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  • Reborn as a... Flak Tower on Tank Treads?!

    Reborn as a... Flak Tower on Tank Treads?!


    A 17-year old redditor was minding his own business, browsing, as you would have guessed in case you haven't already noticed, reddit, when a humongous 42-feet long Oil Tanker truck exploded due to some... mishandling of the loaders (and also because of this lazy author)... and somehow hit his house, exactly on his room where he was using his PC, killing him and burning that part of his house. I don't need to explain what happened to his body, and life.After some mourning and disorientation, he reincarnates into a G-Tower Flak Tower used by the Germans during the 1940s in the defense of Berlin against the soviets, except it's on fucking tank treads, and can move at 60 km/h for god's sake!Not to mention, he has a fucking leveling system! And to put the cherry on top, he's in another world (surprise-surprise) with monsters, reincarnated heroes like him except their human or some other race, magic, kingdoms, and medieval feuds.Come and join his journey of being transmigrated into this body -if you could even call it a body, since its made out of reinforced concrete, Anti-everything guns, missiles, and the chassis of a tank- and trying to survive, in another world with demon lords, angels, heroes, dragons, golems, and a whole lot of utter isekai-genre bullshittery.(Imma try to write this shit along with the other novel I have hihi, this is all for fun so you might see some inaccuracies with some of the weapons, but yeah, hope you check it out!I got this idea while browsing reddit too irl lol so I thought to myself "Why not make this bullshit idea a thing?", and my mind gave birth to this abominable stupidity)

  • [HIATUS] How A Bug Became A God

    [HIATUS] How A Bug Became A God


    [ON HIATUS]Insects (n.) A group of small sometimes cute, most of the time creepy, animals. In book language, insect means weak and pathetic creatures that are easily crushed."What if an insect became a God? Hilarious right?" uttered by some awesome person.What if an ordinary dumb bug gained unfathomable powers by just being at the right place, at the right time? Can you stand this book's level of bullshittery? Come and find out!



    Fantasy SYSTEM

    A Book Created by a Lazy Author A Book to get rid of boredomFollow the Author as he tries to create a good Cultivation Story that may suit to your taste or maybe not.A kid just wanting to read some good novel and read some good shit manga suddenly wakes up in another room..........Get ready for all the bullshittery that will come in your wayFollow me through my journey.Please Rate my writing.Bad Synopsis but you get it. It is the cliche shit that we have all been reading or is it. maybe yes or no upto you to find out.Without further ado lezgow.Excuse my grammar as it might be bad I am too lazy to fix it sometimes

  • rE; Again

    rE; Again


    Æthons.humans with extraordinary abilities.and a dying race, with only one Æthon being born for every two-hundred-thousand normal humans.and of course, like the fucking retards they are, the government decided to use them as weapons. you know, basic human nature.because of course when we have a finite amount of something we can't just leave it alone.this, of course, lead some dumb fucker with a PhD in gene splicing, and a whole slew of other scientific bullshit that barely anyone understands, to try and make Æthons through artificial means.and by some unholy bullshittery, it fucking worked.thus giving birth to the Homunculus Project.eventually, as things tend to do, it went very fucking wrong.and that kids, is why a good fifty percent of the population is made up of artificial people with superpowers that the government treats like dirt.fucking. glorious.

  • Rust Abomination

    Rust Abomination


    IN AN APOCALYPTIC WORLD WHERE EVEN SAND CAN EAT YOU, OUR BRAVE HERO JOHNN- I mean, Edward, Johnny is the other guy, anyway, our brav-actually no he's not brave... not even a hero he's just a bitch... ok let's start over. Uhm uhmIn an apocalyptic world, where even sand can eat you, in a small town we can find a little guy that eats random carcasses, will he survive? probably not, but just in case, what road will he take? will he rescue the princess, or rape her? maybe even enslave her, will he save the legendary kingdom or conquer it and make a touristic place out of it for shit and jiggles? this and more in RUUUST ABOOMINATIOOOON!™____________________________________________Ok, let's stop with the bullshittery and start with the true synopsis, we're in a post apocalyptic world, most technology is lost, (you'll know how if you continue reading... eventually), the planet has no name for it was lost during the various wars, more or less you can be whatever you want, male, female, lakitu, pick your poison, and you can fuck whatever you want, you know, people can't judge if you have super powers that can obliterate half planet, that's what happened, some sicko that likes to fuck cacti becomes god? well, let's extend that LGBTQ+ list once more i guess. Apart from that, I don't wanna ruin the fun, so, for more lore, keep reading :)

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