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  • Electricity



    CAUTION: INVOLVES GRAPHIC AND INVOLVES VIOLENCEAbout a boy who escapes the lab that he is being tested and has superhuman powers

  • The Electricity

    The Electricity

    Romantis KEKUATAN

    Terlahir sebagai seorang anak yatim piatu sejak berumur enam tahun di sebuah panti asuhan dan dipungut seorang nenek yang hanya ingin menemani selama hidupnya dengan menikmati kekayaan melimpah dari Almarhum suaminya tak membuat Tommy terlena dan malas belajar. Tommy giat belajar demi membanggakan nenek yang membesarkannya dan kedua orang tuanya yang sudah tiada. Dengan ketekunannya belajar, Tommy berhasil memperoleh gelar Sarjana S1 bidang jurnalistik dengan pujian dari sebuah Universitas ternama di kotanya. Dengan bekal ijazah ilmu jurnalistik dan hobi fotografinya, Tommy mencari pekerjaan yang diimpikannya, wartawan dengan gaji tetap dan tinggi di sebuah kantor surat kabar yang sangat terkenal di kotanya. Namun, semua itu tak mudah bagi Tommy. Dia harus menjalaninya dari nol. Baca kisah perjalanan hidup Tommy hingga dirinya memiliki kekuatan super dan menjadi hero di kotanya di novel ini.

  • From Electricity To Nature

    From Electricity To Nature

  • The genius of electricity

    The genius of electricity


    Alacia The first ever country to start awakening Human Bloodline's awakened someone They shoudn't have

  • The Pleasure Lord

    The Pleasure Lord



    Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings.Alex, who was from a military family background with an assassin as a Mother and an intelligence agent as a Father, reincarnated to a medieval cultivation world due to the carelessness of an [Electrician] and was [killed] by an electric shock, or so he thought.How would he survive there?Let's find out with him in his Adventures.-------------------------------------------Support the Author:https://www.patreon.com/rollingpandaahttps://ko-fi.com/rollingpandaahttps://paypal.me/Rollingpandaa-------------------------------------------2 chapters per dayBonus Chapters as per power stones donated by the end of the week.Vote with power stones.Give reviews. Suggestions and encouragement in the comment box. Happy reading. Tags: Weak to Strong, Comedy, Reincarnated, Shameless, R18Discord-->Rollingpandaa#8813Discord group--https://discord.gg/8Xbe3qJ

  • Electricity In My Veins(Discontinued)

    Electricity In My Veins(Discontinued)



  • Mutant Farmer in the Apocalypse

    Mutant Farmer in the Apocalypse



    In the year 2022, one year after the Z-20 Virus outbreak, all of humanity had been infected by the virus, and their bodies reacted differently. The majority of the humans turned into zombies, while the minority turned into ability users. Some didn’t change into either. They were powerless in comparison, as even feral zombies were more powerful than an average human. At 20 years old, Yang Zhang was used as a scapegoat and kicked out of his town; a medium-sized shelter base used to protect humanity from the ever-growing threat of zombie attacks. Scared and powerless against the harsh world infested with zombies, he stumbled upon a squirrel that ate the brain of a dead ability user and began discharging electricity constantly. He realized that he could use this newfound information to protect himself. “That’s right! I can build a farm and create more and more of these mutated animals and plants to protect myself!” Thus started the journey of Yang Zhang as he created a farm while continuously breeding many magical —albeit grotesque— mutated animals and plants. Yet, once the zombies and ability users started noticing his unique farm, they began to invade. With no choice left, he armed himself by creating stronger mutated animals and plants to protect the farm at all cost! “Get off of my lawn, you bunch of greedy pigs!” ** Tower Defense + (Mutated) farm simulator + Zombie waifu (Small harem). ** Daily Update -- Cover art is Kureiji Ollie, I got it from Pinterest. English is not my first language. Pardon me if there are few mistakes. --




    Hayashi Yoshida is a normal human, who becomes an electrical after bonding with a being made of electricity called Shinji. Electricals are a race of humans, who possess the ability to manipulate electricity, and some of these electricals work for the Special Electrical Force and Hayashi Yoshida is a member of the Special Electrical Corps Squad 4.

  • Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start

    Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start

    Fantasy SYSTEM


    #elves #lighthearted #slice of life Su Cha transmigrated to a fantasy world, inherited a tavern, and activated a system! First mission completed — renovate the taverns — Lafite red wine formula rewarded, hundred times speed up in the wind cellular! Second mission completed — served a hundred customers and received good reviews — Budweiser beer formula rewarded! The third mission, fourth mission…… As the tavern expanded rapidly, not only did our MC bring in fine wine, he also brought in all kinds of cultural influences from the modern era. This alternate world was starting to turn a little strange. Inside the tavern, the elegant elf queen fell in love with rock music, she picked up an electric guitar and started screaming and howling. The orcs, the knight, and the sorcerer sat down at the table and started a round of Texas poker, soon getting all worked up against each other. A famous wizard raised up his Budweiser beer and muttered, “Don’t ask how much I can drink, all I want is another gin!” …

  • Super Electric Eel Avatar

    Super Electric Eel Avatar

    Magical Realism ACTION SUPERPOWERS


    Because of an accident, Chen Fan obtained the power to possess an electric eel! Of course, being an ambitious guy, Chen Fan just HAD to explore his Electric Eel Avatar thoroughly! Captains, are the Somali pirates still giving you a headache? Come and hire me online, and I will guarantee that your ship will be even safer than protected by an American aircraft carrier!

  • Electric Love

    Electric Love

    Eli Wilde is given the chance of achieving his dream of becoming a superhero. He becomes Electrick and is on his way to saving the world and keeping it safe from the bad guys. He’s sworn to keep his alter-ego a secret at all costs, even from Mo, his best friend and the secret love of his life. When Mo starts dating Blaze Hart, Eli has to fight his feelings and Blaze’s supervillain alter-ego, Sunspark. This means war.

  • Mrs. Lu, Let's Get Married Again

    Mrs. Lu, Let's Get Married Again



    Three years ago, to save her mother, Song Ruyi married the richest person in Cloud City, Mr. Lu. Three years later, Song Ruyi took a little kid as they sped along Jing City's streets. One day, out of curiosity, the little child turned the electric car's acceleration handle when Song Ruyi wasn't looking. She was horrified and quickly took control. Yet, they still rear-ended the back of the luxury car, and its lights were shattered. Song Ruyi was stunned. She had seen this luxury car in Mr. Lu's garage before, and he said it was extremely expensive. Even changing the light bulb alone would take her more than a couple of years of doing deliveries. Song Ruyi wanted to run. Her child hugged her and cried. "UWAAAHH, Mommy, you're not selling me off to pay for the car, right?" She was speechless. What is this child thinking? "Don't worry, Mommy won't do that." Song Ruyi calmed the child down, but at the same time missed the best opportunity to escape. A black shadow soon stood before them. "Ma'am, please get in the car." "…" The owner of the car is in the vehicle? Song Ruyi carried her boy jittery as she entered the car, and the moment she saw the person behind the car, she was dumbstruck and immediately fainted. Before she fainted, she could hear the child cry again. "Mommy! Don't die!" "Don't worry, your Mommy isn't dead. She just only fainted." Yeah, fainted out of fright. Mr. Lu did not put words to the last sentence. "Uh, she is not dead?" The child squirmed. "How would you know?" "Because…" Mr. Lu looked over as he stared at the fainted woman. "I want to know too." Is he, Lu Jingnan, that scary in this damned woman's eyes? So much so that she fainted the moment she saw him?

  • Electric Rain

    Electric Rain

    Katherine is granted the ability to smite. Now everyone is out for her.

  • Electric Drogs

    Electric Drogs

  • Electric love

    Electric love

  • Electric Fingers

    Electric Fingers

    Antonio "Anton" Aizpurua is a young man in his early thirties. Who is a graduate of the University and is at the crossroads of seeing what he is going to do with his life. Unfortunately he has not been very successful in getting a good job that allows him to undertake.This has condemned him to being a complete failure and having to live with an aunt. He lives with a job he hates as a customer service operator at a cell phone company.Besides that, he is a lonely person who finds it difficult to connect with other people, especially with women. He has a single friend named Guillermo who has the same dilemmas as him and with whom he shares his sorrows and challenges.This whole situation makes him immerse himself in his fantasies. He is a great fan of literature, especially fantasy. The vast majority of his time is spent fantasizing and daydreaming. Even all this grows to lead to the development of a series of fantastic stories starring a female character with whom he will end up obsessing.On a day like any other you will be walking through a park when you will be hit by a sudden electrical storm. Our hero is struck by lightning, but he comes out absolutely unscathed but he will also end up acquiring a rather peculiar power, that of creating things at his will. He can create anything just by wanting to, from inanimate objects to living beings, including people.This new power added to his overflowing imagination will result in all kinds of varied, strange, electrifying and even dangerous situations. Our hero will end in a thrilling odyssey where the barriers of fantasy and reality will be completely destroyed.

  • Electric Eyes

    Electric Eyes

    Romance de adolescentes ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE COMEDY

    1985 Y ahí estaba, preparándome para mi debut musical, ansiosa por cantar al frente de tantas personas, el sueño de los hermanos Dingley se estaba cumpliendo pero no sabía que en esa noche y en aquel teatro encontraría la persona con la que viviría aventuras y un amor destructivo... Mi nombre es Skyler Dingley y el nombre de esa persona es el grandioso bajista Duff Mckagan.



    Romansa Fiksi Ilmiah ROMANCE

    Sebuah awal adalah permulaan. Sebab ini adalah prolog dalam cerita, maka biarkan untaian kata berbicara dengan dirinya melalui diksi tak terseleksi. Kini aku berlabuh dan asa mulai tumbuh. Boleh jadi hanya aku yang mengerti dan kau yang dangkal pemahaman, tapi percayalah ini diracik sepenuh hati. Disuarakan dari hati untuk itu, biarlah kau menjadi prolog dan epilog dalam hidupku.

  • Electric Love

    Electric Love


    Mencintai bukan harus saling memiliki. tetapi mencintai itu adalah siapa yang bertahan hingga akhir.

  • Electric touch

    Electric touch