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  • President Wife is Pretty and Cool

    President Wife is Pretty and Cool



    Lan Anran was sent to the countryside by her parents when she was young. In her past life, she was filled with hate and did not end well. With a chance to relive her life, Lan Anran swears that she will never repeat the same mistakes again. On the surface, she is a medical genius and school beauty, but behind closed doors, she is a hacker and master hypnotist. Lan Anran will do all it takes to protect her family and cure her husband, Mo Jinrong. "Master Rong is old and ugly, he isn't as fresh and tender as you are. Quick, give me a kiss!" Mo says. "Miss Lan, please have some self-respect! Stay… Stay away from me!"

  • The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

    The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool


    For more than a decade, she disguised herself as a weakling while preyed on the strong – Qiao Qing had never viewed reputation as an important matter. But people began to take advantage and purposely hurt the ones she cared about. Qiao Qing then decided to stop hiding her real self. An incapable good-for-nothing? Her natural genius IQ can explode your eyeballs! A lowly commoner? Her real identity made her someone who you are not worthy enough to be friends with! A feeble chick? Her skills in ancient martial art can result in you looking for your teeth all over the ground! A godly student, a godly Go player, a godly night rider, a godly martial artist… as her real identity revealed little by little, all those snobs who once viewed her poorly began to switch sides and attempted to please her. Qiao Qing shut the front door. No guests welcomed. She blocked those who wanted her for their own selfish demands, but she couldn’t stop this one evildoer from approaching her. Just like that, climbing over the walls and entering through the window became Jun Yexuan’s specialty. As the President of the Jun Corporation, he had enough to protect Qiao Qing her entire life. But what bothered him was that Qiao Qing was far too independent and far too capable. Without any of his help, she was able to successfully handle everything. Jun Yexuan became moody – he felt like he wasn’t needed! So, on a random day, a cry for help appeared on Weibo, “What do I do when the wife is too capable? Waiting for immediate responses – it’s urgent.”

  • The Real Missy is a Worldwide Known Cool Woman

    The Real Missy is a Worldwide Known Cool Woman


    The lost daughter of the Liu family, Liu Feng, has been found. The whole family looks down on her. Liu Feng only had a small house in the countryside. She had a poor widow's mother and a stingy brother. She usually lived by herself doing small business. When Liu Feng was brought back, everyone was laughing at him. "She's far worse than her younger sister. Does she really think she's the eldest daughter? She's just a scapegoat." "She's just a poor girl from the countryside. She should be laughing to death to be able to marry a young master from a Lower Nine Flows Family!” However, Liu Feng's series of actions stunned everyone. Her so-called widowed mother was actually a famous lady in Paris, and millions of people would go crazy just to see her. Her so-called stingy brother was actually the chairman of a corporation with hundreds of millions of contracts. He held the power of life and death. The small house that she called home was actually the best villa in Washington. The property rights were all under her name. What she meant by doing a small business was actually investing in stocks, and she was the new stock god with a net worth of 100 billion… Everyone: "Where's the girl from the countryside?!" After Liu Feng broke off the engagement. Everyone questioned, "She definitely won't be able to get married!" Liu Feng married the powerful Third Young Master Gu. Everyone gritted their teeth. "She definitely won't have a happy marriage!" Liu Feng was someone that Third Young Master Gu treasured. Everyone was in despair. "She will definitely not receive Third Young Master Gu's care!" Third Young Master Gu said, "Madam Gu, it's getting cold. You should wear more clothes.” She was a supreme prodigy, and he just so happened to be her match. Persona: Liu Feng: Omnipotent girl, beautiful valiant, with many alternate identities. Gu Duo: Mysterious, powerful, handsome, rich, devoted.

  • Cool Boy Vs Cool Girl

    Cool Boy Vs Cool Girl

    Bagaimana jadinya seorang cowok and cewe sama-sama dingin, cuek dan gak kesentuh.Austhia Putri Fernandez gadis cantik, pintar tapi sayang nya sifat cuek membuat dirinya di gemari oleh semua orang termasuk cowok dingin yaitu Andreas Smith helten. Bagaimanakah kisah cinta antara Cowok dingin Vs cewe dingin mengejar cintanya?.



  • Cool CEO and his Model Wife

    Cool CEO and his Model Wife



    [COMPLETED!!!]For Lee Xuiye, life had been always unfair, but it didn’t affect her determination for success. Being an illegitimate child, society always looked her down, until a man, Mu Lingtan came into her life and change her life from unfair life into a beautiful life. It was a love story for childhood sweethearts with a lot of romance and face slap.***************************This is my second novel on Webnovel after 'The Mysterious CEO and after this novel, I have written Single HeartHope you like it...###If you're interested, you can support the author's work at: can also visit our website to read more interesting stories:- https://blissfulstories.comYou can find us online as well:-Facebook:- Blissfullstories@gmail.comTelegram Channel:- Channel:-

  • not cool

    not cool

  • The Crippled Bigshot’s Little Ancestor Is Too Cool

    The Crippled Bigshot’s Little Ancestor Is Too Cool

    Contemporary Romance COMEDY CEO


    He Youran grew up in the countryside. Her father did not love her, her stepmother did not love her, and her grandmother was very annoyed with her. When she was 18, her father gave her away to the handicapped Lu Qingzhuo to cancel out his bad luck. On the first day she moved into the Lu family, she fell to the ground and almost broke Lu Qingzhuo's manhood. On the fifth day after she moved into the Lu family, she ruined Lu Qingzhuo's famous painting worth ten million with a cup of coffee. On the 20th day after she moved into the Lu family, she burned down the kitchen. Lu Qingzhuo, who could not move easily, nearly choked to death from the smoke. He Youran, "I'm really sorry. As compensation, let me treat your leg, okay?" Lu Qingzhuo, "…Is this country bumpkin wife of his dumb?" The Lu family heard the news and happily waited for the Lu family to kick Youran out of the family, only to find out that things did not progress the same way they expected them to be. The best hospital in Imperial Capital, "Professor He is the best surgical professor our hospital ever has." The number one school in the world, "He Youran is the most excellent student our school has ever produced in a century." Hua Country's virology research base, "Professor He is our department's highest executive officer." The most sought-after singer in the entertainment circle, "Allow me to introduce He Youran to everyone. She's my number one composer, Lan Zhao." Everyone who knew He Youran nearly went mad. A certain handicapped man posted on Weibo: [@heyouran, baby, when are we registering our marriage?] He Youran: [Huh? Didn't we agree that our marriage is canceled?] The Lu family, "..." How did the world transform so rapidly suddenly? Setting: Female lead: Seemingly innocent and scatterbrained, but truly possessed impressive powers. She was the creme de la creme in many fields. Male lead: Silent, reticent, loyal, and sincere.

  • Cool Husband

    Cool Husband

    ALINEA AQILLA SAFABELA Perempun satu-satunya yang menjadi Most wanted di SMA BINTANG. ia terkenal gila dan malu-maluin.Namun saatGAVIN AXELLE KALANDRA datang ke SMA BINTANG. Alin tak habis fikir. Mengapa mereka harus di jodohkan? Dan parahnya kenapa ia mau?Saat hati telah terlibat, ada sesuatu yang memisahkan mereka. Apa?

  • cool kids

    cool kids

  • Cool mind

    Cool mind

  • Cool Romance

    Cool Romance



  • cool dude

    cool dude

  • kk cool

    kk cool



    seorang anak cowok yang bernama Johnny Orlando memiliki masa lalu yang kelam bersama kekasihnya sebuah kisah cinta yang kandas hingga merubah sifat nya menjadi dingin terhadap cewek. menurut nya tak perlu adanya pacar itu hanya membuat lukanya kembali ,,tetapi kenzie adik kelas nya Johnny yang ia sukai sejak pertama kali masuk sekolah,entah dorongan apa yang membuat Johnny tertarik dengan Kenzie. kehidupan Johnny kembali membaik sejak adanya kenzie.kehidupan Johnny sangat mengkhawatirkan jika tidak di pantau,hampir setiap hari ia merokok dan keluar malam dan nongkrong bersama teman teman nya,itu semua dia lakukan karena stress,pikiran kacau dan kurangnya perhatian kasih sayang dari orang tuanya yang sangat sibuk kerja dan ditambah lagi dengan kandasnya hubungan dia bersama pacarnya.walaupun dia bad boy tetapi dia most wanted di sekolahnya dan dia terbilang murid terpandai di sekolahnya, dia orang yang paling ditakutin para murid di sekolahnya,dan cewek" disekolah pada menyukainya dan mengagumi Johnny,banyak yang tidak mengetahui jika dia merokok bahkan tak ada satupun anak murid yang tau kelakuan dibalik Johnny yang dingin datar dan pendiam ini kecuali para sahabat" nya yang sudah terbiasa mendapatkan celetukan dari Johnny. Johnny memiliki adik bernama Lauren Orlando adiknya cantik dan manis,dan dia sangat menyayangi adiknya itu karena cuman Lauren yang bikin mood nya Johnny membaik,Lauren tidak pernah tau dengan kelakuan Johnny saat ini kalau KK nya merokok dan suka nongkrong di pinggir jalan dan pulang malam.lauren sangat menyayangi kk nya dan begitupun dengan johnny.

  • Cool books

    Cool books

  • Matriarch is Pretty and Cool

    Matriarch is Pretty and Cool


    Bai Chuwei has lived for five thousand years, and after becoming an ancestor of all human beings, she descends the mountains and initiates the plot of a novel. A new female student is transferred into Henghua Secondary School Year 3. The young lady has bright eyes, white teeth, red lips and her appearance is similar to an immortal fairy. But unfortunately, she has Eighth-Grader Syndrome. “The wealth of ten Duan Family added together does not even make up half of my combined wealth over the past five thousand years.” “The first classic masterpiece of China? Oh I casually wrote that for fun two decades ago.” “Scientific research isn’t comparable to flying in the skies with a sword. Today, this ancestor here shall teach everyone how to cultivate scientifically.” The online lurkers reveal a snort of contempt and wait to see Bai Chuwei slapping herself in the face after acting so pretentiously. Eventually, the China Property Statistics Association reveals this particular information: The respected ancestor is the richest person in the world, owning the most number of gold mines, hundreds of islands, and countless property worldwide. China Writer’s Association: @Bai Chuwei, Respected ancestor, when will you continue updating your book after having stopped it for two centuries?

  • very cool

    very cool

  • cool girl

    cool girl

    Terlalu banyak perih hingga akhirnya dia pun tak tahu harus bagaimana :)Terlalu mudah untuk mempercayakan pada orang yang salah :)Tak ada yang bisa merubah nya sedari dulu dia selalu menyimpan rahasianya sendiri :)Terlalu banyak sakit hingga tak mampu menceritkan :)Semua yang dia rasakan tak mau dia bagi biarkan dia yang merasakan :)