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    Dope cart

  • dope story bro

    dope story bro


    Gonna be a comidic gay romance.Alex is a young girl who works at a bookstore. she and her roomate josh are looking for two others to rent an appartment with. By chance could she have recruited her soulmate or is it just another along the way?For fanart email me @ or use the #speddyreaderQ on instagram for a shoutout.

  • A Spartan in Game of Thrones

    A Spartan in Game of Thrones


    Our MC was an average 25 yr college student that died because of covid. U know the deal he meets god and he gives him wishes(4) he chooses his worldThere will be no multiverse travel or anything like that I'm just tryna make it kinda realistic key word kinda Yes there will be a harem but only limited to 2 I'm sticking to that There will also be some sex scenes because i know some ppl are perverts but that's fine because we all got a little pervy side to us and don't try to deny it (you virgin) jk so if u ain't comfortable with it then don’t read All original characters from the books and tv series are not mine this is a FAN-FICTIONI just don’t know how to put it in that categoryAlso Im going to try to post every week because it’s my first time writing and all that but if you like it thanks, I don’t really care about stones so you don’t have to use them but it is still appreciated. If you don’t like it well I’m chilling just don’t read it.

  • Dropppppppdddddd



    note: I do not own any of these characters and this novel, all credit goes to their original authurs,companies and othersAlexander of Macedon died he thought he would drink with the gods but he was wrong he was met by someone claiming that the gods were fake. his dreamed crushed Alex didn't know what would happen the old man said he would go to a word a place where he could suffer also removing his memory's but the One has found pity and has given him three wishes and three attributes. read what happens this would take place in game of thrones the book seriesNOTE: I would not make this Mc powerful I am a very creative person and making him op would ruin this thing also I would not give him his memory's if you liked the great lions or surgebinder this would be good for you this is your one of a kind book what ever happens keep on reading even if it's boring your and u want to change it put those thoughts away. my character can change some stuff but very little will change for the plot cuz I want it to be close to the original asoiaf series. don't worry I'm not gonna make it like the prideful one lol nope like wtf twin lannister isn't dumb and alcohol business is good thinking but things aren't so good like if you say I would make a business and a few chapters later it's all well and good and your business is booming no! I will not make it like that I will make my character suffer I advise you please be prepared because the things that are gonna happen is so f.kcing brutal so yeah before I end this thing I will make it 200 chapters and my character will happen to come to westerns before joffreys name day tourneys I will add every single detail my character will not one punch the mountain or I will make my character op give you guys some advise learn everything about the mythical creatures in game of thrones because hell my character is gonna go and hunt thete asses down but he is gonna go through allot of adventures the growth character is gonna be good yoi will like him and his companions yhere will also be major plot twists as well and. I'm gonna make his character like this image here copy that and you will see... read the adventure of Alexander the slave ,the conquerer slayer of the monsters beyond..stick with this storie and will make a tale that will rival George rr Martin. lmao I'm just kidding but I have studied his writing so it might be similar but truth truth read this more support I get more I will focus but of you read this I swear on my life that you will enjoy from braavos to all the free cities and oh boy would you like the yi-ti arc that gonna be dope same with the battles in aren.... sorry carried away but read and I will promise you a talle better then any you have seen

  • The Dual Cultivating Villian

    The Dual Cultivating Villian


    What would you do if you are somewhat aware that everything is going along like you’re a character in a novel? Well Ian Zahard formally Miyuki Yu Is one such person before even being born again he knew it .He was the fated villain.He was first born on Planet earth where he was killed off by an unknown illness at the time.However he found that he had previously been reborn in another world in which his life didn’t even seem like his life.Living twice wasn’t easy,Yet he found himself once again in the underworld getting ready to reincarnate.———That’s a basic intro I guess cus idk how to write a good synopsis.This is my very own novel it will have everything a basic Chinese cultivation novel will have ,face slapping,meme and anime/manga references, dope powers ,shitty power systems ,op mc you know all that basic stuff and for once…I will not drop or be inconsistent i just couldn’t do fanfics no more!The mc will be op too.This is also heavily inspired by many other cultivation novels, magic ,Korean novels you know the drill.

  • Everything is Everything

    Everything is Everything

    Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and homelessness. Readers will find themselves questioning their own sense of right and wrong, attraction and desire. In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie. Pepper Pace can be contacted at: In 1977 12-year old Vanessa White lives just out of reach of the projects that both scare and entice her. It is the year that she meets 14-year old Scotty Tremont, one of the few white boys to live in the ghetto. Initially afraid that Scotty intends to beat her up because her cousin called him white trash, Vanessa soon learns that although Scotty is a ‘Trick Baby’ and will probably be a dope boy just like his brother, he also somehow manages to be compassionate. Scotty is learning something as well; that his path has not been laid out before him and that everything isn’t necessarily everything. This book series takes the reader back to the 70’s style urban lit stories of life in the ghetto. It begins in the 70s and moves throughout the decades following the lives of people whose stories have intertwined in a romantic, tragic, sometimes funny, tale of street life. This story is for adult readers only and contains mature themes including language, sex, violence, drugs and racism.

  • Can we start over? [GL]

    Can we start over? [GL]


    Twin sisters Lucille and Phoebe couldn't be more different.. though they were always close something set them apart. With parents who are both committed to having the 'perfect family' life can be difficult.. Their father is an extremely wealthy business man so eyes are often on them. When Phoebe drew on the walls as children Lu happily took the blame and the lashes that went with it. Seeing the fear on her sisters face was enough the make her take the blame every time she could.. When they were 14 Phoebe experimented with smoking pot and hid it in their bedroom. Their parents smelt the substance straight away and confiscated it.. Lucille wasn't home at the time and when she arrived, her whole life was flipped upside down. Phoebe had already said that the dope belonged to Lucille. Taking the past into consideration their parents sent Lucille thousands of miles away to an all girls boarding school. A year later her parents offered for her to come home but Lucille insisted on staying away for a year longer, and even another after that. This year they decided they were not taking no for an answer, she was to finish her last year of schooling at home. When Lucille arrives home everyone is shocked.. the sophisticated white haired woman who strolled through the front door was not what they were expecting.

  • One piece: Fun ride

    One piece: Fun ride

  • Ocean's Eyes

    Ocean's Eyes



  • Elemental



    Preston after his untimely demise is transported to the world of Elemental as a side character. However, he is provided with a system that is the dream of any protagonist. What will he do now? Will he overtake the main character and become the MC?

  • In Love With a Savage

    In Love With a Savage

    Jersey Coleman has faced many hardships. From being raised up in a brothel, to becoming a dope-fiend. She finally gets her life on the right path until she is faced with a situation that might ruin her life.

  • My life is your life.

    My life is your life.

    Poor to rich and totally dope

  • The Legendary Gun System

    The Legendary Gun System


    James is, or well, was a gun addict fanatic, but unfortunately he was also a dope that forgot basic gun safety. He died and was given another chance by god to live again but continued to be a gun fanatic. What will he do now?

  • Mystic Void

    Mystic Void


    Hello, this novel is just for fun and for me but I posted it cause I can, if u like it that’s dope and if you don’t then that’s dope. Enjoy? I guess. And also there might be spelling mistakes, if u correct it thanks, I’ll make sure to update it if someone corrects it so that other people don’t have to suffer.Also the updates gunna be weird as I’ll write whenever I’m not bored so why not just let it sit in your library.

  • Manuel Pacelli

    Manuel Pacelli

    in the year 3500,super human arrived in the world because of new doping drugs, first created by mafia organizations,and later by all big organizations.So there are super heroand villains with super powers



    In magic world there was organization called-P.O.N.G. The Organization was making research on unlimited mana regeneration. However, experiment didn't succeed and strange plague spread over the world.90% of humanity died and civilization is going down. Story track 16 years old boy, named Allan and his interesting but sometimes dramatic adventures.PS. My English is pretty dope right now, so I'm looking for some strong grammar correction men's.

  • Purple Lust Prince

    Purple Lust Prince


    A devil's legacy changed his life. He was no longer set for a mediocre life. One might ask, what does he need to get stronger? Mediate? Absorb endless Spiritual Energy? Train against a cliff?Eat treasures of the Earth?Dope on Medicinal Drugs to get stronger?No, he does not need to do any of that. All he needed to do was live the life of a man full of love to give.

  • Birth of The Dread Dominion

    Birth of The Dread Dominion

    Video Games VIDEOGAME

    You would think everyone that is born into life leads a happy life and a fruitful one. It takes the exceptional ones to rise above there own standing given to them by life.. Kendrick grew up slowly seeing the world change and people he knew change with it. Never feeling that him himself changed with the times. Not much has change since he graduated from college, he goes to a dead end job and goes home sleep and repeat. But by luck or Human error something unexpected arrived at his door..Given a chance to change in a game where your actions can only be your own watch as he climbs his way to the top of Reverence...Author: If your looking for a novel blessed by stats and they make all types of sense to you then this story ain’t for you I’m writing to tell a dope story not to play mathematics in a book..

  • Twelve Hours I

    Twelve Hours I

    High school quarterback Zack Pierce’s life is spiralling out of control. To hide from his growing attraction to Sam, his best friend and team mate, Zack drinks, smokes dope, and has sex with any girl who will have him. Things reach a crisis point when Zack’s girlfriend dumps him after she finds out he’s got another girl pregnant. Not knowing what else to do, Zack breaks out his father’s bourbon and calls Sam for help.<br><br>The call in the middle of the night scares Sam, who rushes to his friend’s side. Dare he risk everything by confessing what he feels for Zack? The next twelve hours will either make or break them.