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  • Emperor



    Albus is a born fighter but when he is forced to kill his first opponent his blood starts boiling. Maybe he isn't made for this life at all. He embarks on an adventure to find his ancestry with his trustworthy maid. It's a clash with the Greek and Roman mythology within just one person.

  • Divine Emperor of Death

    Divine Emperor of Death



    Tian Long, an orphan without much of a life in both his thirty year long life and lifespan! To him, a single opportunity was displayed to transmigrate into another world with his Death Book! "What's this? Is this the body of a three year old? Davis? Is this my name from now on?" Finding himself possessing a small child, he becomes inwardly conflicted before he faces the truth and his reality! Young Davis finds himself as the legal heir, the Crown Prince of the Loret Empire in the Grand Sea Continent, becoming a powerful cultivator in a short time... However, is that all? Follow his journey as Young Davis becomes a full fledged death's advocate while embodying into the Divine Emperor of Death in the world of cultivation! "Mn? The route to become the Emperor is a given? Nah, I still don't want it..." "Oh? I'm courting death you say? Unfortunately for you, death is already my woman..." == Almost 200,000 words (Around 170 Chapters) available for free! == Cover Title Edit credits goes to Hesreth! == English isn't my main language, so please bear with it if you found some mistakes. == Discord and support links https://linktr.ee/StardustBreaker == Power Stones Ranking (Updated : 29th September 2021) 16th so far Golden Ticket Ranking: 11th so far Other than this, I'm planning for individual mass releases as well but don't rely on it.

  • God Emperor

    God Emperor



    Eight hundred years ago, a legendary man passed away. Zhang Ruochen, the son of Emperor Ming, was killed by his fiancée, Princess Chi Yao. Then, eight hundred years after his death, he came back, only to find that the one who had killed him had already unified Kunlun's Field and built the First Central Empire, and was now known as Empress Chi Yao... Empress Chi Yao—Her Majesty governed the mortal world and enjoyed prestige in all directions as well as an eternal life. Zhang Ruochen stood outside of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, looking at the statue of Empress Chi Yao, and the flames of hatred burned in his heart. “After I practice for 13 years, I shall send the empress to her doom!”

  • The Tale of the Void Emperor

    The Tale of the Void Emperor



    *Completed* Check out my 2nd & 3rd novels too. 2) Cosmic Peak. 3) Re: Love & Magic. [~Synopsis~] This is not your usual isekai novel. it has my unique world background, unique power system and i am trying it make it a unique experience for every reader. :) I would really, really and seriously appreciate if everyone reads all free chapters before deciding to drop your coins and FPs in this one. Thank you. Athan, a 16-year-old boy, lived until he was killed for a stupid reason. ( stupid reason & more in the prologue:v ) But it seems that fate had stored different things for him as after death, His soul transmigrated to another world inside a dead body of a boy with the same name and same facial features as him. He also found out that a mysterious black whirlpool seemed to be inside him and connected to his soul. After the short unfortunate first life, he starts living his second life with more suffering that he chooses himself to get stronger but with that also comes happiness he had never experienced. A smooth sailing second life of Athan starts with something mystical inside his body and other benefits of it that could make him stronger with some suffering. However...he didn't know that due to his soul ( That was supposed to return to the source of the universe after death but instead, it transmigrated by someone for some purpose and that caused an adverse effect like increasing misfortune on his soul ) The benefits he receives ultimately becomes the source of his second doom that is even worse than death. But...that's when the future Void emperor is born. ------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanted an MC that becomes stronger and reigns supreme without relying on anything external and he achieves his own unique power by virtue of his own hard work and ability. Although he gets benefits in the early stage of the story, That is the build-up for when he walks on the path he creates for himself. As you read more, it will get better so don't give up after just the first few chapters, At least please read the 2nd volume as The Real adventure starts in Volume 2[ Bloody Universe.] That's why my 103 chapters are free. [note: The First R-18 Chapter is 41. ] This is my first novel so expect some mistakes but I am striving to improve constantly because writing the story I play in my mind is so much fun and it's even more fun when people read it and enjoy it. ---- I've started using Grammarly premium from chap 90 and onward but I've still yet to edit early chaps...Though I'm definitely planning to edit them later and when I get free time. I hope you like this book. Thank you for reading. PS:- I own the images on my LN's Cover and all arts in AUX chapter are official arts that I commissioned. Discord: https://discord.gg/mCYTeRBuYx

  • Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

    Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao



    An ultimate warrior, the one and only Alchemy Emperor, Ling Han, had died in his quest to achieve godhood. Ten thousands years later, and he, with the "Invincible Heaven Scroll", was reborn in the body of a young man with the same name. From then on, winds and clouds moved, as he set himself against uncountable geniuses of this new era. His path of becoming a legend has begun once more. At all eras, and underneath the heavens, I am the strongest!

  • The Sinful Life of The Emperor

    The Sinful Life of The Emperor



    In the age of mutants and technology, everyone is after power and eternal life, but Kiba lives for his dreams of lust and vanity. A man on a mission to live the life to the fullest. The tale of the legendary Wife Hunter whose very name terrifies husbands around the globe. This is the story of the devil who does as his heart pleases, unafraid of the labels of good and evil. ----- Fan synopsis: Entangled in the schemes of two-faced government, a futuristic divided world, and a holy mission of his own, follow Kiba's journey of sins! (Note: The starting 20 chapters are very short and slow paced. The main story starts from the 30s so please give it a try till then ^_^ You can rest assured the novel has a good plot besides the R-18 elements ^.^) I do not own the cover. Support: http://bit.ly/trueseeker Discord: https://discord.gg/TGmqHw3 Glossary/Wiki: http://trueseekernovels.com/

  • Rise Of The Dragon Emperor

    Rise Of The Dragon Emperor



    Ronan Phoenix was the second prince of the fire country of Avalon , whose only crime was simply exisiting. Born with unprecedented natural talents and superiror elemental affinity he was hailed as a once in a millenium genius , untill one fateful day everything took a turn for the worse. In a world where those born with the forbidden element were considered the most heinous criminals , Ronan became the enemy of the entire humankind once his real elemental affinity was revealed. An ancient prophecy foretold the rise of a supreme who would wield the forbidden element and unite the entire human race ruling as the one true emperor , however the road to the top was perilous and full of dangers . Follow Ronan in his adventures as he uses his talents to overturn the order of the world as he rises from the cursed to the revered , from an ant to the Dragon Emperor! ----- This story is for the people who are tired from reading more of the same , as it has a completely unique plot premise and world building . If you want something fresh , well this is for you. ----- Check my other work on webnovel : MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master . https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/20366446406794005?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4315158053 Join the discord and the community , where you can talk freely with me and others who enjoy my work Discord id :- Raj_shah_7152#3385 discord link :- https://discord.gg/KJtRdwcW94 Cover is mine so don't go around using it

  • Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

    Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor



    After being reincarnated in a world of Gods, Demons, and Great Emperors, Wang Wei embarks on a journey to bear Heaven Mandate, proves the Dao, and proclaims himself a Great Emperor--a Supreme Being that overlooked Myriad World and Races. However, his Dao involves despising fate and its encompassing glory. So what awaits our protagonist on his journey full of vicissitudes to defy and even control fate? While he controls the fate of countless races and worlds, is fate playing with him? Can he escape the very shackles of fate that he controls? Better Synopsys: After an unknown cosmic accident that enveloped the Earth, Wang Wei was reincarnated into a magical world of spiritual cultivation. This world was composed of powerful Demons, cunning and brutal Devils, ruthless and indifferent Gods, detached and ethereal Immortals. More Importantly, Great Emperors--Supreme Beings that stand above everyone and everything, even life and death itself. Despite being born in one of the most powerful sects in the world, Wang Wei was placed under tremendous pressure when so many expectations were placed on him by his sect due to the fact they have not cultivated a Great Emperor for countless millennia--an act which threatened the fundamental status of his family, friends, and sect. On top of that, Wang Wei was not one of the chosen few of this world that was granted special gifts by Heaven, thus further aggravating his circumstances. However, he did not retreat in the face of adversity. With the mindset that “If Heaven does not give me, I shall take it for myself”, Wang Wei begins to plan his rise to the top with a brilliant tactical mind and the help of his mysterious soul so that one day he will become a Great Emperor that not only control his fate but the fate of all lives in existence. This story has a similar setting as Emperor Dominion, I am a True Villain, and Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go. If you enjoy this type of story, then you will enjoy my story. The first 30 chapters or so have many problems story-wise, so please bear with it as I was just beginning as a writer. However, I promise the story gets better afterward. Discord:https://discord.gg/bnsezTApeY Go check out my Pa.tr.eon: .https://www.patréon.com/LazySageDao Or just go into the site and search for my author name (LazySageDao). So, go and support me if you can. Warnings: No Young Master and Face Slapping. Disclaimer: The image on the cover does not belong to me. If the original author wants me to take it down, just leave a comment in one of the new chapters of the book.

  • Conquering the Emperor

    Conquering the Emperor

    [MATURE CONTENT - Sexual scenes] First met by fate. Separated by duty. Reunited in war. A love that started with betrayal. "The woman who manages to become pregnant with the Crown Prince’s child will be immediately promoted to the Empress" … and the only one that he wants is me...Note: I own commercial rights of the book cover as commissioned from the artist. While you support my work, I also support the work of artists. Thank you very much! My other works: Lust Contracts; Forbidden Heat R18 ; Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion R18Please support me directly at Realfantasies Patreon: www.patreon.com/realfantasies Thank you!

  • The Undying Mecha Emperor

    The Undying Mecha Emperor


    The Strongest Magic meets the Mightiest Mecha. I have stolen Golden Mechas from the deepest vaults of the most tightly guarded fortresses in the world. I have personally destroyed more armies than the top three superpowers have in the span of the Absolute War - combined. I burned down the terrorist megacity of Habon. I was expelled from the Union of Heroes at a younger age than people are allowed in. I have talked to Ancient Gods, loved women, and devoured mechas that would make superpowers cringe in fear. I have faced demons head on in moonless nights others fear to speak of during the day. I am deified in a thousand cultures, and labelled as the devil incarnate in the rest. I am the Mecha Emperor. You may have heard of me. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Excerpt from Chapter 1 This is where it all began. A junkyard. Oh no, this isn't your clean, mechas-only junkyard that was the 'starting point' of many mecha geniuses out there. I have seen and heard my share of rags-to-riches stories, and many of them claimed that they had started from 'junkyards' and slowly grew to be where they were right now. From Zero to Hero, they declared. You can do it too, they said. As long as you work hard, everything is possible, they claimed. I call bullshit. Life doesn't work like that. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Hi guys, thanks for dropping by. This novel is participating in WSA 2022. I will do my very best to write a highly entertaining and deeply immersive story for all of you to enjoy. Please support me! Thank you very much :) FAQs 1. Harem? No. 2. Rape? No. 3. NTR? No. 4. School arc? Yes. 5. Power up speed? Exhilarating. 6. GOT style deaths? Hell no. Btw, come join my discord server :) https://discord.gg/MN4xNRARzF

  • Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer

    Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer


    A mysterious hole appears during a beta test of a VRMMORPG game and forced me into the position as one of the grandsons of the holy emperor. Except I am also a necromancer...

  • The Emperor and the Knightess

    The Emperor and the Knightess


    The handsome Emperor falls in love with a Knightess! Knightess Poliana loses to the Acreian Army and despite her struggles to survive in a male infested military, she is now about to die. But then, the young king of Acreia sees her efforts and tells her: "I have a dream, I wish to conquer the world and become an Emperor, would you like to join me?"

  • Emperor's Reckoning

    Emperor's Reckoning



    Heaven, hell, and the world themselves have forgotten a prominent figure that once stood at the pinnacle. Alas, the said figure himself forgot who he was.Lyon is a young man who lived a leisurely life on earth. Not much was said except that he enjoyed such a life. However, one fateful night sent him to the world where killing is not a sin, alchemy is a thing, and magic cultivation is not imaginary.Immediately after being sent to this world. He is met with a beautiful woman who rumbled the earth and cracked the very firmament under the mortals' eyes. Selena is her name. She claimed to be his wife, the first one of three.However, their meetings didn't last long due to circumstances that he has yet understood. With one wedding ring on his finger that contained half of his past power, he sets forth to find Cecile, the woman whom Selena said is a queen in Blue Continent, the other wife that he adored then.But, he lacked focus at times, and combined with his whimsical nature, he often finds himself, in unusual situations. His smirk and lazy demeanor brought nothing but trouble for himself and the others around him. His relentless nature of stealing, his rebellious adolescence year, and the capability to smile by the teeth of a gnawing dragon brought his charm to a height that fairies once forget. Though his perverted nature often gets them to scurry away almost immediately, those that stayed long enough to know him better, know the redeeming qualities of Lyon Torga as a whole.Regardless! His arrival in this world has rotated an old cog of fate that those old monsters and old kings in the ages of the ancients, would have never guessed to be working again.

  • Rebirth! Rise of the Demon Emperor

    Rebirth! Rise of the Demon Emperor



    *Explicit Content Warning: descriptions of sex, torture, and implied rape. Only read if above the legal age in your country.* Waking up in an unfamiliar place Fredrick quickly discovers he has been isekaid into the body of a deceased young man named Joshua. Everything seems like it is going perfectly, lucky break after lucky break helps him. However not all luck is good and there are dark powers at play. A corrupt kingdom, unscrupulous nobles, and a world filled with monsters are just some of the challenges he will face. Everything was going well… all according to plan… until it all went to shit and Joshua loses himself to become an overpowering demon destined to conquer the world. There are laughs and there are dark moments, please enjoy the book and let me know what you think in the comments. …. Why are you still here? Go read the book already! …. Seriously… theres nothing else here… go read…

  • The Emperor's Daughter

    The Emperor's Daughter


    I have come, I have been born, I have gone crazy.This new life of mine with an impossibly long name, Ariadna Rerg Ilestri Frei Agrigent.I was born into royalty but into jealousy and hatred due to the position of my father.My father is a madman?The tyrant who had climbed his way up to the top with blood and bones beneath his feet.Can I survive with him as my father?The Emperor is a very dangerous creature.But he is still my father. Ai...------© YUNSUL 2014 / D&C MEDIA

  • Rise of the Great Emperor

    Rise of the Great Emperor



    Lin Xiao was an orphan who strived to get stronger while living with his sickly younger brother in an unnamed small village. When Taiyi Sect was destroyed in 245 of Tiancang year, he was pulled into the battle as one survivor, an outer disciple who was lucky enough to escape the massacre, landed on his place.The meeting led him to know the world and unexpected encounter allowed him to realize the truth of his birth, which also tell him how his 'siblings' whom he had never met before will try to kill him.The only way to survive is to become the best, the Greatest Emperor.Thus, his journey begin.

  • The Serpent Emperor

    The Serpent Emperor


    [MATURE 18+]"I probably should tell you this first and foremost, Gianita, that I do not intend to produce heirs by this marriage. The Prince will still be my heir, even though you're the Empress. "Then why keep me, Sire, if I am of no use to you? It's obvious that you do not intend to add any more members to the royal family besides yourself and the Prince, so why marry me?"-Gianita, a Princess from the Eastern Kingdom is sent to marry the widowed Emperor of Angletonia, a vast and prosperous empire spread in the western hemisphere. Surprisingly, the Emperor prefers the companion of his young son than his new bride.She can find nothing about his previous marriage, only that the wife died shortly after the Prince was born.With his past clouded with riddles, will she be able to unravel the mystery that is him?

  • Reincarnated Golden Emperor

    Reincarnated Golden Emperor



    Yamada Saito, a descendant of one of Japan's aristocratic families, died as a result of his family's inheritance being partitioned. He made sure to leave a nice present for his 'killer' before he died. Yamada Saito was taken aback when he awoke in another realm as a spirit after his death. Soon after, he hears the noises of a nearby brawl. When his spirit arrived on the site, he discovered a struggle between a demon and a human who seemed to be quite similar to the heroes he had read about. The Demon soon killed the hero. "Do you desire to utilize this body to build your dominating body?" a voice asks Yamada Saito as the demon goes away to recuperate. As a result, the tale of a man who would conquer this fantastical world unfolds! ~~ A/N: Hey guys, it's Evil_Dragon. This is a tale that I wrote a long time ago. Before I commit to a daily release schedule, I'll mass-release a large number of chapters. I'm not sure how many chapters I can add. It would be dependent on how much I could write in a day. I'm now working on turning one of my previous works into a manga. In comparison to books, I know most of you prefer to read the manga. I hope you would at least have a look at it because it will be free on the internet. Follow me on my Instagram: reveriecreations04 (I will be available over there and you can talk to me personally.) In addition, depending on how well this novel does, I will release additional chapters. ~~ 500 Power Stones or 50 Golden Tickets = 5 Extra Chapters on that week. Or 2 Extra Chapters on that day for every 100 followers on my Instagram profile (reveriecreations04). Please support and assist me. Thank you very much.

  • Rise of the Legendary Emperor

    Rise of the Legendary Emperor



    Rise of the Legendary Emperor 2: https://www.webnovel.com/book/rise-of-the-legendary-emperor-2_19876873706750605Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold but can a single man take revenge on a powerful kingdom?Do you like it when a hero kills an arrogant young master but spares or falls in love if the arrogant one turns out to be a young miss?Do you like it when the mc collects beauties like trophies on every arc rather than working towards his goal?Do you like it if the MC has to save his friends and family every single time from his enemies? Do you like it when the MC is a goodie two shoe who has to save every single character he meets like a good samaritan?The answer is probably NO.This story takes place in a world ruled by the humans after winning the war against the other races and every single race has been hunted down like prey by humans ever since.However, everything's going to change when another worlder steps into this world with only one goal, to destroy everyone who wronged him in the past.But no one realized, there's an evil force from ancient times that has already started to wake up and the only hope to win against this evil force is DON.Update Schedule : Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday**NOTE** :- Before you read the book,you have to know somethingsEnglish is my second language and I've taught my self by watching movies and reading novels so you can find grammar mistakes though i always edit the chapters again and again.Its my fantasy world and i bent some unwritten laws of fantasyDont hold back your thoughts bcz without you criticising I cant get better and improve the novelDont read the novel with a sole purpose of finding logic errors and mistakes,just try to enjoy the journeyFinally,SAY HELLO TO YOUR BELOVED/HATED AUTHOR (me) when you start to read the novelp.s - DONT JUDGE THE BOOK BY THE AUTHOR'S RUSHED OUT/ MESSY / BAD SYNOPSIS !!!!!!!

  • The Invincible Dragon Emperor

    The Invincible Dragon Emperor



    On the Great Land of China, forces clashed for the sake of supremacy and Bloodline Warriors ran amok; the conflict of the strong threatened to shatter heaven and earth. A young man named Lu Li—nothing more than a humble Coffin Carrier from the Northern Desert—came along with Lu Ling, his sister. The two were regarded as puny insects and bullied, but little did people know that Lu Li had the strongest Bloodline in him of them all. He mounted the most handsome of horses and drank the strongest of wines; He bedded the most beautiful of ladies and murdered the most hated of people; He told a huge lie and carried with him an ill-reputation undeserved; He traveled all by his lonesome and danced with devils; He had given his word that he would come back, that he would be strong. And it was because of this that she was still waiting in the city—alone.