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  • Candy Of A Mafia Leader

    Candy Of A Mafia Leader



    James Harristian, aka James Belgenza, is the mafia leader of Daga Nero, a splinter group of the oldest famous mafia families in Naples. Despite of his powerful ruler of the town who controlled the underground weapon industry in Europe, James was also an owner of a successful high-tech motor company in the world. One day, James was deceived in a scam dinner had by his mistress. It was strived to kill him, but somehow, he escaped. Being trapped in gunshots with his enemy, a flower girl saves James' life from his shameful miserable dying. Delilah is a flower girl who runs a small flower shop in an alley in Naples, Italy. She thought innocently by helping James to get to the hospital without wondering who James Belgenza was. When James has another chance to breathe, he does not feel grateful to his savior unless to kidnaps her. Unfortunately, Delilah turns out to be a guaranty of her father's debt, which fleeced off unable to pay. Therefore, James intentionally kept Delilah in his mansion and added more debts to confine her forever. What will happen when the debt is only a plot to kill James and Delilah is a pawn? Meanwhile, James falls for Delilah, who tried hard to pay her unpaid debt. Read it to find how Delilah wants to leave James, but he traps her into love. *** "W-What do you want?" Delilah asked as she was caged in the wall by James. "I want to see the girl who saved me. Do you know who I am?" James sharply gazed up at Delilah's blue eyes. Delilah innocently shook her head to him. "From now on, call me, Mr. J." WARNING FOR 21+ SMUT SCENE (THIS STORY IS PART OF THE SEVEN WOLVES SERIES) Please bear with my English since it is not my first language, I hope you enjoy reading it. Have fun! follow me on IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand

  • Queen Candy

    Queen Candy

    Romansa Anak Muda BEAUTY TEEN


    Atharazka Xeno Arisadi, seorang lelaki tengil dan pecicilan itu seperti tidak punya ketakutan atas apapun, kecuali satu hal: menyatakan perasaannya pada Queen Candy Titania. Semula Azka berpikir, hubungan pertemanannya dengan Candy adalah zona paling nyaman bagi mereka berdua. Namun, pada akhirnya, Azka menyadari, zona nyaman tidak selamanya aman. Adalah Devano Walker Orizon, seorang pujangga sejuta pesona yang berhasil meluluhkan hati Candy, sekaligus merebut Candy dari genggaman Azka. Apakah Azka akan melepaskan Candy begitu saja? Atau mungkinkah Azka mengungkapkan perasaannya selama ini ia simpan rapat-rapat? Sebuah cerita klasik bertajuk roman picisan yang berjudul Queen Candy akan mengajak kamu menyelami kisah pelik cinta segitiga yang diselimuti rona merah jambu di putih abu-abu.

  • Eye Candy

    Eye Candy


  • Candy shop

    Candy shop

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE


  • sugar candy

    sugar candy

  • Hard Candy

    Hard Candy

  • Seperti Candy

    Seperti Candy

    Aku yang terlahir sebagai gadis yang cantik dan pandai tanpa tahu siapa kedua orangtua kandungku. Bertahun-tahun hidup di panti asuhan membuatku tumbuh menjadi seorang anak gadis yang mandiri dan juga dewasa karena keadaan.Hidup dengan banyak rintangan dengan pertambahan siapa Ayahku? Kenapa hanya ada Ibu? Apa aku terlahir sebagai anak haram?Alula, gadis manis yang berjuang mencari kebenaran siapa orangtua kandungnya hanya dengan bermodalkan harapan.

  • Candy Summoner

    Candy Summoner


  • Lemon Candy

    Lemon Candy



    For Lexi Thompson, University was a fresh start, a way out. Only, Lexi didn't count on waking up the morning after a party next to a beautiful stranger who can't get enough of her. That stranger turning out to be not so strange after all.Chase Alexander. Golden boy. British Accent. The charming golden boy wakes up after a night of passion only to feel...lost? Flashes of the gorgeous minx from the night before spread across his vision like a mirage, teasing, luring, only she's gone, without a name.What happens when Chase runs into Lexi, looking at the beautiful girl as if he's never seen her before last night?The only problem is that Lexi can't get his face out of her head. Especially after the second time.



    Grace hasn't been feeling well lately and has been thinking of committing suicide. It didn't help that she was involved in a bank robbery. Before the situation escalated, a strange girl smashed through the skylight and saved them...only she actually didn't save them. She is the cannibal serial killer with a kill count of over eight thousand who is known to let victims go just to hunt them down again. She proceeds to kill and eat almost all the hostages, including Grace's best friend, before letting the rest go.Sure enough, Grace hears that all the other "survivors" have been killed and eaten besides for her. After waiting for her death to come willingly, the serial killer finally visits her, only she doesn't kill Grace but instead complains in a completely childish way how Grace wasn't "bright". Aimu, the serial killer who turns out to be an undead who thinks people are candy, "kidnaps" Grace to try and make her bright.Unfortunately, the two soon developed feelings for each other. Grace, not wanting to end her time with Aimu but also feeling like she has to die and it has to be by Aimu, stays with her. Aimu on the other hand realizes that she loves Grace early on and doesn't want to kill her at all. However, she made a promise to eat Grace, and she keeps her promises no matter what. Of course, it doesn't help that Aimu is still an insane serial killer who has killed almost everyone she has come into contact with or that Grace is the daughter of a powerful noble and that she is "special" to the government.But when an organization bent on turning the human population into mindless mutants sets their eyes on the city Grace and Aimu live in, Aimu and Grace find themselves as a block in their way, and they might even have to be "heroes" and stop them. Well, really it is the fact that the leader of the organization is unwilling to wrap his head around the fact that confronting Aimu in any way means death and Aimu can single-handedly slaughter humanity by herself.

  • Candy club

    Candy club

  • Candy class

    Candy class

  • Semanis Candy

    Semanis Candy

  • Candy love

    Candy love

  • Candy & Chains

    Candy & Chains

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE R18

    Kisah cinta tak terduga yang dipertemukan oleh takdir. Tentang dua luka yang saling melengkapi. Nisaka Yuki adalah seorang gadis yang mengalami kebisuan selektif. Dulu, Nisaka Yuki selalu dibully temannya dan kakaknya di rumah. Tetapi semua hal tersebut berubah setelah ia bertemu Hasegawa Izumi. Hasegawa Izumi, pria tampan bagaikan mawar yang indah. namun, terdapat duri di balik keindahannya yang dapat memberi luka kepada orang yang menyentuhnya. Izumi merupakan seorang psikopat yang selalu memberi siksaan dan mengika[t kebebasan Yuki bagaikan rantai. Namun, terkadang berubah bersikap manis layaknya permen. Sehingga berjalannya waktu, Izumi merasakan perasaan yang tidak pernah ia rasakan selama ini . Apakah ini perasaan cinta? Atau hanya rasa simpatinya saja.

  • Candy Boy (By Hyull)

    Candy Boy (By Hyull)


  • Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Veli Lienandra, seorang yang periang dan pemilik senyuman manis, merupakan pribadi yang senang berteman dengan banyak orang. Di usianya sekarang adalah masa-masa jatuh cinta atau menyukai lawan jenis. Namun dirinya memegang satu prinsip. Yaitu, tidak mau memikirkan cinta-cintaan, takut sakit hati. Dibalik prinsip itu, dirinya menyimpan sebuah cerita yang mungkin membuat prinsip itu tumbuh. Neilson Arstevan, adalah orang yang Veli kagumi sejak pertama kali bertemu. Akhirnya mereka berdua menjadi teman yang begitu dekat. Di balik hubungan antara laki-laki dan perempuan, pasti salah satu atau dua-duanya menyimpan perasaan. Veli sendiri takut dengan hubungan dekat yang ia jalani bersama Neilson. Karena ia sadar bahwa dirinya jatuh cinta pada Neilson dan ini adalah pertama kalinya ia merasakan apa itu jatuh cinta.Apakah Neilson juga jatuh cinta pada Veli? Lalu, bagaimana dengan prinsip yang sudah dibuat oleh Veli? Bisakah hubungan dan kisah cinta pertama Veli dengan Neilson berjalan semanis cotton candy?

  • love candy

    love candy

    Romansa Fantasi COMEDY