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    Underestimated…That is what I have been almost all my life just because I am a female, a woman, a lady... but I understand… this world is filled with egotistic and chauvinistic men that need to be taught a lesson and I am more than happy to do so…My life has never been all fun and roses… I still had my mum and brothers but it will never be the same without my father. I may be of age. Far past the finding your mate age but that doesn’t mean I am in a hurry to get a mate not that I don’t want one. I do but I’m just not in a hurry.But the goddess ad fate as always did the exact opposite of what my heart desired… they brought my mate to my doorstep and I took it with a determined heart but I was in for a surprise. My mate wanted another yet he didn’t want to let me go. He wanted to eat his cake and have it. Forgetting that life doesn’t work that way. He welcomed me into his home and pack with a happy face yet I was being disrespected, ridiculed and pitied behind my back.I may act ignorant but I’m no fool. I like to plan my actions before I take it so that I would be well prepared for the consequences that may follow. And as usual my new pack comes first before my needs but that doesn’t stop me from showing my mate that he messed with the wrong bitch.Because I was named CHAOS for a reason. I am going to tear into his conscience and torment the living daylights out of him for I may be a bitch. But I am nobody’s bitch…



  • Versatile Mage

    Versatile Mage



    He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed. His familiar school had become a mystical school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician. Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attacked and preyed on humans. His world of advanced science changed into one that praised magic. Despite this, his ambition in life, and his social status remained the same; one of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk. However, Mo Fan found that when most people could only practice a single major element of magic, he was a Versatile Mage!

  • League of Legends: League of Unknowns

    League of Legends: League of Unknowns


    When a national athlete of China laughs at the concept of being able to win a gold medal in video gaming, what a pro-gamer like yourself ought to do is take your size-42 shoe and measure it against his pretty face! When parents, relatives, friends, and all the rest of society scoff at pro-gaming and say it’s not a real job… what else can you do but hold true to your passion for the competitive multiplayer scene, and resolutely turn away from their doubts! Have you ever thought that it could actually become an official event during the Olympics, perhaps within the next four years—a game of split-second reactions and seamless teamwork between five-man squads, the ultimate test of reflexes and finesse, in an arena where players compete with all their heart and soul… This is e-sports! Let the champions roar ‘Demacia!’ and rock the world to its foundations!

  • Penyihir Serbabisa

    Penyihir Serbabisa


    Dia bangun di dunia yang akrab yang telah jauh berubah. Sekolah yang dikenalnya telah menjadi sebuah sekolah mistis yang mengajarkan sihir, yang mendorong semua orang untuk menjadi penyihir yang berkuasa. Di luar kota, banyak binatang sihir dan monster yang berkeliaran menyerang dan memangsa manusia. Dunianya yang berilmu pengetahuan maju berubah menjadi dunia yang memuja sihir. Walaupun demikian, ambisi hidupnya, dan status sosialnya tidak berubah; salah satu sampah masyarakat dengan ayah yang hidup dengan susah payah dan seorang adik tiri cacat yang tidak bisa berjalan. Akan tetapi, Mo Fan menemukan bahwa kebanyakan orang hanya bisa mempelajari satu elemen sihir utama, sementara dia adalah seorang Penyihir Serbabisa!

  • Dragon Tamer

    Dragon Tamer


    On this continent, all creatures had a chance of evolving into dragons. It was said that every life had their own Dragon Gates. After crossing it, they’d become like the sun and moon in the sky, dazzling gloriously. That also applied to humans. Humans’ Dragon Gates were becoming Dragon Tamers. Searching everywhere for young spirits close to dragonizing, and training them into unparalleled Dragon Kings!

  • Cannon Fodder Cheat System

    Cannon Fodder Cheat System

    At first, when he learned that he was forced to go to many different routine worlds and be reborn into all kinds of cannon fodder, he was against it.Because villains usually all only have a moment of satisfaction, the endings of cannon fodder are also frequently quite miserable.But the man who gave him the system told him that this system not only has all types of powerful functions, but he can also break the routine lives of the cannon fodder. If he achieves this satisfactorily for each world, he can even become a god.He’s already experienced over a thousand reincarnations, but hasn’t yet been a god. Since it sounds pretty great, why not just try it out.From that moment on, he began the irreversible path of tyrannically oppressing people, while conveniently tearing open those white moonlights and so-called righteous people’s hypocritical masks.His goal: wearing the villain’s role to walk other people’s righteous paths, leaving them no path to follow.==========Original-(I think)

  • Zhan long

    Zhan long

    Li Xiao Yao. Former S.W.A.T member, but retired into an ordinary security guard. While being sent to grab a ladder, he accidentally stumbled upon the VIP room instead of the storage room, and found a women in the middle of changing. As revenge, she brought him out in the middle of nowhere and kicked him off there. He spent hours walking back, only to find himself being kicked out due to lack of payment. As bad things pile one after another, his previous supervisor offers him a new job as the bodyguard for the daughter of the Tian Xin group CEO, both in reality, and in a virtual reality game..All credit goes to the original Author Shi Luo Ye..Genres:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, School Life, Sci-Fi, Wuxia, Chinese, video games (added)

  • God of all

    God of all

    Our mc was a normal Japanese and soon died but he was in for a surprise.

  • Mystic realm

    Mystic realm

    No synopsis for u.

  • Acheron Emperor

    Acheron Emperor


    Acheron emperor one of the 9 emperors of the vast universe a godly mage who ruled a part of the galaxy with his comrades one of the strongest mages in the world….then the void showed their presence and started attacking, ruthless and relentless they purged the universe of its inhabitants.“It’s done come back” a sudden voice spoke from the void and everything returned. Throughout the now destroyed universe mana flowed.“An era has suddenly ended and now a new one shall come and this shall be the era of emperors shall one come and challenge be in the future once defeated I will hand the throne”After the void stopped talking planets emerged from nowhere and after millions of years species started appearing and evolving.15 billion years later the universe was stable and the race to become an emperor began once the trumpet of the void was blown.

  • Leveling system

    Leveling system

    Modern world mc weak bullied and cast aside, stays inside for 2 years straight and finally at the age of 15 for some reason he sets his first steps outside, what happened to make him set foot outside most people are surprised because his neighbors treated him nicely bringing him food and other stuff follow his journey to see what will happen next..This is for the contest I will try to continue it after the contest,do not mind the cover and plzs vote if you like.

  • Celestial transcendent

    Celestial transcendent

    Thank you for reading this and I hope you like it and if you don’t please do not disturb others reader, leave a review and vote if you think it is good enough for powerstones.I have no proper synopsis so forgive me.

  • Ten thousand realms

    Ten thousand realms

    Martial Arts

    (This is my new project)Bai Li is the third son of the Han Li the house master, they are one of the great houses in the Shia tie dynasty, Han Li also has 2 daughters making him the father of 5 children. Bai Li actually a transmigrated person that transmigrated into bai li’s body, when coming to this new world he got a special gift......I make up everything but I will try to explain them, and if you have questions please ask in the comments or just say something about the paragraph, comment on the paragraph.....If you like this please review it, and maybe rate it. And if you want to help me please give me power stones. It kinda sounds like begging but I ain’t begging but I would appreciate it lol.

  • Eternal king

    Eternal king

    This is gunna be a fanfic, of most supernatural tv shows, i got inspired by one of the writers out there, I will try to make it different and more better then my other one. I will introduce characters from other supernatural shows but my plot might be different.

  • Forsaken Hero

    Forsaken Hero

    One day, Katsuragi Daichi and his classmates found themselves in a different world. The god who summoned them to another world divided its power and gave it to them, saying that it wanted Daichi and the rest to defeat the Demon King as heroes. However, Daichi alone was given no abilities. And sure enough, Daichi was thrown away and used as a decoy in a demon’s den. Eaten by a demon, Daichi had lost consciousness and thought he had passed away, though when he came to he noticed his statuses had skyrocketed. He had obtained『Revenge of the Resented』. Every time he died, his abnormal ability powered up..GenreAction Adventure Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Mature Psychological Romance Seinen.Tags[ ]Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Bullying Cunning Protagonist Demon Lord Demons Dungeons Enemies Become Lovers Fantasy World Former Hero Game Elements Goddesses Gods Heroes Immortals Knights Level System Male Protagonist Monsters Multiple Transported Individuals Overpowered Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Personality Changes R-15 Revenge Ruthless Protagonist Slaves Special Abilities Sudden Strength Gain Summoned Hero Summoning Magic Sword And Magic Transported to Another World Weak to Strong Yandere.Author(s)Yujima Ran

  • Rise Of The Emperor

    Rise Of The Emperor


    In a universe different to ours, bustling with lives throughout it except one place…the #035 galaxy, because it was underdeveloped the central galactic association created a rule for it to not be touched but because of their slow development they started an event that would last 100,000+ years and forcefully make the humans develop enough to communicate with the outside world. Magic was presented and portals to planets with monsters were accessible and they were given various rewards for defeating them. Because of the popularity of the event everyone in the universe became interested and wanted to sponsor special humans they deemed fit. Our protagonist coming from a poor family worked as a carrier to earn money for his family but by sudden fate he awakened the system! And with it he was determined to rise!.For now I’m just doing this for the fun of it. So no real schedule and I have school so I will be inconsistent.

  • Immortal cultivation era

    Immortal cultivation era

    When Gao Ge is awake, he finds that he has returned to the earth before aura reappeared. The world will usher in an era of practitioners soon. Various schools of cultivation and families of ancient martial arts will spring up. As a man who is living a second life, Gao Ge will never let go of the chance to grasp the resources, cultivation methods and treasure places first.In this era, there are many geniuses and me, Gao Ge, shall be the king of them..Genre-Action, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Shounen, XianxiaTags-Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Second ChanceAuthor-Bu Lv Wu Sheng, 步履无声

  • Chaos' Heir

    Chaos' Heir



    A recurring nightmare afflicted Khan's nights since the Second Impact. His dreams replayed the scenes of the crash of the Nak's spaceship, an alien race that the humans had defeated five hundred years ago. Khan's life had turned upside-down after the tragedy. His mother had died during the incident, and the Nak's toxic mana had infected him. His father had managed to save him, but they ended up losing their home and name in the process. The nightmares wouldn't let Khan forget about the Nak, so he set his mind to join the Global Army and learn to wield mana. He had to put an end to those dreams, even if that meant hunting down that alien race through the stars. ------------------------------------- Follow me on twitter: Instagram: eocnovels Discord link: If you want to further support me: Cover artist:

  • Affinity:Chaos




    Check out my other book as well Lunar:Secret Guardians ******************* "Grey, elemental affinity, zero" The Elder announced the result loudly On hearing this, it was like a bolt of lightning struck Grey, he stood there dumbfounded and just stared at the Elder. Shocked voices could be heard from the people and there was some which were also filled with scorn. Grey stood dazed amidst all the noises without any reactions. One word was constantly reverberating in his head, 'How?'. 'Why, why did this happen to me?' Grey asked himself over and over again **************** Unbeknownst to Grey, something greater lies in wait in his body....***************Check out the book, leave a review after reading, and also your powerstones. Hope you enjoy this, and Thanks for reading ^_^P.S: When I started this book I had zero writing experience, so the first chapters aren't that great, although, my writing quality has improved over time. Also, English isn't my first language, so there are some instances where my choice of words are not good enough for what I'm trying to portray. A heads up, the book will be using a medieval setting. My world building is not the best, but it gets better over time, so bear with me on the early chapters!P.S: Cover art not mine I just edited it. If you're the owner and want me to take it down you can notify me.Other novel: My Best Friend Is A TransmigratorCheck it out as well!