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  • Escapism Of The Lunatics

    Escapism Of The Lunatics

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 HAREM

    An extract from the forbidden fantasy that test's an adolescent's morality, sexuality and strength:Peter watched my reaction. Eyeing every contortion and breath I made.I shyly looked down at his intimidating gaze, tangling my fingers in my tousled hair. Parts of me want to explore and be fine with this. With what he does. The way he treats me. Parts of me feign for how far I'm willing with his predatory side. Submit to his will. Parts of me willing to be his prey. But there's limits to me. There's limits to all of us mortals. And although he is capable of grief, I'm uncertain he's capable of sentiment. He's limitless. There isn't a number on how much Peter can stretch out your bones. Or shovel you so deep into the ground that you feel as though you belong with the dirt. He can tug your veins until they're wrapped around the Earth a thousand times. Still, no limit. He can show me greatest horrors in the mere palm of his weirdly uncalloused hand. I've seen him manipulate, abuse and bring terror first hand. I think off all the times he placed himself on me and it was more than 'I want to hurt you.', but it wasn't 'I want to please you.' either. It was, "I want you to satisfy me in the strangest ways." I don't satisfy his romantic desires, because, clearly, he obtains none. I might've satisfied his...dare I say...sexual desires when we kissed. I let him touch me all he wants. I know I shouldn't, but he is intoxicating. A shot of liquid gold. I loose control, I've always been in control. Although he is a monster, there is still a human amongst the remnants of what's left of Peter Pan.

  • escapism: the chapter

    escapism: the chapter

    History ROMANCE BL

    (Weekly Update)The story told through notes in diaries, narrates the most human experiences of discovery and reunion of two soul mates through the times of a boy named Jimin and his companion, and soul brother Marco, who were separated by an accident of fate while still living together in an orphanage.Escapism is a novel based on the Akai ito legend, which tells a love story divided into passages written in different times and seasons.Credits cover illustration: copyright

  • Agriculture Escape: Ultimate Boss Has A Space Pocket!

    Agriculture Escape: Ultimate Boss Has A Space Pocket!



    # first daughter # figurehead # agriculture [space + ancient times kingdom building + escaping from famine]The big shot from the future, Bai Wutong, transmigrated to ancient times with her space pocket! Before she could feel happy, she found herself in a chaotic world! There was murder, robbery, schemes, sky-high prices, and many other things all around! She killed two people the moment she arrived. Then, she kindly saved someone, but was deceived and stalked as the person insisted on following her. If that’s the case, then don’t blame her for getting aggressive! After she finally managed to settle down, she was assigned to the frontier to open up the lands. The remote lands were out of anybody’s control, and there was nothing more that Bai Wutong could ask for. After a few years, Bai Wutong accidentally led the richest man of the previous dynasty, the prime minister, the commander of the secret guards, a great scholar of the dynasty, the holy maiden, as well as the divine doctor… and turned the barren land into a rich, noble town that everyone desired. When the emperor and his ministers came to admire the place, they were dumbfounded. That man who was pouring tea beside Bai Wutong… Wasn’t that the emperor’s eldest son, who had been dead for many years?!

  • Escapism is a form of Love

    Escapism is a form of Love

    "You stumbled upon my pages and for that, I thank thee, I will impart knowledge upon yourself and I hope you read more than the last."

  • Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster

    Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster



    ***Completed*** Jerlina struggled hard to get out of the small town filled with gangs not only to improve her life, but also to get away from 'him' - the one she calls 'The Monster'. No, he really was not a monster... He was 'her monster'. 'He' had devoted his life for his little sister. She had offended him by breaking the friendship with his little sister. She thought she escaped it all when years passed and she settled in the city. A nice job, a lovely boyfriend, a small home for them... She thought she had what she needed. She almost forgot about 'him'. But then he came back in her life for his sister, and took everything away from her. Her boyfriend, her little home, her freedom, and to her dismay he even took the child in her belly. And he forced her to marry him! Why? Will she escape his clutches? ----- He is a self-made man although he is from a powerful family. He has attained everything he has, working hard with his own hands. He has plans, He has secrets. But for him, she is the moon. She is his first love. She came to him one noisy night and he couldn't forget her from then. But every time he tries to get close to her, she suffers as if they are not meant to be. He wanted to stay away from her to not see her suffer. He did stay away from her for years. But when a chance presented itself pushing her to him, he couldn't stay back and tried to get close to her. And he got close to her to help her, but then he made her lose her child unwittingly. What should I do? I can't just give up on her! ----- One heart filled with resentment and another filled with remorse... What will be of them? Can his love make her resentment go away? Or will his remorse consume him? Will she see his remorse over her resentment? Will she forgive? Will there be romance? Or will there be blood? ----- Thank you readers. Updates will be at least one chapter daily. Cover picture is not mine. Will take down on request.

  • Nameless King

    Nameless King



    Once all people received Souls and incredible powers. Some were lucky enough to obtain the Soul of an ancient and powerful creature, but fate was not favorable to all.The world began to change, and creatures evolved. But, it was not the beginning of a new era. It was the end. A couple of months later, a dark mist appeared and destroyed the world. It was a dictate of destiny from which no one could escape.Wain Norheim was the world's best assassin and the only one who didn't get a soul. However, he was destined to gain the power to confront fate.Escaping through a portal into another world, he unknowingly began the apocalypse. Even the world failed to expel him.

  • When I Was About To Jump Out Of A Window To Escape A Marriage, I Was Reborn!

    When I Was About To Jump Out Of A Window To Escape A Marriage, I Was Reborn!



    #wifespoiling Xiao Li had been reborn at the moment she was sitting on the windowsill with one leg out, planning to jump out of the window to escape her marriage… In her previous life, all her misfortune started from this jump. In this life, she silently retracted her leg, ignored her “good” cousin who was plotting against her below the window, and slept peacefully. The next day, she put on her wedding dress and got married. *** Qin Xiao looked at his little bride who was clinging onto him with some puzzlement. He didn’t understand. This little girl had been so intent on ignoring him last night, but was suddenly being so clingy now? But, it was good that she was clingy. He held her tightly in his arms, already planning how he would pamper her thoroughly…

  • Regressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!

    Regressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!



    'Every Mistake has a price' Visca, a playground for the 'Gods', is a world where 'Gods' nurture their champions to fight for them. Reincarnators, Transmigrator, Regressers, people with system and other cheat characters, all roam the world of Visca.Then, HE was brought into this world.And THAT, was the mistake the 'Gods' shouldn't have done.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer:He reincarnates in a world that has its own laws and rules. A vast world where different species rule over different kingdoms. A world where magic decides your future. There is danger lurking everywhere. Thousands of secrets undiscovered. What happens when a genius among geniuses reincarnates into that world with only a pathetic amount of magic within him? What would happen to someone who only wanted to live a plain life with his wife and family? What was the reason for his reincarnation? and what will he do next? Find out as you follow a magical journey of myths and Legends, as threads of fate unravel themselves at the hands of the 'weakest' mage. .................................................................. [Chapter 1-8 have been edited once. Chapter 9-12 will be edited soon. Thankyou for your patience] ................................................................. [Chapter 1-18 is 0th ark. (A form of intro ark) It has many information dumps and there could be grammatical mistakes in them, so please bear with it. Chapter 19+ is the first ark. It is where the main story actually starts. Thank you for coming here] .................................................................. Other important points: •This isn't a weak to strong type of novel. Our protagonist is strong from the beginning. The story would revolve around him and his brothers along with the future allies and the choices they make as they explore the world. •The first 18 chapters will have a lot of foreshadowing, world-building and other explanations. It will cover at least half of the world area that you should expect to be explored in the future. •Also, you might feel like it started somewhere from the middle with so many things going on in the background and that's because it is so...Don't expect things to finally kick into motion after the MC appears... .................................................................. [I do not own the Cover and if the creator has any issues, please message me at I'll credit or remove it]

  • Fate/Subcategory Grail War: Escapism

    Fate/Subcategory Grail War: Escapism

  • I Can't Escape The Baby's Father After Returning

    I Can't Escape The Baby's Father After Returning


    Mike, what are you doing? Hurry up and let go of me!" I whispered as I struggled. He kissed me so roughly that I felt like I was going to choke to death. Then, his lips slid down my neck and shoulders. His hands began to wander all over my body as they slid up my skirt and began to rub my breasts. I was scared and expectant. This was my first time, and I was with the man I loved the most. I knew it didn't seem right, and that he probably wouldn't even remember in the morning, but I couldn't seem to stop. ...... How memorable could a high school graduation party be? Melanda did something she didn't regret, but something that would affect her entire life thereafter: she slept with her crush. Not only did she have sex, but it left a lasting gift. She secretly gave birth to a daughter and was unable to forget the sweet memories of that night. As the saying went, if you can't forget it, it will come back to haunt you. Six years later, she returned with a daughter who looked like her father and caused a stir in her life and his. Perhaps, their story had just begun ......

  • The Devil's Cage

    The Devil's Cage



    Welcome to a virtual underground game with no protection, full of lurking players who seek survival, power, and fortune. Kieran chose to enter this VRMMORPG game without hesitation, because he knew this was the only way for him to escape death’s grasp. Can he escape death in real life though, or will he end up dying inside the game?

  • Billionaire's Escaped Wife

    Billionaire's Escaped Wife

    Five years ago, Aaron Hunter personally sent her to prison. Five years later, he ruined her innocence at her wedding. When the misunderstanding cleared up, the man turned into a spoiled wife maniac. Mr. Hunter, on the eve of Valentine's Day, let us celebrate a little ~ how do you celebrate? To celebrate, we get divorced. The man thought for a few seconds, to celebrate, a bed is enough.

  • Divine Hint: Reporting An Escaped Convict From The Start

    Divine Hint: Reporting An Escaped Convict From The Start



    # rapiddevelopment Li Hao mumbled, “Huh? Someone escaped from prison? Hmm? Why is there an exclamation mark on the bounty notice?” [Pay 200 yuan and you will receive information about the prison breaker's location. What are you waiting for?] Li Hao wondered, “There is an exclamation mark on this scratchcard too?” [Scratch this card and you will receive a grand prize. Don't miss it!] Li Hao exclaimed, “A question mark above this box of pills?" [This is a box of life-saving pills. It can save the life of an old man. Accept the mission and head to the location and you will receive an unexpected surprise!]

  • Prostitutes' Escape

    Prostitutes' Escape



    [Warning: MATURE CONTENT18+] Welcome to this trashy novel of mine. This story will make sure you get frustrated upon every action the MC takes. She's clumsy, weak, dumbass and pervert. In short she's very annoying to deal with. But haven't we all seen such type of people in our daily life as well and wondered how dumb can this person be? Let's be honest, we all love making fun of that person at some stage of our life. But have you ever wondered how does the world look from their perspective? I've written my own imaginations by putting in their shoes and tried to make the personality as bad as possible. And the name of this character is Lara who commits suicide in modern world, and unfortunately wake up as a prostitute of an emperor in an ancient Empire. Not knowing what to do next, she plans to escape and settle down at a faraway peaceful village. But despite her continuous efforts, she still fails multiple times. Cause as you might've guessed already, she's a jinx! Will she finally give up and continue her life as a prostitute or will a drastic event change her mind? A/N: This work deals with themes of suicide, sexual depictions and violence that may be upsetting to some readers. Discretion is heavily advised!!!



    Angelo loved her from the very first moment he laid eyes on her. She didn't know who he was and what he did in his past and he loved it that way .It was his past and he wanted her not just for fun but for keeps. If only she stopped running away from him...Cleo didn't want to catch feelings for a guy who was out of her league . He had everything sussed out and she didn't or so she thought . Running was always a safe option but fate had other plans ...

  • The Holy Princess Escaped Again

    The Holy Princess Escaped Again



    # godsanddemons She was cursed by her own sister into becoming a half-human, half-beast, and pushed into the demon realm. Yet, she didn’t die, and even became a little witch that the demons adored. The vicious demon lords of the demon realm said, “Whoever hurts our Yaoyao will be declaring war with the entire demon realm!” She returned to the human realm and used a sacred demon sword to deter the world, overwhelming all prodigies. She only returned to the human realm for revenge, but accidentally offended an Upper God of the immortal realm. She woke up to find that she had defiled a beautiful man, so she intended to escape after committing this awful deed. To her surprise, this man came and dominated the demon realm for the sake of locating her. He was an Upper God, but his actions were much more ruthless than demon lords. She had no choice but to show herself. The man grabbed her waist and said, “If you want the demon realm back, offer yourself up in exchange!” Character Setting: Qu Yao: Aloof, strong, flamboyant, domineering Bai Xianhe: Indifferent, calm

  • Extreme Pampering After Marriage

    Extreme Pampering After Marriage



    # destiny Xu Youyou, daughter of the Xu family who had been sent to the countryside to nurse her health years ago, had returned to uphold the marriage promise with the Lin family. On the eve of her wedding, the groom escaped abroad in search of his dream girl. The crowd gasped and watched on excitedly. Xu Youyou’s only comment was, “Okay.” The next instant, her fair hands had seized the collar of a man’s shirt as she asked sweetly, “Mr. Mo, can you marry me?” The business tycoon, Mo Shenbai, was aloof, abstinent, mysterious, and kept a low profile. Having dominated the challenging business industry for ten years, no media was bold enough to post a picture of him, and no woman was able to catch his eye. Everyone said that Mo Shenbai’s marriage with Xu Youyou was only a contract, and they would surely divorce after a year. Xu Youyou was happily reading these rumors about her, but then she noticed something was off, She didn’t have to pay for her shopping, nor choose her food, and everyone would ardently greet her wherever she went, calling her “Mrs. Xu.” Then, Mo Shenbai’s dream girl came back, and Xu Youyou’s ex-fiance confessed, “Youyou, only my love for you is true. Come back to me. I won’t dislike you.” Before Xu Youyou could answer him, the domineering man embraced her and said in a low and seductive voice, “Baby, didn’t you tell him that you already have a proof of our love in here?” He placed his warm hand on her flat tummy. Xu Youyou blushed, and the ex-fiance’s eyes turned red…

  • No Escape??

    No Escape??

    When a strong willed girl meets with strict CEO.



    Our protagonist Shin Ataoka is a quiet high school student, with a part-time job and a beautiful sister who helps him in housework, probably the perfect life, until that day ...