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  • Snowed In: Kit and Harry

    Snowed In: Kit and Harry

    Someone -- or something -- is causing magical blizzards at Fairleigh Hall. The estate is suffering, and the Earl has requested assistance.<br><br>Constable Kit Thompson, of Bow Street’s Preternatural Division, isn’t especially thrilled to be sent out to the country. At least the assignment gets him away from fashionable London society and his own unwanted celebrity after successfully solving a notorious case. Of course, he’s now trapped at a country estate due to closed roads, snowstorms, and magic, but Kit’s always liked solving puzzles. He’s good at using empathic skills for investigations, and this is definitely a challenge. Besides, the Earl’s younger brother is an irritating and delicious temptation, all blue eyes and muscles and boundless enthusiastic optimism. Kit wants to either shake sense into him or kiss him senseless -- and can’t trust him, either, because if someone’s genuinely sabotaging the weather, everyone’s a suspect.<br><br>Harry Arden, younger brother of the Earl of Fairleigh, has never met a Preternatural Division constable before, much less a famous and celebrated one. He wants to help. And he wants to make that attractive but cynical constable smile, at least once. But the estate hides a family secret, and Harry knows perfectly well Kit doesn’t trust him ... and for good reason. Still, Harry offers to do what he can to assist with the investigation, and if that means spending more time with Kit, that’s a bonus. <br><br>When Harry and Kit end up caught by those magical storms, snowed in together at the old hunting lodge, they’ll have to trust each other with their secrets ... and their hearts.

  • Kit kat

    Kit kat

  • Kit and Kat

    Kit and Kat

    Kit and Kat are childhood friends growing up in the United States of Arizona, a state not historically known for embracing other cultures. Will their friendship survive? Or will Kit be pulled back into his white washed world while Kat gets pulled into her safety by numbers Latino neighborhood.

  • Survival kit System

    Survival kit System


    This is a story of a transmigrationwith great and charm setting out to say 5h3 world

  • Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

    Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle


    After facing her fiancé's betrayal, things take an unexpected turn after Tang Mo’er inadvertently gets involved with the Capital’s preeminent magnate, Gu Mohan. Fast-forwarding, Tang Mo’er clenches on a pregnancy test kit with two red lines—testing positive—and confronts him. “Young Master Gu, why did you make me pregnant?” Gu Mohan hands a baby over into her arms. “My dearest wife, be good. That’s our second child.” And so Tang Mo’er can only hustle and take care of her two children, but unbeknownst to her, Young Master Gu has also been coveting her love and affection… This is a face-smacking, sweet-love novel set in the entertainment industry.

  • The Contract 
Aran & Kit

    The Contract Aran & Kit

  • Kit, Tian, Tum , Josh, Farm, Jump

    Kit, Tian, Tum , Josh, Farm, Jump

  • World Development System

    World Development System



    While returning home from a boring day of work, a black hole opened up in front of John and sucked him in. Before he was floating in the blackhole, a helmet latched on to him. "Uploading A.I under progress...Activating Survival Kit" A weird robotic sound appeared within the conscious of John and suddenly a white energy enveloped him... After opening his eyes, John noticed he was teleported to a whole new world. A world of magic and he was a user of a system. Arkon, the world John was brought too, was a medieval world which is 10 times bigger than earth. This new world held many new mysteries and this was the beginning of John's adventure. John will dominate and stir the world with his new system. Old technologies begone and use my advanced techys instead! Ha! you want to hold a politic, economical and military war with me? Sorry but my system is too broken for you all to counter.

  • miRNA in the serum. Then a commercial kit was used to extract and isol

    miRNA in the serum. Then a commercial kit was used to extract and isol

  • Love is Magic

    Love is Magic

    Contemporary Romance WEAKTOSTRONG CEO FAMILY


    " Tell me what happened?" Priya asked anxiously." Don't ask me anything now, I have to go to the police station" Arvind answered without looking at me. Arvind left hurriedly.I didn't understand what was happening here. I went to Karthik's bedroom to check him. Then I noticed his palm was cut and was bleeding. I don't know where the first aid kit in his room, so I brought it from my penthouse. When I was dressing his injury, he hissed in pain and opened his eyes. I observed his gloomy eyes filled with pain and tears at the corner of his eyes. My heart-ached looking at him in that condition. " What happened Karthik?" I asked him rubbing his hair softly." My best friend hates me. It's killing me," he answered. " I did a big mistake by hurting him. I accept my mistake. At least he is not giving a second chance to explain. He is punishing me for two years ignoring me and treating me like his enemy. It is killing me. Even my mom doesn't trust me. No one loves me. I am feeling lonely. I don't want to live anymore" he said while lone tears rolled from the corner of his eyes. "Shhh…..calm down. You are a fantastic person, Karthik I have ever seen. Arvind, Shreya, uncle, and all employees need you. Don't ever speak about killing yourself. We all love you." I consoled him. He immediately got up from the bed and hugged me tightly. "You love me?" he asked me cupping my face. I could understand his state, he was in an alcoholic effect. So I nodded my head straight. He loosens his grip and looked into my eyes. " You trust me, right?" He questioned. " I trust you more than myself" I smiled. " Thank you so much. Do you know my mom loves me but she didn't trust me? At that time do you know how I felt? I was broken …." He cried hugging me. "Everything will be fine. Don't worry." I assured him. " Will you too leave me like my mom ?" he asked me. " Never. I will be always with you." I answered. "Promise…" he asked again. " Pakka promise.." I smiled. "Thank you beautiful…." he kissed me on my forehead. I was beyond the shock of what just happened. My body freeze at once. " Then don't leave me. Be with me all my life" he closed his eyes holding my palm. Still, I couldn't believe…. What he spoke!!Does he love me???Having a family, I am living like an orphan. Why a rich person will love an orphan like me? Love never exists in my life! I laughed at my destiny. ***************************This is a story of two souls who met accidentally and finally bonded in pure love. So peep into the story to know the love journey of handsome Karthik( Male Lead) and innocent Priya(Female lead)




  • mahal kits kahit kaibigan kita

    mahal kits kahit kaibigan kita

  • Survival in Space: I have Hundredfold Enhancement

    Survival in Space: I have Hundredfold Enhancement



    After being awakened from their slumber, the six billion people on Earth discovered that they had been teleported to the deep ends of the universe. Everyone started with 50 basic survival points and owned a survival base which could evolve. Around them were all sorts of metals, the remains of spaceships and high-tech material kits floating in space. In order to survive, develop and grow stronger in this vast universe, humans had to utilize their survival bases to search for systems, collect items, accumulate survival points and upgrade their bases. However, the universe was perilous, with gamma rays, meteorites, space viruses, mutated creatures, robots which were input with killing commands… Grimm was one of the humans. Fortunately, he acquired the Hundredfold Enhancement System. [Discovered <filthy bottled water> x1. Enhanced 100 times and the host receives <pure drinking water> x100.] [Discovered <rusty iron> x1. Enhanced 100 times and the host receives <ferroalloy> x100. This can be used to strengthen the shell of the base.] [Discovered <old carbine x1>. Enhanced 100 times and the host receives <automatic tracking laser x1>. Does the host wish to set it up at the border of the base?] Grimm had struck a jackpot! While others were carefully scavenging for materials and countless lives were lost in the process, Grimm reached the peak of technology in an instant. Commanding a super base with technology a few hundred years more advanced than that of Earth, Grimm waltzed through space with ease.

  • [BL] Revenge System: Take the ML and Fix the World

    [BL] Revenge System: Take the ML and Fix the World



    Transmigration never crosses his mind until he met his death by a sudden turn of events. Traveling with an orange fox kit that told him his new reality, and 'using' his soul to fix the corrupted mission worlds. He Ming apathetically followed the fox kit to face-slap and kick the scam characters off their so-called throne and raise the rightful characters to heaven. Just when he thought he was already done, those characters started to chase after him instead!Will He Ming be able to finish his tasks smoothly, or will the troublesome Male leads be a hindrance to his efficiency?Find out more and read the book! It's worthwhile I promise *wink wink*

  • Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains

    Of Starlit Balls and Starship Captains

    Space opera, Regency romance, and an invitation to an Imperial ballroom among the stars ...<br><br>Captain Catherine Everington loves her starship, her crew, and their mission of interplanetary exploration. New worlds beckon, and Kit's always wanted to discover them. But a summons from her mother brings a reminder of Kit's family obligations, including the title and place she'd once given up among glittering Regency society, on the capitol planet.<br><br>The Regency is ending, and the new Emperor will take the Galactic Throne, which means he'll need to choose an Empress. But Arthur has never been a conventional heir, and he's fascinated by discoveries and languages and new frontiers. And an unconventional starship Captain with a love of the unknown might be exactly who he needs ...

  • The Mafia Ceo's Treasure

    The Mafia Ceo's Treasure



    [MATURE THEMES + SLOW BURN ROMANCE] It all began on that one fateful, cold winter night. A wounded man entered the café just as she was about to lock up and head home. "Good heavens!" she watched the unknown man who was clutching the side of his chest. The man collapsed, his body lay cold and almost lifeless on the marbled floor. Grabbing the first aid kit, she gently lay the man on the bed and cleaned his wound. "So," she said while wrapping a bandage around the man's broad, well-toned chest, "It seems you've been stabbed. Don't worry, though, as it's not fatal. At least, I think it's not based on the First Aid course I took years ago." When the man came to, he found himself staring at a woman who gave him, a complete stranger, the most genuine smile he had ever received. "I've already called the ambulance," she softly spoke, "You'll be okay, sir." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few years later, Lai Xiulan meets the strange man once again only to find out that she had actually saved Bai Ying, one of Forbes's richest male billionaires. Also, what's this she hears from whispers on the street? He's actually the mafia CEO of Nero Incorporated, a multinational electronics and information technology company!? "Come work for me as my PA," he offers her a contract. Her hazelnut eyes widen. This was her chance to help her mother pay the bills and pay off the five million dollar debt her father owed. It was an opportunity to turn her life around and maybe save it. She had no idea signing the contract would change her mundane life dramatically and unpredictably. Being Bai Ying's PA was a whole mission on its own. The man would always tease her every chance he got. He was also a perfectionist, something Lai was definitely not. However, she was more than perfect in his eyes. To him, she was a drug he never knew he needed. The only woman who ever made him feel alive. His knight in shining armor who brought light into his lonely, dark world. Lai was his treasure and when it comes to treasure, everybody wants a piece of it. Can Bai protect her from the clutches of those who are greedy to have her? Does Lai have what it takes to survive the mafia world she has found herself entwined in? *Weekly updates: 2 CHAPTERS PER WEEK * (Excuse the long synopsis. Cover art does not belong to me. Can our ML and FL fight through every obstacle and get the happy ending they deserve? Add the novel to your library to find out!)

  • Conquest Carnival: Two Worlds Collide

    Conquest Carnival: Two Worlds Collide



    With a dark past driving him to work harder than most, Zack Rivera entered college two years early as a High Honors Student.As a result, he found himself with just enough money for an Immersive Virtual Reality Kit, and a pre-order for Conquest Carnival.In the two years between then and now, he had developed a passion for IVR Gaming, going so far as to get a world record for his favorite game! Thus, he had become a famed speedrunner known as HypeBeast27. Unfortunately though, due to his strict academic responsibilities, he faded into obscurity, becoming a mysterious legend amongst the hardcore gamers of the world.And now, he finds himself at a crossroads.Will he continue on the path of higher education, living a simple yet successful life? Or, will he take a gamble and become a pro gamer, opening the gates that could fulfill his wildest fantasies?And what about. . . The truth?Only one way to find out.*Important Disclaimers: This is an ongoing story, don't let the crummy upload rate fool you! Additionally, R18 stuff will happen, but that will not be the focus of the story.****If you enjoy the story, please support me on ko-fi at the discord using this link:

  • starting from marvel the journey across the multiverse

    starting from marvel the journey across the multiverse

    Martial Arts MARVEL DC

    mc travels omni verse looking for adventure and he shall find it along side his girlfriend and pet dragon plus he has mega op dragon balls upgraded to were the wishes are more powerful and only needs 24 hours to make a new wish

  • Deleted story ##s

    Deleted story ##s


    A boy is waking up, suddenly hears an cold voice《 The required host is found. Congrats! on becoming the host for the sucker system.《 The host has sucked the skill of the ogre ' berserk' 》《 The host has sucked the bloodlin of the Fire Dragon 》please!! support me guys because this is my first novel.