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  • Sweet Pregnant Wife CEO Phillip's Fierce Love

    Sweet Pregnant Wife CEO Phillip's Fierce Love

    When Phillip met Ann again, she was with another man. And she even had a daughter. Wait ... Why did her daughter look like him so much? Phillip was furious. He separated Ann and the man, and then made her his wife. He was so powerful that Ann was soon stunned with her jaw dropped by things he did one after another. He not only taught a jerk and a bitch a lesson but also bought a private plane to take her to and from work, and took her to an island for vacation and on a yacht to travel around the world? When Ann was pushed by her three cute kids to the stage of her wedding, and when a ten-carat diamond ring that looked like a pigeon egg was placed on her finger, Phillip in front of her was incredibly affectionate, "Ann, you have given me three babies. Marry me, and I will love you for the rest of my life."

  • The Dead End

    The Dead End

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE TEEN

    Lucas is an artist who went blind due to an accident, he lost not just his vision but his whole family. Buried with them is his heart that is long cold and lonely, not until he meet the girl that will turn things up side down. Will they have a trip down to life, a never ending happiness or they will have a stop in a dead end? This story will make you question your limitations and capabalities. How long can you grip in a rope when your hand is as red a blood? How long can you live life when you no longer feel alive?You, where is your dead end?OrIs there a dead end?

  • Getback Mission?!

    Getback Mission?!

  • Seventeen FanFic Challenge

    Seventeen FanFic Challenge

  • Help! The male lead doesn't let me go

    Help! The male lead doesn't let me go

    Historical Romance ROMANCE REINCARNATION

    In which she transmigrated to a book. Exciting adventures waiting upon her to be experienced *Slow update*^My original story ^

  • Devil's Pinky!!!

    Devil's Pinky!!!


    Jiang Luo Meng knows that the secrets of her forgotten past are more than just her rich and loving parents. However rich they were, however millions the family fortune she had inherited, the Jiang family was adamant on robbing of everything, right down to her family name and even her life. But the ravenette knows that they're hiding something else.Something they'd rather hide with her death. Something only Luo Meng knows.Forgotten memories, forgotten smiles and broken promises - are the only broken keys to her past, but just when she is about to give it all up, he appears. Rong Ye Qiu. The infamous CEO with an irrevocably dangerous aura is one that leaves a grip around hearts, one smile, and you know you are smitten.Rong Ye Qiu, the surname synonymous with power.It's all too convenient. There's more to this.He says he wants her, but she knows more. She's seen that face before. She's felt that presence before. She's felt those hands before.She knows that this love is an expensive thing, one that she cannot be careless with, something she cannot afford. But he overwhelms her with emotions she can't comprehend, and Luo meng knows that she won't get away from this painfully addictive dance with the devil."Let's make a pinky promise, love. I will be sure to make you want me, and there will be no ifs no buts and no whatsoevers."_____EXCERPT:"You're not going anywhere." He softly hushed. The ice in his whiskey clinked in the darkness of the room. His voice, gentle. Soothing. A whisper against the ear even, but the woman standing by the door knew better. His beautiful voice is but a facade that will trick even the snake's heart into beating to the rhythm he desires."You're not going anywhere." He said once more, whiskey lacing his voice, draining the sobriety of his thoughts. So what if it was the alcohol talking? The heart speaks for itself and it does not lie.Still clad in his three piece business suit, Rong Ye Qiu pushed his body against the table and stood up, walking to her.Luo Meng hid her hands behind her, her naked back shivering against the cold surface of his locked doors. Her heart beat so rapidly she was sure that he could hear it. In a cold room with her outfit and her drunk client, there were only so many ways this could go about. And for this same reason, Luo Meng found nothing but excitement. Her chest heaved up and down as she bit her lips, her eyes exploring him shamelessly, her hands cold with sweat."Take my outerwear off." He commanded, caging her within his arms.Despite the loud bang resonating throughout the large room, Luo Meng stayed rooted to her place. She didn't bat an eyelid - let alone flinch as his frame towered over her. One could say she was brave; but should a ignorance be brevity? She hid a amused smile, gauging him, the situation, how far this night can truly go?"And if I don't?" She taunted, batting her lashes. It was more than obvious that the alcohol had seized complete sense of him, but Jiang Luo Meng was mused by such a side of him.He never was rough with her after all.He treated her like a fragile gemstone worth more than the carats on the queen's crown, touched her so gingerly and made her his weakness.Without a word, his hand moved to a gentle caress on her cheek."I wouldn't want you to see the thoughts in my head right now." Ye Qiu started. "It's… vulgar. Things I never want to dirty your mind with." He hushed into her ear, grazing her skin with his plump lips."So I'm begging you. Take off my outer wear. Because I wouldn't want it to get any hotter than it is."____END OF EXCERPT✧°~ (This book is my first project! Send love by leaving your comments ☆)My cheerleaders (୨୧•͈ᴗ•͈)◞︎ᶫᵒᵛᵉ ♡ 《Ashlynn》•《Kai》•《Alkewe》•《怡酱》•《Kakigori》•

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