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  • Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji

    Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji


    "Darling, I want…" "Here's the credit card. Buy everything you want." "Darling, I want to give you a child!" "That's unnecessary." "…" Ye Shengge's inborn birthmark could only be deciphered by Ji Shiting. However, that man was very aloof and reserved, and he wasn't tempted at all. And one day when she finally gave up and tried to leave, that man literally carried her back. She yelled, " What do you want?" The man said with his deep voice, "What you've been wanting the whole time. Ye Shengge always thought that Ji Shiting was forced to marry her, yet years after, she realized that it was all part of his plan, and there was no way she could run away from him.

  • Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

    Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!


    In the middle of the night, looking at the woman in his embrace, he smiled devilishly. “With your discontentment, do you want me to continue?” “Discontentment?” The woman almost choked. “Who says I’m discontented?” “You don’t have to be so reserved in front of me.” “Who says I’m being reserved?” She roared. “So, do you mean you are not reserved?” “…” The woman smiled cunningly. “That’s right, I’m discontented and who do you think causes this?” She thought of giving him a personal attack but never had she expected that she would get herself into trouble. “Since you are doubtful of my ability, looks like I’ll have to prove myself!” Without waiting for her reply, he went on top of her and satisfied her the whole night!

  • Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

    Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband


    Gu Nianshen had thought all along that he was raped by an older lady five years ago when he got really drunk at a nightclub. When he met a child who resembled him and Lin Yiqian, he carried the child in his arms. “Where is your Mommy?” He asked. Calmly, the child pointed a finger at the screen of his phone. “There. She’s performing at a concert.” Coincidentally, the screen was displaying how a wealthy fan gifted the female singer on stage with 999 roses. Gu Nianshen’s facial expression turned spiteful as he gave his secretary an order. “Give Lin Yiqian a call. Tell her that her son has been kidnapped. She will have to turn herself in to get him in return.” “Terrible mister…” Before the child could finish uttering his sentence, his biological father had placed a hand over his mouth. “You are being kidnapped!” Gu Nianshen fumed.

  • Goodnight Wishes

    Goodnight Wishes

    Lory, a sixteen-year-old kid who lives in a pretty depressing house with his abusive father and a frail mother. As his life is about to fall off due to his personal and family problems, a fairy shows up in front of his window with a tale showing him a thousand realities in every different dimension from his past, present, and future. Though at the end of the trip, a very depressing ending has been revealed to Lory, an ending of him killing himself in the next three years. Out of pity, the fairy has given Lory Three wishes once in every year for him to avoid the ending that is about to happen. Can Lory's wishes help and fix his very ending, and could probably give him a happy ending?

  • The Goodnight Kiss

    The Goodnight Kiss


    Nic has a deadly secret. Literally. She can kill with a kiss, though she has no idea why. When a werewolf shows up claiming to know things about her mysterious past, Nic embarks on a magical discovery of self beyond the Veil that separates Midgard from the fey realm of Underhill and the deadly creatures who live there.

  • Goodnight, Mr. CEO!

    Goodnight, Mr. CEO!


    “Mr. Lei, rumor has it that you have a crush on me?” With a cold icy face, the man ignored her question and continued reading his documents. He later decided to explain himself, “I swear to God I want nothing to do with you! The b*stard who spread the rumor is a dog!” Snap! Suddenly, a pencil snapped in his hands while their eyes meet. The surrounding seemed to have frozen. A few moments passed… “Grrr woof!” Lei Xiao barked...

  • Goodnight Mr. Gu!

    Goodnight Mr. Gu!


    Before Gu Linzheng met Tang Chi, he was unattainable like a flower in the high hills. Once Gu Linzheng met Tang Chi, he was still cold and distant as before, but he had a new behavior ― public display of affection.

  • Goodnight,Sweven



    SYNOPSIS:Sweven Sucree Debussy is a college student who have acquired the ability to foresee the future events through his dream, after saving someone whose drowning on the sea. A few years later then Sweven met a mysterious girl who never sleep nor dream named Linsey who offered him to be her model in an artwork.

  • "Goodnight World"

    "Goodnight World"

    Sleeping to wake up into another world.Super abilities are rare but having multiple of them them, there are only a few and Lee Jim is one of them.

  • Goodnight My Dear

    Goodnight My Dear

    Contemporary Romance DARK

  • goodnight | park jimin

    goodnight | park jimin

    Teen BTS

    "why did you say goodnight when you meant to say was goodbye?" in which a girl says her final last words. lowercase intended.

  • Goodnight, Maggie.

    Goodnight, Maggie.


    Maggie had always love Luther. Not platonically, but in a romantic way. She never had the courage to say those three words to him. So she was just always there for him, supporting him on every circumstances that may come. Not until he got diagnosed with a disease called FFI.

  • Goodnight Blue World

    Goodnight Blue World

    Horror&Thriller ADVENTURE

    Uragiri is born into a world coated in blue: society enforcing individuals to kill themselves, reality mixing in with fiction, and all is ruled by a powerful Yddrasil that had been corrupted by man's blood. It is about to get much worse when he must go on an adventure to find a woman who speaks to him in his dreams, and must paint the world red or gray in order to bring about a new god.

  • Shocking Dream Goodnight

    Shocking Dream Goodnight

  • Goodnight~Horror OS

    Goodnight~Horror OS

  • Chase me, Goodnight

    Chase me, Goodnight

  • The Vampire’s Kiss Goodnight

    The Vampire’s Kiss Goodnight


    OH MY LORD. I felt my heart start to speed up and I tripped, falling into the boxes with a yelp and then let out a small grunt as I landed on a sharp edge of a cardboard box then squeaked as my hot coffee spilled all over me, making me jump and fall further into the boxes. I panted and started to tug at my shirt, trying to get it away from my skin as the liquid was scalding me. I heard my coffee cup clatter to the ground as it became forgotten and I was too busy trying to save myself from injury. The dark figure lingering over it's prey pulled back and looked my way. It's eyes glowed red in the midnight light, staring me down like a black cat in an alley.

  • The Night She Said Goodnight

    The Night She Said Goodnight

  • Kiss Goodnight my Mr Yan

    Kiss Goodnight my Mr Yan




    What will you do if you found out your life is coming to an end?Alyson Campbell is dying. Literally. And to spend her last days on earth, she whisks off to a summer camp with her college friend. Little did she know that what awaited her was far from the last moments she had in mind—thanks to an arrogant Jaden McCallister.Jaden's life turns upside down the moment he meets Alyson. Scarred from his past, he had vowed never to fall in love or to let anyone in. Yet, here she was testing his limits. With one dying and the other wanting to die, will fate allow them to find something that would be worth fighting for? Was there hope for love to bloom or was it too late?---**Cover is not owned by moi**

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