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  • Stay with me, Christine

    Stay with me, Christine

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Virginity?Kung saan binibigay para sa taong mahal mo , sa taong alam mong sya na ang una at huli, Bilang isang babae mahalaga ito para sa kanyang sarili. Pero paano nalang kung sa isang iglap ay maglaho ito at mabigay mo sa hindi inaasahang tao? Mabigay mo ito sa isang lalaki na isang pagkakamali ang Meron sa gabi na yun. Gabi na kung saan ba bago nang lahat,At gabi kung saan umpisa na nang isang kalbaryong magiging pag mamay-ari ka na ni Tony Smith Niclaeus May pag asa ba na mauwi sa pagmamahalan iyon?At May Forever ba na tinatawag ang storya nila?Let the story begin at the story of Ms. Christine Leigh Arocena , A College Student at Mally Vogue University.

  • Forsaken : The Angel wars

    Forsaken : The Angel wars



    Christine didn't know why her dreams were filled with angels. Little did she know she was a reincarnation of the Angel of War. Lucian who damned himself to follow his lover to earth was left broken to see her die over and over again. Uriel who always hid his feelings in the shadows will not back down. Who will win her love in the end? This is a slow burn romance. ------ Lucian took a step forward, Christine took a step back, her back hit the door. Lucian placed his hands on either side of her head pinning her in, his face came closer, she could feel his breath. "What does your gut tell you, Miss Parkins?" Christine couldn't think, she was already undressing him. She averted her gaze, he removed this right hand, placing his fingers under her chin. He forced her face gently so that she was looking into his eyes. "Do not look away from me, tell me what does your gut say?" Christine gulped. "M... My gut says you are hiding behind a barrier, you are not dangerous to me." Lucian smiled at her, he moved his face an inch closer, their noses almost touching. "I am a very dangerous man, Miss Parkins. Your gut is wrong." Christine's head was spinning, then why did he ask me what my gut says if he will only brush it off? Before she could muster a retort her cooking alarm went off. "That would be lunch." ----Warning: This story does contain smut, R-18. Please proceed with caution.*Disclaimer: The cover does not belong to me and all credit goes to the artist.

  • Christine Grey-Booth's Criminal Minds

    Christine Grey-Booth's Criminal Minds

    Christina Ellis Grey-Booth is the younger half-sister of FBI Special Agent Seely Booth, Jared Booth, Meredith Grey, Lexie Grey, Molly Grey-Thompson, and Maggie Pierce. Unlike her sisters, Christina followed her big brothers footsteps and joined the Marines until she was honorably discharged after being POW for a year. Returning to the states with PTSD, injured and missing her family, Christina joins the NCIS until she is recruited by the BAU. Starts Season 1 of Criminal Minds. Starts in Season 1 of Bones. Starts in the beginning of Season 3 of NCIS. Starts in Season 3 of Greys Anatomy.

  • The Redemption Guys [Completed]

    The Redemption Guys [Completed]

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN


    These Ingenious Male will melt your hearts with their charming and witty senses. But they have baggage from their past with them. Can their match overcome them? First, we have Kai Virtanen who was arranged to marry the Finnish Princess, Kathleen Remes. Then, we have our Wedding Planner, Antonio Romano, whose task was to locate the missing Princess, Christine Rovski. Also, we have Charles Debrun who has been kidnapped by Kiara Hoffman because of his research. Lastly, we have Katherine Remes, the Acting Queen of Finland to find a suitor by a contest that Leonardo Ricci was forced to participate in. Can they face their past together or will they fall apart? Find out in this new series by Nikki Larousse.

  • Mafia Princess

    Mafia Princess

    In the city of New York, I, Christine Knight, dress as a boy named Richard Knight to hide the fact that I'm a girl. I have always lived alone when my mother died after my 13th birthday and I never knew my father. But when I come home from hanging out with my friends, I was suddenly kidnapped by men in black suits. After I regained consciousness I find out that I have a father, but not just any father, a father who is the head of a legendary mafia group, the White Dragons. My father appointed a bodyguard, Jason Adams, to protect me. But how can I accept the fact that I'm now part of the mafia, and can I handle the pain, hardships, and destiny of being the "mafia princess"?

  • One True Love

    One True Love

    Seven years back, Sam had met a cute , Sweet girl in a friend’s wedding reception. He has come across countless girls since then but no one could stir his heart like that girl..Seven years later, He is one of the youngest successful architect in the IT industry .Christine has been greatly appreciated for her work by everyone. Her Boss forces her to accept an on site role. However, Upon reaching Country N, she realises she has fallen right into the trap setup by someone.That someone is very “Powerful” and want his sweetheart to stay by his side . She is his true love.There is no Rape or major misunderstandings in this novel . This novel is for those readers who are tired of CEO, Actress, Mistress plots.Warning : IT industry terminology used whereby necessary.

  • Unconditional Love

    Unconditional Love

    Meet Solenne Klein, the spoiled brat daughter of Mr. Sebastian and Mrs. Ellen Klein. She have two sibling one girl and one boy and she's the eldest.She's a half German and half Filipino and her parents raised her and her siblings at Berlin, Germany. She always disobeys her parents and runs away every night to party at a bar near their home in Berlin, Germany. She started being a spoiled brat when she was 12 years old and their company grew and became known in Germany, Asia and other foreign countries so that her parents lost time for her and her siblings and she can't feel the love from her parents and her only Filipina yaya is the one who can understand her situation that's why she only listens to her nanny. Her nanny always preaches to her but she can't help but be annoyed with her parents because they don't have time for her and her siblings anymore.Her parents doesn't want her attitude for being spoiled brat that's why they've always scolding her. Until one day, her parents decided to put her in the Philippines to learn her lesson and let her live in their house in the Philippines with their maids and her bad -tempered aunt.Does the decision of her parents in putting Solenne in the Philippines will help Solenne to change her attitude or it will worst as they didn't expect? And does Solenne would find the love she was looking for her parents of she will find it to someone?

  • Wrenchplains High School Series

    Wrenchplains High School Series

    Book 1: Freshman Hailey Pensive and wide-eyed Hailey Madrigal thinks that being a freshman in high school will finally earn her some respect in her family. But it isn't easy overcoming insecurities and gaining confidence when she is constantly compared to her popular and talented brothers who also go to the same high school as her. She meets Stephen Cutler, a British freshman, who instantly became the apple of her eye with his green eyes and thick English accent. He is perfect--well except that he's the High School Queen Bee's boyfriend. Together they go through the toughest year in high school as freshmen with disciplinary reports, Algebra, love triangles, friendship break-ups, Queen Bees, and falling in love for the first time. Book 2: Sophie Elaine Elaine Perez's life has been turned upside down when Dana Ferrer, the school's Queen Bee, crashed her car at her lawn. One thing lead to another and the next thing they knew-they're going to be stepsisters! This was because their single parents turned out to have been high school sweethearts who rekindled their romance after the accident. With their personalities clashing, they must find a way to live with each other even if they are both falling in love for the Boy-Next-Door and as well as Elaine getting the part as the lead as the Ibong Adarna (Dana's most-coveted role) in the school's traditional role play, Ang Ibong Adarna. Book 3: Junior Christine As an active member of the Young Volunteers Club, Christine Peralta was chosen to represent Wrenchplains High School in the town's Beauty Pageant. The problem is, well, she detests beauty pageants! But because the pageant promises a scholarship to college if she wins and a chance to raise awareness for coastal clean-up , she becomes motivated to the point to even asking Dana Ferrer to mentor her. Aside from balancing her time with her volunteer works, academics, friendships, and preparation for the beauty pageant, she must also support her boyfriend, Corey Madrigal, in joining a national singing competition and who might just make the toughest decision in his life. Book 4: Senior Trio Recovering from her big break-up, Hailey Madrigal is setting her eye to moving out of town for preparatory college but not without her mother's pleas to stay closer to home. But the course of her love life and the results of her college applications exceed her expectations in the end. Elaine Trancy doesn't know what to do after high school, so she travels all over town and talked to strangers for advice. But will she listen to people's advice or will she follow her own's life path? Christine Peralta became an instant celebrity for dating Corey Madrigal, her successful musician boyfriend who dropped out of high school. She was also able to taste the glamourous life too as a Beauty Queen by becoming a celebrity in her own right. But is it really the life she wants after high school? Join Hailey, Elaine, and Christine in their senior year in navigating life in the last year of high school before they move out of town to find their own places in the world. Wrenchplains High School Series is created by Miel Hontucan, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • HEY, YOU!

    HEY, YOU!

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE

    Margaretha Agnesya Christin Bautista, kehilangan sahabat sekaligus cintanya, lelaki bernama Reyhan Aditama Putra Wijaya menjadi korban setelah menyelamatkan dari kobaran api malam itu. "Aku sangat merasa bahagia dan aman berada di dekatnya. Dia tak punya catatan negatif diingatanku, dia tak punya rekam jejak yang jahat di kehidupanku, dia salah satu dari dua orang lelaki yang tidak pernah menyakiti selama aku bersama mereka. Lalu dengan semua itu? Bagaimana aku harus melupakan dia dan menggantinya dengan orang yang mungkin saja melukaiku?" kata Agnes setiap kali ada yang bertanya kenapa dia begitu mencintai Reyhan.Sampai, ternyata takdir mengizinkan mereka untuk bertemu kembali. Namun, Reyhan memiliki kekasih saat pertemuan itu dan ternyata, selama ini Agnes telah dibohongi tentang kepergian Reyhan. Amarah Agnes memuncak, sesak melanda perasaannya. Tapi, setelah mendengar penjelasannya Agnes kembali goyah, seperti gelas kaca yang sudah pecah berkeping-keping dan coba ditata kembali oleh pemiliknya.

  • I Want What Destroys Me

    I Want What Destroys Me



    Genevieve is brought up into a harsh Catholic doctrine which contradicts the moral values it preaches. Rape, theft, lies, and schemes are the life normalities. Above all, Eve’s own family treats her with little love and a little too much control. Her dress code is plain, her hobbies are limited, her friends are non-existed, and in due time, she is to be betrothed to a stranger. Determined to evade her bleak fate, Genevieve, a firm atheist and an unyielding seeker of freedom, finds a way to escape her tyrannical home by the least expected route - by becoming a nun and moving to Quebec into the abbey of Saint Mary, far away from the prying eyes of her family, where she rediscovers her faith, unfolds the dark secrets of her origin and finds love through the destructive relationship with…the devil.Copyright • 2021 by Christine ClueAll rights reserved.WARNING:In no shape or form does this work promote satanic practices. Though real elements of demonic rituals and rites are present in this manuscript, I strongly advise not repeating any of these in real life and staying clear of any dark attributes. Be safe my loves :)As it is my first book I gave myself a five-star review, that will do for now:) I hope you'll find my book interesting)

  • Joy and Happiness

    Joy and Happiness


    Joe Chen is not a handsome guy, but is always mistaken as one....David Ji is the best friend who made it that way because of a silly friendship vow....Joe secretly loves her best friend....Kenji Ji saw Joe despite her handsome facade and had loved her for years....Christine Wei came into the picture because she fell in love with David....David fell for Christine....What will happen to Joe?Will Kenji confess?Who will David choose?Will Christine persist?*****Okay, so now what? Who’s going to end up with whom?This is a story of joy and happiness of friendship and first love. Come join them as their hearts get dizzy with overwhelming happiness and knife-like piercing pain in this roller coaster of emotions. Which pair would you ship?*****Credits to the couple's picture who inspired the cover.



    namanya queen christine angel.di masa lalunya dia dibunuh oleh lelaki yang dicintai.dia dibunuh dengan kejam bahkan dia merayu kepada kekasihnya jangan membunuhnya tapi bukannya berbelas kasihan justru lelaki itu tergelak.lalu dia bersumpah dengan darahnya jika dia dilahirkan kembali dia akan menuntut lelaki itu dan membawanya ke seksaan yang lebih dahsyatcerita ini hanya rekaan....jadi kalau ada salah silap atau tidak puas hati thor minta maaf

  • Fires and Desires

    Fires and Desires

    "I want to control you" he whispered in my ears, sending shivers through my thighs. Haze an assassin Valerie a princessAfter an incident, her father finds her a bodyguard for protection. When Haze is sent to kill the soon to be crowned king for his father's safety, he notices that the only way to get his final kill is to get closer to them. But everything goes wrong when fate brings two odds together.

  • Teenage
unwanted pregnancy

    Teenage unwanted pregnancy





    she is a brat daugther of the no.1 richest business man in the whole country . and he is the 2 nd richest but unlike her , he is so kind . he even help poor people . until one day khione fell in love with reed. but reed doesn't like him so khione will make a way for reed to love him. will she succed? .

  • Ghhhhh