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  • Heirs


    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY



    South Korea, a country totally populated with wonderful, friendly and gentle people, a place where you can find a way, friends, a life and much more, but is this totally true? Like every place there are always two sides, two faces, two stories.Something that the people of Seoul do not know or simply have not wanted to admit is the fact that for centuries and generations it has been ruled by humans blinded by power and scientific discovery, a country full of Mafias, clans and totally illegal organizations financed by the same government for their benefit, and here goes the question. all over the world, no matter where, there will always be corruption, why is the friendly country of South Korea so different from the others?

  • Chaos' Heir

    Chaos' Heir



    A recurring nightmare afflicted Khan's nights since the Second Impact. His dreams replayed the scenes of the crash of the Nak's spaceship, an alien race that the humans had defeated five hundred years ago. Khan's life had turned upside-down after the tragedy. His mother had died during the incident, and the Nak's toxic mana had infected him. His father had managed to save him, but they ended up losing their home and name in the process. The nightmares wouldn't let Khan forget about the Nak, so he set his mind to join the Global Army and learn to wield mana. He had to put an end to those dreams, even if that meant hunting down that alien race through the stars. ------------------------------------- Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/EoCNovels Instagram: eocnovels Discord link: https://discord.gg/CNh28NP If you want to further support me: https://ko-fi.com/eveofchaos https://www.patreon.com/Eveofchaos https://paypal.me/Eveofchaos Cover artist: https://digitalrowye.com/

  • Heir of Aurelian

    Heir of Aurelian



    The year is 407 AD and Rome is at the precipice. In the West, a usurper by the name of Flavius Claudius Constantinus has declared himself emperor. By doing this, he and his traitor legions have fractured the Western Roman Empire into two. At the same time, the north bleeds! Countless germans swarm across the borders of the Empire and pillage its lands in their ruthless raids. Alaric, King of the Goths, rises to a position of prominence and threatens the ancient capital of the dying Empire with his barbarian hordes. As if things weren't bad enough, rumors from the east state that a mysterious power rises within the fogs of war, threatening to drown the Empire in a river of blood. As a response to these threats, the indolent emperor Honorius has given orders to his supreme commander Flavius Stilicho to reclaim the province of Gaul from the usurper. However, should he leave the heartland of the Empire undefended, undoubtedly Alaric would invade. Thus, under the threat of barbarians at the gates, Stilicho dispatches a young roman general by the name of Titus Claudius Marcellus to bring an end to the reign of the usurper. Will Rome fall to the tides of barbarians and traitors alike? Or can Marcellus restore a world collapsing around him? Find out in Heir of Aurelian!





    Romansa Historis ROMANCE REINCARNATION R18

    Arkan adalah seorang pengusaha muda yang cukup terkenal di dunia bisnis, tidak hanya bermodal otak jenius namun wajahnya yang rupawan membuat Ia banyak disukai kaum adam. Namun tak banyak yang tahu jika Arkan telah memiliki seorang istri yang juga bekerja di perusahaannya sayangnya mereka backstreet atas keinginan Nabilah sendiri mengingat jika Omah Arkan yang tak menyukai hubungannya dengan Arkan membuat Nabilah tak ingin mejelekan citra keluarga mereka. Nabilah hanyalah gadis biasa yang berasal dari keluarga sederhana, mungkin itu juga yang membuat Omah Arkan tak menyukai hubungannya.

  • The Heirs

    The Heirs

    What would you do if one day someone came and told you that you were the heir to the richest person in the worldBut found a big secret that has been hidden from humans on earthWhat kind of secret have been hidden? Follow Samuel to uncover a huge secret that affects human life on earth.Note: The earth is filled with a conspiracy and there is a very terrible event behind a beautiful and haromistic earth.----Note: If you like the perfect grammer then I don't recommend this novel because this novel is typed using Goggle translate, reason? My English is very poor.The picture is not owned by me, if there is an objection owner, please tell me. thanks.

  • Heirs of Thea

    Heirs of Thea

    Prince Arthur is just a child, but he seems to be the only one capable of stopping a cruel dictator from taking over his lands.Alamex maybe only five years old, but this little genius is so obsessed with his peace that he'll do anything to achieve his goals.

  • Heirs in Uniform

    Heirs in Uniform

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN AN HEIRESS AND AN HEIR TO A MULTI-BILLION COMPANY ENLIST? THEN AFTERWARDS MEET?There's more than meets the eye when it comes to a military personnel but one thing is for sure they are tough and strong willed individuals.They might came back alive from their tours but it'll never be the same. Their battle scars represent their monsters at the same time they wear it like a medallion with head held high.We owe these brave individuals the peace and sovereignty our country has, for without them, who's willing to sacrifice their life for the country, the world will be in total chaos.

  • Heirs Of Atticus

    Heirs Of Atticus

    "How can you live your life if you can't create new memories?" "How can I move forward when I'm stuck in the past?" "I know that the saddest moment is when a person who gave you the best memories, becomes a memory but I guess having no memories to treasure at all is the worst." It was just a normal love story until it happened. An unexpected death of an heir would bring an upside down on Leyra's life, a girl who suffered from anterograde amnesia-a rare type of amnesia in which a person can't form new memories- after an incident that'll changed her life forever. Will she find a way to know who murdered her fiancé despite of her condition or it will remain unsolved after she fall in love with another man? Find out what she finds out when she goes back to the place where it all started, and what mystery lies behind all of it. Unlock Leyra's game of life as she recall some of her past memories related to the heirs of Atticus and what she'll encounter to meet each one of them and may lead her to its killer. Would bringing back her past will just ruined her present? Or will her present ruined everything she knew from the past ? What will she choose? The love she remembers or the love she never knew existed?




    Kim Aara is a teenage girl after her mother death because of mysterious accident,How she solve and fight the problems?how she survive in her cruel family world? (Author)

  • Young Heirs

    Young Heirs


    I can't figure out how to delete books

  • lost heirs

    lost heirs

    Kingdom Lotharis was at war for centuries, until the King of King rose to lay peace among the lording races. Many years this peace last, until 84 years ago when an unknown evil placed a curse among the races, killing the King's family, bringing all the races to their knees. Or so they thought.84 years have passed and Rhosyn and Graver have been on the run since the night of her father's death. Plagued with endless dreams, she and Graver make their way to meet her uncle and sister whom she hasn't seen in almost a century.Aria has been trapped in the Mother Temple within the Seetha's territory. She longs to break free of the walls and jumps at the chance when Gael says it's time to leave and meet her uncle and sister. She will stop at nothing to get her freedom, even if it means running away from Admiral Arkan and their arrange mating. Someone wants them dead, and won't stop until they are. Narrowly escaping death, they must work together and find out who killed their family, release the curses on the races and who wants them dead.

  • Heirs Game

    Heirs Game

  • Hello, Heir

    Hello, Heir


    He's the heir of the Imperial Group, ruthless and calculating. Yet, he dotes on his wife so much. "Hubby, I'm thinking of getting a pet. What do you think is good?" "You are the pet." "…" "Hubby, is a rose or peony prettier?" "You are the prettiest." "…" Zhuang Nainai: …Can you say something constructive? One day, someone asks him, "Why are you always the one bowing your head first when you quarrel with her?" Si Zhengting: "Because I'm 185 cm, and she's 165 cm. When am I not the first to bow my head?" In short, this is a black-bellied CEO who dotes on his wife in every way you could think of and tries his best to build a family after marriage by baking a little bun baby.

  • The Runaway Heirs

    The Runaway Heirs

    Kenley Ynnez lived in a untypical world for a child, She grew up eluding the grievous hand of her father who did nothing but plan how he could get rid of her because of his belief that Kenley Ynnez was just the fruit of her Mother's infidelity. Nothing has been easy in Kenley Ynnez's life.Her heart gradually frozen, the erstwhile girl who just only wants to live a normal life with happiness becomes the demon you do not want and wish to encounter, because even your soul will give in to fear specially when you're planning to destroy her Clan and Organization.Killing and shedding blood on its own hand became normal with her, she became a bloodthirsty evil you could ever imagine, fearless, callous and cruel protector of the Bacardi, De Paz and Shim Clan the heiress of the Three Powerful Clans in .In the first week of nightmares turns into months and years she almost consumed night after night of tears, but no one saved her from this no one saved her from hell she was in no one but only a man who first warmed her heart again who suddenly vanished like a snow in the summer time without leaving any trace of its existence.A Kenley Ynnez who's cold and seemingly lifeless. For the past Years she has had a hard and cold heart that no one dares to question, Behind of her silence is a plan to run away from everyone and from anything that ruined her and tear her into pieces.She is too tired of all the hardships and hell she's facing every single day of her lifeless life, A reason for her to have a strong desire to escape. Kenley Ynnez make them all belive according to her the plan to make them believe that everything is okay that she's okay and be complacent that she would never go away.She succeeded, But will this Runaway Heiress find the thing that can make her lifeless life alive? Can the heart that has been cooled and hardened by suffering heat up again? Will it learn to love again despite the pain of the past?

  • The 13 Heirs

    The 13 Heirs

  • The Twelve Heirs

    The Twelve Heirs

    A story of twelve childhood friends being together for all of their lives. They can't be separated no matter what situations or problems may happen. The twelve teenage friends which seems to be like a leech that cannot be separated from their parents eyes. Every move and actions are being monitored. They are fed up with such things every day. In the morning, at noon and at night they watched over them. This is what they do not want, they have no freedom. But... Not all freedom has a happy ending. Sometimes it's just fate who doesn't allow it to happened. The freedom they seek is not eternal. Years, months, days, hours, minutes and even every seconds of happiness they've received, they were always have opposite of it. What if one day, they thought of escaping from their parents? Would it be successful or not?Can they live without them? Can the freedom they want satisfies them? In reaching for that dream they must face the challenges, struggles and obstacles for them to achieved and most especially the pains they will feel throughout it. There was no secret that will never be revealed. Lying was a best choice but truth always prevails. No one can stop that.

  • Welcome to heirs

    Welcome to heirs

  • Blood Heirs

    Blood Heirs


    “Leave me alone, you’re the last person I want to talk to.”, I already knew how I looked. My cheeks a flaming hot red and my eyes the same fiery color. I lied I did want to talk to him.. He was the only one I would trust to talk to about my overflowing amount of problems. Why couldn’t I just spill what my heart held with pain? No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the words out. They caught in my throat and stayed there making it hard for me to swallow my tears that came rushing out. “Indigo, just talked to me, please. I promise to listen.”, Aries was pleading now but all I wanted to do was run. I wanted to run fast, as fast as my legs would take me in the cold winter. “ I can’t say.. I just can’t.”, was all I said in reply to Aries as I stood facing away from the silver haired boy with tear stained cheeks.