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  • Ero-System




    *FEMALE LEAD Mia, an 18 years old girl, should go to the system ceremony. it is year 3585 and after all those years of terrors and wars human came to understand a world out side earth years ago. they communicated with other races, learned that magic exist and even with the help of other races made an artifact for themselves to use magic. every human after their 18th birthday should go and install their artifact on their body. now was Mia’s turn. [Name: Mia] [Level: 0/unlimited] [Age: 18 (not fully grown) ] [Sex: female] [Lifespan: 100 years] [Skills: Gender Swap] [Magic: not available] [Points: 0] [Points needed for next level:1000] [Points needed for transformation: 10000 ] [For help say "help"] [Quests: have sex. 0/3. 7000 Points. 23:59.57] [Warning: if you don't complete the quests by the given time, five years of your lifespan will be given to system as compensation] -------------------- for Character photo and discussion join my Discord server:



    Fantasía R18 COMEDY HAREM

    Este Facfic le pertenece al usuario de Ficwad: TheLemonSage.A Naruto se le entrega un rollo que contiene los secretos de hacer que las mujeres se enamoren de él, un pergamino que usa al principio sobre las mujeres que lo rodean, pero pronto en el mundo shinobi como un todo, dando a luz al Ero-Ninja.

  • Ero Skill Tree

    Ero Skill Tree



    You know the drill right. Summoned to another world? Check. Demon lord that needs defeating? Check. Hot elf girl? Check. Medieval European fantasy setting? Check. Everything seems to be in order here, hold on what is this grayed out section to the skills tree? A hidden custom character skill tree. Wait whats that?If you would like support the story and access advance chapters please visit my patreon page

  • Ero Note

    Ero Note

    Vol.1: With the power to realize almost anything sexual, Wil abuses the power of the Ero Note to obtain everything life has to offer. A.N: completely sex driven plot.Vol.2 Awaking naked with nothing besides the Ero Note, Wil finds himself inside an endless labyrinth filled with magic and monsters. A.N: still sexual, there’s exploration of another world into the mix.

  • Ero Admin

    Ero Admin

    Just R-18 scenes practicing made into a compilation

  • Ero king

    Ero king

  • no ero no life

    no ero no life

    the world going destroy and now, I get ready to became Hero the world no have Romance or sex because there is just female and monsterbut i not to have relationship between them because my wife is tomato plant

  • Ero Trap Dungeon

    Ero Trap Dungeon


    What would happen a sadist were given a system, a system that turns him into the demon king of lust.How many girls would fall to his hands and have their whole body be assaulted by pain and pleasure?______________________________________________Taking a break Tags.Milf, R-18, Cultivation, Netori, System, Anal, Sex, Slime, Dungeon, Magic, Loli, Demons, Elves, Evil Mc, BDSM, Sadist Mc, Harem, Bondage, Comedy. (I'll add more after I think about it)Photo not mine, Credits goes to the rightful owner, if you are the owner and wanted me to take it down please say so.______________________________________________You horny? Me too, too bad you ain't my type.

  • Project Ero [R18]

    Project Ero [R18]

    Romance R18

    Compilation of steamy interconnected short stories. Short stories of 5 hot men and be ready to welcome their individual sizzling life.1st Series: Angelo - On going2nd Series: Tom - Soon3rd Series: Marco - Soon4th Series: Manolo - Soon5th Series: Evo - SoonFirst series is now boiling up!Check it out!© mcdarkages 2018

  • Ellori, the Ero Witch of Parthun

    Ellori, the Ero Witch of Parthun

    Fantasy Romance ACTION MAGIC SMUT


    Ellori has recently graduated from the Witch's Academy and assigned to safeguard the young Kingdom of Parthun. Its inhabitants have been under constant attack by demi-humans living in the Weeping Expanse's vast forests-- Centaurs, goblins, and other creatures have been kidnapping women with more frequency. Little did she know, Ellori was sent here to be on the receiving end of the Weeping Expanse's sexual frustration that plagues its denizens.Illustration by Yumeko SakinoSee more of my site here: joining my patreon to support me and for advanced chapters: my discord for constant updates or hang out:

  • The Rise of the Ero Masseuse System

    The Rise of the Ero Masseuse System



    It is the year 202X, this is an Earth whose history is slightly different from our own. However, it was that 'slight' difference that changed life on the world as we know it. Daniel Foster is an ordinary young man born in a time where young men and women, who come of age, can receive a System tailor-made to their potential. When it was time for Daniel to receive his, the one he received was called: the Ero Masseuse System. Through clearing certain conditions unique to them, people can level up their Systems. As you might have guessed, through completing many erotic conditions, Daniel is able to level up his System. For a young teenaged boy, such a System is usually a dream come true. However, for the sake of Daniel's goal, Daniel felt only deep disappointment with what appears to be a weak System. Wanting to vent, he told his best friend all about his true feelings. While laughing at his predicament, 'she' also pity for her disappointed friend. Wanting to do something, 'she' offered a surprising proposal. “…..Hey? If it’s okay with you, you can practice massaging. With me that is.” “….Huh?” From then on, Daniel's fate had changed completely. (*) indicates erotic scenes without penetration. (**) indicates erotic scenes with penetration. *I do not own the image.* *All rights go to their respective owners.*

  • Ero Short Side Stories

    Ero Short Side Stories

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 COMEDY SMUT

    A collection of stories that work as alternative side stories asked by readers of my other works. The type of things that would never work in the regular story lines, but there are no rules when it comes to making it separate. Either way, people wanted some really inappropriate stuff. So content warning for pretty much anything. I'll put specific warnings at the start of the chapters. It'll also be based on stories that I've written on here and other sites. Maybe there might be concepts brought up by readers if people are vocal enough about what they want. It mostly just depends on how I feel about it. The story it's based on (If it is one) will also be noted at the start.It might sound like I'm trying to cover my bases here. But I'm not really into a lot of the things written here. If I was, then they'd probably just show up in their main stories instead. These are mostly ideas from readers that I think I could make interesting for them.Image Source:

  • Devil's Fruit (21+)

    Devil's Fruit (21+)



    "Aku tau aku ini hasil dari pembuahan terlarang yang tak bisa terelakkan. Bahkan aku tau kekuatanku yang sebenarnya dan aku sangat membenci itu. Aku berharap aku tak pernah ada jika hidupku selalu dalam teror seksualitas yang mati-matian aku hindari." Andrea merasa hidupnya jungkir balik saat mendekati usia 17 tahun, dimana dia akhirnya tau bahwa dia adalah keturunan salah satu raja iblis Incubus di Underworld. Cambion. Itulah sebutan baru bagi dirinya. Apakah dia nantinya akan memiliki tanduk? Apakah dia nanti akan berwajah seram? Berekor? Yang jelas, Andrea tidak menyukai kekuatan barunya. Kekuatan yang membuatnya menarik perhatian para lelaki. Kekuatan yang membuatnya harus terus lari dan dilindungi. Sedangkan Dante, seorang Nephilim yang berhasrat naik ke Surga, dia harus membunuh 100 keturunan Iblis agar bisa menjadi seorang Angel. Dan Andrea merupakan target buruan ke-99. Namun, ketika feromon gadis itu terlalu menggoda, Dante menghadapi dua pilihan: tetap membunuh Andrea? Atau justru memiliki Andrea untuk dirinya sendiri? WARNING: - HANYA UNTUK PEMBACA BERUSIA DI ATAS 17 TAHUN - ERO-FIC - TIDAK UNTUK MANUSIA SUCI & ANAK-ANAK - VULGAR & EKSPLISIT - BEBERAPA DIALOG MEMAKAI BAHASA GAUL & KASAR - TAK PERLU MEMBAWA SARA KE KOMENTAR KALIAN KARENA INI BUKAN NOVEL RELIGI!

  • Ero Knight: Blood feist

    Ero Knight: Blood feist


    Let's start from the beginning, you are an unknown boy in a distant land of sword and magic, but you don't seem to have any talent for either of them yet you want to be great, you want to be known, you want to be heard of! And most of all! You want to touch a pair of tities!eeer- what? Tities?Yes, you've heard me! I want to feel a pair of tities, I'm tired of being some common farm boy!I want to go on an adventure, I want to slay a dragon!I want to get the girl!And most of all! I want-Blood feist..."What was that I couldn't hear you, Noah?"Oh, nothing Sir knight!Back to what I was saying, Sir knight let me join you! Let me be your squire!'Please I'll do anything man just say yes...'"I guess that seems alright. But so you know being a squire is no joke, you're going to have to train those puny arms and fight with your life on the line-... Hey, Noah are you even paying attention!"[Titel acquitted: The Squire I've become!]"Your not even a Squire yet! I have paperwork to fill out still! So stop giving yourself silly titles and pay attention to me!"[Titel acquired: Ignorer of knight Damon][Titel already holding and still holding because he isn't a pathetic squire yet: Farmboy!]Hey, don't go against me! you're my Title thingy!"And this is why your 17 and still a virgin... sigh""Leave my virginity out of this! Just you watch! I'll show you who a virgin is you big virgin!""hahaha me a virgin! Sorry sonny but your mother says otherwise""What?""hahaha never mind that"'Holy shit I forgot I found him in the forest when he was a kid!''Wait now that I think about it, I found Noah covered in blood when I found him? Shouldn't he be dead?'"Stop standing around and looking lost Damon! Today's my birthday let's get drunk!""haha I almost forgot it was your birthday kiddo, now let's have some fun, because starting next week you'll be my official squire on your path to becoming a strong knight like yours truly!"________>_______P.S. cover isn't mine, hey if the owner sees this and wished for it, I will remove it, just contact and let me know, kk

  • Eros


    "Eros Pierce is a thirty seven year old Greek-god who isn't all he tells twenty two year old Aduke Williams he is but they're both in love. Two people from entirely different worlds. Secrets that could ruin lives. A possessive man with a sex drive out of the roof. What could possibly go wrong? "What's my name?" his voice almost drove me crazy. It almost drove me mad but it definitely made my panties soaked. "Eros" I told him with conviction, my voice didn't cave or shake. "Good, now who do you belong to?" he stepped closer and I craned my neck upwards to look into his captivating eyes. "Eros" he smiled at my reply before placing a kiss on my forehead. "Who do I belong to?" he asked, pulling back and I almost cooed at how cute he looked."

  • The Perverted Evil Cultivator

    The Perverted Evil Cultivator

    Fantasy R18 HAREM VILLAIN


    Does transmigrating into a world of cultivation mean you have to strive and become the hero? The kind hearted justice loving protagonist who breaks all records and becomes knows as the strongest?Not really, since Bai Long chose a different path. A Path filled with the Seven Carnal Desires.On this path of Arrogance, Lust, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Pleasure, and Life, there's nothing which will hold him back from obtaining what he wants.P.S - This novel isn't for everyone, and especially not for the faint hearted.The story contains all sorts of sexual content from rape to public humiliation. Read on your own discretion....Read unreleased chapters in advance at don't own the image, so if you want me to take it down. Just send me a message.

  • [BL] Eros and Ellis: A Brother's Secret

    [BL] Eros and Ellis: A Brother's Secret



    The promise took place in an orphanage where the two boys first met and promises were made that will break them apart as they grow older. But as years passed by, people change, things had changed, Eros and Ellis have different career paths and different lifestyles, would their promise be, their awaiting fate?•••[Shoutout to the one who drew/edit the cover! Please message me if you see this. It’s so beautiful! Thank you so much! xx]

  • eros


  • Ero_Senpai


  • Compañero Imperial

    Compañero Imperial


    Una historia sobre un príncipe antipático y su excéntrica compañera problemática.Va a haber drama, traición, guerra, mucha comedia... Y como no, un montón de Diabetes ;)

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