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Loose cultivator Shi Lang gradually found himself in the realm of invincibility. However, when he finally tried to ascend to the higher realm, the spirit of the world was nearly exhausted.

So, between his ascension to a new world or the well-being of his home, he chose the latter and sacrificed his life to save the world.

Nobody knew what he gave up for the world, and he told no one.

Although his sacrifice had gone unsung, there was still someone who witnessed everything. A treasured artifact he carried on his body preserved his soul and let it escape a tragic end.

Eons passed.

The human race stepped out from the age of cultivation into an age of stellar conquest.

The spirit energy in the world was now scarce, but humans found other means to excel.

In this highly-advanced time, Shi Lang's soul has found a chance to be reborn.

What happens when an ancient cultivator that neared the level of a deity before his first death gets a second chance at life in the space age?
Cover Credits: ropreker#8513(discord)
Fonts and Final editing credits: Not gonna tell y'all. XD

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    I don't want to spoil too much, but after a few chapters I have a grasp on what the style is like, and while the first chapter has a kind of zoom in effect with suitably much background about the world, the dreamy, ethereal feeling of the character decipted just floating through the world comes to an end and the story kicks in. I won't say much about the plot. It is not my place - this is not the kind of book I normally read. But the style is immaculate, and the flow gets you reading, the world is vivid and the feeling of moving is certainly there. I have nothing to complain about.

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    right away I will say this story has decent world-building and ok story development. but that's it. first of all, reading the first 15 or so chapters is like rubbing sandpaper on your eyes and is the visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. excruciatingly slow start, repeating segments that don't add anything, and a general lack of plot development outside of typical world building combines with machine translation quality English to create a unique abomination. to top it off it's maddening that a story can have such decent world-building while making a character so empty I question if the story even needs them. I will attempt to read the remaining chapters while it's free, but genuinely don't think I can. this novel isn't the worst thing ( that goes to a novel that suddenly became one-piece fanfic at chapter 85ish) but I cannot stress enough how mediocre at best this is.

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    This is a story with potential. I like the plot, I like the characters, and I like the world background. However, there is one thing that really leaves much to be desired: the writing quality. The words themselves are ok. They are not being spelled wrong. It's the awkward sentence structure you can frequently find, the missing words and the words not fitting the context that really lower the quality of this story. The sad thing is that these problems could be prevented easily. The author needs to do some editing, or get a beta to do it. That way this story could really be up there.

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    Overall the novel is mediocre, and okay for killing time. I'm currently 100 chapters into this novel. Though the MC is a reincarnated cultivator it has very little influence on the story. Other than some fighting techniques, old pills, and very little old fashion cultivating the MC doesn't use his past knowledge at all. So in that regard this story is more of a sci-fi novel, than a cultivation sci-fi fusion novel. During the story you learn almost nothing about his past life, other than he was a subpar cultivator. I found it somewhat difficult to connect with the MC, as most of his relationships are not really well fleshed out. Also, the MC's personality is somewhat unstable. Sometimes the MC acts like a young adult, others a wise cultivator, and other times like a child. It's like the MC is going through a constant identity crisis. I'm also confused at how a former cultivator who has wiped out countless lives and seen the worst of humanity, is stunned by some of the stuff he witnesses. My biggest gripe with the MC is that he's really just a cog in the machine, and doesn't have any real goals. Even if he was the climb to the Pinnacle of the armed forces, he'd still just be a cog, and nothing special. The MC is currently going on missions, but they are quick and he is efficient...so efficient there is no thrill in reading the mission chapters. The writing quality starts off pretty bad, but get better in the later chapters. Overall not a bad novel, but nothing revolutionary here.

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    I never ever read this type of book in my life, it's fantastic and in ending of every chapter suspense is fabulous i like it ,.........I had the chance to beta read this story, and I see the improvements Tiffanie incorporated. This is a light-hearted urban fantasy without the dark and troubling twists often found in such reading. The story shows what daily life could be like with the supernatural with humor, and keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. I read it with pleasure, and while there weren't any coffee spewing moments, I did snort water a couple of times. If you like "What If", you'll like this; if you like humor, you'll like this

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy

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    very mediocre novel. but the main reason I gave it this low rating is the unrealistic development. no character has any depth. every one is as smart as a brick.

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    I love the quality of this novel. It's exactly the type of novel I'm looking to read in my spare time. This novel features an OP MC, a direct progression of the story, and a clear power system. The author's style and pace in his chapters are comforting to read and you can clearly feel that a clear effort of world-building is established in the story, so props for the author for that. My concern through the progression of the story (without spoiling anything) comes with the characters themselves. The MC does not have any philosophy for himself, or in other words, he is the type of every generic cliches that act like the MC empathizes with the weak and is clearly a beta male then in the next chapters the same MC becomes arrogant and thinks every single species are just ants to him. The same could be said to some characters in the story too. All in all, I'd strongly recommend this to readers who want to have a quick read. In the end, face-slapping novels are still satisfying to read.

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    author I need to have an answer at the beginning I tolerate that this fossil which serves as our mc is inferior to babies (in strengh power) but I have the impression that he will be the equal of this baby jenkhis thing like That i forgot his name for a long time so i have a question are you going to honor the existence that he is or are you going to put him in rivalry with this kid for a while?

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    Concept is interesting, but the story is mid. Writing quality is good enough. ... ... ... .... ... .... .. .... ..... .... ...... ..... ..... ...... ..... .....

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    I have read the first 25 chapters so my review is based on tHose chapters alone. So far the novel is extremely well written, the author does a really good job of providing details in a manner that doesn’t feel like it’s being rammed down your throat. Fight scenes are fairly well written and a good amount of back strong to both the character and the world is provided, though I do hope that the author provides more detail about the universe since it seems fairly interesting. Over all a really good start to a novel and I hope the author continues to release “the goods” for us peasants.

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    It’s an ok novel. Atleast better than most in this platform. Reviewed at ch 200 Personal Score - 7/10 MC - vagrant cultivator turned serious loyal soldier. His past life is only significant at the start and with regard to his combat/survival skills. He’s still OP though with edgy/cringe-y moments. Side Characters - generally bland and predictable but inoffensive. They’re not really vital to the story as almost everything is dependent on the intervention of the MC. Romance - it’s cute but it was too abrupt and became predictable. MC also suddenly had a goofy personality when it did happen which is kinda weird given the prior chapters leading to that. But he then switches to a cold and uptight personality at will. World Building - the world is grand, vast, and curiousity inducing. Mechas are a thing but not really a big part of combat as of yet which is weird because it was the focus at the start. It’s Plot - It’s ok. Nothing ground breaking. Imagine a Starcraft Terran novel but with cultivation levels. One criticism is that the plot is too MC-centric as mentioned earlier. Dropped at 200 because I’m really not a fan of the loyal and uptight soldier trope. Seems too propaganda-ish to me. Also the plot became uninteresting to me as it everthing became a “serve your country” plot. But it’s good though so give it a shot.

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    I've never read so much bs, in the space of maybe 5 chapters, in my entire life. If you can get past the stupidity of it all, I commend you. Simply put, read at your own expense.

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    love the novel is all great but lately started mixing chapters or merging chapters with another novel instead of just updating what over one it is frustrating to read really good spot and get seriously nasty clif hanger

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    I came here after reading chp 31, genuine question.. why are make the MC have a crush on jane? U don't even give the reader a hint, i like their chemistry as a friend tho.. i can say that the romance is really bad that's it, i don't know about the later story coz i'll drop this

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    As far as fantasy or science fiction goes it's not that bad, but the military parts are horrible: crazy or nonsense training, missions and combat.

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    let me tell you one thing about this book, it is foooookin Immaculate, the flow, the style, the character individuality, hotdamnnn, what did i losing out all this time?

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    Spelling and word usage could be better but otherwise great book!

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    I've read more than 320 chapters now. author, your writing quality has become much more than the initial 60-70 chapters. I've binge read almost all the available chapters yesterday. if u could take some time to revise and edit the chapters, it'll improve your reader base by a significant margin. just my2cents. I've enjoyed the story thus for and thank for creating an unique environment in your novel.

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    The story itself is rather enjoyable. Rather quick paced with very little to no filler. He basically gets a day of rest before he needs to go back into action. The universe isn’t overly unique, but still fairly developed. The side characters aren’t super devloped. They feel more like place holders while the MC does his thing. The most glaring issues are the terrible grammar and continuity. Plural and conjugation errors abound. Definitely in need of a proofreader. People and things are spelt one way then changed mid chapter. And then there are random ramblings interjected in the middle of the story for no explicable reason. Final thoughts: interesting without the usual tropes of most cultivation novels. Which this is, it’s just set in space with science and technology.

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