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    Xiao Fang didn't expect it. Nah, it wasn't even logically possible to begin withHowever, somehow, probably as a result of some fucking government experiment or a universal curse placed on him, he woke up in another world.It was like bamb, slam, puff, sudden and without warning. Just like that he traveled through the universe and ended up in a strange new world. However, Xiao Fang, in his own world made a resolution to become rich, influential and powerful. In this new world, he is determined to fulfill that resolution. He must reach a state of DIVINITY.

  • divinity


    In order to protect a sacred family heirloom, an intelligent teen angel is selected to pursue her divine rite of passage. She has forty-two days to “ascend” amongst a clandestine celestial event while remaining celibate or consequently she must sacrifice her ability to conceive and carry a first bourne child.

  • Divinity: Against the Godly System

    Divinity: Against the Godly System



    Bracelet of Immortality, the mysterious sealed item that needed 26 fragments to completely unseal. Every unsealing giving an incredible power to the user. First Fragment, the power of Time. Second Fragment, the Power of healing. Third Fragment, the power of...What happens when Ryder Flynn finds the item inside the first Fully Immersive VRMMO. Why did the item follow him to the real world? Why is the Virtual World so real? ****A human-like System that knows too much? Why does it feel like my family member? Is it related to my strange memories?The System used to annoy me so much with its threatening quests but why is it that now I feel each of his quest saved me and my loved one indirectly?****The memories of the past? Why do I remember being a god that created this bracelet? Why did I want to destroy everything. What did the other gods do?****...Instagram: @Author_demonic_angel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Buy me a coffee and support me on Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/deangel Patreon: Patreon.com/DeAngel Join my discord:https://discord.gg/2AGkydg______________________________________PS: I don't own the cover artwork. All rights of the cover belong to the Original artist. I wasn't able to find the artist. If you are the artist, you can contact me.

  • Inevitable Road To Divinity

    Inevitable Road To Divinity



    COMPLETED NOVEL!After the catastrophe that occured on the Earth, he awakens in unfamiliar, another world. To find out more about himself, he has to step on the road full of danger!It's a story about modern young man who has Sex God Divinity and his past selves.*It's a smut novel despite MC hard beginnings, so a lot of smut elements have been used. Every character close to MC(including MC) is more than 18 years old no matter what circumstances.**InsanelyParanoid has only published this novel, Inevitable Road To Divinity, to webnovel.com! If you are reading on other sites, then you are reading stolen content!**Every R-18 is done with a grown-up/mature/adult lady. Every female character involved in every 'sexual' content is mature(18+)!**A lot of gore, brutal and weird R-18 related scenes! Novel is R-18 rated, so expect a lot of dirty and weird humor! MC steps on both paths, good and devil. You can sometimes see the R-18(sex) as punishment. It is rare and not really eerie at all, but it happens sometimes. It's rare though, as the author is a kind man!**This is a work of fiction! Nothing is related to the reality! Any names, characters, stories or events, are fictitious! Even author's notes, thoughts and comments mustn't be taken seriously!**This novel is rated 18+ (no one 17 and under allowed). It contains mature adult themes, coarse language, explicit sexual content, and graphic violence. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Please do NOT read if you are under 18 or if you feel uncomfortable with any of these elements.**Inevitable Road To Divinity by InsanelyParanoid belongs to Webnovel(including their other sites) and is not affiliated with any other site. If you see it anywhere else, then it's pirated and probably changed too, so you won't get that perfect reading experience! Read only here and support an author!**This story doesn't encourage anyone to commit or force other to commit any actions that happened here. This is a fantasy solely for entertainment purposes!**Author is bad with numbers, so don't take those seriously.*TAGS: Reincarnation, Harem, Fantasy, Magic, Gods, R-18

  • Divine Emperor of Death

    Divine Emperor of Death



    Tian Long, an orphan without much of a life in both his thirty year long life and lifespan! To him, a single opportunity was displayed to transmigrate into another world with his Death Book! "What's this? Is this the body of a three year old? Davis? Is this my name from now on?" Finding himself possessing a small child, he becomes inwardly conflicted before he faces the truth and his reality! Young Davis finds himself as the legal heir, the Crown Prince of the Loret Empire in the Grand Sea Continent, becoming a powerful cultivator in a short time... However, is that all? Follow his journey as Young Davis becomes a full fledged death's advocate while embodying into the Divine Emperor of Death in the world of cultivation! "Mn? The route to become the Emperor is a given? Nah, I still don't want it..." "Oh? I'm courting death you say? Unfortunately for you, death is already my woman..." == Almost 200,000 words (Around 170 Chapters) available for free! == Cover Title Edit credits goes to Hesreth! == English isn't my main language, so please bear with it if you found some mistakes. == Discord and support links https://linktr.ee/StardustBreaker == Power Stones Ranking (Updated : 29th September 2021) 16th so far Golden Ticket Ranking: 11th so far Other than this, I'm planning for individual mass releases as well but don't rely on it.

  • Divine Path System

    Divine Path System



    Varian's memory of the girl he grew up with was forcibly erased by a mysterious mind awakener. Her traces vanished from both his memories and the world—but she refused to leave his dreams. The recurring dreams haunting Varian were treated as side effects of a chronic depression which started after his mother's death. But one day, a mysterious system gives him the chance to pursue the truth the world hidden from him. The first clue? Enroll in the academy the girl attended. But in a world where humanity is at a war with a powerful species called abyssals, enrolling into solar system's top military academy is anything but easy. Varian has a edge, however. While every human can awaken in only one divine path path, he can awaken in all! ** *** *** A/N: The story isn't entirely about finding Sia (the girl in dreams and wish). PS: The story's quality improves keeps getting better. PPS: Cover doesn't belong to me. If the creator wants to be credited or take it down, contact me through discord. https://discord.gg/kBKaTtsrpb

  • Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

    Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss



    She was the Fifth Young Miss of the revered General’s Residence, but was seen to be useless as trash. Promiscuous and flirtatious to a fault, she was finally killed by mistake under the hands of the attendants of the man she was chasing; She was a genius favoured by the Heavens but ultimately murdered by an insidious plot and all who shared her bloodline pursued and exterminated which caused her to lust for revenge to be paid in blood. The day the genius had unwittingly taken up the body of that useless trash and opened her eyes, her fate had completely changed!!! Refining elixirs and the smelting of weapons were tough? That did not daunt her. Beast Tamers were rare? She had easily gained the title of Emperor Beast Tamer! Forced marriages!? Men being arrogant because they are good looking? She stretches her hand out and easily pulls devilishly handsome men to her: The Demonic King brothers would easily take their place. A devilish glance, a slight shimmer of movement, and that man would suddenly disappear the next moment. He turned back around, his devilish smile alluring: “Let’s continue with the topic, let’s have a child!” This is another interesting story with transmigrating and very fun filled characters that will delight you.

  • Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

    Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao



    An ultimate warrior, the one and only Alchemy Emperor, Ling Han, had died in his quest to achieve godhood. Ten thousands years later, and he, with the "Invincible Heaven Scroll", was reborn in the body of a young man with the same name. From then on, winds and clouds moved, as he set himself against uncountable geniuses of this new era. His path of becoming a legend has begun once more. At all eras, and underneath the heavens, I am the strongest!

  • Ms. Doctor Divine

    Ms. Doctor Divine


    Gu Chaoyan is the eldest daughter of the Gu Family, yet the least favorite one. She is mostly despised and belittled by everyone around, only because she isn't pretty. Left alone in her shabby Qiong Pavilion, she survives hard with her only friend, the maid, Qing, and expects to marry Prince Lu Jiming whom she adores deeply. However, the Prince betrays her and even drives her into jumping into a lake to kill her. Fortunately, Gu Chaoyan survives and gets reborn, with the soul of an agent from the 21st century. From that moment on, Gu Chaoyan becomes someone totally different. She is no longer weak, clinging or naïve. She uses her knowledge through medicine and makes herself pretty and slender. She also strikes back at those who bullied and looked down on her. Moreorover, she successfully attracts Lord Huai, the beloved child of the King and Queen. They develop a relationship with each other and help each other throughout their lives. In this way, she not only manages to take revenge but also gains a high-level social status of herself as well as a dear love for her life a second time.

  • Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

    Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife


    A couple, reborn together, dotes on each other. Come and join the tale! In her previous life, Gu Qingyao wanted to marry him, but did not have the courage. Now that she's reborn, she spends her time scheming to marry him in style, using the resources in her interspatial item to provide a huge dowry. Little does she know that another reborn person is secretly planning to bring her home. Mo Beihan brings a pile of presents and appears before Gu Qingyao with a cunning smile, looking like the big bad wolf trying to con a little rabbit. "Marry me, Yaoyao! You will have limitless pocket money, an endless supply of snacks, and more beautiful clothes than you can wear!" Gu Qingyao is speechless. She wants to pet him like a lap dog, but it ends up, he's the one spoiling her as he would a kitten!

  • Divine God Against The Heavens

    Divine God Against The Heavens



    Heavenly Pearl, an unknown mysterious, and heaven-defying object, for some reason, enter the heart of a young man named Ye Xiao who was framed and crippled by his fellow sect members for some unknown reasons and got kicked out from his sect. After the Heavenly Pearl enters Ye Xiao's heart, it not only repaired Ye Xiao's dantian but also grants him an unknown rank cultivation technique, which let him create Nine Divine Dragons in his Sea of Consciousness, and use the dragon's abilities as he wishes. He also gets the opportunity to merge with the memories of three Ancient Gods from the Heavenly Pearl. From then on, Ye Xiao embarks on the path of Martial Arts, cultivates to the peak of the summit, and ascends the heavens. With the help of Heavenly Pearl, he will fight against the gods and devils and even against the heavens. "No One Has The Right To Look Down On Me, Not Even The Heavens". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MC is like a 'dumb kid' at the start but will get better after around 100 chapters. There are some grammatical errors so please ignore them. The cover doesn't belong to me. All rights of the cover belong to the original artist.

  • Divinity Jam

    Divinity Jam


    Follow the adventures of a boy named Jam on his journey to gain a purpose. Thrust onto the world of cultivation because of the silly encouragement of his foster grandmother and his ridiculously one-track-minded self, Jam's adventure is bound to be full of action, comedy, and self discovery. Hopefully, his stupidity will be cured before it affects his life too badly.-----Here's my cringy first attempt at a hook, so let me be more straightforward with what this will turn out to be~A "dense" MC in all the wrong ways, who's OPness brings Xianxia protagonists to shame.Some wacky situations that exploit the density and idiocy of the MC, which will inevitably shape his future self.A band of overpowered companions that follow Jam in his journey to find purpose, with only a single love interest (for now, and probably forever~)-----[Current] Schedule: Hiatus...[Relationship] Goals (End the week's rating with):100 Power Stones = Extra chapter (Week of January 7, 14)150 Power Stones = Extra chapter (Week of January 21)

  • The World Of Divinity

    The World Of Divinity


    Alex Miller was a regular teen distort by the loss of his closes people, his parents. With nothing else in his life, he found relief spending 10 years of his life paving his path of victory in the world's popular game 'The World Of Divinity'. Creating a legend in the form of his character 'Zero'. Alex experienced high's and lows but ultimately conquered all. That was until he was betrayed. Following his death to his best friend, Alex is sent back to the release date of 'The World Of Divinity' through means he is yet to understand. Follow Alex's journey as he does things differently now he's back for round two! *************** This is my first big project. So let me know what you all think. The cover art isn't my work. If someone wants me to remove it let me know! 1 chapter per day! Extra chapter every 50 power stones.

  • Divinity Online

    Divinity Online


    Teshima Kazuhiro is eager to dive into the popular VRMMORPG, Gun Gale Online. He logs in to find out that the game is in maintenance and that he will have to wait a week to play. Impatient as he is, he decides to look for another game in the meantime - he comes across a new VRMMORPG, Divinity Online.In this game, civilisation is forced to subside beneath the earth to survive against giant monsters called Kaiju – these monsters are controlled by beings called The Divine. The System chooses your class based on what your subconscious truly desires. What Teshima doesn't know is that once complete, your soul is sealed into your character and your real body perishes as a result.

  • Slashing Divinity

    Slashing Divinity

    The Astral Planet is a place where humans and the other superior races, such as Monsters and Spirits, are at odds. Here, after the Holy Mother War, humanity is on the edge of extinction, with less than a hundred thousand individuals left now. The Astral Planet, has only one continent, the Mother continent. There are three empires in mother Continent, Shi Empire of the Humans, The Dong Empire for the monsters and The Ling Empire for the spirits. However, the once-greater human domain, the Shi empire, has been reduced to ashes and divided equally between the Monster race and the Spirit race. As the entire planet devastates. "Who decides the rise and fall?" I ask the limitless Heavens!" Everything begins as a youngster walks out of the desolate woods...

  • Divinity Unleashed

    Divinity Unleashed

  • Forsaken Divinity

    Forsaken Divinity

    "The world will quake at my coming. I will bring about a change so great that humanity will never be able to return to its former ways.My army will be the tool to bring about salvation to all who oppose me!So what if I was defeated? I will always return, there will always be someone to carry out my will, all I must do is wait, and then you will regret making me your enemy."These words were spoken long ago by a being that threatened the existence of every living being on the continent. Thought to be destroyed by the gods, it promised its return before its defeat. However long the gods and their faithful waited, the fated reckoning had never come. So an era of peace and worship began, forgetting all about the conflict that happened millennia ago. The gods grew fat, bloated with arrogance. Their laziness led them to only bless those whom they felt deserved it, those who offered them great bounties, not caring where they came from, losing faith from those who sit at the bottom rungs of society. Hatred for the church and their nobility brewing in their very streets.It's the perfect time, for me to return. After all... I hunger.*I did not draw the art, all credit goes to its respective owner.

  • Divinity Bout

    Divinity Bout


    Coming soon

  • God Of Divinity

    God Of Divinity


    King was hit by a truck and meets god and god gives him 1 big wish and 2 small wishes.The system is no Bu@lSh$t power up its just a way to show his strength




    Hey!!!This the a story of a boy rudra who hates harem And his journey to loss of intrest in life to god-hood Author: Vishnu (Vrashab)plz keep reading and supporting if u like the novel.....