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  • Tales of Demons and Gods

    Tales of Demons and Gods



    Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything and save his loved ones and his beloved city. He shall once again battle with the Sage Emperor to avenge his death and those of his beloved . With the vast knowledge of hundred years of life he accumulated in his previous life, wielding the strongest demon spirits, he shall reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts. Enmities of the past will be settled in this new lifetime. “Since I’m back, then in this lifetime, I shall become the King of the Gods that dominate everything. Let everything else tremble beneath my feet!”

  • Demon


    Azazel Dark is one of the most powerful demons in the Supernatural World. To an outsider, he has it all; he’s handsome, rich and a loyal friend. The only thing that has ever been elusive in his life has been the love of a mate. Driven by his love for his newfound family, he agrees to help the Supernatural Council find Marael, a serial killing witch with a thirst for power. What he didn’t count on was finding his mate caught in the middle of a supernatural tug of war.Zoe’s life has never been easy. The daughter of a maid and the illegitimate daughter of the man of the house; she learned at a young age that the only thing she could count on was her oddly mesmerizing singing voice, but even that has failed her lately. While she’s out partying with her friends, she sees him- Azazel. Unfortunately, her life and that of her friends takes a dangerous turn. And the only one who can help her is the man who makes her feel things she never wanted to feel.Can Azazel save Zoe from the evil stalking her and her friends and prevent the accession of hell on earth? Or will their newfound love be shattered by unknown enemies hiding in the shadows?



    Out of the shadows into the burning flames. I was told that he was the best self-defense I needed to protect myself. I was vulnerable. Weak. My sister showed me that I was better than that and I had one mission to keep safe. I was an independent woman, fighting to survive. That’s what I told myself until I met my instructor. His tattoos and dark eyes should have kept me away. But, I found myself falling, so deep that it led me out of the shadows and into the burning flames. He was a demon. And I was no angel. Demon is created by Ted Evans, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • The Demon Monarch System

    The Demon Monarch System



    After experiencing the cruelty of the world, Apollo desires strength. The catalyst to that strength is the Demon Monarch System that awakens in his possession.With this system, he moves to reclaim the glory of the Demons and assume the throne as the next Monarch. However, claiming that position will require him to understand what it takes to hold power.Thus, before he can assume this role, he goes through many experiences, including gruesome events that mold his character. In his journey, he comes across Sin, overwhelmingly strong Demons, destruction, and even world sundering weapons.Still, the new Demon Monarch shall rise with an army of infernal beings of destruction, moving at his whim as he conquers those that impose on his path!The rise of the Demon Monarch begins.Book Discord:——————————————————————————————Every 200 Golden Tickets will reward an additional chapter on the first of the next month.——————————————————————————————

  • Blood demon leveling

    Blood demon leveling



    Join Mike as he is thrown into an unfamiliar world where the strong rule the weak, where your level decides your living status, and where the value of life is lower than moneyAuthors Discord:

  • Doctor Demon

    Doctor Demon



    “If I get another chance to live, can I get the ability to protect her?” the little boy asked the reaper. “Careful what you wish for,” the reaper warned. “The body you’ll get will awaken a sleeping demon.” A promise made in death. An innocent wish, unites two people with destructive abilities. A demon who will be the end of her... Hwang Jina is a detective in her early thirties who can communicate with the spirits of the dead. The dead come to her and haunt her until she helps them to move on. Smart and compassionate, she has the uncanny ability to solve even the most unconventional cases. Amidst all the dead souls, she seeks the one boy with whom she extracted a promise to meet again. Hiding the pain of losing her first love, her quest to help the spirits lead her to an eccentric 24 year old, Ohm Hobin, a half demon and half human psychiatrist. Masking his ability to read the memories of all living beings, Hobin is seeking the girl who has been haunting his dreams for a while. Flirtatious yet arrogant, his methods clash with Jina’s when it comes to catching deadly criminals and psychopaths. But, there is something which keeps pulling them towards each other. No matter how much Hobin tries to stay away from Jina, his innate urge to protect her overpowers his ego. Can he keep his promise this time? Or will the demon in him kill the person he loves the most? ..... Temporary cover taken from pinterest, credits go to original artist Will revert back to the original cover after November *No FL abuse* *Healthy romance* *Novel deals with crimes and ghosts so read at your own risk*

  • To Be a Demon Prince

    To Be a Demon Prince



    Accused of being a terrorist, Montana Mills had been driven out of his home. Seeking vengeance, he ran to an organization to train and hunt down the person who stole his identity. However, things take a turn for the worse when the person ends up being a witch. Witch… they are the people who received powers from demons in exchange for helping the demons propagate sins. Rendering the normal weapons useless against their kind, the witches only have a few fears. Montana Mills is just an ordinary person who summoned a demon for a hellhound; he has no idea he would be on a path to fully embrace the dark magic just for his personal gain. However, his handler, Belphegor, has more plans for him. Using his sudden spark of vindication, Belphegor wage a war against the master of the terrorist—his own brother at arms, Satan. Gaining the support of more and more Princes of Hell, Montana gets pit against one of them. Stakes rise, and even his forgotten past is unearthed. Embracing a new name to propel his goals forward, Montana willingly enters the world of demons… and even vied to replace the Demon Prince of Wrath himself. ... "So it all came to this. You and me, finally standing face-to-face." A wide, menacing grin spread on Satan's face as he looked down at the approaching witch. "Tell me, Montana Mills... how was your descent to Hell?" "Worth the wait." Montana lifted his left arm and curled his fingers, blue flames blazing to turn it into a four-fingered claw. "Since you're looking forward to meeting me, I take it as you getting ready to fall by my hands." Satan only got up from the throne and dropped the goblet at the side as his humongous bat-like wings slowly spread behind him, casting a shadow that ate up the entire width of the chamber. He raised both hands as if downplaying the witch's words. "You really think you can kill me now?" Montana crouched down and summoned the blue flames to embrace his body as a silhouette of a hellhound emerged around him. "I do." Boom! He dashed towards the demon prince at the speed of sound and swung down his claw. Satan only laughed out as he summoned bones to cover his arms and block the attack. A loud sound and a brutal shockwave followed and rippled through the air as Montana's claw struck against Satan's arm. With their eyes getting at the same level, Satan returned the glare that Montana gave him. However, Montana grinned as well as his dark eyes lit up brightly in blue fire. "Do you really think I can't take your place as a demon prince?" ... This is a work of fiction. All similarities to events and people are coincidental.

  • Pampered by the Demon

    Pampered by the Demon

    "I want a divorce!""You're pregnant and want a divorce? No way!"A month later, she handed over the medical record about her irregular menses."No pregnancy means we are not working hard enough. Want to divorce? No way!"After ten months of pregnancy, she gave birth to a cute, sweet, and chubby son."Not a daughter? You want to divorce? No way!""Why is it so difficult to divorce?" Her grief seemed to be beyond tears. "What exactly do you want?"Who would have thought that Mike Abraham, who was cold-blooded and ruthless, would be so crazy when he doted on a woman?

  • Fated For A Demon

    Fated For A Demon



    Demons, Witches, Shifting Giant Eagles, Giant Snakes, Mates, Love and Steamy moments in a lake? What wouldn't you see in a period novel that's full of drama and romance?Quinn is the princess of Neather who the demon king, Vincent asks for her love in return for saving her kingdom from war with their neighboring kingdom. She returns to the demon kingdom with him to be his Queen while the witches and faes are after him, and his step mother tries to destroy them both. Quinn faces drama, love, fighting and enemies everywhere together with her King, Vincent. Can she fall in love with him with no consequences? Will their relationship survive as other creatures are against it? Can She survive the drama of a palace or the attacks from his enemies?

  • Demon God

    Demon God



    Desire was born without his parents, knowing nothing but general knowledge in the world. He struggles day by day and was forced to live a harsh, hard life... "Eh? Summoning?""Summon!"That was how it was supposed to be but he got a ridiculous skill right from the start!What a turnabout! What luck!Was he born under a lucky star or perhaps...?NOTE: You need to read Author's review before reading: )PS: Cover not mine. Credits to the artist





    VENGEANCE.A clash of old blood set in stone, a tale of Revenge, Betrayal, and Power.Damning a kingdom and stripping it from its rightful owners...Traitors too close to home, puppeteering devastation from behind the curtains.Seth having being conceived by a strong witch who had successfully seduced the King of the Red Kingdom, became someone who was referred to as the Demon Prince, by his stepmother, the queen. She had a dream about Seth that did not leave her mind and drove her close to insanity, making her do things that shouldn't be done.Power drunk people walked the floors of Princess Ruby's palace, having stolen her inheritance from under her nose. The lovely, red-haired princess had to hide in another kingdom for many years as she was hunted from all over... with her enemies growing by the day.Until she met the Demon Prince...Will a contract that was never meant to be spring forth the desires of the heart from a prince that didn't know he was capable of love? Will Princess Ruby respond to Seth's advances even though her heart belonged to another from long ago?Or will it only fuel the prince's hunger for power and blood?Will the Demon Prince learn to love?How would they fish out traitors from behind the scenes and make them pay for the hurt and destruction they had caused?Let's chat on Discord-> Oma#4149

  • Demon of Hearts

    Demon of Hearts


    A fallen Angels favorite meal is a broken soul... During a siege Upon her Kingdom, Princess Beatrice Victoria strikes a bargain unknowingly with a Demon King, to save her kingdom. She must share his bed every full moon and give him her soul. Princess Beatrice is skeptical but reluctantly agrees.... ******************** Excerpt******************** Even in her dream she couldn't shake her fear or apprehension of him. If anything, it felt magnified. "Tell me, demon, did you send that monster to kill William?" His expression went cold at the mention of the other man's name. "Who is that?" He smirked. She knew by his jealous reaction that it was him who sent the Black Knight, and he in fact, knew who William was. The shock of the truth sunk in. She became angry and started slapping the demon and pounding on his muscular unmoving chest. "How could you! Have you no shame! He could have died!" "Shame? I am the King of Demons, I have no shame in anything I do or with anyone I do it with." She shot him a look because of his overtly sexual connotation. She tried to slap him again, but he caught her by her wrist and pulled her her petite frame up against him, then kissed her hard. She was no match for his weapon. She felt her anger at him dissipating as a warm and fuzzy feeling began to wash over her completely. Her lips, ended up kissing him back and she wanted to taste more and more of him. She didn't know what had gotten into her and chalked it up to her being in a dream. She broke the kiss. His hands gently ran up and down the sides of her body. His hands were exquisite. "Please, demon. You must stop touching me like this," She said. "Why? I like touching you." "Be-because I can't think straight when you do." She confessed. "You don't have to think when you're with me, I will always take care of you... in and out of bed." His lips kissed her clavicle bone. "Please..." She pleaded. His sweet kisses were driving her to sweet agony. "Forget the Knight, Princess Beatrice and be mine. All mine..."

  • Thirty Years of Demon Slaying at the Demon-Slaying Department

    Thirty Years of Demon Slaying at the Demon-Slaying Department


    When Zhou Yi woke up, he realized he had become an executioner at the Demon-Slaying Department in Great Qian. It was a time where demons roamed the earth and terrorized all living beings, where the balance of the world began to shift. As an executioner, every demon that Zhou Yi had executed would fetch him rewards, varying from the Huang-ting Scripture to the Purple Ying Sword, the Flat Peach Spiritual Root, the Five-colored Immortal Bull, the Tiangang Spell, the Disha Divine Arts, and many more. This was the story of a man who roamed the nine heavens and ten hells, the story of a man who paced his way to immortality.

  • The Cursed Demon

    The Cursed Demon

    Luna was sold by her adopter to a billionaire because of their large amount of debt. In order to pay, the Andrèz household offered her to the said wicked and ugly billionaire who had been hiding his face for a very long time.Neither one knows, that this billionaire is actually a cursed demon that devours human souls.

  • Descent of the Demon God

    Descent of the Demon God


    The leader of the thousand demons, the Demon God Chun YeoWoon.Due to an unfortunate accident, he had been sent to the distant future.The Gate has opened, the future is now in chaos.The fight to return back into the past begins.According to the request of the copyright owner, this book will enter premium since chapter 11.

  • Broken Demon

    Broken Demon


    Louis Carter, Grade A of Archeology. A nobody, An international underdog! A big project that was going to shake up the whole department of archaeological history. the same project that Louis put all his energy and soul in it but with a simple and slightly disrespectful argument with the class professor, all his efforts gone straight to trash! now he has to prove his belief in his new project."supernatural creature's don't exist"I mean...really? werewolves? vampires? tooth fairies? does someone still believe in this nonsense?Harry Ashford, tall, strong, and dominant. in one word? perfect! the one werewolf who had everyone's respect and submission. no one could stare him straight in the eye. so what was the problem?He was a damn beta and he needed an alpha for the big upcoming war, a strong one! and for finding that kind of alpha he had to trust a stinking prophet! now after two years, he had two options left.first option: Zayn Collins. powerful, extremely dominant, with a big and strong aura that forces everyone around him to listen. conclusion? he can be a hotshot alpha!second option: Louis carter? um... don't think so!

  • A Demon Of An Angel

    A Demon Of An Angel

    Contemporary Romance BETRAYAL


    The small world of Sitara's consists of her mother Sonali, her Dida, Kantha Tai, and her friends. Singing and dancing are her only solace. Her life took a 360 turn when a hail storm called Sidhanth entered her life and destroyed her, completely. She can't remember how happy she was before his entry. Sidhanth entered her life with only one motive that is to destroy Sitara inch by inch. He has a dark past attached to his life that no one knew about except his father Ram and Bade Papa Durga prasad. Sitara is the only answer to all of the questions he has in his life. Sidhanth looked straight into the eyes of Sitara, whose eyes are filled with disbelief. This guy has the guts to drag her to a temple and ask her to marry him. Just a day before, her marriage got canceled, and he wants her to step inside the same household. Where her sister resides as the bride of her ex-fiance. "You are impossible, Sidhanth. And by the way, if I have to marry, you will not be even my last choice. Stop your drama, and let me live peacefully. Already I have gone through so much because of you and your family. I am not ready to face any more humiliation." Sitara spat and turned around only to see a well-built lady wearing a black and black uniform blocking her way. She tried to go the other way, but the lady again stood in her way. "Excuse me, move aside." "Marry me, Sitara. Then you can leave the temple with me," "In your dreams, Mr. Maheshwari." "It's Sidhanth, for you. I never dream, Sitara. I turn the dreams of others into reality. My reality. That is Sidhanth's style." His proud smirk told the arrogance and pride he has been filled with. He is a demon. She is an angel. In this game of destiny, can this demon win the angel over?

  • My Demon

    My Demon


    Caeli plays with fate, and it decides to mock her.Well... how could she expect that after performing a ritual an attractive boy with black hair and toxic eyes would appear in front of her?How would the poor thing know that it was going to work and that handsome young man was going to be a demon?And who could have told her that demon was going to be one of her biggest headaches?Exactly, nobody. When fate acts, it never warns of what it will do. And from that ritual, the life of our young protagonist was no longer going to be the same.-------The cover belongs to me. Art by me @GwenCreepy.-------PG: +18Update: Two or one chapter per week.VOLUME 1: The Beginning [ONGOING]

  • Perverted Demon

    Perverted Demon



    With the Greatest Demonic technique in his hands, one can turn mountains upside down and can make rivers of blood flow backwards.One can make constellations bow to his might and one can have gods serve to him as his servants.Or one can peep into bathing girls.This is the story of the greatest Demon ever existed in the history of Twelve Great Heavens.Note: Mc is evil, some tags have been removed because of some issues with WN, please read-only if you are 18+, this is my first novel and I am not a native English speaker.Discord: ( short stories are posted there, do check them out. )Patreon:- Donations:-

  • The Demon Shadow

    The Demon Shadow



    (Warning: mature content) He was Searching for some adventure in his life, some excitement or even someone to care about him yet , He was trapped in this damned life with a damned ugly face . Noah had the brains but lacked the looks . He was envied and despised at the same time . He had a very boring and miserable life that almost made him commit suicide a couple times , but still he had to bear with it until death came knocking on his door . Suddenly meet a bored god that pitied him, Noah reincarnated in a new world with his new life . He finds powerful beings , powerful enemies and Thrilling adventures. Will he be able to strive to the top of this world and finally change his fate?. Follow Noah as he overshadows the cultivation world. * the first chapters explain the world and Shadow’s life as a kid they might have some clichés so bear with it as it’s just fillers to the mc’s past . After that the real fun begins Author’s note: I don’t own the cover of this book so if the owner wants me to take it down please inform me The cover’s link Formidable by zumidraws on DeviantArt

  • demon vs demon

    demon vs demon