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  • Gardening and Cooking Noor 981

    Gardening and Cooking Noor 981

  • Evil Duke, Please Be Gentle!

    Evil Duke, Please Be Gentle!



    His whole life turned into a joke, when Leonardo Thawyne the proud son of Duke William Thawyne, came to know that he was not the real son but a swapped kid. And now to save his inheritance he would have to marry the real heiress. Evangeline Rossador, a simple music teacher from a town, was content with teaching music to kids and having a garden in her home. But her whole life turned upside down when she was announced as betrothed to infamous cruel duke Leonardo as her father's last wish before dying. They both were hardly accepting the fact that they were bound in a forced marriage when life played another game and she found herself standing in front of her died father. Soon more deaths started to occur and they both find themselves standing in mid of many misunderstandings and conflicts. How would this chaos be solved? And would they be able to find love in this politically enforced marriage? “I asked what were you doing there?” she glared back at the roaring man who was trying to show his rights to her. “I was dancing with the Earl Nickolas,” she replied, looking back in his eyes. “Theodore go and bring the fingers of Earl who has dared to touch what is mine.” came the reply with an evil smirk. “Now tell me, my dear wife,” he whispered as he came close to her, “which part of your body have he actually touched?

  • Garden of the Abyss

    Garden of the Abyss



    Support my other story as well here! : Transported into another world, professional shut-in, Ren Nakamura, expects a path of ludicrous powers, fame, and glory; the classic tale of an otherworld hero saving a doomed world from the conquest of a tyrannical, almighty demon king. --What he receives instead, is a harsh reality check. Betrayed, beaten, and humiliated, he quickly learns the true nature of this world: it doesn’t cater to him in the slightest. Inept, gullible, and unsociable, he must cultivate himself into a proper person, if he hopes to survive in the ravenous world of Gaia. In a twisted, yet fantastical world of magic, knights, and dragons that persecutes otherworlders, Ren must overcome his “level zero” start and cultivate himself into someone capable of fighting off the obstacles of Gaia. The otherworlder-hunting Argonauts, the world-loathing cultists, and even the very aspects of sin themselves; these are just the tip of the iceberg on the troubles that await him on his journey. But it’s a harsh, cruel world filled with misery and darkness; he can’t do it alone. Friends are made, friends are lost--that is the nature of the path he must walk. This is not the story of a blessed, perfect hero, but of a flawed, young man who has to shed his weaknesses. Together, witness his journey into becoming not just a proper hero, but a proper human. DISCORD: -- If you want to support the author: --- Cover done by Izu

  • I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother After Transmigrating

    I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother After Transmigrating



    Xiang Xiaoyuan transmigrated to a book with a male lead, becoming the male lead’s stepmother. However, being seventeen and in the middle of his adolescent phase, the male lead virtually ignored his stepmother, and while his father was thirty-nine and a gorgeous man carrying maturity and elegance, he was enigmatic, with no one capable of knowing what he’s thinking. Xiang Xiaoyuan: The first rule of transmigration, value your life and stay away from the male lead! Being self-conscious, Xiang Xiaoyuan decided to focus on making money, and her business was booming… but before her hopes to get rich were fulfilled, she somehow dealt with her husband and stepson? The male lead said gingerly, “I won’t think of you as my real mother, but don’t worry—I’ll be a good son and you won’t live out your final years tragically. Xiang Xiaoyuan: “…Thanks.” Some other day, her husband stood at the doorway, stopping her and growling, “I heard about something you mentioned outside, that men only care more when they’re older? So? Are you complaining that I’m old now?” Xiang Xiaoyuan said, “…Wait, listen to me!” Lu Wanggui was a cold person, which led to her ex-wife divorcing him, and he was not particularly close to his son. Later, to give his son a ‘home’ and to avoid his parent’s ramblings, he married another wife—a docile, dutiful wife. But unbeknownst to him, that docile, dutiful wife had changed, and she even had the guts to scold him now. Pursing his lips in displeasure, Lu Wanggui was about to remind her of their prenuptial agreement when his son suddenly popped up to defend her! Lu Wanggui: “???” What’s going on? Weren’t things cold between these two? The son: “Ahem. Father, Stepmother… isn’t that bad.”

  • Belle Adams' Butler

    Belle Adams' Butler



    Waking up from a nightmare several hours before dawn, Belle fetched a drink of water. She paused in front of her kitchen's window when she noticed a lit lantern in front of her mansion's garden. Her butler stood there, shovel in hand. This was no hour to be gardening. Curious, she made her way outside, but when she had gotten close enough to see a large and hollow pit next to her eternally-stoic and polite butler, she saw him pick up a rotten body. A DEAD BODY! Her eyes widened fearfully when she saw her handsome butler drop the rotting body into the fresh hole. She asked in horror, "What are you doing?!" Surprised to see his young miss awake at this hour, he stared at her with the same expression he had been keeping up for all these years. He had made sure she was asleep before coming here. "Gardening." "And the body?!" she looked at him in disbelief. "Fertilizer," he answered her before picking up the shovel that was on the ground. Belle was now certain something had possessed her butler. Who gardened dead bodies?! She then heard him ask her, "Want to help me in planting it, Miss Adams?" he gave her a sweet smile. Note: If you enjoy a book of comedy with light-hearted romance and a gothic background. This book is for you~

  • Be Gentle, Immortal Master

    Be Gentle, Immortal Master



    [Warning: Mature Content] "Master, are we going to keep what happened last night a secret between us?" "For how loud you moaned and cried, Qing-er, I think the whole world has already learned all about it, and your concern is irrelevant." Yun Qing-er, the only disciple of the legendary immortal swordmaster Bai Ye, has been hiding her feelings for her master for years. Unaccepted by norms and morals, it is the darkest secret that she swears to bury deep within her heart. But life has other plans. Bai Ye's desire for her burns hot beneath his solemn appearance. He will teach her not only the art of the sword, but also the pleasures of life that she never knew existed before. ---------------- Smut starts at Chapter 17, with a teaser in Chapter 11. A bit softcore at first but will get wilder quickly as the story moves on :) Note that this is NOT a typical cultivation romance. Immortals and spiritual power and whatnot are all plot devices… You'll see what I mean in just a few chapters! ---------------- [Sneak Peek] He pinned me against the poplar tree at the center of the garden. A breeze rustled past, stirring the sunlight sparkling through the autumn foliage above us, and a sprinkle of gold fell over his shoulders. "Say you want me," he whispered. "Bai Ye—" I breathed, but the rest of my words were replaced by moans the moment he traced his kisses along my neck and took my earlobe into his mouth. Familiar tingles roared through me as he nibbled and suckled gently. His hand slid up my chest, and he played with my sensations with his lips and tongue and fingers until my arms trembled around him. All other thoughts vanished from my mind. The only thing I knew was the irresistible feeling of him on me, so overwhelming that my knees started growing weak. I would've fallen if he wasn't pinning me hard against the tree. "Bai Ye …" I moaned again, clawing at his clothes. "Of course I want you … Right here, right now." He let out a soft puff of laughter, and his hand grazed down, gripping the folds of my dress. With a rip of fabric, he tore them away.

  • I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart

    I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart


    Other people earn points, gain skills and attributes after transmigration, while I end up planting trees?  What's the use of planting trees? I don't want to be a gardener! Wait a minute, there seem to be a lot of special tree species in this world. There is the Bodhi Tree that brings enlightenment, the Big Locust Tree that controls life and death, the Mandala Flower that lures people to death, the Nine-World Tree that is the foundation of Nordic Mythology, the Kabbalah Tree of Life that describes the so-called path of man to God… The tree is me, and I am the tree. With the uncovering of increasingly new abilities, I would say it’s pretty amazing to plant trees!

  • The gardener

    The gardener

    Contemporary Romance COMEDY SLICEOFLIFE

    Ellie Jefferson is among the youngest businesswoman even if she is only 25 years-old. Unable to maintain a lasting romantic relationship and accumulates suitors after suitors, what happened when she found out that her gardener crushed on her ? In addition of his love for his boss, Nathaniel Carter, the gardener, has to deal with his long, heavy and mysterious past. He is in search of his biologic father and want to know more about his origins. She, in the other hand, has some family issues especially towards her father and has to deal with her selfish and extremely jealous sides. Can these two overcome their problems, their difference and the obstacles that will stand in their way and be able to live their romance ?



    This book depicts the utilization of plants in homeopathy. The Plant hypothesis is depicted, which gives a Periodic System of the Plant realm. The Plant hypothesis depends on the Apg3 arrangement, the plant characterization generally acknowledged by botanists. The Plant hypothesis permits exact differential finding of plants and expectation of cure pictures of explicit plants. What is distinctive about this book is that, albeit other current books examine plant cures in families and present day orders, here we set them out in their characterization gathering, as opposed to sequentially as in a Materia Medica. This way we can see the topics going through the different levels of the various orders. This gives us an outline like what we get from survey the cures in the intermittent table of the components as indicated by their series and stage. This has been a significant errand of aggregation following broad involvement with the facility and the contribution of many individuals. In any case, it is just a start. More data will be added as we find it, and subtleties will be refined as they become clear. Furthermore, you, the peruser, can help in this errand by sending in your encounters as well! Roger savage I think this is a heavenly book, its extension and profundity of examination and thought are uncommon. It gives a great outline to others to expand on later on.

  • Garden Of Thrones

    Garden Of Thrones



    Every harem has a first member, the one the protagonist loves the most, the one who supports him mentally, the one who will never abandon him even if the whole world is his enemy, and the one who ends up sharing the mc. But what would happen if that person became a villain? ************* Author here. Just to tell you to read up to chapter 20. I think after those chapters this story becomes entertaining. Give it a chance. But if you drop it please do a review so I can do better. PD: The picture is not my image if the author is annoyed with its use then please let me know.

  • The Gardener

    The Gardener

    Content with living in solace amidst the beauty of her Flora, Myria has escaped the curse of immortality and now enjoys a peace that she is not entirely sure she deserves. But Myria knows that Heaven neither forgives nor forgets. And as fate begins to knock on her door, she is forced to leave her garden paradise and return to the world of immortals. Now, Myria must venture into that old hellscape to untangle a karmic knot and to correct a wrong.

  • the garden

    the garden

  • Garden of Love

    Garden of Love


    This story is about eight person who fall in love with a different event, different story behind their past and a very heart warming way of love they showing. There is only a bit of mature content. No NTR. Just a lovely story.Alan/Andy - He lost his memory due to his mission. Not knowing his identity, he decide to stay at the ‘Sun House’ with six other people ( A team of physician who treat him). His journey to find his identity led him to fall in love with the head of the team and the owner of the ‘Sun House’ and her son too, Aslan.Hazel - Head of a group of genius Physician. Due to her tragic love story between her and her ex-fiance years ago she decide to ‘not-engaged’ with any men. She is someone that is ‘hard-to-figure’ type. She easy to shift her mood from hot to cold in instant. Falling in love again is not in her list until she knew him. The one who can taming her heart again.Chase - A son of a billionaire who take a path to be a physician. He doesn’t have any interest in love. A quiet and soft person. He met her at the cafe, when he notice that she always served him a cup of coffee with a ‘smile’ hand-drawing on his cup.Violet -A college student who work part-time at the cafe. A soft and delicate person. She noticed a man who always enjoying his time by reading his book at the cafe. His face always emotionless, make her attracted to him. Want to know more about him. A weird feeling arouse from her heart since the first day she met with his blue eyes.Nigel -A physician who works with Hazel. Has a beautiful girlfriend that can be called ‘perfect’ enough. He was so truthful with his girlfriend and too carefree too. This kind of relationship has made his girlfriend having an affair behind his back. After a tragic break up, he was in a mess. A small event made his world turn upside down when he wake up and found his teammates was beside him, naked.Lola - A fine woman with a sexy looks who worked as one of the team. She had a sucks previous relationship which made her have a lot of boyfriend after that. One small event made her sleep with one of her teammates. She didn’t even care about it, for her it just an usual lust and needs. But little by little the event that had happened made her realize something. Something that should not in her list yet.Joe -A physician and love to sing. A very cheerful person. A love master to all of the ‘Sun House’ occupant. A very annoying yet a very best buddy to all of them.Akiko -A physician and Joe’s lover. She was the same like Joe. A very cheerful person and love to sing. A love master to her girl friends in ‘Sun House’. These two work as a ‘cupid’ in their free time.Bug me at discord :

  • The Family Garden

    The Family Garden


    Heather and Jason embrace a new familial closeness when hard times come, and Charlene finds herself accepting an offer from her bosses that will change her role within her family forever.

  • The Abandoned Empress

    The Abandoned Empress


    Aristia La Monique was raised from birth to become the empress. But one day, a mysterious girl appears in the palace garden and takes over her position of the Imperial Empress. But despite being forced down to an Imperial Concubine, all Aristia wanted was the Emperor's love!

  • Dead Gardens

    Dead Gardens



    WPF#24 EntryAleph Von Erich has been consumed with rage since Firmament, the kingdom above the clouds, exiled him to the barren wasteland called Dead Gardens.By virtue of the dying god Dominion, Aleph lived to see another day. But only if he acts as Dominion's avatar for vengeance against those who wronged them both. Plagued by pain and betrayal, Aleph will stop at nothing until he has laid waste to Firmament. To aid his revenge, Dominion offers a powerful System that can generate items, examine foreign objects, and monitor his status. But for a hefty compensation:His soul.-----------------------------Schedule: Daily Chapter length: 1000 to 2000Content Warning: The novel contains detailed gore, horror, drugs, sex, and other extreme themes, implied or otherwise, that are not suitable for younger audiences.

  • A Garden Of Flowers

    A Garden Of Flowers


    A group of explorers soon make it to a mysterious island proud to be the first humans to get there, but their happiness was cut short the group was separated by mysterious oddities. They now must fight monsters left to right and try to escape this island alive and well under the help of a young demon to stay alive. Their young sensei will teach them how to survive, and kick the butts of whoever opposes them.**The novel was inspired by a song called; SODIKKEN - HANSEL, while I was walking home from school. (人*´∀`)。*゚+

  • Grass in the Garden

    Grass in the Garden


    I Kelvin Hay the 5th son of a DISTINGUISHED line of farmers, woke up to discover that I became a single blade of grass in some INCOMPETENT farmer's backyard- WAIT!!! Don't dump the fertilizer (a bucket of cow manure) ON TOP of that poor flower! Ahem... As I was saying, the owner of this garden has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA about the BASICS of gardening and might I add that there isn't a fence nor any barriers set up against the vermin living in that nearby forest- Oh dear, Oh Dear, OH DEAR LORD ALMIGHTY RABBIT I beseech you not eat this poor soul who hadn't yet bore any seeds to spread my superior intellect to this GODFORSAKEN garden. My dear system please save this lowly one from this predicament-oh nevermind, you're useless. *sigh I suppose I'll just have to rely on my BRILLIANT mind to survive in this ACCURSED environment. I'll make my family proud!

  • Garden of Heliotrope

    Garden of Heliotrope

    In Japan, flowers are traditionally used to convey what can't be spoken. The language of flowers, called Hanakotoba, 花言葉. The Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor with his Imperial Family. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden, buildings, and mysteries.Fabio Almazar is a 23-year-old gardener at the Imperial Palace. Just like the Palace, Fabio is also surrounded by secrets. Everyone at the palace, be it servants or royals has the secrets they want to protect. His pure intentions and innocent heart attracted the next in line emperor named Hisahito Yamabe. He was the only son of the emperor and soon will inherit the throne from his father. Knowing it was forbidden, Hisahito and Fabio continued to see each other. They find peace and freedom with each other until everyone at the palace realizes that the past is happening again. They did their best to stop the curse, but destiny is not an easy opponent. Fabio and Hisahito fell in love with each other.Desperate for the love and freedom he longs for, Hisahito fights for his love, but the emperor chooses to reveal the secrets of the Palace to change his son's mind, but it only makes it worse.As the prince left the Palace, another mystery has been made. Everyone believes that it was the cures of the Garden of Heliotrope and the past will happen again until someone would change their ways.

  • Song of the Gardener of Souls [BL]

    Song of the Gardener of Souls [BL]



    Rowan sees beauty in death. The Order he has sworn to obey only sees defilement. As the reviled Caretaker of the Order, Rowan has accepted his role as a dutiful outcast because he believes it is the only way to prove his worth to the man who holds his sisters’ souls as collateral. Rowan works with death. With his magic and his voice, he can absorb it and transform it, but only in ways the Order deems necessary. Order must subdue Disorder. Reality must triumph over illusion. He is tainted and always will be. Rowan has never questioned those lessons, but that changes the night he harvests a soul that is more than human and chooses to keep it a secret. When Rowan transforms that soul into a man he names Wren, he is forced to accept that sometimes duty is a lie and illusion is the only thing you can trust. As the fabric of the Order begins to unwind and a new kind of Disorder takes hold, Rowan will need to choose again. Stand with the Order that held him down, or forge a new path with Wren at his side. He may be the only one who can restore balance to the worlds, but only if he can find balance within himself first. Note: This story is a slow burn, but I promise an epic romance and lots of swoon-worthy moments. When it does get steamy, you're going to need to fan yourself. I will mark chapters with explicit content. Worth mentioning: LGBT/LGBTQ+, Danmei, BL, Sexual Content (Will be a slow build as part of the developing romance/plot between the leads.) This book is set in a non-heteronormative world, so you will see various gender identities/expressions and types of love. I have much of the story already written, so you can expect regular releases. I plan on releasing chapters on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. I will aim for a fifth day as often as possible, depending on the flow of the week. I hope you like it!