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    Daniella has tried to be normal all her life even if she wasn't born normal. She's from a place completely different entirely. Going to a new school changes her normal routine and she's going to have to sit up to tackle something strange and familiar the same time.

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    To the outside world Cosgrove academy was just a school for rich spoilt kids but what they don't know is that they are more than that, they are supernatural. All the legends about faeries vampires werewolves are true. Chanel enters this new world to discover her new identity love betrayal and rivals. She finds out that the life she had been living was all a lie.Follow Chanel on her journey to find new friends, love and her identity

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    Rosie Wilkins a high school student who mistakenly finds out a secret that she is not meant to know. One night when her dad was not able to pick her from school and she begins to walk and finds out there are other things in the world aside from humans.************




    As criaturas sobrenaturais pareciam ser apenas contos, estes que surgem de lendas do passado. Mas não para uma certa cidade que parecoa ser o principal ponto de encontro destas criaturas. A cidade de Moonlight Hills, é rodeada de criaturas sobrenaturais e mistérios que afastariam qualquer pessoas que a conhece-se.

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    Seigo is a nerd.

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    Super Natural

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    super natural

  • 13 Mink Street

    13 Mink Street


    When Karen opened his eyes, he learned that he was transmigrated to another world with a face that looked as good as Leonardo Di Carpio. He was also able to feel the emotions of the dead, see their past, and even reincarnate them. Even the strong demons would cower beneath him and become the servants that obeyed him unconditionally. When the all-powerful Evil God returned, Karen made the god his pet. While other people would have to become believers of a god to become a divine being themselves, only Karen disregarded all of that and still became a God. Karen did not believe in the existence of a higher being as he was God himself.

  • Global Tree Planting: I Can See Hidden Talents

    Global Tree Planting: I Can See Hidden Talents



    At the age of transmigration, everyone could transmigrate to a world they wished. After the transmigration, one could receive a superpower from the fruit of the divine tree to stop the invasion from another dimension. Everyone could choose their own talent. [Infinite Multiplier (Legendary): Sunlight Absorption Rate x100… Growth Speed x100… Production Rate x100…] [Mythical Fruits (Legendary): Allows the user to harvest Mythical Fruits such as Power Fruits, Magic Fruits, Vitality Fruits…] […] When Cole realized the unique talents he possessed, everything changed for him. When the others were still worrying about the harvest of their fruits, Cole had already built a garden of divine trees. When the others were still fighting monsters from another dimension, Cole was already leading an army of billions to invade that dimension.

  • The Supernatural Hunter System

    The Supernatural Hunter System


    Werewolf and Vampire are two of the most powerful supernatural races in the Argenti Kingdom. They have the power to rule other supernaturals such as Ghoul, Wendigo, Undead, and others. With the power called magic, their era of power can be stopped. However, the power immediately disappeared after mankind won the war three thousand years ago. Rainn is a poor seventeen years old boy. And his intelligence is only at an average level. Because of this condition, Rainn only had a job he could do as a high school student. Wich is a supernatural hunter. Unfortunately, when a hunting mission that he is in does not run as well as it is supposed to be, Rainn as the weakest hunter is sacrificed and discarded like garbage. But because of that, Rainn found a hidden power. A power called "Systema" came to him. An ancient power was once used by the heroes to save the kingdom. That makes Rainn can be the strongest supernatural hunter in the Argenti Kingdom. "So this is what is like to have power," Rainn said to himself. Accompanied by the smirk that makes him look like the monsters he hunts. ( THE PICTURE FOR COVER OF THIS NOVEL IS NOT MINE. IF ANYONE WHO CLAIM TO HAVE IT WANT IT TO BE REMOVED, PLEASE JUST SAY IN THE COMMENT SECTION )

  • Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana

    Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY MYSTERY


    It's not easy being a detective when one can see ghosts. Due to her bad performance, Nakashima Wakana is sent to the cold palace to receive her career's death sentence. When she thought that her dead career couldn't be more dead, she meets her first love, Minami Sei. Love at the workplace? Nakashima Wakana has enough problems for sure.Things take a turn when she becomes the next chosen target of a demon. She's forced to use her abilities. WWhen she thinks that it's over for her, she finds out that she's chosen to become a part of the supernatural investigation agency? Who is this person that is always saving her?Is he a ghost or her personal guardian angel? Should she throw salts in his eyes or kiss his beautiful lips? Maybe she will do both. Join Wakana's supernatural adventures and her journey to love. ___ Warning: NSFW/GORE/VIOLENCE/SMUT Cover Source: PixabayInstagram: Koch_NorahGoodreads:****Full list of my novels*******Novels with Interconnected Worlds:1. The Love That Remains (Completed)2. His Mischievous Time-Traveler: How to capture a celebrity husband? (Completed)3. His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? (Completed)4. Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana 5. When A Ghoul Falls In Love6. Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire ApocalypseStandalone Novels: Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife?Miss Chicken & Her MisterThe Villainous Emperor is My Pet? (Available on Goodnovel.Com)Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana (Available on Goodnovel.Com)

  • A Supernatural Apocalypse

    A Supernatural Apocalypse



    In the year 2301 humanity was unable to advance their civilizations anymore. A mysteries gas fell from the sky without notice. The world started to slowly mutate destroying humanities civilization. The existence of humans was practically non existent. Few survived gaining unhuman and illogical powers from the mutation even as some had lost there humanity and just became monsters. A year later signs of the gas stopped. There were still mutations going around the world but it was time for the those that are still alive to come out. Origins of others will be unnatural with absurd meetings and endings to them. Mixed with civilizations of the new and old, Some futuristic. The myths that you have heard from humanity will appear one by one. The flow of magic and energy will mix bringing a Whole New World!!! (Character Plot) Min who used to be a normal human has been surviving through everything gaining powers like others and losing things one would regret not changing. Along the way she gained abilities that slowly changed her as a human wandering aimlessly with no home to go to. The adventure she takes will bring out an outcome to the world without notice to her nor those that views her life. (I’m sorry this is not a complete story. I didn’t plan out this writing since the beginning this was just a brainstorm story)

  • Fourth Sky: Puppeteer

    Fourth Sky: Puppeteer



    Everyone will definitely have super abilities in time. Likewise with other creatures, including beasts.A person who can control elements, someone who can transform into other creatures; someone who has a guardian spirit; and those who have other super abilities.Being the best, greatest, and strongest is everyone's goal. Many of them seek strength by justifying everything.Many super-capable groups emerged that wanted to have power. Big families, organizations, companies, sects, and guilds sprang up to fight for power.Threats from beasts and other creatures appear. In addition, threats from other countries and kingdoms are commonplace.A teenage boy who lost his family due to a power struggle awakens a super ability that has mutated and is likely to mutate again. A super ability that allows him to use various kinds of super abilities by making special puppets.Revenge? Become the strongest? Create the largest organization?He wants to do all that; he is Jono Sagara!

  • The Hectic Life Of A Supernatural Huntsman

    The Hectic Life Of A Supernatural Huntsman


    [ SILVER WINNER OF WPC_278 ]n a dystopian world set in the year 1986, humanity has finally stepped into the golden age of science, with various machinery and inventions taking the world by storm. They were no longer held by the chains of ignorance that held back their forefathers. Because they were finally unlocking the knowledge to perform signs and wonders that their forefathers once thought were magical or a mere impossibility that was once unachievable by man.Man had finally come to understand that there is no such thing as magic. As supernatural superstitions were merely another branch of science that they haven’t yet unlocked or discovered.Nevertheless, humanity was going through an unstoppable stage. But deep beneath the shadows, like a coin flipped over its head between both sides. Humanity didn’t know that the urban myths they once believed in were true and that some of them were violent, while others merely stayed silent in their human skins. But with the supernaturals spread wide open in the shadows. Did humans really forget about them, leaving them unchecked? No, they didn’t. Because where there are shadows, there will always be light. And where there are the supernaturals, there the huntsmen will always be, waiting and watching...........................................UPDATES : 7 chapters a week plus bonus chapters depending on the number of Power stones received that week.BONUS CHAPTERS50 POWER STONES +1 Chapter100 POWER STONES +2 Chapter200 POWER STONES +3 Chapter300 POWER STONES +4 Chapter .................................Donate to support the author! country, city or name mentioned in this book is nothing but fiction and bears no correlation with that of the real world......................................The cover is not mine. It was gotten from Pinterest.P.S. Please show your support if you like this book.................................

  • Clash Of Supernatural

    Clash Of Supernatural


    Does the supernatural world exist? High-school Elena Gomez wasn't even having this question until one day she wakes up and her entire life is entangled into it. It was fun at first, running around with the Alpha and the rising pack but little did the poor girl realize that was the beginning of an initiation into an unending conflict that have been rolling over for centuries of centuries. One in which the devil himself is involved in.....

  • Supernatural Store: I Have Too Much Divine Equipment

    Supernatural Store: I Have Too Much Divine Equipment



    Legend has it that a mysterious store existed on the continent. Rumor has it that the store had a pill that would give a person an infinite amount of energy, that the store had a soda that could revive a dying person, that the store was filled with divine beasts and equipment. The store had everything one could think of and things that one had never thought of. It was a place where the strongest warriors and emperors had to wait in line because the owner would only open his store on time. “What? You want me to sacrifice a minute of my sleep for those people? Hell, no!”

  • MMORPG : King of Supernatural

    MMORPG : King of Supernatural


    On a particularly normal day, the gaming world was shaken by surprising news. A sudden release of a VRMMORPG game called 'Lunaris' by an unknown video game publisher happened. The first full-dive VR game that no one expected. A fantasy world where all kinds of races can be found, and also has a unique game mechanism that allows players to be rampant with their imagination. Gloating advanced technology that can realize gamers' dreams, the game exploded in popularity. Blake is a gamer on the side and on the day the game was launched, he was fired from work. It was due to the pettiness of a single person that caused him to be fired, casting him away from his dream job. In order to vent his frustration, he decided to take a week off to play a game. Learning about the newly launched game, he forfeits the thought of buying one as all game shops are packed, and it’s also very expensive. But on a fateful night, luck seems to be on his side as a VR Helmet fell to his lap. Moreover, it was not a regular VR Helmet, but it was a limited edition one! Although he was happy, the moment he got his hands on the Limited VR Helmet was the day his life experienced a drastic turn. He gained a guiding spirit called ‘Persona’, and he learns from her the harsh truth of the Lunaris game. It was not a regular game. On accident, he becomes a Privileged Player as well as gained a Cheat inside the Lunaris game. But the cost of gaining these things was to be hunted by others, in-game or not. “Wait a minute, I unlocked all of the Racial Quests…? This is actually broken” “What the heck?! A Bullet? Someone is sniping me?! I'm not even the president but someone is sniping me in broad fucking daylight?!” Whether it’s inside the game, or outside the game, he needs to be strong and fight back to survive. He got stuck at the center of a huge conflict, starting from Supernatural creatures and Humans, and he was forced to bear the responsibility of knowledge and power. Follow Blake’s journey as he started to do whatever it takes to survive. Additional tags: Romance, Comedy, Levelup, Vampire, Superpowers.

  • The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Series

    The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Series

    The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Series has a little something for all paranormal readers… 4000-year-old curses – CHECK Lock Ness monster shifters – CHECK Wendingos - CHECK Ghosts and haunted mansions – CHECK & CHECK Combine all these with strong sexy women, terrible choices, weird dreams, and paying for past sins, and you have a binge read. Fall into the world of Parched, Cursed, Spirited, and Loched. Each of these unique stories offers you spell-binding paranormal romance. The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Series is created by Gwyn McNamee, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Supernatural Simulator

    Supernatural Simulator



    Into darkness and living in the perpetual shadow of death, only a brave heart whose blade will never dull in the face of the extraordinary can win in Supernatural Simulator.