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  • Endurance


    In life your only ultimately worth what you can endure . Trials and tribulations seem to come with being human . You can't take one without the other . Life is just one big race and the finish line is death . We all run futilely towards our fate. And get left behind and forgotten when we can't keep up. Judas Beltrove will not be forgotten and dismissed easily.

  • The endurance

    The endurance

  • Endurance 
 ......But Beutiful

    Endurance Love ......But Beutiful

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION

    A star who has full of emotions, and who was always caring and who was most expressive and who was most loving person to his fans but fall in love with unemotional scientist girl who was never expressed to anyone because she give more importance to her privacy. so star, he can do small thing his fans set to higher lever.He will get Love back or not. The girl accept him or not.

  • Lucifer's Descendant System

    Lucifer's Descendant System



    At some point in the 21st century, the Christian God stopped listening to the prayers of humanity. Monsters with colossal strength and endurance began to emerge and humanity entered its darkest period.However, to the delight of humanity, some people around the world began to receive powers, and so humanity was able to fight back against monsters, now seeing these people with powers as the heroes who fought for the good of the world.Among these people was Noah, who even though he gained powers, he knew that those powers did not make him stronger at all, making him just as strong as a normal adult man. However, an unknown system awakens and declares him to be the descendant of Lucifer, completely changing his life to the path of the truth and true power.[2 Daily chapters + Extra releases]Lucifer | Descensant | System

  • Endurance love.....but Beutiful

    Endurance love.....but Beutiful

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    A star love with scientist girl

  • Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-Brother

    Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-Brother



    When Lu Ming’s biological father and stepmother came looking for him, he didn’t feel happy or excited. A long time ago, Lu Ming’s father, Lu Yaohua, abandoned his wife and son and married his lover. For 18 years, Lu Ming had not seen his father, even when his mother passed away. Now, Lu Ming’s father came looking for him because his half-brother was sick and needed a kidney transplant. The first thing his father and stepmother said to him was that they wanted a kidney from him. “We are a family. You’re his older brother. It’s your responsibility to save your little brother. If you can help Ze, we’ll give you 10 million yuan,” offered Lu Yaohua. “A human can survive with one kidney, right? How can you not save your brother when he’s dying? You’re just like your useless mom!” scolded the stepmother. “Heck! I would never have agreed to dad spending the 10 million if the donor center has a suitable kidney for me!” cursed the younger brother. [Option 1: Agree to the request. Reward: A halo for enduring humiliation. Option 2: Decline the request. Reward: 51% of the shares of Wanke Real Estate—one the top 500 listed companies in the country.] Lu Ming stared coldly at the three visitors and scoffed. “I don’t have a brother like you, or a family. Get lost!”

  • Atlas- The Titan of Strength and Endurance

    Atlas- The Titan of Strength and Endurance


    There was once a man whose entire life was a legend, he was so powerful that each stroke of his fingers caused fractures in every reality and each punch retconned entire multiverses while entire Omniverses laid within his palms as both the sun and moon cowered in his wake... This person's aura radiated outwards from his body as it caused untold storms and tidal waves to form, this person was called Atlas- Atlas the Titan of Strength and Endurance.With one step he killed buddha and with the other he killed the devil... None dared to provoke him as this was the Mortal with the Titan-like Strength and Endurance, Ever evolving and with unlimited potential his story was only just beginning...P.s don't own the image.

  • The Enduring

    The Enduring

  • Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

    Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer



    In the 21st century Earth gave Birth to greatest genius ever. A genius who Master myriad of arts. Medicine to Engineering. Mathematics to Micro Biology. Weapon Designing to Environmental control. Music to Painting. Dance to Martial arts. He mastered Everything. He created so many things to help mankind such that he got the title 'Greatest Creator'. But what if he cant get justice for the loss of his loved one due to some political reasons? What if the governments which he served are trying to shield the criminals just because they are rich? Well, the Greatest creator turned into 'Greatest Destroyer'. He got his Revenge But the price is he is dead before realising his full potential. . . . What if he gets a Second chance with all the knowledge he gained in his life. A second life in a different world where a different energy exists? Where humans can reach heavens with this energy? What if he comes to this world where he dont have to bother about all the constraints limiting the technology on modern earth? follw the journey of Sam . AUTHOR'S NOTE. The first few chapters will have some mistakes regarding grammar and spellings and some inconvenience with paragraph arrangements. I will re-edit them whenever I am free. you will see the improvement the further you go. so I hope readers will endure a bit and read more chapters before deciding if the read is worth it or not. thank you . Follow me on Instagram @suryaboddus discord: https://discord.gg/XggwchS

  • Enduring to be immortal

    Enduring to be immortal

    After being alone for most of his young life Victor is already use to the lonely life of an immortal, which makes his decision easier when the ability to out live everyone he knows is within reach.

  • Marrying The Richest Man While Pregnant

    Marrying The Richest Man While Pregnant



    "The Fang family had two daughters. Their youngest daughter, Fang Yan, was known for her beauty. Rumor had it that she was indescribably beautiful. However, the eldest daughter of the Fang family, Fang Liu, had a low IQ since she was young and only started to speak when she was eight years old. Her parents regarded her as a burden while the outside world treated her as a laughing stock. However, no one knew that Fang Liu was an ultimate prodigy whose intelligence merely developed late. Afterward, Fang Liu got pregnant for no reason. Four months into her pregnancy, her parents forced her to marry the richest man in South City, the Mo family. Rumors had it that her husband was an old man who had been paralyzed in bed since the age of seven. Unexpectedly, when Fang Liu married into the Mo family, she found out that not only was her husband not an old man, he was also extremely handsome. He was the Young Master of the Mo family that everyone admired—Mo Yu! Moreover, Fang Liu's child was not even Mo Yu's, but Young Master Mo did not seem to mind? Mo Yu even declared in front of everyone, ""Although the child isn't mine, the wife is mine!"" Everyone else, ""Young Master Mo is too honest!"" After Fang Liu got married, Young Master Mo doted on her so much that even she was moved. She had found a great stepfather for her child! A few months later, Fang Liu looked at her newborn's face and it nearly felt like she was looking at a miniature version of Mo Yu. Fang Liu, ""Didn't you claim that the child isn't yours?"" Mo Yu shrugged. ""I was just spouting nonsense."" It turned out that there was no such thing as the right person at the right time at the right place. It was all premeditated. ""It's because I love you that I've tried everything I can; I endured all the criticism for my only wish is to have you as mine."" "

  • Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

    Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss



    Yun Luofeng, the genius of Huaxia Medicial School, died from an accident, and her soul attached onto the useless Eldest Miss of the General Estate in Longxia Continent. Not only was this trash ungifted in the literary arts and martial arts, but she was also big chested without a brain, arrogant, and self-willed. It was not enough for her to have a perfect fiancé like the Crown Prince. She actually forcibly snatched a pretty boy in public, leading to the Crown Prince to annul their engagement. However, the waste could not withstand this shock, so she actually hung herself to end her life. Opening her eyes again, she was no longer the previous useless eldest miss. With a contract with the Medical God's Code, the possession of a spiritual plant space, and miraculous hands that can bring the dead back to life, her medical skills will stun the world! Extending from the royals and nobles on top to the merchants and old and influential families below, they will all compete to curry her favor. Even His Highness the Crown Prince, who previously broke the engagement, came knocking on the door with a desire to reconcile? In regard to this, a certain mysterious man finally could not endure it anymore and proclaimed, “Whoever dares to come and harass my woman, let them come but never return!” Come party with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/WpxD7AA

  • Endure it with love

    Endure it with love

  • An Enduring Love

    An Enduring Love

    They came from opposite sides of an ongoing war. She was the daughter of the Red general born and raised in luxury. He was the son of a commoner whom he lost when he was very young. They met when they were young, him just after loosing his parents, her having run away from home. After that they never saw each other again. Years later she heads to the White's territory in search of a lost child and he has the White general. Somehow they meet, her the daughter of his enemy, him the enemy of her father and yet they somehow fall in love. A love so strong that will endure through distance and time.



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

  • Young Master in the Apocalypse

    Young Master in the Apocalypse



    Viktor was the youngest son of the richest and most powerful man in Russia. Anything he wants, he gets. No one dares to offend him, and every day, he's living a life of a king– Until apocalypse comes. His life is miserable! Or not. After spending two years hiding inside his luxurious Romanov bunker, living life the same old way full of alcohol, delicacies, and supermodels, he's finally forced to come out of his diamond turtle shell. Now, the world has become such a different place. His money, his friends, his status, all have been rendered useless. He was greeted with hordes of undead, mutated monsters, Alien technology, and superhumans that stood between him and his future. Fortunately, Viktor has found a Divine Artifact among his family's hidden treasure, The Djinn lamp that granted him the power to survive the new world. [You have received the spirit energy of stage two undead - level 10] [You have received 3 points in endurance] [You have received 5 points of spirit force] [You have reached a breakthrough into a new realm] With his newfound power, will the young master survive the apocalypse? Or will it only push his luck until he dies? This is the story of an arrogant young master on the journey to find the best thing; luxury, power, and jade beauties even in the apocalypse --------- Cover is not mine and it represents what Viktor's development will be, starting from volume 2 Author Note: Although set in an apocalypse world, this is a light story about adventure, friendship, and romance even among harem companions that will hopefully brighten up your day with some action and comedy. Please be warned that it has minimum sex explicit content. Check video trailer in youtube "Young master in the Apocalypse"

  • The Untouchable Son-In-Law: The Master Peregrine

    The Untouchable Son-In-Law: The Master Peregrine


    For three years, Finn Taylor is utterly humiliated. He has endured everything from physical beatings to verbal abuse. For three long years, he has gone by only one identity—the useless matrilocal son-in-law of the Larson family. But this life as he knows it is about to be turned upside-down as he reclaims his position as the head of Peregrine Hall.

  • Enduring The Prince's Antics

    Enduring The Prince's Antics


    Issabelle Rose, a calm and sensible woman with a ticking bomb like attitude when someone gets on her nerves. She is now trying to find something worthy of her time and maybe find some handsome suitors. Prince Kai Von Valkre, a spoiled brat with anger issues. He is now trying to control his anger on everything but failed miserably and was grounded. When these two first met, they don't get along. They are both stubborn and refused to work together. Issabelle can't handle the prince's ways that her attitude changed from calm to Godzilla kind of. Will love sprout?Maybe, maybe not.

  • The Traps of Black Swan

    The Traps of Black Swan



    'Each betrayal begins with trust' ~~~ ‘Endure a while’ was what her grandfather said. She endured the curses. She endured the pain. She endured the unfairness. She endured the behest. She endured the down heart. She endured many things but what did she get in return?  Betrayal from her own people. ‘This cruel world is not for innocents.’ She had to learn it forcefully laying on the deathbed wishing to leave the world forever. But fate plays cruelly. Now she is back to the same world to stand strong and smile at the evil. --- Excerpt: Aarvi Evans typed a message shamelessly on her mobile, [I need a kiss.] Her lips tugged to a rare mischievous curve clicking on the send button. It wasn’t even fifteen minutes, her mobile went off. She walked out of the private room of the restaurant and answered the call, “Hel…” She was suddenly yanked to the opposite private room. Before she could absorb the situation, the door was shut, she was pinned to the wall and a pair of thin soft lips pressed on her forehead calming her nerves. ‘How naive!’ She hadn’t thought he would actually ignore his client just to give her a kiss. A kiss! Aaron Rivas would have called her naive if he could hear her thoughts. The next second, Aarvi’s petite face was showered with gentle pecks without leaving an inch unattended. Aaron paused and said, “Cupcake! you hadn’t mentioned where you needed the kiss.” He didn't let her react and locked her lips. --- This is an original story. Thank you ^_^ for giving it a try. DISCORD: Munchkin_2#7368 Story DISCORD: https://discord.gg/QhhXXWq Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/munchkin_2 Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: https://linktr.ee/munchkin *Credit to the real owner of the novel cover photo.

  • No cure, so endure?

    No cure, so endure?