijing, you have yet not met the Xin's, and Long, they are not what you think. Behind the facade of elegance, Elite class and Prestigious Nobility reside merciless, cold-blooded vicious, and ruthless monsters. A world where nothing is immoral or wrong. Revenge and vengeance are in their blood. Creating havoc is a regular affair. ----- Sneakpeak: She moaned into his mouth, her hands fisting in his shirt, and then she pushed him away as hard as she could. She couldn’t move him with physical strength alone, but when she said the word, “No!” He took a step back. Her hand trembled as she set it over her mouth. She shook her head. “I hate you. I hate you so fucking much and I will hate you whole my life for the hell of everything that matters." She stared at him intently, searching for something, and pulled the collar of the shirt before saying" This doesn't change anything. You, me, or us" and pressed her mouth to his. Her touch was fire against his heated skin. His blood began to boil, but a shiver felt bone-deep made him tremble all over. - Warning: The novel contains sexual and torturous graphic scenes. Read it at your own risk. The picture doesn't belong to me. It belong to the original creator. ##Discord: Tanusam#7676

  • The Revenge turned to Love

    The Revenge turned to Love



    [UNDER EDITING] Mishi Xin is a girl with a soft and kind heart who lives with her two younger twin siblings. After her parents' death, she has lost faith in other relations as her own uncle threw them out of the house. Mishi works hard to end her and her siblings' miserable life. But then she meets Xian Zhang who makes her life more miserable than ever.Xian Zhang is the youngest entrepreneur in Beijing and owns Maximus. He was happy in his life until the day his girlfriend, Bai Lao broke up with him because Mishi intervened between them thus becoming the reason for their breakup according to Xian. "How dare you say such a thing to my best friend?" Mishi shouted at Xian."Don't intervene between us," Xian yelled, glaring at Mishi. Turning to Bai, Xian explained himself. "It's all a misunderstanding. I'm not cheating on you. Trust me.""Xian, there's nothing left between us. How could you lie to me? Just go away from here," said Bai with a broken voice to Xian.Xian held Bai's hands gently when Mishi, best friend of Bai, came forward and slapped him hard. "Get away from her sight and stop bothering Bai. If you won't stop, then I'll report you to the police." Mishi grasped Bai's arm gently and took her inside the house, and slammed the door on the face of Xian.6 years have passed but, the visions of that day are still imprinted in Xian's mind, who has returned to take revenge from Mishi.Will Xian be able to take revenge on Mishi, or will he fall for her? Let's see inside this story.

  • Shades of Mr.Billionaire

    Shades of Mr.Billionaire

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    An Interior Designer Wei Lin has been assigned to a new project to renovate the great Old Mansion of the Feng Corp one of biggest company in Beijing but she got no that someone had awaits her coming at the Old Mansion. Feng Teng the President of Feng Corp, a devastatingly handsome, utterly confident, a strong builder, anyone whom seen him will bend down immediately with fears and pleasure seeking playboy who knows no boundaries. Wei Lin doesn't want to be attracted to this man and yet she can't control the overwhelming desire and fears that he effected in her since the first met. She knows that her heart will never survive from his poisonous attraction. But Wei Lin instinct keep telling her to run away but Feng Teng never willing to let her go. Feng Teng is a conquer man so as a man who always what he wants. He determined to make Wei Lin him no matter how hard she tried to run away from him, still he won't back off since the first day he laid his eyes on her portfolio. *Do not read if you don't like it* I write this book only for hobby and releasing my stress over my jobs since my work always busy like Wei Lin too. Just mine is reality, no fairy tales. So sometime my imaginary tend to be active during my block head during working. So Wei Lin character pop up into my mind. So enjoy. If you like too. Do not forcing you to read , since my English also impromptu. Hehe*

  • The Unlucky Vampire Found His Lucky Charm

    The Unlucky Vampire Found His Lucky Charm


    Yang Liu was an unlucky vampire who was abandoned by his family and was forced to live alone in Beijing. He no longer believed in love because love had hurt him and ruined his life completely. He also didn't want to treat the wound because he no longer believed in good fortune. His life was just full of misfortunes. Zhou Yongliang was a cheerful boy who moved to Beijing to fulfill his late grandfather's last wish. He was a lovely boy who could easily attract other people's attention. He had never experienced love and didn't know much about love. All he wanted to do was just to make his late grandfather's last wish come true. The two of them met in a high school. The vampire was not interested in the human, but the human was interested in the vampire since the beginning. The human tried to get close to the vampire, and gradually melted the vampire's cold heart. Things looked wonderful after the two of them started dating, but that was just the beginning of the real nightmare. The human's secret was revealed, and so did the vampire's secret. It turned out that the vampire was not an ordinary vampire. Things got more complicated when a villain suddenly appeared and tried to take advantage of the vampire. That was when the chaos started. ~~~ Author note: 1. WARNING! It's a super slow-burn romance. The main characters' first direct interaction will start from chapter 14. 2. Tsundere top x cheerful bottom! 3. I'm not Chinese, but I enjoyed reading Chinese novels and watching Chinese dramas and movies, so I tried writing with a Chinese background. 4. This story has a music theme, but I'm not a music expert. I just read some references from the internet. The cover is drawn by me and is mine...

  • Godking Ascending the Heavens

    Godking Ascending the Heavens



    Abandoned in a village with his dependant younger sister, he has fought to survive his whole life. His fate changes when he stumbles upon a mysterious ring by the mountainside. It promises him limitless power and glory if he can help it find its legendary master - a powerful ancient being who has been missing for thousands of years.A must-read for those who love Eastern Fantasy with all its butt-kicking, humor, adventure, treasures, pets, romance and etc.______[Excerpt]"My master is one of the most powerful ancient gods in existence," the ring said pompously, "Renowned in all the lands! Once we find him, he will reward us handsomely!""You don't even remember what he looks like!" Van scoffed, "How exactly am I supposed to find him!?"The ring pretended not to hear."Oh Master, your most faithful servant has failed you - I have been stuck with an idiot!" It wailed."Takes one to know one," Van muttered darkly.______Author's note:The main character is not a cold-blooded psychopath or anti-hero. He has his own morals and will stick by them.~~~~DISCORD LINK: schedule: 3 ch/weekRelease time: 00:05 Beijing (GMT+8) Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.Bonus chapters accrued during the week are released on Sundays.~~~~

  • Hug me, Master Qiao!

    Hug me, Master Qiao!


    There was breaking news in Beijing. “Master Qiao’s wife for twelve years ran away! Without taking her son with her!” Rumors spread like wildfire. Some said that Master Qiao was two-faced with a cold attitude which led to an unhappy marriage. Others said his wife got together with another man. And a few said, their son was too ugly. One day, the little boy found Ye Jiaqi and cried,” Qiqi, daddy says I was bought from a pet shop.” “How can you buy such a gorgeous son from the pet shop,” Ye Jiaqi replied, “You were obviously won… From a lottery.” … Twenty years ago, he had spoiled her to the heavens. Twenty years later, he spoiled both of them to the heavens and back. And from then on, Master Qiao had only one person in his heart.

  • Our Dream [Indo Ver]

    Our Dream [Indo Ver]



    Hari-hari yang kau jalani terasa biasa, tapi bagaimana jika mendadak ada kejadian yang mengharuskanmu menjadi pelacur?..WARNING: NOVEL INI MENGANDUNG unsur 21+ (Pasangan normal + LGBT ada semua)..Bayangkan kau adalah mahasiswa yang berasal dari Beijing, China dan mendapat beasiswa kuliah di Universitas Fordham, New York, Amerika Serikat. Selama di sana kau harus mati-matian berjuang. Nilai adalah pertaruhan untuk mendapatkan beasiswa di semester berikutnya. Itu juga yang dialami Siu Sean.Pada suatu hari, Siu Sean yang bekerja sebagai barista di sebuah kafe Milkshake Crush membuat celaka seorang pengunjung dengan pecahan gelas. Dia pun harus mengganti rugi biaya pengobatan kaki luka itu di rumah sakit. Siu Sean pun tidak bisa membayar kuliah karena nilainya sempat turun. Dia juga tidak bisa membayar kos-kosan. Padahal dalam waktu dekat dia akan menjalankan ujian. Tanpa membayar, dia tidak diperbolehkan untuk ikut. Siu Sean bingung. Dia mendapat masalah itu saat teman lelakinya, Edward menyatakan cinta. Bersamaan juga dengan kenalannya, Celine menawari pekerjaan sebagai pelacur dan Ratu Bar The Scuttes yang berada di bawah tanah. Di pojokan Kota New York.Siu Sean akan disewa eksekutif tampan, muda, dan konglomerat bernama Zhu Feilong. Padahal dia masih gadis dan belum pernah bercinta dengan siapapun, bahkan dengan Edward yang baru saja menyatakan perasaan padanya.Saat itu malam natal, dan Siu Sean dihadapkan pilihan sulit. Memilih uang untuk menyelamatkan kehidupan kuliah dan tetap bertahan di New York? Atau merelakan keperawanan untuk pria yang bukan kekasihnya?...NB: Novel ini adalah gambaran cinta segi 10 XDTokohnya banyak, temanya berat, konfliknya rumit, dan mereka memiliki masalah masing-masing yang saling berkaitan. Terima kasih...Follow IG-ku: @mimpi_work

  • The Colonel of the Empire is Falling in Love

    The Colonel of the Empire is Falling in Love


    Iron blooded Zuo Qishen, known for being a walking hormone, was single for 24 years. There were many different reasons for this. However, no one knew that Zuo Qishen already had someone in his heart. From 16 to 24 years old, from the stable and prosperous capital city to the battlefield of bullets and bullets. He had been waiting, but he had also been… missing. … As the Eldest Young Lady of Beijing's Prominent Nan family, Nan Fei's life motto was only four words. — Just be happy. So she was beautiful and wanton, innocent and carefree. Until she met Zuo Qishen. When the iron-blooded and cold colonel hugged her, he said hoarsely, "You have to be responsible for me." She was stunned. From then on, Miss Nan's life creed was gradually restored. One day, the soldier in the military district discovered an intimate photo on Young Master Zuo's Weibo profile. The photo was of a woman with her back to the screen, her hair as long as jade, leaning forward to kiss his cold-faced soldier's chin. The soldier was shocked and looked at the comments below. The most eye-catching one was a female user with the ID Nan Miaomiao. This comment was the only reply Young Master Zuo had. Nan Miaomiao: "The little brother in the photo is so handsome. I want to sleep with him!" Zuo Qishen: "I'll let you sleep tonight."

  • Please Permit Me To Love You Forever

    Please Permit Me To Love You Forever


    She conspires and provokes the most powerful young master in Beijing! They sign a contract and with his every call, she has to go anywhere and do anything his bidding. When their contract ends, she smirks and said, “I’ll take the money and you can leave. We don’t owe each other anything.” He is Young Master Ya who rules Beijing. He controls the business empire during the day, and he is the strongest king at night. He is cold and women are merely playthings to him. With his power, the women he has eyes on have never been willing to leave him, yet she is an exception. She loves money, like all the previous women, but she is never shy of showing her greed. And he never realizes that he will ever grow a heart for such a promiscuous and cheap woman… He points a gun straight at her heart. “Die with me, or accept my love—which one do you choose?” She pouts and turns around, before she pushes an adorable child into his arms. “Here, there’s your answer.”

  • You're beautiful when you smile

    You're beautiful when you smile


    This is written by Qing Mei[Yao Yao, if it’s you, how would you go about dating a professional gamer?] Tong Yao thought for a moment, before earnestly responding — —If it was me, I wouldn’t date a professional gamer. If I had that kind of patience, then I might as well use it to get into Tsinghua University or Beijing University.

  • E.S. System: Return to the Enchanted Planet

    E.S. System: Return to the Enchanted Planet



    What happens when a six thousand years-worth technology-dependent civilization comes into contact with mana, or scientifically known as ‘TreDecon’?Yes, this is what happened to the Earth…Humans are dragged down from the top of the food chain to the bottom of hell. Afraid and devastated of the dangers, humanity decided to abandon their home planet, Earth, and flee...20 years later, Aiden and seven other adolescents return to investigate and study their once used to be their home planet. However, the enchanted land was not what they expected. The mana is known as ‘TreDecon’ had enchanted the lands somehow… Amidst the group's investigation, Aiden and two others were knocked off the path due to the sudden appearance of a giant skeleton hand. Before he joined with the others, Aiden realised that this enchanted world was more dangerous than he thought. This place wasn’t their friend at all. Will Aiden survive the ordeal that had wiped out 90% of the human population from the face of the Earth? Will he find the true reason for this ‘Mana Apocalypse’? Was it really a scientific disaster, or… Discord: 7-9 chapters/ weekNew chapter upload time: 2:30-3 a.m. Beijing time.

  • The Arranged Marriage

    The Arranged Marriage


    She was forced to get married to one of the richest men in Beijing to save her family's business... Her plan was to divorce her husband after her family's business is stable... What happens when she realizes that she's in love with her arranged husband "Lihua where are you going to? We are on our honeymoon and you aren't supposed to leave the house" Cheng said in his usual cold toneZhang Lihua stopped walking and turned towards his direction "Mr Li am I supposed to remind you that this is just an arranged marriage, arranged marriages don't have honeymoon" Lihua replied arrogantly as she left the house.

  • Let me

    Let me

    In her family zhi Roh is the youngest.she had two brothers...both of them are over protective towards zhi Roh.In Beijing her family is in the list of top 10 richest family.yang chen,he is the youngest billioner in china.His family is the richest in Beijing ...He has one younger brother."Rho..we are very happy that you marrying yang chen".

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