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    jungkook! apa kamu menyukai ku?

  • Familiar Assassins

    Familiar Assassins

    Author: M.J. Swenson has been writing stories since elementary school and earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. Besides writing and reading, M.J. also enjoys playing music and video games. I woke up feeling that something had changed. I blinked twice, waiting for my eyes to adjust, and glanced at the clock beside my bed. It read 6:38, as it did every morning. I slid out of bed and moved to my dresser, where I opened the third drawer and pulled out a dark blue V-necked shirt with short sleeves and a dark blue pair of pants. I changed in front of the mirror and examined myself. I looked just as I had the last time I’d looked in the mirror: long, straight, dark brown hair; blue eyes; an absurdly straight and narrow nose; the slight scar at the edge of my eyebrow. The scar whose origin I still couldn’t remember.

  • The Familiar

    The Familiar


    Morland Grimm is a powerful man, he has everything a man could want in life, money, women, and expensive cars, but as he walks to his brand new acquisition he hears a bang and the last thing he sees is the car's leathery seat.Beatrice Strange a promising witch from 17th century of an European like reality has her fingers crossed, mentally, while she chants the words that could finally bring to her what she had failed to encounter up to that moment.Her familiar.

  • The Familiar Strangers

    The Familiar Strangers


    "Who are you?". Laura said as her eyes widened when she saw him. This can't be happening. I'm sure I'm still sleeping, now will be a good time to wake up. Laura muttered to herself as the figure infront of her kept staring back into her eyes. "Are you ok?". The voice asked wanting to touch her but she quickly left his presence. "Am I going crazy or something?". she asked herself, looking back to see if she was being followed but good thing she wasn't. Who the hell is he?

  • Familiar stranger

    Familiar stranger

  • Familiar Horizon

    Familiar Horizon

  • Familiar.


    Alternate world full of magic and wonder, a young girl training in witchcraft with her loyal daemon Ombra, she has not yet chosen to be a good witch or bad witch...When there's magic in the world what do we see? Is it the normal or abnormality? If you were one of the Unbound what sort would you be, a Dreamwalker perhaps? Maybe a ElementUser? Well whatever you chose to be you could never expect the shadows coming for you...Neither did she.

  • The Familiar Academy

    The Familiar Academy


    On the day of her dreaded twelfth birthday, Briar is called in to be evaluated for her potential to be a Mage. Mages become products of the state; their souls are removed outside of their body to take corporal form of an animal called a familiar. Watch Briar as she navigates her remaining childhood as a ward of the Familiar academy where no one will ever graduate.

  • The Fated Familiar

    The Fated Familiar

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 WEREWOLF

    Luna’s a Bruja, Demetri's a werewolf. They come from different worlds and species. When Demetri’s wolf reveals his Mate to him, and Luna cast a canto to find her familiar, their lives will be turned upside down. In a rollercoaster of emotions and everyone pulling them apart, will Luna and Demetri be able to hold on to each other. Finding love is hard enough to begin with, but when Luna and Demetri lives seem to collide into one of another, will love find them.

  • The Ginger Familiar

    The Ginger Familiar

  • Familiar Evolution

    Familiar Evolution



    This is about a monster and a young girl named Morgan, Morgan summons a weak baby Dire Wolf she has no choice but to make the Dire Wolf her familiar because of the rules, the rule is with you summon a monster that monster is your familiar for life, Morgan named the Dire Wolf Aaron.Morgan will get a spot in the number one school in the world and will train Aaron well learning about familiars.Aaron will mutate in many different ways, mutations can make a monster grow wings, get sharper claws, and other things that change their body.



  • A Familiar Story

    A Familiar Story

    This is not a true novel. It is, in fact, just me writing parodies of the popular novel templates. It can be anything, from the cold-blooded assassin of the 21st Century that got reincarnated to the usual Xanxia and its many tropes. If you think they are funny, or even better, really looked like a few novels, that meant I did a great job. Feel free to comment if you think I missed a specific sentence or a plot that I forgot, like, in VR novel, the MC is always an "expert", "he is an expert", "such expert". It is truly a side project, so no scheduled update, it is meant to help me write my true novel. As for the end of this project, when people will stop doing the same thing, over and over and over again, expecting something to change, that is when I will stop it.

  • The familiar face

    The familiar face


    Zoey Katherine is a beautiful young girl who was once haunted on the streets back then when she was 16 years old,running away from a man in a black car who traumatized her well being as she collapsed and lost her memory. Two years later, she is better. She remembers everything and everyone but she doesn't want any man near her. She has always been single. She is currently living in the city of New York and is working at a small coffee shop to help her brother who is living with their sick mother back home in London, to pay her school fees since she's studying Law and also to pay her bills. Now what happens when a young handsome gentleman visit the coffee shop where Zoey works?He is not just any young handsome gentleman but Zoey is determined that his face is familiar. After a not-so good encounter at the coffee shop, Zoey finds herself plundered to pay for her unpleasant actions by working for the handsome gentleman as a punishment.Things get quite engrossing and exciting as the two begins to fall for each other while staying together under one roof. But their beautiful love fairytale soon turns into an ugly nightmare when old secrets starts to unfold and the truth leaves the two souls fractured in the end.

  • A Familiar World

    A Familiar World


    Going camping should've been a fun experience. At least his best friend told him so. He certainly didn't expect to wake up with his friend and camp nowhere in sight, and a floating screen asking him to select his class. The berries he ate must've been something else for him to be hallucinating this much.

  • A Familiar Difference

    A Familiar Difference


    The only one I ever trusted was Dojun, but there is secrets hidden underneath, between us and my past. Can this be the end of our friendship or the start of something more?

  • Old Familiar Song

    Old Familiar Song

    Back in college, Larry Carson played drums in a friend’s band and fell in love with the lead singer, Geoffrey Mason. But all that’s in the past. Larry’s now thirty-five, divorced, and father to a precocious thirteen-year-old daughter.<br><br>One day, when Larry picks Crystal up from school, a song comes on the radio by a new rockstar climbing the charts. Larry recognizes Geoff’s voice immediately, though Crystal calls him Geo and claims he’s the hottest new singer on the scene. Just hearing him brings back a flood of memories, reopening wounds Larry thought long healed.<br><br>The more he listens to Geo’s music, the more Larry falls in love with his former boyfriend all over again. Partly to prove to his daughter that he used to know Geo back in the day, and partly to reconnect with his old friend, Larry buys tickets to an upcoming concert and manages to score backstage passes.<br><br>But there was a reason Larry and Geoff lost touch -- and stayed out of touch for so long. Will Geo even want to see Larry again after all this time? Or will the magic of their old familiar song bring about a harmonious duet?

  • The Witch’s Familiar

    The Witch’s Familiar

  • Demon Familiar

    Demon Familiar


    _____ is laying on the ground. punching his face makes me feel.... incredible. hahahaha I can't stop, I won't stop. he starts to gurgle on his blood and broken teeth" your.... you're monster"I throw him up the air and put both my hands together and slam him to the ground. once the dust settles and he's slowly crawling away from me, but with his broken arms and legs, he can't go very far" after what you did, your calling me a monster... I'm the opposite, imma God"and I punch through his chest, and the light in his eyes fades, but his body still twitches and I can't look at himdisgusting, everything here is disgusting.I wasn't always like this, I was actually the opposite, I couldn't even last a week without getting injured. the world wasn't kind to me, so I decided to get strong and not be kind back. I'm being hunted by people who call me family, but they only want my familiar Greed. I gotta be strong to protect him, I gotta be strong so I can hurt those who are trying to hurt me. I gotta get strong.... so I can finally find happiness in this world