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  • Love for Always

    Love for Always


    Keluarga seharusnya lengkap ayah, ibu, dan anak-anak ada di dalamnya. Namun, keluarga Hendrick kehilangan sang ibu karena menderita sakit paru-paru. Tiga anak dalam keluarga ini, Reggy, Felipe, dan Maureen, harus belajar mandiri mengatur hidup mereka karena sang ayah Gio sibuk bekerja keras memenuhi kebutuhan keluarga. Maureen, bersih keras tidak ingin punya ibu tiri. Sedangkan sang ayah, akhirnya merasa butuh pendamping untuk menguatkan dirinya menjalani kehidupan hingga masa tua. Ikuti keseruan Reggy bertemu Resita karena lomba di sekolah, Felipe berjumpa dengan gadis aneh Bernama Wuri, Maureen yang harus memilih antara Natan atau Randy. Bagaimana pula Gio? Mungkinkah putrinya akan luluh dan merelakan dia memiliki pendamping lagi dalam hidupnya?

  • Ousama Rising

    Ousama Rising

    A história acompanha Vell Bryte, um jovem determinado que está em um árduo treinamento com seu mestre Songnar Roldgrace, porém tudo muda quando surgem assuntos relacionados ao passado deles.

  • What are You Up to, Stupid?

    What are You Up to, Stupid?

    A K-POP Artist, a Manga Artist and a CEO of the World's Largest Company hate each other but share one similiar thing, having a friend name Felipe. Will Felipe make these three girls finally be friends or something worse?

  • The Gangster Bitch ( Tagalog )

    The Gangster Bitch ( Tagalog )


    Alcyone Scera is a Gangster Bitch, she 's not with her family 'cause she always get trouble in their home. And she's really inlove with Felip Xhandler until the Mission came she's Meet Xysto Maverick and everything's change.---------------R-15START - 082120END- ---

  • Perka



    Felipe Beard foi abandonado aos 10 anos,quando sua mãe percebeu que dicidiu abodanalo, por que ele atrapalhava os negócios dela como prostituta Então a mãe de felipe o deixou na rua Felipe Beard- mãe o onde estouMãe- não se preocupe  querido você vai se virar, senão conseguir não e problema meu adeus Então sua mãe chamou um táxi e foi, embora deixado Felipe Beard sozinho no mundo e sem ninguém por perto, então ele foi atrás da sua mãe porque não entendia o que estava acontecendo.

  • Shepherd


    Felipe Lugo made a bad mistake, and now he's starting two years of prison time to pay for it. He says goodbye to a girlfriend and faces life inside with men. Men tougher than he is maybe. Men with their own idea of how Felipe should be. And now he has to make a choice: to be a wolf or a shepherd?

  • Sofia


    Felipe is an executive who is late for an important meeting at work and to make matters worse, the elevator in the building where he lives is broken. In deciding to use the stairs begins to be pursued by the memories of your past as someone ... ( He decided to use the stairs, and them begins to be haunted by memories of his past...

  • Looped



    Bell Felipe a man in his mid 20's finds himself being treated in a hospital. After yet again passing out wakes up to find himself shrunken down to his teenage body in an exact replica of his old highschool. To his surprise he is actually in purgatory the border between life and death. Here he and his colleages must train for an entire year so they can then fight all kinds of monstrosities while guiding thousands of lost souls to the afterlife in order to come back to life or wither away in battle by the passage of time.

  • Unveiling


    Historical Romance ROMANCE MYSTERY

    Intriguing characters, battles between good and evil, forgiveness and passion are the highlights of this book. What more could a reader wish?“Unveiling” is a series of tales that narrate Ana's adventures and misadventures in the spiritual and material worlds while mysteries are unfolded. It goes through a dilemma involving light and darkness and a desire to unravel what is hidden. Ana's internal struggle is worth it for the saga that accompanies her and for the discovery of a world before unimaginable.“Unveiling” is a captivating book. Since its first tale, we do not want to stop reading so as to know more about Ana's engaging life.English version: Felipe Prado Pazello dos Santos.

  • Angelic Hell

    Angelic Hell

    Meet Seira Montefalco. The so called ordinary young lady who studies medicine at Royal College. Young, pretty, and innocent -- that's how others say about her. Her delicate features and attitudes made everyone in her school admire her and love her. Meet Shakira Izuella Mandelien Felipe. Even a three year old knows the Royal Crown Princess' name. But instead of admiring her, her people fear her. Why? Because she is mysterious as hell. Some say she disappears every third week of the month and reappears on the fourth week. Meet Scarlett. The famous assassin in the world. Many organisations want her to become theirs yet she paid no attention and continue to live independent though governments secretly hunting her down, in fear of her abilities. Other than that, she is known for being a very good deceiver. One is an angel, one is a hard nut puzzle and the other is a demon. Little did they know that Seira Montefalco, Shakira Izuella Mandelien Felipe and Scarlett are the same person! What could possibly happen if she stumbles to an ancient artifact which lead her to another world?!

  • A Labyrinth for Artistic Beat University

    A Labyrinth for Artistic Beat University


    A Labyrinth for Artistic Beat University (ALAB U) is the best school for performing arts in the Philippines known for its best teaching methods and practices for the aspiring artists. It is also known for producing the best performers worldwide. Annually, the students battle to become the Elite Five - the top five aces not only academically, but also in performing. The current Elite Five comprises John Paulo, Justin, Stellvester, Josh Cullen, and Felip Jhon for four years already. But the horror was just about to start on their last year at ALAB University as the Elite Five were forced to become experimental subjects. Along with the rest of the Elite Five, they battle to escape, eradicate, and eventually defeat the dark brink of the university called ALAB.See teaser video here: https://youtu.be/RMyqqwEwhzw

  • Werewolf World delete

    Werewolf World delete

    Persaingan cinta antara tuan dan pelayannya disertai perebutan harta, tahta juga seluruh isi istana. Dibantu oleh penyihir kejam yang tamak akan kekuasaan menyebabkan dua wanita tersebut terjebak dalam permainan si penyihir.Hingga pada suatu hari sang pemuda pun kembali mencari gadis itu di tengah hutan belantara, dimana putri telah masuk ke dunia serigala yang menemukannya di hutan.Ternyata putri merupakan keturunan manusia serigala, Ratu Freya adalah manusia serigala dari negeri Feodora. Putri diharuskan mengembalikan nama baik para serigala yang pernah dirusak oleh Vincent, ketua vampir yang ingin menghancurkan negeri Feodora.Hanya putri yang dapat melakukan hal tersebut, dia harus melakukanya bersama Felipe, tapi bagaimana caranya?The love competition between the master and the servant was accompanied by the struggle for wealth, the throne, and the entire contents of the palace.Aided by a cruel witch who was greedy for power caused the two women to get caught up in the witch's game.Until one day the young man returned to look for the girl in the middle of the wilderness, where the princess had entered the world of wolves who found her in the forest.It turns out that the princess is a descendant of a werewolf, Queen Freya is a werewolf from the land of Feodora. Princess was required to restore the good name of the wolves that had been damaged by Vincent, the leader of the vampires who wanted to destroy the land of FeodoraOnly a princess could do that, she had to do it with Felipe, but how?

  • The Armor King

    The Armor King


    When a meteor explosion changes the entire course of the world people start to feel a strange form of energy that started to exhibit special powers along with that strange events start to appear as mysterious dungeons and tombs all over the world, it started to become the day the common day of several people exploring these dungeons and tombs that are called Hunters that when facing a large number of living beings and they need to kill the boss of a dungeon so that an explosion does not occur and annihilates an entire city, people who obtained or were born later from the explosion these powers are bound to be Hunter. Felipe Guislotti a 16-year-old nerdy kid, a failed and Fan of comic book hero who is bullied by his schoolmates, the only one who didn’t get or was born with these powers and with that in mind he still goes on his way of being a hunter to help his family financially even though he is the only one in the world without powers.

  • Alyne harris

    Alyne harris

    Estudante na Universidade do ,Alyne Harris é uma garota pragmática demais para acreditar em contos de fadas. Pelo menos, até à chegada de uma carta', misteriosa.Eddie (príncipe Richard) havia viajado para os Estados Unidos inconformado com o destino que os seus pais queriam para si. Ele e Alyne são de mundos muito diferentes, mas a química que os une revelar-se-ia mais do que a existente nas aulas.Contudo, Alyne não sabia da sua condição, mas os flashes dos encarregar-se-iam de trazer à tona a verdade. Estes acabam por se separar e, entretanto, Felipe Richard tem de regressar à Austrália.Alyne descobre e vai atrás dele. seus pais acaba morrendo nesta viagem Quando chega à , recebe tratamento real, mas ainda que deslumbrada com tanta pompa, Alyne anseia por realizar o sonho de ser Jornalista.Alguns anos depois da tragédia

  • His Pain (The Pain Duet #1) Taglish

    His Pain (The Pain Duet #1) Taglish

    (18+) Dapat ay nagmamahalan sila At hindi nagsasakitan... His father said that women are bitches that should suck his dick instead of his heart. Gareth Chastain was enamored to Andrea Fleur Felipe three years ago and completely forgot about everything. Naging asong ulol siya dahil sa pagmamahal sa babae. Naniwala siya na ang babae na ang para sa kanya. But she ruined him and he will ruin her... Andrea believes that the fucking society loves a man with ambition and willing to gamble everything. They will fucking applaud you for it. But a woman with ambition and whose willing to do everything? Oh, they would call you a user. Andrea wanted to get away from the claws of her family. When his father said to seduce a visually impaired billionaire, Gareth Chastain, she readily grabbed it after all she would get her freedom in exchange. She didn't expect that he's likable and it broke her heart to break him...



    in the universe, where nothing existed, was born asber the creator of everything, who created universes, worlds, cultures and races, for the last thing he created seven lords (gods) to keep in order everything created, the lords tired of following orders betrayed (murdering) their creator, what they did not know was that he would be reborn, and thus would begin his revenge.

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