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Bracelet of Immortality, the mysterious sealed item that needed 26 fragments to completely unseal. Every unsealing giving an incredible power to the user.

First Fragment, the power of Time. Second Fragment, the Power of healing. Third Fragment, the power of...

What happens when Ryder Flynn finds the item inside the first Fully Immersive VRMMO. Why did the item follow him to the real world? Why is the Virtual World so real?


A human-like System that knows too much? Why does it feel like my family member? Is it related to my strange memories?

The System used to annoy me so much with its threatening quests but why is it that now I feel each of his quest saved me and my loved one indirectly?


The memories of the past? Why do I remember being a god that created this bracelet? Why did I want to destroy everything. What did the other gods do?


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    A story that I Promise you won't regret reading if you read 80 chapters (Free) and most probably you will fall in love with it. Important: STORY: The story is about a person who dies in the game and gets a system that brought him back in time. The system isn't simple though and it gives Ryder missions that force him to do the stuff that he don't want to save his life, but there is a reason for all that. You would get to know about that if you atleast read the free chapters of the story. It's not a story about a slave to the system but about something that goes way back than this life and world. The system does all this for Ryder in a sense. The MC will be an OP MC which would be way amazing when you get to understand the inkling of the true mystery (Chapter 79 or somewhere around that). CHARACTERS: The Important Characters are all given a personality of their own which most will love. There are gods, Hobbits, Elves, cultivators, and everything one could ask for which starts to make sense from chapter 70 onwards where the seriousness of the story really gets a grip. Non Important Characters are intentionally made to overreact in certain situations which is supposed to be stupid and added in the story to give it a lighter touch. You would enjoy it if you don't think to much about that, as that's made to be like that, but that don't affect the seriousness of the story in any way. Writing Quality: There might be a few grammer mistakes but nothing major that will affect reading experience. Stability of updates: The story updates daily with mass release occasionally. It won't be dropped either like all of my stories. World Background: The world is much more extensive than the simple Real world and the game world which I hope most will like. Read more to know more. For more info: Read chapter 0

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    A story about a clueless reincarnated god that enters a game which is basically another world and gains an item made by his past life(God Version) and, unknowingly, works toward regaining his true self by completing the broken artifact made by his past life. Basically, if you have read [Shura's Wrath], this is it's brother novel.

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    A story worth spending coins.....the characters to the dual world setting (vr and real) is amazing. Yeah in the starting chapter Janus was quite annoying but everything he did was due to a reason so the one de dropping it due that reason... you're missing something too amazing

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    I couldn’t bear it. I forced myself to read as far as possible because of the author and other reviews’ assurance that everything would be everything would be explained around ch 80 but i could barely make it to ch 43. I just hate janus (the system) with a passion. I liked most of everything else (the only female interaction that i liked was the stab victim and ive only seen her once so far). And the male characters also dont seem to be treated well. But the concept seemed extremely interesting and i was curious to see what the true story behind what happened was. I really really wanted to reach the part where everyone says it gets good but I practically had to force most the chapters down. If i have to struggle through 80 chapters just to get to the good part then i cant say this is a particularly attractive novel. So i have to drop it. Maybe someone with more perseverance and willpower will make it through and reach the goal, that person might actually find a really good story at the end of that road. Unluckily that wont be me.

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    The book starts off ok the plot is a bit slow and cliche but was overall decent. that is until the fbi is brought in the mc becomes careless leaving all types of holes for him to be captured ..im not into reading about beta, soft hearted, or easy to manipulate mcs. Unfortunately the mc fits two of those categories. This is my main reason for dropping....good luck to the author

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    Its.... something. I cant say the novel is horrible, but in several instances the writing quality and ideas behind it leave a lot to be desired. Theres a lot of forced interactions and "humor" that seems like the author is trying to inject into the story, but to me at least it comes off a little forced. The author tries to make the system a mix between helpful and controlling, which ends up feeling weird because its hard to tell if its actually trying to assist the MC, just mess with his life, or force him to follow its agenda. Supposedly, some people came to this novel in promise of romance or sex scenes or whatever, but if thats the case i suggest you look elsewhere as the author skirts around those. Admittedly, im not up to the current chapters so some of these problems may have been fixed later on, but up to chapter 50 at least you'll definitely see many of these issues.

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    I first thought that the system is quite annoying because it keeps giving him annoying missions but if you read chapter 80, it'll make you know that plot is not that simple. The system is actually trying to help the MC. Then after chapter 80+, it even gets better as time goes on. One of my favorite novels. Also if you have any novel suggestions that is as good or even better please write it.👋

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    This novel is unique and interesting in my opinion. Keep up the release rate and you are destined to be in top 10! About the story: World is not too detailed but this helps the story progressing. Balance between real the world and virtual reality is good. You will not get confused. Not much grammar errors. The story is progressing in good pace. Good flirting and R-16 scenes. Advice: Do not repeat the last sentence of the previous chapter in the next chapter. That's just takes up the space. You can add a bit more details and use a wider range of words. I don't know how the MC looks like, please change this! (This review is made when the novel just started and I will change it as time passes. Hope everyone gained something from this post.)

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    amazing novel until 200 Chapter after 183 Chapter it becomes concidence chichè. let's take one example trying to find one organisation and by mistakes mc got wind from totally different sources nothing to do fbi(until later) guess what fbi also got it same time . guess what they meet on airport . guess what when they were leaving they sit on same chairs. guess what they again meet after 3 or 5 chapter totally different situation but same fbi ppl . guess what you can bleed in game guess what it will not disappear . guess what npc are I intelligence that they can tell what species it is just after seeing blood. guess what vampire king is idiot king . (who make him king?) . guess what FBI can find out what mc did in last hour but couldn't find a blast which is going to happen in park (solved because of mc).

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    i think that with the mc statistics his battle power should be higher; he could fight against level 25 or + monster while on level 19 or 20. the novel has the harem tag but no much focus on it apparently I think I should focus on it a little and the personality of the MC so far is great. **:i have a question?how is the appearance of mc? is he diabolically handsome or just a guy with medium appearance

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    This story is a "turn off your brain and enjoy it story". It's a classic: VRMMO story, the world is real interesting and you can have a lot of fun reading it, but there are such better stories to read of the same genre in this website. This story relies on random bullshit plot armor to progress on every single chapter. the protagonist personalist is a human equivalent of a bag of garbage. He is not evil and calculating cool mc, but instead he is just a giant asshole which everyone loves for no reason. The author is constantly buffing and nerfing the protagonist through random plot bullshit events that come out of nowhere. Too OP: here some random plot bullshit to nerf him, Too challenging:here is some random plot armor to help you. Even when there is an explanation for the plot armor, it usually just dumb and forced. He also likes to tell stupid lies, when telling the truth would often be more helpful and less troubling.

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    I can't make an educated review just based on the current number of chapters released but one thing is sure i.e. it has potential but somewhere it seems something is missing. More focus should be given on character development and world background too. Hope it's content quality further improve with time. By that time I'll rate 5*****.

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    Story so far so good. I haven't read such a system novel till now so I don't know if it's new to others too but this is really a good one. MC is weak in real life plays games gets screwed up starts again. Might sound cliche but the way its done is different and the best part is the system and its hilarious missions. Jannus is just too good to MC giving such missions to make him stronger. Keep going author.

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    Is the MC stupid or what? My god, it seems far-fetched that he's dumb. 200 caps and he didn't understand anything about the game and the real world

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    Story concepts are decent the in game world is okay but overall the story givers the feeling of being a naïve 15 year old boy's fantasy. The mc is a bit dim and the girls are all simple, easy and gullible, supposed to be based in America but it doesn't feel like the author has even read about the country and so doesn't understand the culture, social norms, economy, politics etcetera it feels more like a weird China or Korea I'm at chapter 144, and I want to like the story because the idea is cool, but between the inconsistencies, plot holes, shallow emotionless characters, bulky plot armor and jarring disconnect between the setting and the culture I'd rather spend my coins elsewhere...

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    GTFO from my library you annoying scoundrel. 1 Star I'm gonna spam 1 Star once each day until you begone from my sacred library. get outta here begone thot

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    First off I want to say it's rare I gave something a full 5 stars. But I couldn't find any flaw big enough to warrant a 4 star in any category. Great novel so far that has lots of things that make it differ from novels of the same type. The author seems to regularly ask for the opinions and feedback from his/her readers about what they think and what they want to see and not see in the novel. So far the MC is pretty great, hes not super meek or arrogant so far (let's hope it stays that way) So far he seems pretty normal and I can see myself reacting the same way as he does to a lot of the situations. Not sure about the romance yet as it's still early but it seems to be doing well on that front and has lots of potential. It also has pretty funny humor and I find myself laughing at most of those moments. It's managed to separate itself from all of the VR mmo novels out there and I find myself checking for a new chapter everyday. Love the novel and recommend it even if you hate VR mmos and the like!

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    The author has done such a great job writing this story, he took the going back in time reincarnation thing and has done something truly different with it. The mc has so many great abilities, along with the brain to use them to their greatest potential. There is also a great use of the butterfly effect which brings unexpected events and results from the MC's actions which he never expected so it is very fresh compared to those other characters who know how everything happens and start freaking out when the timeline changes, while this MC notices that somethings have changed, but accepts it. My only regret about this story is that it is so good I read all 159 chapters (current amount released) in one day and I'm still wanting more hahaha.

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    Honest reviews are here.. Sorry to the author, I try to read, but this novel is really not suitable with my taste.. Even though you explain on Ch0, "every mission has it reason behind it," I can't stand with the mission given by Janus system.. For example, "if you fail the mission, your sister die" or "if you fail the mission, you will die".. Even the rewards are ridiculous, you know why? When MC completes the mission, he gets a treasure box, but MC needs the key to open it.. To get a key, he needs to complete another mission.. The system mission will always be dangerous and threatening his life or other people's lives.. Even when MC succeeds, the sequence is MC will become an enemy with a powerful gangs/player.. EVERY mission that MC does will just make his life harder and harder.. No easy or normal standard level for MC.. Even Slash or Flame blast skills can be used 5 times per day.. So, if you love to see MC suffer hardship for THE WHOLE TIME (all chapter), this novel is for you.. I only read up to Ch50, but I can't take it anymore.. I feel like MC has been bullying and tortured by the author..

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    this novel was one of the winners of Spirity , so it had great potentials, but alas it got a rushed ending , everything was rushed ,from relationships ,romance, powere ,etc ... even the writing quality was rushed at the end 😅 , full of misspelling and wrong names. and at the end of the day all MC's powers were borrowed from others, as if he wasn't the MC of this story ... but at least it got a happy ending

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