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  • Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

    Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife


    Born as twins, but Mu Qiqi was left suffering every torment and became the greatest scapegoat in history only because she was not a better actress than her sister! That was when she had a nasty thought on how she would escape her family: she would marry the archnemesis of her own parents. She just never imagined that it would come true! However, she soon grew addicted to being the enemy’s wife: after the hardship of being the daughter of her parents, for her naughty husband was giving her strength and aided her revenge. Life does not get any better! *** “Doesn’t payback feel awesome?” “It does!” “Well, I can make you feel even better!"

  • Forensic director

    Forensic director

    Magical Realism KILLER

    [Translate]Forensic directorAuthor: An RumoSuspense Spiritual brief introduction"Forensic Director" lets the dead speak, let the dead speak, and let the dead tell me who is the real murderer. This is the confession of the forensic director!qidian44/book/99647141

  • reincarnation of the 21st century forensic scientist

    reincarnation of the 21st century forensic scientist

  • The Concubine

    The Concubine



    Zhao Ling, a forensics investigator, lost her life in a fire explosion while inspecting a crime scene. Her soul was transmigrated into the body of an oppressed lady who also lost her life in another fire incident, at the same moment in time, leaving a deep scar on her face.With a new body, but a familiar name, this is the epic journey of a concubine, who has a second chance at life, and her dealings with an oppressed life, an arranged marriage, and the deadly mysteries of this new world?Welcome to The Concubine, an epic fantasy/historical romance novel.

  • 100 Ways to Solve a Murder

    100 Ways to Solve a Murder



    Levi Jackson is a brilliant criminal psychologist with a knack for reading people. He uses his twisted genius in making a name for his private detective agency ‘Jackson Detectives’ with the business motto of "No case is too insignificant, as long as you're willing to pay."Presented with the case of a missing accountant, he is forced to seek the help of Guy’s Hospital resident genius, and Director of Forensics, Dr. Sam Gray.Join them in their adventure in solving different crimes and pissing people off along the way. ........Disclaimer:(Please note that I do not own the cover art; it was created using canva app. Should this be yours, I'll gladly remove it upon request.) IG:

  • Business Tycoon vs. Drama Queen Star

    Business Tycoon vs. Drama Queen Star


    Luo Tiantian sacrifices herself to save Bai Yueguang, only to wake up in the novel her best friend had written as a prank. The best friend of the original owner of this body has gotten plastic surgery to take her place, snatching everything she had. She has even been imprisoned for ten years! To avoid a tragic end, Luo Tiantian clings on to the greatest boss in the novel. After she shoots to fame overnight, the internet is teeming with curses toward her, claiming how she had undergone plastic surgery, was one to put on airs, and was being kept as a mistress… She doesn’t even have any time to respond before the female lead’s lackeys suddenly change their stances. Her eldest brother, a CEO: “She has the Luo Corporation backing her. Miss Luo doesn’t need a sugar daddy.” Luo Tiantian’s expression darkens. “Scram! Don’t provoke me!” Her second brother, a forensic pathologist: “As someone working in forensics, I can confirm that my younger sister is a natural beauty. She’s never had any plastic surgery done.” Luo Tiantian sneered. “Who are you?” The movie star: “Tiantian, you’re my fiancée. How could you live with another man?” Luo Tiantian stares at that stupid face. “You?” - The moment she returns home, Luo Tiantian tones down immediately. Her boss glances at Luo Tiantian with what seems like a smile. “An orphan?” Luo Tiantian nods innocently. “Yes, my entire family’s dead. I’m the only one left.” Her boss raises his eyebrow. “A fiancé?” Luo Tiantian quickly shakes her head. “No, no. That’s nothing more than a rumor. You’re the only one in my heart!” - From then on, the big boss undergoes a drastic change and becomes henpecked. He gazes at her affectionately. “Little friend, you’re toxic, but you’re my antidote.”

  • The Killing at District 12

    The Killing at District 12

    Contemporary Romance R18 MYSTERY KILLER

    There were mysterious murders taking place at District 12 every last weekend of the month and the serial killer was at large. "Our killer was not just deliberately peeling of the face of his victims. He was also eviscerating their body and purging out their organs, particularly their hearts. It was like the killer wanted to remove everything that made one human." Two people who used to be high school friends and also shared a painful past; both lost a loved one on an incident that happened six years ago decided to join hands to solve this mystery. One was retired a forensic anthropologist who turned a new leaf and chose to become a professor at a medical school While the other was a former law enforcement officer who had decided to be into seminary and was just a step away from becoming an officially ordained priest Will they be able to identify the notorious killer that lurked the shadows of their district??? PS pic's not mine. Credit goes to the rightful owner

  • Criminal minds - new generation

    Criminal minds - new generation

    A group of young people has just graduated in Criminal Forensics, they will work for the FBI they will be the new UAC team named after them and Jeff Mike Luck Billy Megam Loise Abby how this new team will fare ...

  • A Crime For Stealing My Heart

    A Crime For Stealing My Heart

    Shenaiga was the most famous forensic psychologist in the country. Forensic is her dream when she was a young girl, until she met a guy named Kiervin who has same interest as her. He stole her heart and left it in pieces. After 6 years, Kiervin came back and destined in Shenaiga's job as a detective. Did he came back for shenaiga? Did he still love the naive and immatured girl after 6 years of being apart?

  • Criminal Minds_New generation

    Criminal Minds_New generation

    A group of young people has just graduated in Criminal Forensics, they will work for the FBI they will be the new UAC team named after them and Jeff Mike Luck Billy Megam Loise Abby how this new team will fare ...

  • As time goes by

    As time goes by

    A young teenager; the narrator, has hallucinations about a mysterious girl from her past life. Her family is messed up and serving the detectives by getting a seat in the forensics lab has been the only way possible for her livelihood. What do you think would happen when she gets caught up with terrifying homicides, unexpected visits from people she knew before and her illusionary person in real life?

  • What It Looks Like

    What It Looks Like

    Eli Bell is the only son of a police chief inspector and a forensic scientist. He's grown up wonky in a world that only deals with the straight and narrow -- and his new boyfriend isn't helping.<br><br>Rob Hawkes is six feet of muscle, tattoos, and arrest warrants. A career criminal and a former guest of Her Majesty's Prison Service, he'd rather hit Eli's parents than sit down to dinner with them. One wrong move, and Rob could destroy Eli -- and his family -- without a second thought.<br><br>But this isn't what it looks like.<br><br>Rob's not in control here -- and Eli's the one to blame.

  • Garden of Garnet

    Garden of Garnet


    Cha Yu-Jin is a Forensic Science student who took interest in the 'Eye Taker case'. His interest led him to Lavellei University where he met the Odd Dianna Hollins a Medical Student. Yu-Jin stayed at the University without knowing that he entered the lion's den

  • Mystery Untold

    Mystery Untold

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Isabella Wright, a young forensic psychologist who aspires to travel around the world. Long time ago, Isabella had promised a mysterious stranger. what was the promise? no one knows... And with a new extraordinary case in her hand, Isabella has to go through a rough ride of her life.



    Lincoln Rhyme was once a brilliant criminologist, a genius in the field of forensics. . . until an accident left him physically and emotionally shattered. But now a diabolical killer is challenging Rhyme to a terrifying and ingenious duel of wits. With Police detective Amelia Sachs by his side,Rhyme must follow a labyrinth of clues that reaches back to a dark chapter in New York City's Past. . . and reach further into the darkness of the mind of a madman who won't stop until he has stripped life down to the bones.JEFFERY DEAVER.

  • Fated Duo

    Fated Duo

    This is a story that follows the lives of Phoebe Kuruga and William Spade. Two impeccable detectives of Precinct 236 in the heart of Felicity City, NY. This duo specializes in homicide cases handed to them by Chief Kendrick Klein. Recently, more bizarre cases rise to the surface as the statute of limitations draws near on three particular cases. With the help of forensic scientist Rhea , the duo will overcome the dark mysteries of the last decade.

  • RED: The Urban Legend of Srimnet

    RED: The Urban Legend of Srimnet


    Hung- a Vietnamese International student came to Srimnet for his forensic science's bachelor degree. In Srimnet, there are tons of urban legends, and the RED eyes serial killer is one of the most famous. Day by day, people keep talking about a small monster that only appears in raining night and hunts for other heads. Our Hung is a big fan of this story and he decides to find out the truth behind this little monster...

  • Hazes Blearing the Liberation of Moon

    Hazes Blearing the Liberation of Moon

    Zimal Hayat is a forensic psychologist who fell in love with a man who is a culprit. Arsh Meer is involved in the disappearance of his father. Has he kidnapped his stepfather? He uses Zimal for liberty.An entrepreneur fell in love with his employer’s wife who is happily married with a 12 years old son. What awful gimmicks would he use to get the love of his life?

  • Antarctica



    Jules Galante is the only daughter of a wealthy family from New England. On her last year of high school, she gets transferred to an all-girls private institute in hope to get the best of educations and pursue her dream of becoming a forensic medic. But a promising experience turns into a dark mystery when a wave of suicides unbind among her new classmates.

  • Run on Shadow's Edge

    Run on Shadow's Edge



    Forensic Jorge Velez is on the heels of a series of murders but the events unfolding may have already happened. His team found intertwined events, unusual evidences, strange disappearances, time lapses, and feeling of 'deja vu'. In order for them to truly find out what is happening they literally need to run towards the shadow's edge and fell 150 meters below. -------- Did he just walk inside a top secret military program? Where is Dr. Molina? What is his purpose in inviting him? The electric noise was literally raising all the hair on his arms. There were sudden huge sparks that could literally fry and it randomly  hit the floor and the tall ceiling above. What is this place? There is something massive going on and he needed to understand what this is all about. "Impressed?" A man behind him asked. It was Dr. Molina. He removed his goggles and grabbed Jorge's arms. "I could see you are in a confused state. Come inside the briefing room." Confused is an underestimation. Jorge was literally in a state of shock. Inside the briefing room, Jorge's hand was trembling as he drank a glass of water together with his medication. He needed something to calm himself down. The voices he heard in his radio, the message from Colonel Riva, and this massive thing in front of him is just too much to process in the blink of an eye. He needed to slow down. "What's going on?" Jorge's asked as Dr. Molina pore over the result of many of his experiments. "What you see is what you get Jorge. It's the real deal. A time machine." Jorge felt his breathing stopped. He heard it loud and clear. A T-I-M-E machine.

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