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  • Into the future as a journalist

    Into the future as a journalist

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

  • The Journalist

    The Journalist

  • Miss. Journalist

    Miss. Journalist

  • The Journalist And The Millionaire

    The Journalist And The Millionaire

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY

    The Journalist And The Millionaire Novel Online. Maine Mendoza first assignment as journalist was to interview Alden Richard Faulkerson Jr. The Bachelor Millionaire of Caftan Valley.But Maine realized it was not easy because the guy is so elusive person. and he doesn't want journalist like her. But when she didn't know it happen but she found herself in love with him. Suddenly The assignment didn't matter to hear anymore because she found herself true love in the processBut how can she gain the love of the young Millionaire if she is constantly thrown into it. There still have a change for her to make the Millionaire fall inlove with her? let's find out.

  • Misadventures of a Parisian Journalist

    Misadventures of a Parisian Journalist

    M. Mathis Bernard has been forced to retire. He leaves behind his wealth, former job and his status and comes to an industrial London as part of a final request of a late friend. However, as he comes to lodge with an aspiring tobacco salesman, he finds that his new roommate is involved in some rather interesting happenings. Set in a steampunk industrial revolutionary London. Expect at least two chapters a week.

  • Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot

    Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot



    In her last life, Fu Xi was blinded by love, feeling no regret even as she cut ties with her family to marry a scumbag. Eventually bedridden by illness, she could only watch as her husband hooked up with other women, even bringing them to her bedside just to humiliate her. He killed her family members to gain their riches. Fu Xi swore that if she could have another life, she would exact her revenge! After her rebirth, she headed straight to the Gong Family and demanded that their young master—Gong Hao, who was paraplegic and bound to a wheelchair—marry her. Everyone laughed at her stupidity, but Fu Xi knew that Gong Hao was the only one who had earnestly loved her. On top of that, he was a very capable man! Six months after Fu Xi married him, Gong Hao miraculously rose to his feet, reclaiming his family's property and revealing multiple bombshells: he was the owner of the largest property company, a minister of national intelligence and an anonymous god of war! Linking arms with her husband in front of the cameras, Fu Xi smiled. "Why did you keep such a low profile before this, Mister Gong?" A journalist asked. Gong Hao leaned in and gave Fu Xi a gentle peck on the cheek. "I was waiting for her to find me and save me..."

  • Memoirs of the Journalist That Followed Hero's

    Memoirs of the Journalist That Followed Hero's

    Martial Arts ACTION VILLAIN

    The year is 2060, and Michael has turned 65 this year. He lived a long life of action and excitement, witnessing the turn of a new age and writing it for all the world to read. But age is coming for him, and the great change that Covid-19 brought did nothing for him. He decided to do one thing that he could do, which was to write all the great tales of old. Those that many may have forgotten, and how the world changed right before the worlds eyes.

  • Son of a Journalist: There Were Once A Place

    Son of a Journalist: There Were Once A Place

  • The Detective's Love Story with His Beautiful Journalist

    The Detective's Love Story with His Beautiful Journalist





    Evelyn Jada Wright was a naive innocent twenty two year aspiring journalist who had been excited at landing an internship in one of the prestigious publishing company who thought she has found the perfect man of her dreams but had her dreams turned to nightmares when the man sexually assaulted her, and when the court ruled him innocent with the help of his incredible good lawyer her world was further plunged into darkness and pain that only the child growing inside of her could offer her a redeeming light, but before that light could bloom it was forcefully snuffed off by the same evil man causing Evenly heart to grow dark with revenge, and ten years later she came back as an evil heartless drug lord to visit revenge on those that hurt her. Her quest of revenge lead her to meeting a young innocent beautiful woman who turns out to be the daughter of her nemesis. Avery a young innocent lesbian who had the misfortune to be born into the family she found herself in was disowned at the age of eighteen by her father when he caught her in bed with another woman. Living her life independent from her family, Avery met a stunning older woman who she fell for hard and quick, but the woman had a thick exterior that was hard to penetrate leading Avery to believe that her love was not reciprocated, but when it seemed that things will be better for them and incident occurred that showed Avery that there was more to her relationship with the woman, that it might not be by chance that they met. Watching the woman she loves murder her family right before her eyes was more than Avery could take, and this sent her running from the city for her own life. Few years later she came as cop ready to take down the woman who took her family away from her. A STORY OF LOVE AND REVENGE WHICH WILL WIN OUT AT THE END, FIND OUT IN HER VENDETTA

  • CIPO young journalist

    CIPO young journalist


    Cipo became a young journalist for the magazine Kriminol. To get news, he investigates criminal cases that occur in society. He was accompanied by two friends: Jalu and Ndul-Ndul. An exciting adventure because he has to fight cruel and cunning criminals, he even has to solve mysterious cases. For example, Cipo confronted a cow thief who disguised himself as a Mobile Matador, confronted a ghost-phone who terrorizedn, catch a ghost on a soccer field, gemstone fraud, uncovered the secret of raining blood, caught a soybean ghost-thief, hunted an ice seller ghost, caught a fake doctor, hunted drug dealers, catch corpse thieves, uncover new crime modes, and more. Adventure story that is fun, funny, and contains a lot of science.

  • Swipe Right, Miss Billionaire

    Swipe Right, Miss Billionaire


    He blames her for his brother's suicide attempt but after meeting her...he wants her in his bed! Award winning journalist Andrew Logan has vowed to expose Ivy Benson's match making services and app as a scam. He thinks she is just a rich spoiled brat who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, preying on people's emotions while growing her already vast empire. Only he is shocked to realize Ivy is far from what he had pictured. Whenever he thinks he has her all figured out, he discovers another amazing piece of information about her…she is nothing short of fascinating. Billionaire Ivy's fiery personality and humble background is fueling Andrew's intense desire for her. So he will challenge Ivy to prove that her services and match making app works by finding love on it for herself…but does he want her to win this challenge, or does he want to throw his own name in the pool for Ivy's heart? Swipe Right, Miss Billionaire is created by Pat waDon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • The Billionaire's Runaway Bride

    The Billionaire's Runaway Bride

    Emily Danzi has been stalked by a deranged man for most of her adult life. She thought she had left him behind when she moved to the west coast of Canada, but one rainy night, he catches up with her. Emily finds a temporary solution by having a complete stranger pose as her boyfriend. Byron Pomeroy, the man who was about to end his own life by jumping off a bridge scares off her pursuer but brings complications when she learns how deeply troubled he is, despite his enormous wealth. Emily wants to help him in return, but she must contend with Byron’s domineering mother and a devious journalist who wants Byron for herself and will destroy the reputation of anyone who gets in her way. “This might not be easy,” Byron began, “considering what I can safely call our mutual attraction for each other.” As she sat at the table across from him, Emily could not deny it. It was good that the table separated them because she was tempted to reach out and stroke the beautiful outlines of his face. She wondered what it would feel like to kiss him. Suddenly she realized Byron was saying something, while she was completely distracted by his god-like appearance. “, maybe you would like to make any suggestions?” he asked. “Suggestions?” she echoed. “About our new arrangement.” “Oh, of course,” she said, flustered, “No, you go first.” “All right.” He smiled as if he knew she had been admiring his looks. “Let’s start with public displays of affection. How far are we willing to go?” “Um...” Emily had not considered this. He took her hand and stroked it with his thumb, a light and teasing touch. “Would this be okay?” he asked. Emily nodded, wondering how she was going to be able to stand this without surrendering to his charm. “What about hugging?” he went on. “Hugging...” Emily cleared her throat nervously. “We need to proved something for the journalists to talk about,” he said, though Emily suspected it was not the only reason he wanted to get closer to her. “Hugging would be fine.” “I guess kissing would be out of the question?” His eye glinted mysteriously as his lips bent in a wicked smile. “I... haven’t thought about it,” Emily said. “Kissing on the cheek might be allowed.” “No kissing on the lips then?” he asked. His whole look seemed to say, “try it, you might like it.” Her body melting with desire, Emily stayed firm on this point. “No kissing on the lips.” WARNING: This novel contains depictions of suicidal depression and stalking.



    Contemporary Romance ACTION MYSTERY SCARY KILLER


    Beautiful Italy, the perfect place for a honeymoon... right? Destiny joins the tour group held by Bianca. But she isnt the only one. With serial killer Kore hidden amongst them, and finally a dead body, how will Destiny and Bianca escape. Detective Chiara Caruso, Constantine and Journalist Antonio, are hot on the trail....or are they? Is she Kore? Who's real and who is the imposter...? How do you run from someone you can't see?

  • Almighty Your Persona Has Collapsed

    Almighty Your Persona Has Collapsed


    [Showbiz+Star Student+Semi-Fantasy+Antilogic]   Meng Fu was 16 years old when the Jiang family came looking for her. They said that she had been mistakenly swapped with someone else since a young age. Before she can react, her body is occupied by the soul of a female journalist from an alternate world for two years.   She finally manages to reclaim her body, however...   Mother from a wealthy family: "The young master of the Tong family studied abroad, while you dropped out of high school. Although this betrothal is arranged by both families when both of you were young, there is no need to insist on the marriage."    Father: "Xinran is also my daughter. I hope you will get along well with her and learn from her."   Younger brother: "I only have one elder sister, and she is Jiang Xinran."   ** Before reclaiming her body, Meng Fu was ranked fourth in the Global Idol girl group program. She was a bimbo that all netizens hated, and the daughter that the Jiang family refused to recognize. However, after she reclaims her body, no offence, but no other contestant is a match for her.   Initially, fans from major forums insist that Meng Fu leaves the girl group and showbiz, attacking her with harsh criticisms. A group of fans retaliate and speak up for Meng Fu.   Until later, a powerful figure publishes a post: [Reposting my new drama]   Someone commented: [You got the wrong account.]   The fans who discover the truth suddenly come back to their senses: [There is no need to speak up for Meng Fu, the big shot.]   Male protagonist Su Cheng: The genius heir of the ancient martial arts family that lives in seclusion. He who is super manly and mysterious is free from all desires.   Female protagonist Meng Fu: The top star student who claims to know a bit of everything. She is a non-linear thinker, a master performer, a money-grubber, she is unrivaled in every aspect.

  • Aegis Group

    Aegis Group

    The perfect balance of adrenaline-fueled action and sexy romance: the men of Aegis Group are here for you. Rescuing damsels in distress, retrieving kidnapped journalists, preventing global catastrophes and falling in love is all part of the job for these highly trained and downright sexy operatives. Aegis Group is created by Sidney Bristol, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • La Serpiente, Foxy cursed bride in CEO Ghost's lair

    La Serpiente, Foxy cursed bride in CEO Ghost's lair



    [ Previous life ]A marriage that was originally meant to end the long war but the happily married couple fell in the hands of tragic death, lead by misunderstandings that FL killed the ML, herself.[ Present, Modern Time ]Sinclair MacLaverty - A mysterious multimillionaire TYCOON, residing in human world is waiting for his BRIDE to be reincarnated. NO! Definitely not for LOVE. The Lord wants a revenge but to his DAZE only a marriage again can secure his own life.Battling with him Syna Rhys- A Journalist is on a mission to expose the rumoured 'womanizer' boss, the young CEO of MacLaverty conglomerate.To fulfil the VOW of love, taken decades ago the duo is reborn to REWRITE their fate this time, they have to bind each other in THREAD OF TRUST.BUT What about the REVENGE plan?Or the Lord will again get bitten by the SNAKE of love? How will Syna get to know that she mistook her MATE for her BROTHER-IN-LAW !Will Syna again become his ACHILLES HEEL? What if ANOTHER MAN has taken a LIKING towards Lord Sinclair!?~~~~~~~~ Cover credits to the original artist.Poetry credits to Instagram poet Thy.Young.Shakespeare■Before you begin || read my review■~~~~~~~~• Check out my other edited works:>• Calla Lily: The Eunuch King's Goblin Bride>• Femme Fatale, The Queen Of Chess拼烟小军为何要not type?

  • The Billionaire's Fiery Redhead

    The Billionaire's Fiery Redhead

    Contemporary Romance R18 MYSTERY SURVIVAL CEO

    They are both shameless! The fiery redhead, Amani Parker, a freelance journalist got a once in a lifetime opportunity when she was given the story that would either make or break her career, which was to uncover the dirt on playboy billionaire, Leonardo DeVille. Leonardo, who bore grudges against women, decided the next one that crossed his path would bear the consequences. The conflict began the moment Leonardo and Amani met. He has never met a woman who blatantly opposed him. He would break her and make her beg for mercy She has never met a more cocky and egocentric man who acted like all women should worship at his feet. She would gather the dirt on him and expose the real him to the whole world. But something unexpected happened that took them both by surprise

  • Apartment Affairs

    Apartment Affairs


    Lisa is a girl with a past which she would rather forget however her past has no plans of letting her run away for longer. Our protagonist has changed her life and is now a journalist student in university, sharing an apartment with her two best friends. Her days looked calm and bright until her past literally knocked on her door. Her ex-best friend and then partner in crime as they were both parts of a gang returns as her roommate's boyfriend, bringing with him trouble not only for her but her friends too. How will she manage to make him keep his mouth shut when she was the reason that his life got destroyed back then? They hate each other with passion now, but among this group of friends, they aren't the only ones with past and secret affairs.

  • Our In-Between

    Our In-Between


    Hannah is an aspiring young journalist in the entertainment industry. When her boss calls to tell her that she will be interviewing the heir to Kincaid, a multi billionaire company she can’t believe it. Trevor Wright Kincaid is the most handsome bachelor and the richest man in Manhattan according to the last issue of Forbes. What Hannah didn’t expect is starting to fall for him. Her beliefs about rich men are all being proved wrong by this man when he is charming and doing everything right by the book. So why is she still doubting his love even when he declares it in the whole world? What could be missing that Hannah is still seeking? When Hannah quarrel with Trevor she finds herself enthralled by a man who seem to stop the world when he looks at her. She just needed one night for herself. But, Nothing prepares her when she finds out that her one night stand, the night she cannot seem to forget is the brother to Trevor; Chase Kincaid; the older brother and by all definitions the sexiest man alive. Our In Between is a dark romance trilogy. It follows the story of Hannah and the two brothers. “Do you believe in soul mates?” “No” “I do. And I believe you are my karma.” cover photo not mine, will take down under owner's request