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  • Decoy


    After my parents were mysteriously murdered, the National Defense and Investigation Agency solved the case, however... Something didn't feel right. To investigate further, I gave up my passion and decided to become a detective there. Although I got into the academy thinking that it was by my own merits, I later found out that I was only accepted there to pose as a decoy for a very dangerous case. If I decline, I'll never become a detective and find out the truth, but if I accept the mission, I may not be able to make it through alive...Should I give up on my goal after being betrayed or should I prove myself to become more than a decoy even if the risks take away my life...?

  • Blackbirds Decoy

    Blackbirds Decoy

  • The Red decoy

    The Red decoy

    A brave yet shy boy by the name of Navia strives to defeat the man-eating Spirits, but don’t be fooled by the appearance, these vicious beasts are disguised as flocks of red birds. Every year a village will be raided by these demons, not a soul will remain. Luckily a strong proud wall stands 1000 feet to protect those who live in it. Navia questions his purpose in life and where he stands. His mentality is already an obstacles to face, is fighting against the beasts more significant to him rather than his mental health?

  • Black Warrior of the Northern Realm

    Black Warrior of the Northern Realm



    The Legend of the Black Warrior of the Northern Realm is something that few people know much about, but they're about to find out how real it is. Alekai Vartis is a throw-away Prince, used as a body-double decoy to keep his younger brother, the true Crown Prince safe. On his first deep space mission in an exoskeleton weapon called a Gear, he and his teammate, a daredevil girl named Jesse, is ruthlessly betrayed and abandoned to draw the enemy fire so that his brother can escape unscathed. Furious, they chase after the Crown Prince to extract revenge. Along the way, they squeeze out giant wasps' entrails, crack huge scorpion shells, and battle against spiders the size of small cars. They gain strength, endurance, power, and the will to survive through the slimmest of odds. They also find out that in their world, Winner Takes All.

  • Forsaken Hero

    Forsaken Hero

    One day, Katsuragi Daichi and his classmates found themselves in a different world. The god who summoned them to another world divided its power and gave it to them, saying that it wanted Daichi and the rest to defeat the Demon King as heroes. However, Daichi alone was given no abilities. And sure enough, Daichi was thrown away and used as a decoy in a demon’s den. Eaten by a demon, Daichi had lost consciousness and thought he had passed away, though when he came to he noticed his statuses had skyrocketed. He had obtained『Revenge of the Resented』. Every time he died, his abnormal ability powered up..GenreAction Adventure Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Mature Psychological Romance Seinen.Tags[ ]Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Bullying Cunning Protagonist Demon Lord Demons Dungeons Enemies Become Lovers Fantasy World Former Hero Game Elements Goddesses Gods Heroes Immortals Knights Level System Male Protagonist Monsters Multiple Transported Individuals Overpowered Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Personality Changes R-15 Revenge Ruthless Protagonist Slaves Special Abilities Sudden Strength Gain Summoned Hero Summoning Magic Sword And Magic Transported to Another World Weak to Strong Yandere.Author(s)Yujima Ran

  • Innocence Guard

    Innocence Guard

    Monica works for a task force charged with finding and arresting online predators. She creates an AI to use as a decoy to lure these monsters into incriminating themselves. What should Monica do when the AI suddenly decides to do things its way?

  • Will You?

    Will You?

    Dunbean DeCoy, is a pheasant boy who loves gardening and children. Recently he had arrived at the Great M City from his small village town, mesmerized by the 'fancy' things city life had to offer.On the other hand is the CEO, Claire Williams Deharz, a strongwilled, arrogant, spoilt rich and extremely brilliant lady who is at the peak of her career. So much so, that even if her father wanted to, he couldn't ever get back his chair and take over.So what happens when the absolutely opposite come together? Will there be attraction, or repulsion?And even if there is a chance for romance, how will it end up as?! Read this story and expect twists from the unknown!

  • The Nemesis

    The Nemesis



    The science organization, Arachnid of Earth once sent a spaceship on a distinct planet to research the abnormal matter they found on it. During the mission, things turned out deadly for them. The backup team and Space Corps (The fleet which maintains the order and protects everyone from unwanted troubles of the universe) completed the task. When all of them are parting ways, they are all attacked by the cosmic entity. To save everyone, Space Corps officer Edwin Miller (29) decides to be the decoy even after knowing that he will be dead. However, the attack turned out to be a plan of Edwin and that Cosmic entity. Edwin is a human being, and due to some circumstances, now he works for the space corps.That Cosmis entity turns out to be the Legendary knight from another dimension. That world is a creation of Zodiac Gods. An ancient world, where magic, elemental powers, and humans exist. For the betterment of that creation, they all sealed all dissenting force into those knights. There were three of them, and they were referred to as 'Knights of Doom' or Legendary Knights.Centuries later, when the seal got weaken. The third knight escaped into this realm. The third knight is too powerful that the power of 12 Zodiacs gods combine can not defeat him. Also, they can not come to this dimension. They sent a second knight. The first Knight's power is still somewhere in that dimension (Zodiac God's). With the combined power of life force and that abnormal metal, that Cosmic entity managed to send Edwin to the world of Zodiac Gods and died. Things got messed up when Edwin reached that realm. He found himself as a 4-year-old kid with no memories of his previous life. The only thing that remains the same is his personality and his way of thinking. But, it didn't affect fate. The only good thing is that time and space are not relatable between these two realms.He lived in that dimension, as he is born in it. He learned about all the history of Zodiac Gods and three legendary knights. After learning about the true purpose of his reincarnation during his adventures, he was sent back to his world dimension by the souls of Zodiac Gods. He attained the power of the first knight. Thanks to all of the things he experienced, learned, and kept in his heart. He defeats his Nemesis. In the end, it turns out that the third knight was just a puppet used by someone else. The real one is still threatening the universe.

  • Devil president's guardian angel

    Devil president's guardian angel

    Ended up being blind after saving the love of his life. Kyle Justine didn't regret anything despite of the consequences he's facing.After the accident his fiancétook care of him unconditionally. Still stick with him despite of his nasty temper and unreasonable throwing of tantrums. He even tell her to just leave him and just look for other man because he's already a useless blind and nothing but a bother to her. But she didn't leave him and still took care of him no matter how many time he push her away. Staying with him despite of everything make him love her more and willing to gave everything he have to her. But who knows that his kind, lovable, caring and almost perfect soon to be wife is nothing but a two face bitch in reality. Using him just to achieve her dream and scam him to the bone. Now that he's blind, he's nothing but a puppet to her.The person who showers him with so much love is just a decoy of her evil fiance. His fiance hired someone to took care of him. She even train her to act like she used to on him. She even made her use a voice changer to deceive him more.He has no idea about all of it at all not until one night that he accidentally heard the real voice of his supposed to be fiancée while singing on him when he's in delirious stage while having a very high fever. And confirmed that she's not really his fiancée when he made love to a virgin lady on their supposed to be wedding night.

  • The Ultimate Perk in Ceding Deloria

    The Ultimate Perk in Ceding Deloria


                                                                  The Plot (The Perks in Ceding                   Delorea) Delorea Rafeal, a young woman freshly out of the Defense Academy; working for the Italian Secret Agent was betrothed to Alessandro Epifany DeAngelo, son of a wealthy Sicilian Drug lord also known as Don Rocco in an arranged marriage since their childhood. Unbeknownst to Alessandro, his fiancee has been on the payroll of his father as his hitwoman and was responsible for the death of his bosom friend on allegation of leading his son astray; a phenomenon that has left Alessandro devastated for too long. However, when it was ripe for Don Rocco to tie the knot between them, Alessandro ditch the whole idea and rather, enlisted himself in the seminary on grounds that his life was being lived for him by his father. Don Rocco was heartbroken on hearing the news; the empire of fortune close to his heart he has sunk so much effort in weaving for close to a century is about to cave in because the heir to take over control of it is about to embark on a journey to the Seminary. If he succeeds, he will become a priest at the end of it and never will he return. This has ignited a plethora of fear in Don Rocco's mind that his son may confess to the church the family's dirty secrets of illicit drug dealings, financial racketeering and gun-running that led to unending war, starvation and the subsequent downfall of a middle eastern country, a treasonable act in the laws of Italia, of which the abators in the crime are still being trailed up to this day. Don Rocco is agitated that the government may find out what they were looking for from Alessandro because some of those Priests pose as Secret Agents working for the government to extract information from unsuspecting felons during confessions. With this and many more in mind, Don Rocco wanted Alessandro slaughtered by Delorea, his betrothed to stop him from baring the family's shady deals to the eye of the public. Delorea reluctantly accepted the offer.Now that she has lost her man temporarily to the divination school, she wouldn’t want to miss him to eternal death, so she faked his demise. To make it looks real, she devised a means by hiring a highly skilled serial assassin of Israeli descent to kill another Seminarian in place of Alessandro as a decoy and pave the way to send her true love away on exile to her private estate in a hidden resort city of Siberia in the Russian Federation where she will hopefully reunite with him and steady their flickering relationship. Luckily for her, the conspiracy turned out to be a thumping success but somehow leaked along the line. However, Delorea managed to evade the long hands of the law just by its whiskers with the help of a die-hard crush of hers but Don Rocco and his wife did not, as they were tried and indicted by the law and were sentenced to life imprisonment.While in exile, Alessandro Epifany encountered a Russian sweetie named Lucifer Olek, an exceptionally beautiful but lonely girl; an ex-miss universe who was forced into marriage with an aged Russian top general whose name is Anatoli Nikolai by her prosperous parents in appreciation for a favour done to them. When Alessandro and Lucifer Olek made eye contact, the rest of the world seized to exist. The aftermath of this changed the course of everything.

  • World After Worlds: Crown of the King

    World After Worlds: Crown of the King


    "That's the new king of Vortrion?""A woman? They might be tricking us.""Be careful of your words, there are rumors that she is not a simple woman.""She sure is! How could she be simple if every prince in Vortrion is part of her harem!" "This must be a joke, the king of Vortrion is a woman? This kingdom would fall.""Why aren't the princes doing anything to subjugate her?" "She must have used her body and beauty to have the crown, just look at her. An angelic face and devilish body, who knows what tricks she does on the bed to please those men." "She's a puppet, they are using her as a decoy." "Caius," Yanarym mumbled, "Pierce," Pierce who was keeping his eyes on her and ears to the envoys focused his attention on her. "Your majesty?" They both men said in unison. She stopped waving her hand to the crowd and blanking her smile. "Khaleel," "Your majesty," "Apollo," "Yes, my king?" The four were waiting for her to talk. She didn't look at them and observed the crowd. They seemed delighted that it snowed on her coronation. "Stand beside me." She turned to them and smiled charmingly, "I feel cold." Caius immediately walked to her side and placed his cape over her shoulders.She was already wearing her fur coat but because of her flushing cheeks, he assumed that it was not enough. "Your majesty, you can rest your hands." Pierce told her while holding the pillow where she could put the scepter and the orb. Four princes under her thumb, her lovers, her consort, her wives, her companion, and her allies. These envoys believed that one of these four princes should be the one who should receive the crown. Not her. They became her people, the most powerful people she could have on her side. She obtained Vortrion, a small achievement. She became the King- first task, completed. For her next move… "Presumptuous, look at how they behave in such a glorified event.""Flirting in front of the commoners and nobilities. How disgraceful." "A woman should never be crowned as a king.""Such insolence. The Vortrion kingdom would not last in her reign, it would come to ruins." "The princes must perform their duty as the ruler of the land, one of them should be crowned as the king. How could they allow a woman to stand as the supremacy?" "This crown, it's too lightweight," she murmured, only the four of them could hear. Pierce studied her intently, what was she about to do now? He thought but he couldn't read her. "These people, they were fewer than I thought." "Your majesty, what do you mean?" Pierce asked while his forehead was wrinkled. At that exact moment, the speakers were turned on, the magic where it could help her voice be heard by each of the people that were in attendance. "This kingdom is too small," she muttered with an alluring smile and everyone became quiet, anticipating their new king- a woman would speak her first speech or first decree. "These people are thinking too highly of themselves, I shall show them who they are dealing with..." She murmured direly but full of resolute and dominance. "I want the world in my palm," she mumbled, "I want everyone to kneel under my feet." Within a blink, she was surrounded by an ominous cloud that set off heavy air. People in her vicinity couldn't help but force themselves to stand although their knees were staggering to kneel. "Vortrion is the beginning of my reign." It's a war. That's what she wants, it's clear and visible in her eyes. "Inform the kingdoms all over the world that they have two options. Surrender or fight, either way," she showed her sweetest smile… a poisonous beauty, and shifted her eyes to the direction of the envoys. "It's my game to win."***credits to pinteresr for the image

  • Raven and the Werewolf

    Raven and the Werewolf


    Raven Breswick has lived in New Orleans her whole life as a young witch with a father in the head coven council it’s hard to get away with anything. But one day that all changes when she takes a powerful spell binding book from the most powerful werewolf pack in Ireland named The GreenCrest pack she realizes that there are other things at play deep and dark things. The book holds many secrets and spells Then we meet Luna Evealine Blackstone and her husband Alpha Lucas Blackstone as well as there daughter Sarah and son Sam, many lies and deceptions are at play between all but most important is Sam finding his mate after all he’s 24 now. Raven meets Sam by a twist of fate having to watch his younger sister as a decoy to see what the Luna is really up too. The Luna isn’t who she says she is and the beautiful red headed girl isn’t Lucas’s daughter at all dark magic, a watchful father and evil rogue are to come to play. Sam and Raven try to build a relationship while getting to the bottom of all this. Powers come into play and Raven needs to control and understand that she’s meant to be with the wolf and save the young girl from an ugly fate worse than death.

  • The secret Garden.

    The secret Garden.

    Mr. Wonderful"Mr. Wonderful" is one of those films where it's clear to the audience within five minutes what must obviously happen, and clear to the characters only at the end of the story. The film is a New York love story, starring Matt Dillon as an electrician for Con Ed, and Annabella Sciorra as the wife who has recently divorced him. Because he wants to use his alimony payments to buy into a bowling alley, he tries to find her a Mr. Wonderful - someone to marry her and save him money.Funny? No, because in the first place we can't believe that the alimony payments would be anywhere near enough to buy into what looks like a fairly nice bowling alley. And no, in the second place, because it is clear in every frame that these two people are still in love.Dillon and Sciorra are two of the more engaging actors in the movies right now, and it's a shame this lamebrained screenplay spends all of its efforts keeping them artificially separated. What you see at work here are filmmakers choosing a formula over the spontaneous discovery of their characters. Instead of starting with these same two characters and seeing what real and intelligent people would do in such roles, "Mr. Wonderful" plugs them into a series of awkward and unconvincing scenes that fall flat because they're phony from the inside out.The Dillon character is supplied with an ostensible girlfriend (Mary-Louise Parker), but since there's a lack of chemistry between them (exaggerated, so we won't miss it), even the dimmest movie audience must realize she's a decoy. Meanwhile, the Sciorra character has an affair with her professor, played by William Hurt in one of those career moves that actors have fired their agents for.

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