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  • A Half Conjurer

    A Half Conjurer



    ADD TO LIBRARY! Orion Trudger is a common college student at University. He is living in an apartment, has some nice friends, has a decent-paying job at restaurants where he enjoys working till late at night to get money to pay all of his bills. But one fateful night, he accidentally discovers that the world is not the same as he used to think, when he finds out his friendly, drunk landlord is a Vampire. Things don't help him much when he pokes his head more inside this invisible curtain separating the Hidden world. He finds out that not only Gods exist but other things like Mages, Conjurers, Werewolves, Demons, Dragons, etc. But his Excitement of discovering the Hidden world soon turns into horror when he realizes that All of these supernatural are now on the hunt to kill him. Well, not All as it seems. He became 'Wanted Man' in the magical community, the day he discovered that it exists in reality, not some myth. Reasons he doesn't know, he is suddenly running for his life and somehow finds himself in the Land of Tokyo. His good wishers or what he thinks them as wants him to start his new life there but looks like Hunt is still on. Follow Orion Trudger on his journey through discovering and embracing the Hidden world. Is He just a normal guy who accidentally discovered this hidden world or is he drawn to it for something else entirely? Follow him in this cruel, changing deceptive Magic World where for some reason everyone wants to kill him. P.S- Happy Reading...... P.P.S- The cover art is not mine, if you are not happy with it then you can contact me through comments or review. I will take it down immediately.

  • Conjurer Of Bricks

    Conjurer Of Bricks

    {"Congratulations, Xander, you are a 'chosen' and have gained the skill [???] as well as the title of "}, All of a sudden this message popped up in front of Xander.

  • the first conjurer

    the first conjurer


  • Nobility to Wanted Conjurer

    Nobility to Wanted Conjurer

    Fantasy ADVENTURE R18

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring

    Historical Romance SCARY

  • Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

    Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse



    Mana. A precious and limited resource that moves the very order of the world! Others have a small amount of it while I have an unlimited amount. Have you seen countless fireballs the size of suns rain down? Have you seen entire stars endlessly conjured and thrown to your enemies? With Infinite Mana, anything is possible! --- The concepts appearing in this story are those of pure fantasy and fiction, they are not reflective of the real world. Everything is based on pure imagination. Support the author: Newly set up discord server is here!

  • A Class of Conjuring

    A Class of Conjuring

    They say I’m a promising witch, but my magic is a disaster… I wish I could keep my sorcery skills from running wild. When one of my spells misfires and destroys the town’s defense against the very monsters we were sent to protect them from, the fed-up guild banishes me to the Enchanted Academy. One last chance to salvage what’s left of my career as a witch by honing my craft. The coursework is challenging, but I can’t help but be distracted by a brainy mage and a mysterious shifter. Not to mention the bad boy who’s set his sights on me, or the fact that my relationship with my best friend is heating up. But beyond the gated grounds, a power-hungry wizard is drawing near, intent on stealing magic. As the passion between me and my men grows, so do my powers. Soon my friends and I will be the enemy’s prime target, and the five of us will have to unite to defeat the rising evil. A Class of Conjuring is created by Evie Wilde, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Conjured Oblivion

    Conjured Oblivion


    WHICH IS STRONGER AN ANIMAL SPIRIT CULTIVATOR OR AN FIGHTER CULTIVATOR, HMM CAN'T DECIDE? WELL THEN WHAT IF BOTH WERE MERGED TOGETHER, THEN YOU WOULD HAVE A REAL MONSTER ON YOUR HANDS.Middle schooler Lavell is reincarnated during class, and seeks out to find those who will help him defeat the cultivation world's greatest foe, the . . . ANIMAL SPIRIT KING!




    My name is Nina ........... and this is my story

  • The Knight Who Conjured Fire

    The Knight Who Conjured Fire

    One was a trained spy from the modern era, and one was a peasant from slums of the dark ages of magic. Jun gave up his body to fulfill his wishes as the other Jun died an undeserved death. Both personalities wants to fight, both personalities wants revenge. In a world where the truth and the right is decreed by the strong, Jun sets forth to accomplish the body's last wishes to gain his place in the world.

  • The Indomitable Master of Elixirs

    The Indomitable Master of Elixirs


    She was the most powerful immortal cultivator of the 24th century, but was transported to a world of sorcery and demons. There, she is persecuted by her family and ill-treated by her scumbag of a fiance… Want to bully her? Haha! She would be teaching them all a lesson very soon! Amazing sorcery? Here's a Five-Blow-Thunderstruck talisman that will smite you to dust! Superb medicine? One pot of my elixirs can turn a good-for-nothing into a genius! A fierce and might army? I can conjure up soldiers from just a handful of peas! The evils we bring upon ourselves are the hardest to bear. Submit to me and prosper, oppose me and perish! However… why is that handsome Grand Tutor sending her signals with his eyes all the time? Grand Tutor: "Aren't you going to take responsibility for your own actions?"

  • Shock! The Spell Is In English!

    Shock! The Spell Is In English!

    Fantasy MAGIC CAMPUS


    "Lugh woke up to find that he had transmigrated to a hundred million years later. Earth was now in the midst of a magical era, where mages were icons of nobility, commanding the energies of the world and unleashing devastating spells. Despite his transmigration, Lugh realized that he was a piece of trash when it came to magic, but just as he was giving up on being a mage, he realized in shock that the world’s magics were written in English! Unimaginable power could be obtained when the incantations are read. Saying Thousandfold Meditation accelerated training by ten thousand times, allowing one to reach the level of Archwizard in a single day. Likewise, saying Super Flame Dragon would conjure a divine dragon of flames that stood ten thousand meters tall, while Billion Thunderbolts would summon dark clouds, with a billion thunderbolts descending upon a target in the blink of an eye. Hence, with this special talent, Lugh became the youngest God of Mystics in the era of magic under a year! "

  • Twin Soul

    Twin Soul


    There are many universes. Each universe contained countless realms. Each realm contained several planets. Some planets have different races of humans containing different skin and hair colors, different magical creatures, or different types of Demi-Humans. Some planets specialized in martial arts training while other planets specialized in magic spells casting.In the World of Toria Continents, where all humans have blonde hair. Magic casters and Demi-Humans exist. Only one in every ten thousand people was born with an Elemental Soul, which helped them to be able to learn and cast magic spells. There are Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Angelic, Demonic, and Conjurer Souls. One in every million people is born with a Twin Soul that allows them to learn Blood Magic and another type of magic of their choice, whether it is Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Light, Black, or Conjuration Magic. However, the magic casters born with Twin Soul were forced to train Blood Magic if they wanted to level up in other Elemental Magic as well. Blood Magic required human blood for training. Animals' blood, magical creatures' blood, or the blood of Demi-humans can't be used.Toria Continents were once greatly suffered under an evil level 100 Saint-tier magic caster that used Blood and Fire Magics. The evil Saint-tier Blood Mage was defeated after a deadly battle between her and another two thousand Saint-tier magic casters. Over eighteen hundred Saint-tier Mages were lost in this battle but they later found out that they didn't actually defeat that Blood Mage because she somehow revived herself after being killed. The history book was written that evil Saint Blood Mage can create two extra versions of herself. As two versions were killed in the battle, the third version escaped and later revived the other two versions.

  • Summoned into a Magical World at Max Level

    Summoned into a Magical World at Max Level

    Fantasy MAGIC


    As a hardcore fan of the online game Light of Glory, Rennes has devoted ten years of his life to become the most powerful Mage character. Crowned with titles such as "The God of War", "The Strongest Mage in History", "The Arcane Master" and so on, he has maximum levels in the five main branches of magic - elemental conjuration magic, light magic, dark magic, time magic, and space magic - as well as in every other type of magic in the game, and has achieved maximum level in all skills. Upon reaching the Pinnacle of the Pantheon, the game world collapses and a black hole appears in his room, sucking him inside. When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in a strange world surrounded by devoted worshippers. "O Honorable God of the Game, heed the call of your most faithful. Come to us and protect us."

  • My Vampire Little Sister

    My Vampire Little Sister


    In a world where magic was abundant and supernatural creatures existed, Jin Valter lived as a fallen genius. Being the son of two A-Ranked Hunters, Jin had inherited his father’s keen eye for martial arts and his mother’s innate talent for magic. Alas, before Jin could reach his full potential, an Outer Demon attack left his soul crippled and his body weakened beyond repair. Now, Jin lives out his days bound to the hospital bed with nothing but his brains to keep him company. Gone were the days when his peers hailed him as a genius as he struggled to even conjure a spell with his body falling apart. However, it would all change when on the Night of the Blood Moon, a unique visitor paid him a visit… New chapters every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

  • Hot and Dangerous

    Hot and Dangerous

    USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Desiree Holt writes everything from romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic. and has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New DelhiTimes and numerous other national and international publications. Escape the Night When Anya Kane escaped the darkness Virgil Branson was selling her into, she sought help from her boss, Gus D’Amato, a hot and hunky FBI agent. Six months later she is out of his office and in his bed, enjoying the most erotic sex imaginable and forging a bond with the man who makes every muscle in her body quiver. But things go dramatically wrong, and between bouts of thermonuclear sex that set them both on fire, Gus finds himself struggling to keep them both safe. Dancing with Danger Rachel Windsor knew nothing about Gabriel Peralta except that he was walking sex appeal and blew into her life without notice, here today then gone on a puff of wind. But while he was there he did things to her that even her fantasies hadn’t conjured up, driving her to orgasms that shook her like a raging storm. His mouth knew every inch of her body; the imprint of his intimate kisses lingered long after he disappeared again. Now he’s back again, his life unexpectedly on the line but even in the danger zone his sexual demands were more scorching than ever. Can they survive and find a way to make a life together? Because Rachel is determined not to give up the erotic lifestyle that binds them together.

  • The King is in love

    The King is in love



    Love is an emotion strictly forbidden in the Ant kingdom for everyone notwithstanding status; marriage and relations are strictly based on the expansion of the kingdom and its resources, King Indicy, a cold and ruthless ruler never dreamt that he would be the one person who violates this rule of committing an abominable act of falling in love....and with his sister's maid!!!! With his new realised emotions, will come a very dear price to pay. Will he continue on this journey despite the repercussions for him and the kingdom as a whole? This story is totally fictitious and conjured out of my imagination lol. It is a very short novel so enjoy your read! Thank you for taking time to preview my work! ___________ [Cover does not belong to me. Credit goes to owner/google_images/pinterest] * Will design mine eventually ;) [Update will be 2 chapters per week for now :) Tuesdays and Fridays]

  • The Calamity Of Time

    The Calamity Of Time

    The Man Who Cut Humanity In Half. Venon, The Conjurer Of Time Was Reincarnated In Future.In the future, the magic was officially discovered and the humans Evolved as Magicians.

  • The rise of the saviour

    The rise of the saviour



    Morpheous, a man determined to fight injustice, awakens to a miraculous power during a deciding fight with the Kingdom of Nubia’s tyrant king.Even when the bolt of death was conjured, he took it all in, like he was harvesting its power! With one swift fling of his sword, he defeats him much to the peoples' surprise.At the moment when he’s about to receive the mantle of being the next ruler, the kingdom’s council head casts him back in time.Thrown into a purgatory, will he be able to realize that he is the Invincible One?Follow Morpheous, as he sets on the journey of revenge across the nine worlds as he learns new skills, transforming into the harbinger of ineffable mayhem for the people who have killed his father.-----------------------Excited to discuss more Morpheous? Want to have a sneak peek? Then--->[Join me on discord at] - I am not the owner of this cover and if you are, then let me know. I will take it down.

  • His faithful Pet

    His faithful Pet

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE R18

    Bella was just a typical 18 year old girl. At least that is what she thought until awoken to an evil she never would have conjured up in her wildest imagination. The world she knew it is changing and this is just the beginning.