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  • Cosmic


    Cosmic will be outta commission for a while... gotta redesign the story a bit. Thanks for helping out with your reviews and adding to your collections. it will be back one day...tho probably not soon

  • Cosmic Professional Gladiator

    Cosmic Professional Gladiator



    In 2036, mankind steps foot on Mars for the first time. In 2052, Earth holds the first World Martial Arts Tournament, a global martial arts competition watched by the entire planet. Top professional gladiator, “Spear Demon” Xu Jingming, retires at the prime age of 26 with a body ridden with injuries. One day, the United Nations announces that mankind would be ushering in a new era for human evolution. Advanced technology had been found on Mars, a secret kept to this day. Research had been carried out to use science to augment human evolution. All of mankind can now evolve themselves by partaking in this VR experience using the freely distributed VR headset. How will Xu Jingming use this opportunity for all mankind to his advantage?

  • Cosmic Peak

    Cosmic Peak



    Note: If you like the Video game genre (MMORPG) but with a twist like the whole world is forced to play the MMORPG survive, then you will love it. (It's not exactly an MMO game but game-like settings.) So, well, even if you are not a fan of the video game genre, you might still like it so give it a try. This novel has more things than just the video game genre. :D. ----- [ Choose your unique path and walk on it to see vast and new horizons that you've never seen before! ] (You can look at the "Paths" AUX chapter if you want to know what are the paths]. Aren had started his unique path along with his mother, his childhood friend, and others who also have their own Paths just like the people in the rest of the world! ---- [ Lifeform elevation process finished. Choose your path. Or, in your world's terms, choose a Job class. ] -1st: Emporio Armalist. -2nd: Runic Mage. -3rd: Heavilist Weaver. [ Trust your instinct to choose the path. ] Which path will Aren choose? Will they survive the despair that is to come after three years? What is behind all that magical phenomenon? How many are going to die even before facing despair because of the dire phenomenons? --- Quinn looked at her three options curiously. [ Seibaes Whisperer ] [ Spirit Invoker ] [ Brutus Zontheos ] She decided not to go with her instinct's choice but chose the path that sounded powerful...what will that unfurl for her? However, all path options given to individuals are suitable because they are given to them through a dream test that nobody remembers after their lifeform elevation process is finished. So what exactly is the goal behind this despairing phenomenon and the mysterious voice that suddenly forced them to go into a magical world to get strong if they don't want to die in despair? ... One fine day, golden brilliance appeared in the sky out of nowhere and started traveling the whole planet. Shortly afterward, A middle-aged man appeared in the sky and sighed after looking at the golden brilliance, " Sigh...Looks like it started. " ... The golden brilliance stayed for three days as the whole world talked about this strange phenomenon. But after three days, all golden brilliance gathered in the sky before becoming a grand mountain filled with lush greenery and water bodies. Along with that, Every single person heard a grand voice, as if a king's decree. [ Mortals! Your time has come. After three years, you will fight against despair and will be wiped out. BUT there is a chance to fight and win against that despair. Join the Myriad Mountain and start your journey in the Wild Expanse to get strong! ] [ This journey will be filled with danger but also opportunities. Work hard for three years until the despair finally arrives. There will be two final results: First, either your whole world will be destroyed along with the beings living in it, or your world will prosper like never before with brand new horizons appearing in front of you! ] [ GO!! Show your hard work and worth if you want to survive against the despair that will come after three years. ] PS:- I do not own the cover so if the owner of the image wants me to take it down, I will gladly do it. My Patreon if you want to support me and Arts for this novel--- A secret:- You are in for an awesome ride so sit tight and watch as something you've never seen before...*cough* unfolds before your eyes. Join Discord:-

  • Rise of the Cosmic_Emperor

    Rise of the Cosmic_Emperor



    There are three realms in the multi verse; The Cosmic, the Mortal and the Nether realm.Hal grew up in the mortal realm with no idea whatsoever of who his parents were.His love for relics, adventure and the occasional danger would aid him in finding a genie's lamp.Rubbing a genie's lamp should grant three wishes, but Hal is struck by lightening instead and eventually arrives in the Cosmic realm with a large book in his mind space titled; The Primordial Cosmic Grimiore, that apparently holds all knowledge for a perpetual reign.And so Hal's journey begins in a little city called Salmon city, in the body of a 17 year old boy also named Hal but was sold into slavery by his own father.Hal finds out who his mother (prior to reincarnation) whose bloodline now flows unmixed in his new body is....Join Hal as he battles mortals, Dragons, phoenixes, Gods and many more together with his harem of Beauties for the complete subjugation of the three realms.---------------------------------So this is an original novel and I am giving it my all and I hope you give it a chance.The First twenty chapters (more or less) were not quite good but that is because they were the first I ever wrote so please read till chapter 30 at least before deciding if it is not for you.It really gets better quickly.P.s The cover Is not mine

  • Age of Cosmic Exploration

    Age of Cosmic Exploration

    Sci-fi ADVENTURE


    Endless sky and infinite space, the cosmos isn’t some paradise waiting to be found, it is full of darkness and danger, death and terror of the great unknown. However, for that glittering swath of blue, we have no fear! For the longevity of men, we have no regrets! Nothing shall stand in our way because it is finally our time, our age! The age of cosmos exploration!

  • Tamer of Cosmic Beasts

    Tamer of Cosmic Beasts



    Every living being is a beast that can be tamed, but only the most advanced races are called Tamers. The universe is filled with Tamers who use cosmic beasts as contracted pets. Akash Tagar, a veteran broken and battered because of his long blood-filled journey, was on the brink of suicide when he met the strongest being in the universe, the Primordial Beast. Restoring Akash to a youthful body, the beast gave him a chance fulfill his remaining regrets by completing a mission and sending him to the weakest planet in the universe. Akash, now restored to his youth, must start at the bottom and claw his way to the top. See the journey of a main character who will build a new world, together with his loyal army, and unite thousands of races to face their true enemies, and purge all evil. . [The main character is OP in this novel, he has the reason to be OP too] (words per chapter "1000 to 1500") {Editor: Erwin Cloude} Hello dear readers add me on discord to be in touch with novel man's fan community. Discord Server:

  • Cosmic Spirit

    Cosmic Spirit


    A boy named Alvin went to another world dumbfounded, there he was able to realize hisnpower and grow stronger than he could ever imagine.



  • Cosmic Days

    Cosmic Days


    .. This no longer exists. I want a delete button.

  • Cosmic Connection

    Cosmic Connection

  • Cosmic Song

    Cosmic Song

    Sable's life changes forever when she is spotted at a murder scene and she must flee her home planet. Thankfully she has a plan to survive in the crazy universe she lives in where they execute you first and ask questions later. Stowing away on a ship she falls into a life of adventure and romance.

  • Cosmic Feelings

    Cosmic Feelings

  • Cosmic Online

    Cosmic Online

  • Cosmic Summoner

    Cosmic Summoner


    In a word of sword and magic, where the sword rules and magic is the law.Where majority of the people will undergo in ceremony to awakened their abilities.Arthur Reinford is a man searching for his missing grandfather and becomes the first player to go in another world where countless strong monster and strong figures roam and countless inheritance are waiting to be seek.

  • Cosmic Curtaincall

    Cosmic Curtaincall



    A Denizen of Infinity discovers a newborn universe seeking the only thing Infinity does not have: An End. Of any kind. Out from infinity and into the finite plane, Athelei manifested beside the initial point of creation. Now, not one, but two Big Bangs will wreak havoc upon the nigh-endless emptiness. What else would you expect when a paradoxical, high-dimensional being steps into a world similar to ours? A Holy Light? The birth of a God? Pft. The natures of matter are unaligned. Nay, they are opposite. The rules of physics are simply incompatible. Annihilation was all that awaited what comprehensible physical form Athelei had ownership of. So, Athelei simply extracted his existence, leaving his infinite body to mesh with the energies of the newborn universe. He then stepped forward to walk through an ocean of time, seeking a timeline and a specific time at random. Now, Athelei was floating in the midst of a thriving universe... But then, a seemingly human emotion tugged at him, as human thoughts bubbled into his mind. "Something's.... wrong..." In more ways than one. =} What's wrong with this universe? {= Aside from the typical planets, galaxies, atoms, and other scientific rules, other magical features had mutated into existence due to the universe's special creation. There are three unique Systems, weird and baffling alien races, magical lifeforms, jaw-dropping technology, and Unknown Mystical Phenomenon. The universe is also not populated by 99.999999% empty space. There are weird places where things can live that are not planets as well as more accessible transportation systems that beat wormholes. Who knows? Maybe some kind of tower just pops into existence—a magical tower with a height of at least a few lightyears. In short, instead of a fantasy world, we have a fantasy universe. A perfect place for an MC with an unquenchable curiosity despite his... artistic (read, psycho) desires.

  • The Cosmic Tranxetion

    The Cosmic Tranxetion


    Jutaan tahun sebelum Zaman Pleistosen. Pada saat itu, Bumi didominasi oleh bermacam Ras berbeda yang jumlahnya hanya tiga perempat dari populasi Manusia saat ini.Diantara semua Ras yang ada pada saat itu. Ada 3 Ras yang paling menonjol secara keseluruhan. Selama ratusan juta tahun, ketiga Ras terkuat tersebut saling berperang satu sama lain yang mengakibatkan perubahan Geografis, Iklim, suhu pada Bumi pada kala itu.Disaat eografis semakin kritis akibat Perang. Sosok Transenden yang muncul dan menghapus sebagian besar dari mereka, yang langsung menghentikan perang yang sedang terjadi.Setelah tragedi itu, sisa pecahan dari Ras mereka berusaha melarikan diri dan bersembunyi di suatu sudut di Bumi. Baru setelah itu Manusia Purba muncul Untuk pertama kalinya dimuka Bumi yang relatif telah stabil, hingga Zaman sekarang.Tanpa terasa Manusia tidak sadar kalau mereka tidaklah hidup sendirian, disisi lain ada mahkluk selain mereka yang membaur bersama di Zaman Modern saat ini.Lain halnya, Mahkluk Transenden itu terlarut dalam kehidupan Zaman yang berubah-ubah secara perlahan.

  • Cosmic Plague

    Cosmic Plague


    In this world, everyone is cursed with a single fate: Become the most powerful. But those who do become powerful, they hate it. Power is misery and death is the solace.လလလNazar, a weapon of mass destruction created by the ancient God of Destruction revolted against his creator a long time ago. While he did defeat his creator, the power he was given is still within him. He is cursed with infinite power, standing at the top of the celestial hierarchy. He has more power and money than he needs. But even then, he craves one thing; death.He wants to die.Power is misery and death is the solace, but he cannot achieve his only goal. He cannot die.Perhaps that will change when one day, an ancient Goddess rises from her grave? Perhaps she will finally kill him? Or will she fall short before his awesome yet terrible power? Only time will tell.လလလThis is a high cosmic story about the hypocritical life of the protagonist and how it affects everyone (and everything) around him.Naturally, it features very overpowered characters with a lot of high stakes battles roaming across the cosmos.Warning: Swearing, some suggestive sexual gestures/words, gore. Feedback is highly welcomed. 

  • Cosmic Pursuit

    Cosmic Pursuit

    Human life is as cheap as grass Loneliness is the deepest darkness Blood and flesh unify us all I offer sacrifice to the Gods Drink my blood Sear my flesh Take my humanity But grant me power!

  • Cosmic Era

    Cosmic Era


    The world collapsed on January 1, 2021.After the onset of a wave of galactic radiation - Chaos Day - struck the Earth in previously unheard-of quantities, the world's electronics systems failed. Everything humanity had come to take for granted, useless. And yet, there was more.With Chaos Day came the Supernaturals: Supers, for short. Every person born on Chaos Day inherited a form of the cosmic power that had washed over humanity. Some were blessed with the minor ability to manipulate heat, and others were gifted with control of starfire.Eighteen years after Chaos Day, these Supernaturals were trained by their governments, replacing traditional special operations units and becoming each nation's trump cards. Among these new elites, there were those who were dissatisfied with being treated as human weapons for their governments. These Supers betrayed their governments, becoming rogues. Branded as Traitors, these rogue Supers began launching terrorist attacks aimed at destroying the social order.Though humanity had long since rebuilt itself, returning to its former glory, the world was not the same after Chaos Day. Not for the average person, nor for the 400,000 babies born that fateful day.This is the new era. The Cosmic Era.

  • Cosmic Lullabies

    Cosmic Lullabies

    It was music that runs the blood of the Casamayors, and it was music that gave their only child, Luna, an album review show, a voice of an angel, a good-looking ghost, a bunch of queen-mannered research groupmates, a record store owner slash uncle, and even a mild public scandal all juxtaposed with his not-so-calm personality. It was the only thing that sustained him and his real happy times. However, the whirlwind of notes crescendoes when his bet on the Album of the Year lost to a record of a rising singer-songwriter he never encounters until ‘Sol’ popped out of his laptop screen, whom he changes his mind, giving it a listen, and suddenly changes his heart, searching the sun. Will he find his sun on the intersection lanes? Or will the Universe lead them to meet in parallel lines?