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  • Afterlife - A GameLit Tower Story

    Afterlife - A GameLit Tower Story


    The appearance of the Reaper's Tower changed everything. Something that was seen more than felt, everyone knows that when you die, no longer do you go to heaven or hell, but instead wait your turn to battle from floor to floor, regaining memories. Seeking the ultimate prize, a second chance to live, and for everyone else, only the dark abyss of oblivion awaits.

  • LitRPG GameLit: Age of the Behemoths

    LitRPG GameLit: Age of the Behemoths


    Hunter, hunted...Or dare to tame the Behemoths?GameLit LitRPG Kindle book "Age of the Behemoths" is the first in a series of LitRPG fantasy books about a VRMMORPG game set during the primal age when colossal beasts, also known as Kaiju, would inhabit and roam the vast lands.IT Tech Noah Parker wants nothing more than to escape the rat race. His solution? Age of the Behemoths, the latest and most immersive VRMMORPG on the market. A game where your very survival depends on mastering the art of the hunt. Everything from the food you eat to the armor and weapons that aid you in battle is crafted from the remains of the titanic creatures you track and hunt.In this open world, how you choose to play is up to you and since these formidable Behemoths are created using Blockchain technology, each primordial monster is designed to have unique DNA that cannot be altered nor replicated which may result in their extinction, which means taming one could be much more beneficial than killing it.Powered by quantum computing as well as neural networks driven by Deep Learning, the AI controlling the virtual world with all the creatures and NPCs within it is extremely powerful. That in combination with the latest full-body haptic suit with biometrics that allows users to feel everything is very enticing to Noah. However, when things get a bit too real for comfort, will he decide to remove the suit and be permanently banned from the game or will he risk his life to save the other players and possibly even the game itself?This series of kindle books is like a mix between Kaiju, Monster Hunter, Dauntless and Pokemon.

  • My Robinhood System

    My Robinhood System


    A magical system! Gods and goddesses! Elves and leprechauns! Mages and warriors! Complicated women! Monsters and supernaturals! World wars! Epic crossovers! How much can little old Pete handle? A wealthy, spoiled, and obese kid is reincarnated into the lore of his favorite legendary hero. However, things take a dark turn, spiraling into a ridiculously bizarre world that wants to eat him up alive! In the new world, Robin Hood is not just a thief, but the chosen savior. He takes from the rich and gives to the poor. Saves damsels in distress. Or is it the other way round? ------------------------------------------------------- This is my 2nd story on WN and a WSA 2022 entry. My first story GOD FORMULA, was a WPC winner. -------------------------------------------------------- Read this: If you are a fan of high fantasy, folklore, isekai and reincarnation. There is a system in this story, but the plot does not rely heavily on it. There will be a pull of LitRPG and a push of GameLit. You can expect crossover of fantasy elements from other tropes. This story will be a path-breaking retelling of the Robin Hood myth and legend with a heavy dose of isekai and fantasy. If this description appeals to you, Bon-Appetit! --------------------------------------------------------

  • Ash. The Legends of the Nameless World. Progression Gamelit Story

    Ash. The Legends of the Nameless World. Progression Gamelit Story

    "The Legends of the Nameless World cycle" includes the stories of key characters of the "Dragon Heart" saga. "Ash" is the first of the prequels to the "Dragon Heart" series. It can be read as a stand-alone book.Even before Myristal went out, before the battle of the Heavens and the Earth broke out, before the Black General was imprisoned on the Mountain of Skulls, a wizard had wandered the endless expanses of the Nameless World in search of his past and his future. This is the legend of Ash, the Master of a Thousand Words, the Bloody General. What’s true and what is fiction is up to you to decide. But this is how his story was told to young children, so that they wouldn’t be afraid and have nightmares, back when the legends of the old world were still remembered.

  • Galaxy Duel System

    Galaxy Duel System



    Humanity is on the hard way into the Alliance of the Sentient Races of the Galaxy. Lee Long takes the System and the special skill of the Duelist. The development of magic, technology, and Human civilization depends on his success. GameLit Novel in game-like words of any game and System genre. But doesn't need to heavily focus on visual statistics. I like to describe adventures with intelligent cats and space elves, orcs, and other fantastic sentient races. The System is important, and it serves as the ultimate support for Lee Long's development. But I don't overload the book with descriptions of game statistics. Chapter 75 begins part of the book in the genre of description of fights and adventures in the Game Locations with great use of game statistics and receiving artifacts and other useful trophies. *

  • Kingdom Creation System

    Kingdom Creation System

    The World of Loreston was Erick Brighton's favorite Video Game.He'd become one of the top players and constantly stayed up all night, competing in tournaments and avoiding any real commitments besides feeding his two plants. However, one night when he awoke, he was no longer in his house in front of his computer, but surrounded by Goblins, beautiful woman, and enough supplies to build a tower from the ground to the moon.Turning into a Lord, one of the individuals gifted with the ability to create structures, he starts out as a lowly surf as he attempts to climb the social structure from a small, powerless villager into the king of the world! Warning: Contains harem elements, gore, and a ton of gamelit elements.

  • The Elf-Blood Chronicles: The Half-Knight

    The Elf-Blood Chronicles: The Half-Knight


    Follow Edwin, a Half-Knight on his journey to becoming a fully fledged Knight. The journey will be anything but easy. Essentially the story of an NPC in a Gamelit/ LitRPG. Expect a darker tone, this is going to have some dark moments.Takes place in the same world as Those Favored From Another World.Updates whenever I finish the current Chapter.

  • Realm of Noria [LitRPG series. Book 1. The Birth]

    Realm of Noria [LitRPG series. Book 1. The Birth]

    For those who hunt for the best gems of the LitRPG genre. An impossible to miss new explosive release sure to catch the eye of all the fans of Sword Art Online and Log Horizon! The Fate has to lead you to a stone dead! The body languishes in the captivity of the regeneration capsule; the mind is connected to the virtual game of the new generation. Well, you could take it, but a strange system error has deprived you of the connection with reality and outside help. Now for NPCs you are one of them, and for the players you are one of NPCs. There is the only chance to recover your body, crippled by the catastrophe. It is to survive in this superfluously cruel world! To survive here--you need to become stronger. But who could make you stronger but the 'Shadows', the most famous assassin guild in Noria? 'The Birth' is the first book by Paul Kite (real name - Pavel Korshunov) - one of the most popular Russian LitRPG series 'Realm of Noria'. Paul Kite is one of the top-rated of the new wave gamelit-author. He has created the story of Kraven, a person who accidentally became a captive of the virtual world and fought not only for his freedom, but also for his life.

  • Hermann the Lazy

    Hermann the Lazy


    Hermann a lazy, obese man in his 30s, dies in a really idiotic way and gets a second Chance! What will happen? Only time can tell! Hey fellow novel readers! This is my first try in writing a story and i dont really know where it will go. Just a heads up, the story will be a form of isekai, gamelit und antihero/villain novel. Expect a OP MC, but to what degree, i cant tell yet. There might also be gore, alot of violence and string language, be warned! Besides that, i hope you like what i write and enjoy the read As much As i enjoy the write!

  • Those Favored From Another World

    Those Favored From Another World

    Rhys Canopus Wagers, a college kid working a part time job over summer break finds himself in another world after a mental breakdown. Now in another world that bears a striking resemblance to most role playing games, Rhys must find a way to survive. But the odds are stacked against him. He's broke, ignorant of the world around him, and apparently Classless?A LitRPG/ GameLIT adventure, exploring a massive fantasy world filled with the usual stereotypes and tropes. Follow Rhys along in his new life in another world.Updates whenever I finish writing the next chapter which so far has been once per week.

  • Flight of the Draykes

    Flight of the Draykes


    Welcome to the Flight of the Draykes. This novel is a System-based sword and magic Western Fantasy with elements of gamelit (Dungeons) and eastern cultivation (The system).Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Action, Adventure, and a sprinkle of Romance with Comedy.Pacing: Slow at first till chapter 30 before becoming a rollercoaster.Known Issues: Ages of the Protagonist and allies at the start.NOTE: THE AGES IN THIS NOVEL ARE NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THEIR ACTUAL MATURITY. THEY ARE PROTEANS, NOT HUMANS. Also, if you're looking for smut, this novel isn't for you. Not in the slightest.On a fewer caps note: The age maturity thing is integral to the plot and it will be explained rationally as the books go along. You are free to guess why that is.Synopsis:Book 1 presents to you the world of Protos.Protos is the land of the blessed. Its inhabitants are of many races, but most of them have diminished in the long wars against the beasts that also inhabit Protos.This has led to humanity becoming the dominant species and eventually, all other races, including the beasts, have been banished to pockets of land where they survive on meager existences. However, Protos was destined not to be peaceful as the inhabitants could only fight off the beasts with the help of warforce. A bloodline system that allows them to activate their war potential and battle fiercely.Now, with the beasts defeated and the other races diminished, humanity - having no common foe to fight turned upon itself, for war was in their blood and they again shed their blood in rivers.As the years passed, kingdoms and empires rose and fell and eventually stabilized into an uneasy peace until - 300 years ago, the world went through yet another change. A change where the wielders of warforce now possessed additional powers that had been lost for millennia. These powers changed the face of war again and conflict, which was dying down, reignited madly.In this world was born Faustus Drayke, Scion of House Drayke - which, in turn, was the frontier protector of The Kingdom of Leon. Fate decreed him to be unimportant.His Destiny and the desperate prophecy of a powerless girl decreed that he will be an immortal.Set in the backdrop of betrayal, honor, and loyalty - Follow the tale of Faustus Drayke as he forges his destiny and becomes an immortal.For himself, he has to fulfill the prophecy.For the world, he better fulfill the prophecy.``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````The inspiration for this book came from Smoke is a Path's TotRL - which has unfortunately been discontinued. I have no interest in finishing others' stories, but I love creating my own. So I took inspiration from TotRL and I created this vast original overreaching world of over 20 books, with each book being around 200 chapters.Expect the full story to be close to 4000 chapters.Release Schedule: 3 chapters a day.11:30 am - Eastern Standard Time - 1st Chapter01:00 pm - Eastern Standard Time - 2nd Chapter02:30 pm - Eastern Standard Time - 3rd ChapterAll timings are subject to + or - 30 minutes. If you like this series, please do support me by leaving reviews that help me improve my writing, comments that inspire me to keep writing harder, and ratings that allow this series to be seen by more people.Thank you very much and cheers all!Horizon out.Current Arc: Arc 3 of Book 1DISCORD LINK:

  • Am I supposed to save this realm with only my bowel movements?

    Am I supposed to save this realm with only my bowel movements?


    Confident, yet delusional Kuno lives his life the way he wants to. The 22 year old NEET feels no need to leave his room to do anything, but he's no match against the call of nature. Having suffered through two and a half weeks of constipation, caused by his idle lifestyle and consumption of Borito chips and soft drinks, Kuno steps out of his room to finally take on the challenge of passing this dump. Succeeding, like the experienced toilet-goer he is, he presses the flush-button, but gets flushed away as well. He wakes up in a new world, apparantly summonded by some sort of High Order, looking for his assistance against a rival empire. This new world contains magic and high level technology Kuno had only ever seen in video games and anime. Initially excited, Kuno is brought to the Class Teller, who reveals that people like him possess powers far different from what he expected. [LitRPG] + [Isekai] + [GameLit] + [Human anatomy] + [Comedy] + [Fantasy] + [Moderate Progression] + [Super Heroes]



    Eastern Fantasy HAREM VIDEOGAME

    [AUTHOR'S NOTE 07/18/19: The Beta version of KOJI & THE IMMORTAL PHOENIX will remain online until Sunday, July 21, 2019. The finalized version will be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on July 23rd. ] To save his kingdom, he must confront the Immortal Phoenix and obtain the Eternal Flame! Calamity has struck the Northern Kingdom of Nephosia! The demons have opened a portal in their capital city! To destroy it, Koji Adalwin Becker, the Prince Consort and future successor as King, must convince the Immortal Phoenix to give him its Eternal Flame! However, this assignment isn't simple because the ancient, divine beast has her own agenda. To acquire this special fire, Koji must pass the Trials of the Immortal Phoenix. Furthermore, can his mortal body accept the Eternal Flame without burning into ashes? Koji must find a way to temper his body to receive this fire. But he must hurry and complete this mission before trapped citizens within Nephosia, including the King and Queen, succumb to darkness forever! KOJI & THE IMMORTAL PHOENIX is Book Two in The Bonder Legacy Series, and contains GameLit/LitRPG, harem, cultivation, wuxia, xanxia, and Eastern fantasy elements. Because there are numerous explicit scenes, this book is suitable for mature readers only.



    [March 20, 2019 Update: Official, revised version is on pre-order at Amazon, with a publication date of March 22nd. Book One will also be released on Kindle Unlimited. The three chapters at Webnovel are a SAMPLE of the beta version. Thank you for your support! ] A practitioner of Dim-Mak, the infamous "Death Touch" martial art, enters another world and leaves a trail of blood in his path! When 19-year-old college student and Dim-Mak practitioner, Koji Adalwin Becker, is suddenly pulled through a vortex and into an arena, he fights in a 1-on-15 deathmatch. Upon surviving and displaying his incredible fighting skills, Koji is forcibly married to Zelea Sagoisa, the Fourth Princess of the Kingdom of Nephosia, and he becomes her husband and Bonder. Koji's status as a martial arts prodigy earns the favor of Daethix Colarte Nephosia, the Third Princess and next Queen of the kingdom; eventually, she declares him to be her fiance and future husband! Thus, begins the legend of Koji in the world of the Four Winds. Over time, Koji learns more about the northern kingdom and the Bonder Legacy. His elevation to the status of Royal Consort and a member of the Royal Family of Nephosia creates new opportunities and new challenges. To defend his loved ones, his new family, his people, and his kingdom, Koji must fight the world! KOJI FIGHTS THE WORLD! is a Gamelit Harem Wuxia webserial with isekai elements and geared toward mature readers. It is inspired by Summoned Slaughterer Japanese light novel by Ido Masayoshi, Monster Musume anime show, The Legend of Bruce Lee TV series, and Man of Tai Chi movie. This work contains graphic scenes of martial arts violence, explicit sex, forced marriage, a harem, cursing, and other material that some readers may find objectionable. Reader discretion is advised. Book cover created using and copyrighted © 2019 by Antony W.F. Chow based on artwork, “Ravine,” copyrighted © 2019 by Ronald Kuang (aka SeerLight). All rights reserved. The book is self-edited using Premium. Some names and places were created using If you enjoy this webserial, please visit my Amazon Author Profile and check out my other stories: For more discussions on cultivation novels, please visit the Cultivation Novels Facebook Group at

  • Saint's Supporter

    Saint's Supporter

    Dumped into a world by myself, set up with a class that requires others to excel with just over a week to prepare for a fight with a literal god.This is just another betrayal to add to the list. I won't stop until I find the person who put me in this situation, along with my friend who I dragged into this mess.Transferring to another world and gaining special powers is a dream for some, but if they were dropped into my shoes... they'd probably give up.But I won't.This story has the following elements:Male MCLight RPG mechanics (no in-story stat tables)Non-standard class for the MCModerate violenceA mix of solo fights and group battles with a balance of tactics, skill and ability usageIf you're looking for the below, you may be disappointed:Instantly overpowered MC (no prior skills in combat, every bit of growth is earned)Female MC (duh)Explicit sex (may be referenced, but no NSFW chapters)Health bars (damage taken and given reflects reality)Harem Gore and ultra-violence**This story is a First Draft, changes may take place during the process. Three chapters per week at minimum.** **So, this is set up as a GameLit transported to a new world story initially, but it focuses on how such a system would work in real life. There are levels, abilities and mana pools, but damage and health are realistic and combat is fast and frantic. I think that is an interesting mix. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments. I'm always happy to discuss anything in relation to the story.**

  • The Void Villager (OP, Naive, and Clever)

    The Void Villager (OP, Naive, and Clever)


    In the Void between the Realms, there's a mysterious village. When Immortals and Gods travel between different realms, they stay there to rest. Lei Yuan is just a boy born in this strange place. Harmony Goddess taught him music, Crimson Wargod trained him in martial arts, and Dan God discussed the Dao of Alchemy with him. Too bad no one taught Lei any common sense... One day, Lei fell in love with a young 300-years-old girl. Known as System Goddess, Jessica was the person closest to his age among those he knew. The stories of her home from the previous life - a strange place named Earth - intrigued him no less than the myths of her ascendance to Godhood. When she left the village to continue her travels, Lei made the mistake of asking for love advice from Pleasure Emperor himself... Now 16 years old, Lei "secretly" escapes the village to become the man worthy of his crush. Then, he'll find her and confess his feelings. In the meantime, he'll travel the vast universe and turn into a legendary cultivator. Is the outside world ready for The Void Villager? *** The story features some gamelit elements. MC is innocent and naive, he's also OP, but "super genius" type of OP, not "one-punch man" OP. The MC is similar to the one in Cultivation Online and the story is going to have a similar flow. So if you like CO, then check this story out. Also, there's a harem, but it's cute, slow, and I have no plans for adult scenes. The story is also posted on Royalroad and scribblehub.

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