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  • Gabriella's Hellfire: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

    Gabriella's Hellfire: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance


    They said life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale. I think that’s bullshit. Don’t get me wrong. I love fairy tales. I’m a bibliophile. In fact, I read about a hundred books a year. And in my life? I don’t marry my prince charming. I have to marry the big bad wolf. I’m not Cinderella. I don’t have evil sisters or a broken family. Actually, I grew up privileged in a home in New York and travel a few times a year—mostly to Italy, and other times to different countries. I get what I want—most of the time, anyway. But that’s just how it is when you’re the daughter of New York’s Italian crime boss: Don Alessandro De Luca. Sounds like I'm a modern-day princess, don't I? But the truth is, in our world, I’m not free to do a lot of things. And the men in my life shield me from the family business. I get it. I can understand why that is. Restrictions keep me and my family safe. But it gets frustrating how they don’t think I can handle it. And now, I’m shackled to something I don’t have control over—unless I want my family endangered. I have to marry the grandson of the Morelli Family—our rival family who had been after my father’s seat for years. I would rather die than end up with the enemy. But everything changed in the blink of an eye. My prince charming died because of them. Now, I can’t escape it. Now, the only choice I have left is to marry the villain to save my family. So how can my life be a fairy tale when I’m living in a nightmare? **Gabriella's Hellfire is Book 2 of The De Luca Mafia Series** _______________ This is my first published work that is written in first person P.O.V. Don't forget to follow all my socials for exclusive content, private insights on the characters, and other fun stuff that won't be posted in Webnovel. go to: _______________ Other works: •Serendipity - A Chance Encounter (Complete-Ongoing revision) •Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress •Gael's Naughty Angela: A Mafia Prince Romance (Book 1 of The De Luca Mafia Series) _______________ *Licensed cover _______________

  • Loving Asia's Multi-Talented Queen: The Path to Stardom

    Loving Asia's Multi-Talented Queen: The Path to Stardom



    With the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry to the endless schemes and gossips, Xu Jia Li had to prove that she deserves what it takes to remain in the industry. With a man who longed for her love and promised of an undying love, she must first open her heart. Bound by her deep longing for revenge and the promise she made to her mother, Xu Jia Li was left with only two choices — let herself find true love or go ahead with her revenge.Love was a risk we must take. Only the bravest knew this. "I've always been crazy about you..." Xu Jia Li gazed at the man in front of her with eyes full of tears. The words left her speechless. She wanted to listen to that soft voice in the deepest part of her heart but what happened before hardened her heart... Things turned a different slope as it turned in shambles... All that's left was a seething pain and a longing for revenge... An original novel written by Bibliophile_Anna.

  • I Love you, Always and Forever.

    I Love you, Always and Forever.

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

  • A Psycho's Possession

    A Psycho's Possession

    Fantasy DARK

    18+ only for mature audienceContains dark, mature and triggering themes .This book isnt for insensitive and delicate darlings out there . You are been warned ⚠️⚠️" bitch tell me one reason why I shouldn't kill you now , what were the fucking rules? " said azrail pointing his gun at me while undoing the safety of his gun " azrail boss ordered me to fuck him " I said crying on the floor , surrounded in the pool of my own blood not knowing whether I will die today or end up in hospital again , God knows for how long this time " you whore I own you , I bought you from the cartel and you go fuck other men around " he said hitting my face with the back of his gun and shooting me on my left shoulder making me cry out loud . I looked around to see the lifeless body of the beautiful man I had fucked not even an hour ago with all his organs separated from his body; liver, heart and diaphragm were removed out of his body , his dick though attached to his body had a dagger half way embedded through it , the maid that he had assigned for me was cut into two halves bilaterally and the boss had one bullet between his head " azrail I swear boss told me to fuck that man , I am a whore here to satisfy men like you , I did the same thing I used do months back , If i had refused him , he would have killed me" " you would be killed now anyways , any last wish?" " azrail , I am.... I am..." and before I could finish my sentence the gun went off ..

  • Sinner's love or curse

    Sinner's love or curse


    only for mature audience"please dont do this " I said crying and begging in front of him , my whole body was in pain due to the brutal whipping I received just few minutes back "I fucking warned you , either obey me or fucking face my wrath but you never listen , you always want to be that strong woman right which I hate, I will make you my perfect submissive , I dont fucking need your love to make you live with me " he roared and plunged into me making me cry out loud ........."I never searched for u , u conquered my demons and made them dance with ur angels and yeah now when they are addicted to your Angels no one can stop them from conquering your Angels too" - " I love the gasp you make in my ear on the first thrust " - Nikolas "Loving him is a sin , of that I am fully aware. But a sinner I am " - Shreta "There is someone for everyone,And for me it's a psychiatrist,Which is you " I love it when you moan into my mouth while I finger you " - Arjun What happens when a successful doctor who lives life just for her family and dedicated to her patients meet two men? Both of them gonna change her perspective of her idea of love .Cliche u thought but what if this doctor has high ego issues , a strong headed feminist and a cunning sociopath who always thinks on how to make ur enemies suffer and laughs on people with low IQ .She is the one who doesn't take shit from anyone and what happens when she meets two men one who has never ever liked the idea of love and the other who has never ever given a damn about love.What happens when two most dangerous man to ever exist are in love with a doctor who is a year older than them both .Both are crazy about her , both having different ways to show their love A dark romance yet full of humor with a strong and funny female lead .Wanna find out if she will end up with them both ? Or any one of them ? Or will find herself a completely different man after knowing their truthRead to find out

  • the dream that can change future

    the dream that can change future

    siti saat ini berumur 10 tahun dan belum tahu dia mempunyai hal yang menakjubkan.Siti bermimpi adiknya mangalami kecelakaan pada tempat,waktu dan kejadian yang sudah diketahui di mimpinya. Dan dengan mimpinya Siti dapat menyelamatkan adiknya.Sejak saat itu, Siti tahu bahwa dia adalah anak yang spesial.Bila ada Siti disanalah ada insiden dan Siti dapat merubahnya walaupun baik dan buruk.

  • Sorry This book is Deleted

    Sorry This book is Deleted

    It's Deleted

  • Our to ruin

    Our to ruin

    18+ only for mature audienceContains dark, mature and triggering themes .This book isnt for insensitive and delicate darlings out there . You are been warned "Master ezra , master roy I am sorry I wont do it again, I promise please forgive me " i cried while kneeling in front of them , knowing very well my pleas would be falling into deaf ears , that's it I am gonna die today "brother this bitch needs to feel our pain , she disrespected us even after warning her " master roy said Within a minute master ezra had broken my wrist and had dislocated my shoulder while master roy broke my already wounded leg making me cry in pain , last thing I remember before getting unconscious was they both tearing my clothes while saying " You are our's to ruin "

  • Forlorn Interlude

    Forlorn Interlude

    Romance ROMANCE

  • Life of Abandoned Kid

    Life of Abandoned Kid


    Reincarnated to an unfamiliar place, Harper the bibliophile challenges herself to become strong and also to take revenge to the family who abandoned her. But the reality......."Ahhhhhhh! What the heck is going on, why can't I run fasteeeeer!"Realizing that she become 3 years old kid, Harper jaw dropped.

  • Ataraxia: Perfect Peace

    Ataraxia: Perfect Peace

    Reese Mcknight is a 19-years-old incoming college student, she is always known for being bibliophile and intelligent in her own school keeping people intimidated by her serious and snobbish image. All the years she lived she focused on her studies and her books, and now she wanted to write her love story, the life that she dreamt of. Until she met the one whom she thought will never come upon her. Follow Reese's journey as she experience different hardships in life and the love story that she once thought will not happen to her.

  • Finding My Mr. Darcy

    Finding My Mr. Darcy


    18 year old Brontë Eliza White was a bibliophile. And though she loved the true love that was written in ink, she believed, to quote her names sake Charlotte, "Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation."But then what if a real life Mr. Darcy comes along?Will he be able to get her to change her mind and fall ardently in love?~^~"Why do you keep running away? You coward! I hate you!" I threw my shoe at his retreating figure.Ezra froze before storming back towards me. In a matter of seconds I was pinned to the wall, his lips trailing a path from my neck to the corner of my lips. "I don't want to burn you, Brontë. You deserve someone better than me. But everytime you say you hate me, why does your voice lose its strength?"

  • Transmigrated to a novel.

    Transmigrated to a novel.

    Jiang Ying Yue, an orthopedic surgeon in the 21st century was a bibliophile who would read books of both psychology and science types as well as fictional web novels. One faithful day, due to an incident she found herself waking up in a world of a novel she read, but instead of being the female lead, she was a side character, a bad one at that. She decided to change her life and get out of the novel's cycle and be used as mere background. She wanted a life of her own and wanted to stay far away from the protagonist. Therefore, she decides to stand on her own two legs and build a legacy so she could live a peaceful life. Will she really be able to avoid the story? Was she not alone who transmigrated into this world? She had a company? What about the friendship between the two princes? They don't seem ordinary. Suddenly the realization struck her that this second life was not at all bad, in fact quite comfortable.Please enjoy the novel, it is my first time writing any novel. Please be understanding, and help me with your guidance if needed. Thank you.

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