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  • Exhaustion


  • Exhaustion Devilry

    Exhaustion Devilry


    Nurul lives a peaceful and beautiful life with her two best friends Aifaa and Dee. She never did unpleasant things to other people including them. Just a little tease and joking around. Not until one day, she suffers and sudden coughing blood made her feel weak and just about to die. "Am I going to die soon?""No cure, isn't it?""I'm right, aren't I?"And since then, she was not fully herself when one of her classmates was spiteful in silence and dissatisfied with everything she did. No one knows until.....THE REVELATIONS.

  • The day when earth get exhausted

    The day when earth get exhausted

  • Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

    Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction



    # SSS # COPY This was the apocalypse. Humanity was at the brink of extinction, all resources were exhausted, and the entire world was in ruins. Just then, enormous, mysterious black towers appeared in various locations across the globe. Inside the towers, there were huge amounts of resources. The greater the number of floors of the towers, the more resources it contained. However, corresponding to that, there were also more powerful beasts protecting them. The only way for one to obtain what he desires is to become stronger and defeat them. As such, at the demand of the Global Federal Government, teenagers who are of age have to go to the towers to awaken their talents. Liu yan, who had transmigrated here, awakened the SSS-rank talent: “God-tier Extraction.” Extract the impurities, and increase the power level of his equipment. Extract the beasts, and obtain resources to level up. Until one day, he realized that he could extract the stats and talents of other people… This marked the beginning of Liu yan's journey of endless harvesting.

  • what a exhausted day ! huh
She thinks and lie down on a sofa in her

    what a exhausted day ! huh She thinks and lie down on a sofa in her

  • The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

    The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity



    # grouppampering "Shi Xi: This is so exhausting. I’m going to retire from showbiz, and go home to inherit my family fortune. Netizens: How can a fake rich daughter inherit a family’s fortune? After waking up, Shi Xi clenched her fist. “I must work hard. I will not inherit the family fortune!” After transmigrating as a fake young lady who would have a tragic end, Shi Xi wanted to stay away from the original script to save her life. She decided not to follow the development where she would inherit the family fortune, fight for the male lead, and be thrown into the river to feed the fishes! And so, Shi Xi gave up on the family fortune, and started overcoming challenges in the entertainment industry! However, everything was going swimmingly for her in the entertainment industry, so why did everyone assume that she was leading a tragic and aggrieved life? Her wealthy parents: Our dear daughter, hurry up and come home to inherit the family fortune. Her brother with a sister complex: With your brains, you’re not suited to stay in the entertainment industry. Just come home and live a good life until you die. I’ll take care of you. Her aloof older sister, aka the female lead: Only I can bully my sister. The domineering male lead, aka her sister’s fiancé: I’ll always be by your side. Shi Xi backed away, screaming on the inside, ‘Don’t come near me, main characters!’ A gentle two-faced bigshot villain stopped her. His spoke gently with a voice that allowed no room for rejection, saying, “Are you staying away from them because you want to be with me?” [One-on-one showbiz + Group pampering + Sweet love + Bigshot villain + Real and fake rich young lady]

  • Ace Of Terrans

    Ace Of Terrans



    Loose cultivator Shi Lang gradually found himself in the realm of invincibility. However, when he finally tried to ascend to the higher realm, the spirit of the world was nearly exhausted. So, between his ascension to a new world or the well-being of his home, he chose the latter and sacrificed his life to save the world. Nobody knew what he gave up for the world, and he told no one. Although his sacrifice had gone unsung, there was still someone who witnessed everything. A treasured artifact he carried on his body preserved his soul and let it escape a tragic end. Eons passed. The human race stepped out from the age of cultivation into an age of stellar conquest. The spirit energy in the world was now scarce, but humans found other means to excel. In this highly-advanced time, Shi Lang's soul has found a chance to be reborn. What happens when an ancient cultivator that neared the level of a deity before his first death gets a second chance at life in the space age? ... PS: The cover does not belong to me, so do notify me if you own the copyrights and want this to be taken down. Thank you.

  • Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points

    Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points



    Ye Ming transmigrated to a world of swords and magic, here there are giant dragons, elves, orcs, magical beasts, the undead… Ye Ming realized that he was a student who obtained the last place at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was about to be expelled. “Ding, Supreme Skills System, loading……” “Ding, unknown reason, system bug has occurred……” “Fixing bug……” “Bug fixed, skill points remaining: max!” …… Looking at the skill panel that had appeared before his eyes, Ye Ming tried to click on the “+” icon behind the “Fireball” magic. “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 6.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 7.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 8.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 9.”...... “Congratulations on your self-taught mastery, you have understood the “Laws of Blasting Fire’, your Fireball has evolved to become Forbidden Spell: Dark Sun Blast!” Looking at the enormous fireball that was as deep and dark as a black hole floating before him, Ye Ming smiled and started going crazy on his skill points…… The next day, Ye Ming dragged his exhausted body to the wizardry academy library. He knew that he had to learn new skills now. Because~ the skills that he’d learned before all became forbidden spells! He tried to light a fire for a barbeque and almost blasted away the entire academy!

  • Endzone: Simulated Apocalypse

    Endzone: Simulated Apocalypse



    WPC #234 - Survival Game, Gold Winner. Check out my newest book: Xianxia Online ***** When the Game calls, will you answer? Money, fame, power, love. Anything can be obtained by the victor. However, to get to the summit, one must be ready to risk their lives, surviving through powerful zombies and mutated nature alike. They must be prepared to kill without a second thought, use any tools they had at their disposal. They must be ready to sacrifice all humanity and abandon all morals. But Jace Silverdale, codename "Cyanide", didn't need to do that. Why? Because he had already done so, long before the game even began. He, was a professional assassin. And when said assassin is suddenly offered a chance to obtain what he always wanted through a survival game where killing is the only path to take, Jace felt right at home—though his wishes may differ from everyone else's. "Money? Fame? Power? No, no, no. I came here for one reason and one reason only—to break the game." Merciless and resourceful, watch as the former number one underground assassin dives into the apocalyptic world of Endzone and survives to become champion! ***** Excerpt: On the receiving end of the throw, Ragnar caught the knife like a champ, and immediately stabbed down on the flower’s tentacle. The massive plant screeched in pain, letting go of him, and Ragnar began falling from the air. “Woah-!” He was well on his way to falling into the monster’s mouth with no hope of making it out, but luckily, Cyanide was present. Immediately dashing into the air with his insane agility and speed, the assassin… … landed a painful kick in Ragnar’s stomach, and sent him flying into a wall. “Oof!” Ragnar grunted as he hit the ground, clutching his abdomen in pain. “Ugh… goddammit, Cyanide! Was that really the only option you had?!” “Yes,” Cyanide replied calmly as he evaded the flailing flower’s various tentacles with ease, and did a backflip. “What else did you want me to do? Princess carry you out of danger?” “Tch… whatever,” Ragnar snorted, looking around. “But that aside… where’s my goddamn sword?” Cyanide landed beside him, dusted his clothes off, and pointed at the still-wildly-thrasing flower. “He ate it.” “…” “…” “Oh, NOW I’m PISSED,” Ragnar muttered through grit teeth, cracking his knuckles and glaring at the massive flower. “GIVE ME MY FUCKING SWORD BACK, YOU BOTANICAL BASTARD!” Saying that, he charged at the enormous Venus Flytrap-esque plant, fists bare and head fuming. Cyanide gave a sigh in exhaustion, closed his eyes briefly, then followed after him to take the flower down once and for all. ***** You've read about zombie apocalypses and machine apocalypses... but what about both, blended into one? I ensure you, this is not the usual apocalypse survival story you are used to. This will be a fresh experience, something new to dig into. With that said, enjoy the book and please vote with your power stones! ^_^ P.S. This is purely a work of fiction. Please don't bring real geographical facts into this novel, as I am well aware some things may not make sense. This is a web novel, not a geography textbook. (P.P.S. Yes, the beginning is like Squid Game. If you read past 5 chapters though, you'll see it's anything but similar.) ***** Background image credits are not mine. ***** Update Rate: 1 chapter every other day Discord: https://discord.gg/g326rUc5Jv ***** My other novels: The Legendary Ghost Hunter/The Mage of Primordial Chaos/Ascension: Online P.S. The cover art is not mine, and I am not sure who the artist is. If the original artist wants me to take it down, just message me on Discord at Cyclxne#3415.

  • Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife

    Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife



    Just as Li Meirong thought her life couldn't get any worse, she transmigrated into an abused body of a servant girl being sold at a brothel in a completely different world. Saved by a mysterious stranger, she stumbled her way into a large cultivation sect. She struggled to find her place in this new realm, with its own rules and obstacles, far different from the one she was used to. One day, while on a quest to find a spirit beast, she encountered a wounded fox cub in the woods. "From now on, you will be my precious companion...." Hugging the cub closely to her chest, she showered him with affection. Without her noticing, the fox cub narrowed his lustrous golden eyes and flashed a set of razor-sharp fangs. 'Who does this stupid girl think she is?!' Does she not notice the noble bearing of the Sovereign Fox Lord? 'You're lucky you're my wife or this Sovereign Lord would have killed you a thousand times over by now!' As her journey continued with her adorable pets by her side, Li Meirong began to realize that in this world, her powers were incredible! "Little Fox, Little Fox! I have my own space to grow divine herbs and can even summon legendary beasts!" The Little Fox rolled his eyes. Humph! Isn't it only a few divine herbs Obviously, as her husband, he would provide her with whatever she required. As for those other pets... if they dare touch even a single strand of hair on his wife’s head, a death sentence awaits them! Meanwhile, the Fox Lord had been experiencing his own set of difficulties. His wife still thought he’s just a dumb little animal! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt; "Surely, you don't assume your Husband's fire could be doused so easily?" he inquired at length, revealing a trace of wickedness as his thin lips hooked upwards. "I will have to trouble my wife to take care of me."  "Please, I can't take any more trouble. Y-you can't be serious..." she whimpered. 'This shameless, outrageous man, can't he see I'm exhausted?!' "Everything is going to be fine," said Zhu Qingyue, licking his lower lip. He teasingly imitated her own previously spoken words. "Don't worry. I've got this all under control." "..." Li Meirong's mouth hung wordlessly open. She realized that her inebriated decision had led her into another unexpected death trap!  One round after another, the pitiful, ignorant wife of the Sovereign Fox Lord had discovered and repeatedly reacquainted herself with all the sore parts of her body. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I opened a Patreon for this webnovel. Please show your support for the novel. :) https://www.patreon.com/marriedafox The discord channel for the novel - if you would like to be part of any discussion relating to the novel, questions to the author, sharing art content, etc', join now! :> https://discord.gg/KpSTSHu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *This novel contains mature and explicit scenes, depicting violence, as well as sexual content.*

  • QT: Capture The Villain's Love

    QT: Capture The Villain's Love



    "I'll follow you to the depths of hell no matter the price I have to pay just to bring you back to me." . . . . . Tyler had been transmigrating from one world to another without any breaks. Without any memory of his past, his heart was pretty much exhausted. Unfortunately for him, the system would often choose the worlds where Tyler would play a villainous role, dying a tragic death. Slowly, his survival goal became— 1. Get as far away from the leads as possible 2. Try to live a peaceful life 3. Avoid tragic death 4. Take revenge, if necessary The main characters would often act according to the role. But suddenly, one of the male protagonists started OOCing without any prior warning! Even more shocking was that every male lead after that began to stick to Tyler like a puppy dog faithfully. Tyler, "What the hell is wrong with you people?!" Male leads, saying in unison, "I love you, baby." Tyler flipped the table in anger. *** PS: This is a Quick Transmigration story of a cold from the outside and warm from the inside shou X manipulative, talkative, pervert, and extrovert gong Previous name: Capture The Villain's Love Update schedule: One chapter every two days. Disclaimer: I don't own the cover pic. The credit belongs to pinterest (basically from an anime called, Ensemble stars) PS: Please support my work: paypal.me/princesspink121 Discord server: https://discord.gg/q6f5hhyU4q

  • Love in a place where fingers mean world [BL]

    Love in a place where fingers mean world [BL]



    “He was standing at the edge of the rooftop, looking down at the ground. It looked like paradise. Full of trees, lawns, kids playing happily outside. He looked at them with jealousy. Why can’t he be like them? Why did he have to suffer so much? ’I would jump somewhere else…’ A deep voice sounded behind him, changing everything.” The Vermilion Dragon Book #1 Not everyone can live a happy life. The two of them shared a similar fate. They were exhausted from living in such a world that didn't favor their circumstances. One was abandoned, one was abused. One day, they had a sudden meeting at the school's rooftop. At that moment, fate interfered, tying the strings of their destinies. That very fate worked to make a journey that they could travel together. However, their meeting did start off on the wrong foot. They haven’t become friends. Would the plan that fate wove for them be fulfilled when they are destroying each other? Will their relationship overcome all the problems?

  • The Runaway Wife Wanted Internationally

    The Runaway Wife Wanted Internationally

    The most helpless thing in Aria's life was that Grayson had always been ignoring her during the six years of their marriage.And Grayson's greatest chagrin in his life was that Aria had finally become disillusioned with him after he had been her husband for six years."Grayson, let's end it...""Aria, do you know that? I regretted that I didn't screw you to death in bed!"Six years of marriage finally ended up with divorce.Grayson was the president of the famous Harris Group in Z City and a golden bachelor that countless women dreamed of.He fell in love with her after only taking a look at her, who was as pretty as a picture in a white dress.However, a marriage of interest exhausted all his love for her.He gave her tit for tat at every turn to watch her suffer.Aria could not remember when she had fallen in love with Grayson. She vaguely remembered the teenager had smiled faintly under the sunlight on the street one afternoon, like a warm spring breeze blowing into her heart.Three years after the divorce, they met again, but in an awkward way.He had Zoe with a bright smile in his arms.While she nestled against Lucas's shoulder with a light smile.For the first time, he was just about to provoke her when she pre-empted him, "It's been a long time. This is my fiancé, Lucas. Our wedding is on the 12th of next month."Wedding? At these words, he thought in his heart that there was no way she could get married!

  • This Curse Is Just Awesome

    This Curse Is Just Awesome


    After transmigrating, Chen Yu found himself in a highly militarized world. But the “will of the world” had concluded that he was an intruder and put a curse on him. [Effect of the Curse: State reversal] [Cultivation in progress: Internal strength -1, -2, -1, -21……] [Physical training in progress: Obesity +1; Weakness +1; Strength -1; Endurance -1……] Chen Yu grumbled, “This is really too much! I am not going to practice anymore!” [Lazing in progress: Internal strength +1, +2, +2, +1……] [Burning the midnight oil in progress: Health +1; Immunity +1; Lung function +1; Exhaustion -1……] [Indulgence in progress: Health +4; Energy +3; Strength +3; Internal strength +20; Lifespan +2; Time as a sage -5……] This curse… is really marvelous!

  • My Buildings Mutated

    My Buildings Mutated

    Magical Realism URBAN


    Smith obtained the best Building System. Everything he built or renovated would be granted attributes! Excellent-grade hotel: guest flow +30%, exhaustion relief +30%. Since then, the guests of this hotel have showered the hotel with praise and have never stopped coming back. Exquisite-grade toilet: odor elimination +10, laxative +15. Since then, this toilet became gospel for those with constipation and a nightmare for those with diarrhea. Exquisite-grade home renovation: spouse cheating +20, owner career +15. Since then, though the owner of this house was cuckolded, his career did gradually improve. Perfect-grade tree-lined path: safety +30, environment +25. Since then, this path became the safest road in the country…

  • Study Monster Cultivation System

    Study Monster Cultivation System


    [Have you become more learned today?] [Accounting for the capacity of your brain, your study efficiency has been increased to 28 times that of normal.] [The remaining amount of energy you have for studying today, 26 hours.] [You will enter an exhausted state when your energy is depleted and be unable to obtain new information.] [Please relax by using the functions within the system and restore your energy as soon as possible.] With limited energy and the onset of fatigue, the Study Monster had no time to think too much. Had the heavens not grant me this system, the unending sea of knowledge would seem like a long night.

  • MMORPG : Rise of the Interstellar God

    MMORPG : Rise of the Interstellar God



    In the year 2100, global warming has long since made the Earth's natural surface uninhabitable with a new ice age. Humanity takes refuge in huge, closed cities, but life is difficult. Video games are the opium of the people, letting them escape the chaos of life in immense metropolises. In 2100, the first fully immersive VRMMORPG, "Horus," was released, and the world changed! Entirely coded by an independent AI, "Horus" made all other games look meaningless by comparison. Megacorporations quickly monopolized on the wealth "Horus" allowed its players to amass, and soon people like Alexander were spending their lives slaving away to make money for the companies who employed them. But on the day Alexander died of exhaustion, collapsing in his gaming booth... ...He woke up, alive, nine years earlier. One day before "Horus's" launch. "This time, I'll do it right! I know everything that's going to happen! I'll become the strongest, and no one will take advantage of me again!" ------------------------------------------- ///This work takes place in an MMORPG whose main goal is the exploration and conquest of space./// ///my two main inspirations are: The Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God and the Legendary Mechanic./// ///I care about the coherence of the story, even if the theme of overpowering is present, it is thanks to the reflexive and opportunistic choices of the MC and not a chance to come out of nowhere. //// Personnal discord : Hamapo#9438

  • Baby Invasion: Mummy, This Demon Lord Wants To Marry You

    Baby Invasion: Mummy, This Demon Lord Wants To Marry You



    Having transmigrated to a cultivation world, Mu Yao found herself trapped inside a mountain cave—with a Demon lord, no less! Given his powers, he should have been able to bust the cave open with ease. Unfortunately, he was bound by chains, with his spirit powers sealed. However, there was one way to escape—having Mu Yao to perform Dual Cultivation with him. After a round of indescribable events, the cave burst open and Mu Yao fled. Having exhausted all his energy, the Demon Lord fainted. With the Demon Lord’s elixir in hand, Mu Yao swore to take revenge on all those who had caused her death in her previous life. But nothing seemed to go to plan! On the very night she escaped from the cave, Mu Yao inexplicably gave birth to twins, and her memories came flooding back. It turned out that she a fake daughter of a wealthy family that had deliberately thrown her into the cave. The birth of the children shook the heavens and earth, extending even into the Demonic Realm. After awaking and recovering his strength, the Demon Lord realized that the woman had stolen his elixir while they performed Dual Cultivation. He swore to seek her out. “Woman! You can have the elixir, but you and the children belong to me!”

  • Foolish Me

    Foolish Me

    Giving up his life as a rent boy for his lover William Matheson is the easiest decision Theo Bascopolis has ever made. This smart, handsome man wants him in spite of his past and promises to love him forever. But that past has left Theo riddled with insecurities, which have a tendency to turn up when he’s at his most vulnerable.<br><br>Case in point: things seem to fall apart when Wills goes on an extended assignment and the number of times he contacts Theo is precisely zero. Theo might be willing to believe work is getting in the way, but then a message he receives appears to confirm another betrayal. Well, his heart may be broken, but he’s not dumb enough to hang around waiting for it to get shattered. He leaves town determined to have nothing more to do with Wills.<br><br>Wills returns home after an exhausting assignment only to find Theo gone with no explanation. It doesn’t take him long to piece together what’s happened and determine a plan of action. Wills is a man of his word who keeps his promises, and he has no intention of letting the best man he’s ever found walk away from him.<br><br>But having been betrayed once, is Theo willing to trust his lover not to break his heart again?

  • Isekai For My Ex

    Isekai For My Ex



    Andrei is an average guy who find peace in his daily boring life with his girlfriend but when she died from an illness, his soul was shattered into pieces with feeling of powerlessness and guilt, but even still, Andrei keeps on living his daily life for her, putting a facade, that even he doesn't know who he was anymore. He lost more than half of himself when he lost her. Years after her death, while working on a project, he finds himself waking up in another world filled with fantasy and magic one can only find in manga or anime. Upon walking around, he stumbles into an incident where he tries to save a girl in peril. Exhausted after his heroic act, he loses consciousness and wakes up again in an unfamiliar place where he suddenly becomes the fiance of the Queen of the Kingdom of Ethareri, he tries to knock himself out of the dream, but he finally realizes that it wasn't, he then finds Claire, a docile-looking flat-toned girl having little to no presence at all inside his room without knowing that she was there already from the beginning. Follow Andrei as he embarks in an adventure full of comedy and tragedy, as how the new world teaches him valuable lessons such as forgiveness, as he, an ordinary human with no power at all, uses only his wits, memories and determination to try and stand up against the invasion of the evil races, saving his newly found love, friends and the world he was thrown into. In the end, will Andrei choose to stay in the world he have fought for or will he go back to the world for a second chance to relive his daily boring but peaceful life by reviving his ex-girlfriend.