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  • Kaiser The World Breaker

    Kaiser The World Breaker


  • Foreshadow (Kivv version)

    Foreshadow (Kivv version)

    Kivv. Kivv. I am Kivv. I think over and over. Who am I,besides just a name? Why did they do this? Then like a horde memory came back. Kivv Inch... 14 years old... _____________________A zombie came around the corner of the garage as I got in the truck. Misaki flicked out her switchblade and quickly took care of it. It used to be a man, about 40. Short beard, dull eyes that had turned an uneasy purple.(please write a review)

  • Psychic Parasite

    Psychic Parasite



    [Sequel Released] (Psychic Parasite: Final Serenity)At the peak of his life, a man is transported to the future. A world that had faced an apocalypse, barely clinging to their humanity is what greeted him. The post-apocalyptic world, the Earth of the future was shrouded in mystery. In order to return to his timeline, an era where he had left his footsteps behind, he had to unravel the secrets of the world. The only problem being, this was an era dominated by the Parasites. Note: Giving the story a light read like your usual cultivation novels will leave you confused. There is plenty of foreshadowing all throughout the story. Enjoy your read~!!!------------Cover by: JamesmikopiCheck out his works: my Discord server: contact me through my Discord ID: Overlord_Venus#9364Or through my email: mistameeee@gmail.comFollow me on Instagram @overlord_venus

  • Regressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!

    Regressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!



    'Every Mistake has a price' Visca, a playground for the 'Gods', is a world where 'Gods' nurture their champions to fight for them. Reincarnators, Transmigrator, Regressers, people with system and other cheat characters, all roam the world of Visca.Then, HE was brought into this world.And THAT, was the mistake the 'Gods' shouldn't have done.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer:He reincarnates in a world that has its own laws and rules. A vast world where different species rule over different kingdoms. A world where magic decides your future. There is danger lurking everywhere. Thousands of secrets undiscovered. What happens when a genius among geniuses reincarnates into that world with only a pathetic amount of magic within him? What would happen to someone who only wanted to live a plain life with his wife and family? What was the reason for his reincarnation? and what will he do next? Find out as you follow a magical journey of myths and Legends, as threads of fate unravel themselves at the hands of the 'weakest' mage. .................................................................. [Chapter 1-8 have been edited once. Chapter 9-12 will be edited soon. Thankyou for your patience] ................................................................. [Chapter 1-18 is 0th ark. (A form of intro ark) It has many information dumps and there could be grammatical mistakes in them, so please bear with it. Chapter 19+ is the first ark. It is where the main story actually starts. Thank you for coming here] .................................................................. Other important points: •This isn't a weak to strong type of novel. Our protagonist is strong from the beginning. The story would revolve around him and his brothers along with the future allies and the choices they make as they explore the world. •The first 18 chapters will have a lot of foreshadowing, world-building and other explanations. It will cover at least half of the world area that you should expect to be explored in the future. •Also, you might feel like it started somewhere from the middle with so many things going on in the background and that's because it is so...Don't expect things to finally kick into motion after the MC appears... .................................................................. [I do not own the Cover and if the creator has any issues, please message me at I'll credit or remove it]

  • Ms Universe System

    Ms Universe System



    "Raaaah!" Jacob let out a blood-curdling scream as he released the planet from his hand. Jacob Shepherd of the Shepherd Family. Hailed as the fated Genius of their family when he achieved the gene core stage at the young age of 14 years old. As Jacob fell on a tragic mission, everyone turned against his family, overthrowing them while he was left to die. Though, things weren't as bad as they seemed, when a special being gave him a second chance. Or did it? ==== Authors note - The first couple of chapters are foreshadowing. It gets better toward the end of the volume and more of the plot comes out. Volume 2 will be a lot more action. Recommend diving into the first volume. (I made it free). NO R-18 yet, however, it's guaranteed. ==== BONUS CHAPTERS(calculated at the end of the week): 200 Power Stones -> +1 Chapter at the end of the week 400 Power Stones -> +2 Chapter at the end of the week 600 Power Stones -> +3 Chapter at the end of the week 800+ Power Stones -> +4 Chapter at the end of the week ==== Premium Chapter length - 1.2k/1.5k

  • Trap Academy: Starting at Level 1

    Trap Academy: Starting at Level 1



    Everything is named after that man, but who the hell is he? Guided by the Edgar Brauss System, Level 1 Nakayama Tadashii moves from his home, Moku City, to the City of Edgar Brauss in order to attend an academy meant for all boys. However, the school is nothing like he imagined. In fact, it radiates the exact opposite meaning of what "all boys" implies. Where the hell is all the masculinity? Since the symbol of masculinity within this new school belongs to him now, he, both fortunately and unfortunately, finds himself as the center of attention, even as a Level 1 impotent. As Nakayama explores his new magical surroundings, whether it be inside the City of Edgar Brauss or outside of it, he meets new people and finds out firsthand just what means to become a powerful magic fighter. Unfortunately, he's quite out of his league. Once he makes new friends within this brand new magic city, he realizes that life is much more complicated than he'd originally anticipated. Everyone's past is different,, and many peoples' pasts still linger in the present as a ghost to haunt them for all eternity. As a naive, young, and aspiring magic fighter, it is his job to liberate them of those ghosts, right? Surely. EXTRA INFO: Chapters will be separated by arcs. Mature Content: Sexual Depictions (Trap x Male : Female x Male) Use of drugs and alcohol Foul Language Controversial Topics + Graphic Depictions (Whether violent or sexual) Average Chapter Length: 1000 Words + Release Rate: Every 1 to 3 Days (10/11 AM EST) I don't own the art in the thumbnail. [ Tags ] R-18 | Academy | Straight | Gay | Bisexual | Yaoi | School Life | Slow | Slice of Life | Romance | Huge Harem | Evolution | Mystery | Hidden Abilities | Elements | Shotacon | Mature | Adult | Smut | Harem | Harem Building | Ecchi | Domination | Femdom | Domination Loss | Hentai | NSFW | Blowjob | Anal | Sex | Threesome | Foursome | Hardcore | Thick | Thicc | Loli | Lolicon | Older Love Interest | Thicc | Age Difference | First-Time Intercourse | Milf | Young & Mature | Choking | Out doors | Humiliation | Fetish | Cultivation | Action | Handsome MC | Weak to Strong MC | Comedy | Magic | System | Femboy | Trap | Coming Of Age | Gore | Naive Protagonist | Drama | High School | Psychological Trauma | Past Events | Relationships | Tomgirl | Tomboy | Big Breasts | Foreshadowing |

  • The Rise of Slytherin Prince

    The Rise of Slytherin Prince


    After the second Wizarding war, the Pureblood families fell from grace. From being instigators they become targeted. Draco Malfoy is also one of them, still living the hell one can call life. But his bad luck has not yet finished as he got brain tumor and died. Maybe it's for the best as no one cares or so he thought. But seems like his story has yet not finished. Given a new chance with some powers and foreshadow of a bigger threat then Voldemort, can Draco become a hero he always wanted or will he again succumb to his inner demons? Find out...

  • Poems for Poetic People

    Poems for Poetic People

    These are all deep and meaningful poems that randomly come to my mind. Each poem foreshadows a greater meaning within.--------------------------------------------------Under Public Domain.Feel free to use them,but do reference my name. --------------------------------------------------Schedule: Undecided (random uploads)Chapter Length: Around 50 words per poem. --------------------------------------------------Join discord: the Author: XXX (Not available atm)

  • LostAngel



    Ian is a high school dropout and was bullied everywhere he went. His life changed when he met an angel by the name of Luna, but his dreams foreshadow something horrific.

  • Pandemonium of a Lazy Soul

    Pandemonium of a Lazy Soul

    Fantasy SYSTEM


    Due to being asked by quite a few readers, I am posting this novel in Royal Road as well. It will be posted under my username Darkorb. I will provide the link once my story is approved on the site.------------------------------------------------A Soul who became lazy over time has to now try and not die for 25 years before he can go back to his home, where he can be as lazy and not be subjected to more tests and trials.-----------------------------------------------Tags: No harem(harem sect please go away), System/LitRPG, Slow start.-----------------------------------------------Please do advise me if you find any logical mistakes, but don't try to enforce your idea into my novel. I appreciate good feedback as all of you can guess English is not my first language.This novel is aimed at a certain target audience.Try to observe and interpret, very closely for any foreshadowing or clues I leave about many things in this novel and connect them like a puzzle before I reveal it to truly enjoy my novel.But do ask me questions and I will answer them. I like people who ask question and talk in my comment section.----------------------------------------------A big thanks to dragozx1 for drawing me the cover picture.Check out his page: my contents are free and will never be locked behind a paywall. That is a promise from me.So please support me if you can at: out the wiki for my novel. Note it was recently created any almost all information is missing from it. I would be glad if some of you could assist me in adding in info.

  • kingdom building

    kingdom building


    Alexander reincarnate to fantasy world who the original body owner fallen to a complicate plot of the royal court force to a remote barren lands with a force to be wife.(No harem) Author thoughts: Hello guys am just doing this for fun, I love kingdom building novel but am bored of the smart guys build guns and just Goomba stump the world so Am taking my spin in this magically world with guns not being op you know one musket cant kill a wizard but have army with guns can and beat the medieval army too make sense but what stopping a task force of op wizard and knight just killing the mc just like the hero killing the demon king foreshadowing who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , so am leading this story to more behind the scene planning no just get guns cannon surprise everyone become overlord, no more of that, this mc is one with hidden identity and Focus more one the different player reacting to the mc shenanigan and not just sand bags to get beaten up, they should ability to be able to reach their position ONE LAST thing I don't know where am going with this so I hope to leave lots of review of where you thing I should go with the story.

  • the Breakers

    the Breakers


    My name is Joo In-gong. The name that my parents gave me meant ‘protagonist’ of the world. Really?As anyone can predict, I was constantly teased due to my name. In kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school. If I went to university as planned then I would probably be laughed at there as well.So, at one point, I really hated my name.But not anymore. Now, I think slightly differently. Maybe being named Joo In-gong was a type of foreshadowing?

  • Chaos of the Destiny

    Chaos of the Destiny


    October 13, the Year 2023, This is the date what Ascentral Journal foreshadow that the world would change, Earth would become Pandemonium, Every country would slowly become a lawless country and the law of jungle will be applied, people can only do kill or be killed.

  • Quick transmigration : Emperor asks not to hang

    Quick transmigration : Emperor asks not to hang


    The goddess jun xiaowei travels through the three thousand worlds, fights against the heavens, fulfills the wish of the cannon fodder in order to save the sweetheart, and collects the soul of the emperor yan ge. A joke became her faith, but when he returned, she left. He didn't know the significance of her existence to him, he only knew that she was the only one left in his memory. You have teased me, how could I let you go easily. "There is no such thing as nothing in this world, as long as I love you." A deeper love than deep love is that even if I don’t understand love, I understand you. (The body and mind are clean and absolutely clean. They are each other's first love. I hope you don’t get too entangled in Chapter 1. That is foreshadowing.) heroine Gao Lengmeng, are you ready for the male god.Author: Shu Jiu

  • Breåkers



    My name is Joo In-gong. The name that my parents gave me meant ‘protagonist’ of the world. As anyone can predict, I was constantly teased due to my name. In kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school. If I went to university as planned then I would probably be laughed at there as well. So, at one point, I really hated my name. But not anymore. Now, I think slightly differently. Maybe being named Joo In-gong was a type of foreshadowing?




    Have you ever heard of a legend?In a world with paranormal events, strange artifacts, firearms, and supernatural beings, a path was already paved for the vessel. With her fists and wits, she will slowly venture into the unknown where cities are ruled by gangs; towns are the foreshadowing of mysterious events, wars between advanced technology and supernatural creatures, and people who are hidden behind the scenes, controlling the world's fate.Let us open the book where a legend shall be born from the heart of it all.

  • Blood Wench

    Blood Wench


    Having lived her entire life within the forest of Valmeri, young Julia Ebonhearth is visited by an ominous old woman foreshadowing nothing but trouble.From that point onwards, the peaceful life she once knew begins falling apart, forcing her out of her home and into a runaway life alongside her friend David Brocksteel.Embark on this epic tale with Julia and David, as they venture the world of Eldengleam and discover all its wonders as well as its horrors.

  • Game of Worlds' Heroes

    Game of Worlds' Heroes

    A story about a reincarnated man who longing for family warmth, but something always come to threaten his family in this harsh world. A journey of Vysilius Hylaxis’ life, a broken kid who just want to be happy with his loved ones. One day, something changed his view about this world forever. Blue dodecahedron pillars emerging around the world, a scene from novels he read in his previous world. A foreshadow of the end. Can his knowledge of the world save his family?

  • A Desolate World

    A Desolate World


    [On 1st February, 2015, a red moon will rise. All the animals on the planet will evolve and cause utter chaos.]One ordinary day in my ordinary life, I came across a parchment paper that said nonsense such as this. But the day it foreshadowed did come, and I hadn't prepared adequately. From that day, I had to survive in a world that was no longer what it used to be.Announcement:Author here! I'm going to rewrite this story to improve it. Please look forward to the rewritten chapters! There will be a lot of changes.And thank you very much for reading this story. I hope you liked it. I hope you'll like the rewritten chapters even more.Sincerely,Amna_A

  • Battlefield Restart (Dropped)

    Battlefield Restart (Dropped)


    (Cover by Darkstar Dust) This is a story I worked on ages ago that has been refined and edited by adding foreshadowing to events while also simplifying the power system better than before. This story can be considered a prequel to An Adventure Beyond Greatness as it takes place years prior to the events of that story. Short Synopsis: After retiring from the battlefield, my life became empty and lifeless. The regrets of my past haunt me in my sleep. Then a change occurred, a King from another world summoned me to fight for his kingdom, but I died even before I could give him my answer. Now, after a fake God allowed me to reincarnate (albeit imperfectly) with my memories intact, into a world filled with magic and swords. Long Synopsis: This is about a flawed protagonist who only knew to rely on others and not socialise who gets a second chance to change himself in order to live the life he aimed for in his past life. The narrator isn’t exactly trustworthy since it is purely in his bias perspective while other perspectives given by others fill in the blanks that he either leaves out or twists to suit the situation. The story itself can be considered a parody of Isekai’s classic tropes which are given a sense of reality as time goes by. As there exists no ‘Demon Lord’, there is also no black and white, only characters opinions and counter-opinions throughout the story.