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  • Herbs


    Everything is not same as well as we thoughts but we hope it will be well one day for our beautiful life,i believe in it.And i believe my fantasy. This is about to story of this nobel.

  • The Herb King

    The Herb King


    WPC 274: Cultivation Leric was a top herbalist and a qualified doctor, but he was already in his twilight years. He had spent his entire life researching about herbs and the human body. And because of this reason, he didn’t experience the joys of life. However, a piece of information written in an old book changed his life. It was a chance at rebirth!With his knowledge as an herbalist and as a doctor, join Leric as he begins his mischievous life in Falkur, a world ruled by powerhouses called Espers!

  • Herbs Master In Cultivation World

    Herbs Master In Cultivation World

    As the cultivation world are vast, but the spiritual herb are rares, with our protagonist cheat space you can see 1000+years herbs sold on basket. Follow our story fairy tale of our MC to conquer the world as the humble medicinal herb shopkeeper.

  • Herbs & Lotions - The Busy Life of Alfraed Logick

    Herbs & Lotions - The Busy Life of Alfraed Logick



    In a world where magic lives and mysterious civilizations are found, Alfraed Logick opens “Herbs & Lotions”, a shop selling various medicine, potion, and lotion. Under the guidance of a mysterious master, the young man becomes an adept healer who possesses abnormal strength and stamina, fluency in the ancient language, and a willingness to go the extra mile. With these abilities, he promises to make the shop the best in the world, and live the lifestyle of his dream. In his endeavor to promote his products to the world and earn extra income, he will unexpectedly have encounters with heroes, kings, elder dragons, devil lords, demigods, and many more, some become trusted friends, some bitter enemies, and one of them is the love of his life. This is the story of Alfraed Logick's busy life. ------- I am a non-believer of a perfect main character able to do anything and everything flawlessly from the beginning. In early chapters, the titular character made mistakes, foolish mistakes even, and did not always know what to do and ended up with inefficient decisions like what happened in chapter 12. Basically, a human.Through all those errors, he learned and grew, becoming more mature as a person, and businessman. The release rate is, at least, twice a week. on average, a chapter is around 1,400 words. I can't make a confirmation, but this novel might have around 500 chapters, or more? I don't know at this point.Kindly put this novel in your library and post comments/reviews. Of course, some coins will be much appreciated. Discord: Pan_PWS#4386 Thank you




    1389 AD, Ming Dynasty, China "Guardsmen! Take him to his exile in Yunnan, right now!" "Fu Huang!..." "Shut up! Oh... how can my own son stab me from behind... Not only other people I can't trust, and now I can't even trust my own son either!... It's far more painful..." *** "Tomorrow morning," Xie Wang said slowly. "Tomorrow morning... you will see dozens of dead bodies lying all over the streets in Yunnan." Xie Wang looked straight to Zhu Su, his eyes as sharp as a knife, "This is a war. The battle between me, Yuan Prince, and you Ming Prince. A battle to determine who is the most suitable to be the next ruler of Yunnan!" *** "Your Highness... Bad news, Your Highness!" Wu Qi was breathless as he answered, "All streets in Yunnan... are full of dead bodies..." Zhu Su stunned. It can't be, Witchcrafts of Xie Wang is the hell real?!? He just walked not any longer, yet he had found a dead body was lying face down on the street. The farther he walked, the more corpses he found. And finally, he arrived at the town square, where people had been crowded together. *** "I am Zhu Su, the fifth son of Hongwu Emperor, I promise to smash the Witchcrafts of Xie Wang, and get you all free from the outbreak!" Zhu Su sharpened his voice. "The promise from a leader is not a children's game. Bear it in mind!" A man in early forties, who seemed to be the leader of rebels, held his spear up, shouted, "Fine! We appreciate your determination, Ming Prince, so keep your promise! If you fail to keep it up, then I'll make sure that Ming honor, as well as yours, will be ruined!" *** A biographical novel of Prince Zhu Su, the fifth prince of the Hongwu Emperor who was the founder of Ming Dynasty, who devoted himself for medical science and humanity. But before he could fulfil his devotion, he was forced to go through royal disputes, conflicts, power struggles, punishments, rebellions, and even death threats. Could he overcome those problems and reached his noble dream? Find out in this novel. This is a work of biographical novel about a real historical figure. Some characters, plot premise, and certain sections of the story are based on historical events and figures, but there are some parts which are pure fiction. Some of names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner; any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This novel is an original work of myself, not a translated work. Last but not least; I hope you enjoy this story. And thank you very much for your appreciation and support! Have a nice day!

  • Wikipedia Of Herbs

    Wikipedia Of Herbs

    Wikipedia of Herbs for everyone to base storys off ofall types included willing to take suggestions for herbs because I'm a lazy bastarbhopefully 1 Wikipedia or self made herb page/chapter a week depends if I bother or have work and if I run out of creativityVideo Games category because why not?Kinda lazy with Grammer and can't get a or an right

  • The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

    The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny


    No one told Xie Qiao that the after effects of transmigrating into a fetus would be so great. The moment she did it, she became sickly. Fortunately, she had maximum affinity with living creatures. The animals she reared could fight, the herbs she planted could live. She could write talismans, read fortunes, and get rid of love interests. She could perform divination, detect aura, and read Fengshui. She could also good at the chess, music, literature, art, carving, and cooking, so she could earn a lot of money. And she was now taken back by the crown prince. “I heard that the princess consort brought about a lethal fate to her parents since young, and she has a lethal destiny. She’s someone who will not live long. If she marries the crown prince, she might not be able to protect her life. Very soon, she’ll kick the bucket!” This was the secret news of the imperial city. Several years later… “Grandfather, Grandmother, did anyone place bets on when you’re going to die today?”

  • Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!

    Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again!


    Feng Ruqing was a spoiled princess with a hideous countenance in Liu Yun Kingdom. She used to ride roughshod over anyone who stood in her way, backed by her father the emperor who loved her with all his heart. Not only did she force the chancellor's son to marry her by breaking the existing loving couple up, but her mother-in-law had also passed out from rage because of her. In the end, she took her own life after the heartbreak and humiliation of being dumped. When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer the bratty princess who was a good-for-nothing. * * * Rumor has it that spirit beasts have become servants in princess’ manor and the princess is devouring precious spirit herb dishes every day. Rumor has it that the chancellor’s son who pleaded for reconciliation after divorcing the princess was thrown out of the princess’s manor. Rumor has it that some good-looking young masters went to the princess’s manor in hope of being her servants were nearly killed by the state preceptor. Rumor has it that the charming state preceptor was looking for the princess eagerly as he wanted to hold her responsible for sleeping with him.

  • The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men

    The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men



    [Warning: Might contain things you won't be expecting.] Xin Xiao dies; only to reincarnate as a female in world of cultivation of snotty young masters and Nobel ladies. Born with a hidden bloodline and a unique body, Le Fang Ling struggles on the path to immortality with a cute loli system by her side and her lovers who accepts her for who she is. [A mini theatre] Le Fang Ling: Aiyo! So what cheats do I get? A cute loli system: Cheats? Skills? You are going to work your ass off to live like a proper cultivator! A senior sister: Hmph! I hate you...But come here, let me apply herbs on those injuries. It’s not that I like you or anything. A certain evil demoness: Let me suck you dry off your spiritual energy!! Tags: #Genderbender #system #Yuri #mature #cultivation #system #romance #harem #Slow paced at first then it picks up the pace #And do consider dropping by if you are just doing window shopping kek. I had mix max of ideas when I started this book, so the beginning chs are mess but t gets better later as it settles down. :D discord: https://discord.gg/AmhjqphM

  • Xianxia: I Can Alter The Dates Of Herb Plants

    Xianxia: I Can Alter The Dates Of Herb Plants

    Eastern Fantasy XIANXIA FANTASY


    Su Chen was reincarnated in a world of cultivators and became a herb disciple of a cultivation sector. His job was to tend to the sector’s herb garden. At first, he thought it was a boring job, but when he realized he had a [Herb Modification System], everything changed. He added 99,999 years to the Ginseng Fruit that needed a few thousand years to be ripe, and it ripened instantly. He added 9,999 years to the Deity Spirit Herb that still needed 8,000 years. Just like that, Su Chen spent most of his time at the garden, consuming Spiritual Pills as if they were candies and bathing in medicinal water. His cultivation began to rise. When the Old Master of the Demonic Sector activated the Abyss Formation and became invincible, Jiang Chen easily broke through the formation and killed the Old Master with a single slash. “Since when do we have such a powerful disciple?” the master of the Deity Sector exclaimed. “He’s our herb disciple…” replied the elder of the Deity Sector.

  • Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife

    Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife



    Just as Li Meirong thought her life couldn't get any worse, she transmigrated into an abused body of a servant girl being sold at a brothel in a completely different world. Saved by a mysterious stranger, she stumbled her way into a large cultivation sect. She struggled to find her place in this new realm, with its own rules and obstacles, far different from the one she was used to. One day, while on a quest to find a spirit beast, she encountered a wounded fox cub in the woods. "From now on, you will be my precious companion...." Hugging the cub closely to her chest, she showered him with affection. Without her noticing, the fox cub narrowed his lustrous golden eyes and flashed a set of razor-sharp fangs. 'Who does this stupid girl think she is?!' Does she not notice the noble bearing of the Sovereign Fox Lord? 'You're lucky you're my wife or this Sovereign Lord would have killed you a thousand times over by now!' As her journey continued with her adorable pets by her side, Li Meirong began to realize that in this world, her powers were incredible! "Little Fox, Little Fox! I have my own space to grow divine herbs and can even summon legendary beasts!" The Little Fox rolled his eyes. Humph! Isn't it only a few divine herbs Obviously, as her husband, he would provide her with whatever she required. As for those other pets... if they dare touch even a single strand of hair on his wife’s head, a death sentence awaits them! Meanwhile, the Fox Lord had been experiencing his own set of difficulties. His wife still thought he’s just a dumb little animal! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt; "Surely, you don't assume your Husband's fire could be doused so easily?" he inquired at length, revealing a trace of wickedness as his thin lips hooked upwards. "I will have to trouble my wife to take care of me."  "Please, I can't take any more trouble. Y-you can't be serious..." she whimpered. 'This shameless, outrageous man, can't he see I'm exhausted?!' "Everything is going to be fine," said Zhu Qingyue, licking his lower lip. He teasingly imitated her own previously spoken words. "Don't worry. I've got this all under control." "..." Li Meirong's mouth hung wordlessly open. She realized that her inebriated decision had led her into another unexpected death trap!  One round after another, the pitiful, ignorant wife of the Sovereign Fox Lord had discovered and repeatedly reacquainted herself with all the sore parts of her body. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I opened a Patreon for this webnovel. Please show your support for the novel. :) https://www.patreon.com/marriedafox The discord channel for the novel - if you would like to be part of any discussion relating to the novel, questions to the author, sharing art content, etc', join now! :> https://discord.gg/KpSTSHu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *This novel contains mature and explicit scenes, depicting violence, as well as sexual content.*

  • Cultivator in a World of Angels, Demons, and Super Heroes

    Cultivator in a World of Angels, Demons, and Super Heroes


    A powerful Sovereign is attacked by righteous and evil cultivators which led to his men murdered, his treasures plundered, and his domain destroyed. Against the overwhelming power of the two sides hunting him down, he fought a battle that inevitably resulted to his death. Or so he thought until he woke up in a new world. "Hm? What a waste... herbs like these are rare in my dominion. Why do these mortals not treasure them?..." "Oh... Hmmm. Children with cultivation potential, abandoned by their parents, and treated too lowly by their society... "Come with me child, and you will have the strength to stand on top of the world..."

  • The King's Avatar - For The Glory

    The King's Avatar - For The Glory


    The official prequel to The King’s Avatar. Ten years before Ye Xiu is banished from his team, the online game Glory launches its first server, igniting the dreams of youths everywhere. Excellent Era, Tyranny, Hundred Blossoms, Blue Rain, Tiny Herb, these professional teams establish and shape the Glory Professional Alliance as they fight for that eternal goal: winning the championship. Old talent retires, new talent rises, but even as the years turn, their passion for Glory will always remain the same. After all, they are pro players. What do you think?

  • World's Best Martial Artist: I Can Alter Dates

    World's Best Martial Artist: I Can Alter Dates

    Eastern Fantasy MAGIC


    #spiritual regeneration Lin Feng was transmigrated to a world of martial arts and received the power to change any dates. When he found it hard to cultivate, he simply altered his allocated cultivating time to a thousand years and became the strongest cultivator. When he found it excruciating to practice the elemental energies, he altered his allocated training time to ten thousand years and received the strongest elemental power. When he found it impossible to receive the legendary spiritual herb, he altered the age of a normal herb to a hundred thousand years later, where it turned into a legendary spiritual herb. When he found it time-consuming to raise the ancient beast he found, he altered the beast’s age until it was an adult. Scott could alter any time with just a simple thought. When the rest of the world needed to spend years just to perfect a single thing, Scott could do it in less than a second.

  • Supreme Magical Concubine Is Wickedly Strong

    Supreme Magical Concubine Is Wickedly Strong


    She is a ‘Ghost Doctor’ with top-notch medical skills from the twenty-first century who unexpectedly transmigrates to become the weak and useless first daughter of the Qiu family. Does a terrible physique mean that she can’t cultivate? What a joke! Everyone had better open their eyes wide to see who the true genius is. Summoners are scarce? She reaches the divine level by accident! Refining an ancient magic pill is nothing to her! But who is this evil man who's haunting her? All she has done is steal his medicinal herb, snatch his Spirit Beast, burn his hide-out, and put him to sleep for just a bit. Why is he still pestering her?

  • Apocalypse: The Fat Lady Strikes Back

    Apocalypse: The Fat Lady Strikes Back


    Qiao Lingxiang is a lady weighing 125kg. She's a lady who gets fat even from drinking water, a lady who is hated by everyone because of her appearance. She's the lady who gets beaten to death on a field. She doesn't transmigrate or gets reborn. She just opens her eyes and is resurrected. Then, she receives a strange ability. Whenever she loses a little weight, she gains healing abilities. She imagines that it can only allow her to cure all injuries and illnesses but, she realizes that she can also speed up the growth of plants and turn rocks into ores. The first step for survival? Set up a stall selling all kinds of medicinal herbs, weapons, potions, and energy ores. There's no need to worry about having no electricity anymore! Cen Yi is resting in his room when he hears the lady calling him. "Are you going to patronize my stall today?" He hooks his fingers at her and says in a domineering tone, "Come closer. I will buy all your items today. You belong to me tonight."

  • I Can See Everything's Weaknesses

    I Can See Everything's Weaknesses


    "Li Cangyue, who had crossed over to a world of immortals and heroes, discovered that he had obtained an ability. He could see the weaknesses of any item. [Divine Immortalization Elixir] The flames of the cauldron had not been controlled well when this elixir was produced. The effects of the elixir would be improved fivefold if it was refined a second time and some Starlight Herb was added to it! [Immortal Emperor Sword Mantra] The God of Swords left behind a tiny mistake when he was penning this sword mantra. It could be practiced by a cultivator in the Foundation Building stage if paired with the Divine Immortalization Elixir! [Calm Willow Strike] There was a flaw with the technique and could only be cultivated to the peak of the refining stage. It could then be cultivated alongside a user of the Immortal Emperor Sword Mantra to cover the flaws of each technique!"

  • The Prettiest Girl Wants To Marry Me

    The Prettiest Girl Wants To Marry Me


    """Stroke? I can cure that. I'll just use my silver needle to release the pent-up gas inside your brain."" ""Sir, what you have isn't hypertension. Your body is just lacking certain nutrients. I'll get you some herbs."" Zhao Chen was the disciple of a Master Doctor. He decided to work as a factory doctor to repay his debt to the owner. However, he could not understand why all his female patients were a little weird. They would always take their shirts off for him to perform his diagnosis. One day, the owner, Su Qianxia, ran into the factory while being chased by debt collectors. Zhao Chen looked at the debt collectors, then at Su Qianxia, and said, "It's 20 million, right? I'll help you earn that money."

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