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  • At Manila

    At Manila

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    If red wine was one of Cedric's favorite cocktails, Mara was way more intoxicating than that. When Cedric was knocked out of bed because Sheryl had chosen to marry another man, Mara came with a shedder of hope. But the candle will only light if it is lit, and Mara isn't, she's just a flash of light that can disappear even though Cedric was capable of total Mara in marriage.a romance novels by aprilwriters.

  • Manila Underground

    Manila Underground

  • Manila Noir

    Manila Noir

    Martial Arts ACTION ANTIHERO

    Manila is turmoil as corrupt politicians are dying one by one.The people demands blood and justice.The Vigilante is coming




  • Heart's in Manila

    Heart's in Manila


    a girl who lost her heart in Manila, while she's waiting for the man she left, that man promise to her that He wouldn't love anyone else but her. what would be the next catch up if they saw each other again?Would he still love her after a years?or would she stop and will pretend that She's not into him anymore?______________________________hi guys! please support my story!! and be amazed on a based in a true story that i will write.thankyou in advance!- ijoylicious

  • Lost in Manila

    Lost in Manila

  • Around Ermita Manila

    Around Ermita Manila

    A bisexual BSED student, Josseph Gabriel, was enlightened by a sudden chased of the girl from DLSU who will change his life visual. Would they relationship work, even if there will be barriers along the way? Would you rather save yourself with your Dream, than to save your relationship with your someone?- Best day Class! Can we start? -



    Horror&Thriller SCARY APOCALYPSE

    As the covid19 cases increases, the Philippine President issued a total lockdown in Metro Manila. With a series of catastrophic weird events one after another, Nikko was curious on what's happening. Is it really the COVID19? Or was it something else?

  • The Demon Prince Of Manila

    The Demon Prince Of Manila


    A banished blood thirsty prince goes extra miles in his quest to get vengeance on his family.He becomes something terrifying, something worse than the devil itself.But then there is a cog change in his life when a rival princess steps into it.The moment he lay his flamy eyes on her, he knew everything was going to change.Their relationship started off as fire and brimstone, but she helps him overcome the darkness that has consumed him.Even the devil can fall in love, because it is one powerful emotion capable of changing the past, present and future.The Demon Prince of Manila~

  • When I Was Your Beloved

    When I Was Your Beloved



    "When he can't recognize me anymore, that means I have to let him go, even though I am still loving him. What use of it when I was his beloved when he doesn't know who I am." - FL Friya Lee, a director on a morning radio show on TSV Studios, had been living under the same roof with her longtime boyfriend, Sean Gonzales, a screenwriter for production dramas at the same studios. They had been together for 10 years and Friya's family expected them to plan their marriage as soon as possible. Sean's family is still in doubt about Friya's identity. His parents have not yet approved that their relationship with each other, even after all those years. They are happy together, expected to be a husband and a wife soon, until one day, Friya discovered something about Sean's secrets. Friya left him abandoned in their own house with no thoughts after she discovered Sean was cheating behind her back for the very first time they had been together. Friya was roaming around the capital of Manila, but little did she know, Sean's hit by a car through the pedestrian nearby and they have delivered him to the nearest hospital. ---- DISCLAIMER: The characters portrayed in this drama are fictitious. Organizations, names, places, and situations are based on imagination. ---- The cover came from Pinterest, and the owner didn't credit it as her own. The author edited the text herself through Canva.

  • Manila's Ghost.

    Manila's Ghost.

    imagine being murdered in cold blood by someone you trusted, you open your eyes, scared and confused, "am I not supposed to be dead! you asked.if am not dead, then I must have reincarnated right? you reach for a mirror only to find out it's worse than you imaginedyou are a GHOST!strong, independent and authoritative, Julia's life became a rollercoaster when she died, what was supposed to be the end was only the beginning. the beginning of an amazing fun filled, and wonderful life with violet, a shy demure translator who works for Total INC the leading organization in the Philippines and all of southeast Asia.she never imagined that her quest to be human again would subject her to working For the cold, ruthless and breathtakingly handsome president and CEO of Total inc, deeply buried within those dark, lifeless and merciless eyes was a radiant light the aloof broken and twisted CEO sought to hide from everyone. He was strict and heartless to all his employees, a complete brute.violet paced back and forth in her living room as the realization smashed her soul"who murdered Julia?"how did her past life relate to Williams?"what did her step father had to do with the whole mystery?"how do I break the news without breaking the couple

  • Neo Manila: Rise of the New Gods

    Neo Manila: Rise of the New Gods

    Sci-fi RIGHTEOUS

    The story takes place in an alternate reality where the Philippines did not become an independent democratic country but remained a US colony. We follow four main characters, some trying to survive and some making the situation worse.

  • I Live My Life For You (Tagalog/Filipino) Manila International Book Fair 2019 Entry

    I Live My Life For You (Tagalog/Filipino) Manila International Book Fair 2019 Entry


    Nang makaligtas sa paglubog ng bangkang sinasakyan sa Guimaras, nagdesisyon si Ratchelle na umuwi sa Isla La Carmella. Aayusin niya ang relasyon sa mga magulang at pakakasalan ang unang lalaking minahal niya—si Vic-vic. Pero sa gabing nakatakda na niyang sabihin kay Vic-vic ang pagmamahal para dito, inanunsiyo naman nito ang pagpapakasal sa kontrabida niyang pinsan na si Joanne Jean. Wasak na wasak ang mundo ni Ratchelle nang gabing iyon. At paggising kinabukasan, katabi na niya si Orion—ang mortal niyang kaaway. Gusgusin ito at mukhang hindi naliligong artist na sikat na sikat sa buong La Carmella. Underwear lang ang suot niya at hindi niya alam kung ano ang nangyari sa kanila. Kunwari ay patay-malisya na lang siya at tinakasan si Orion para iwasan ang komprontasyon. Pero hindi niya ito magawang takasan nang kumalat sa buong La Carmella ang tungkol sa isang gabing “pagkalimot” nila. Kailangang ibangon ni Orion ang puri niya kung ayaw niyang masira ang reputasyon sa mga magulang. Pero hindi lang puri ni Ratchelle ang plano nitong ibangon. Plano rin ni Orion na paghilumin ang sugat sa puso niya. Lalabanan ba ni Ratchelle ang nararamdaman o bibigay na lang?***The printed book is only P135.Raffle and freebies await those who will attend and get this book the September 15, 1PM book signing at Precious Pages Booth 5, 6, 7 and 8, 1st Floor, SMX Mall of Asia.PM My Precious Treasures on Facebook to those who want to order online.

  • Ten Darkest Secrets (Betrayer Series Book #1)

    Ten Darkest Secrets (Betrayer Series Book #1)

    Contemporary Romance SYSTEM MYSTERY KILLER


    "You were never the best pretender. Instead, you are my best friend. My dearest friend. The trust I build-up, and the memories we shared, it all shattered. You broke everything. If killing you would condemn me to hell, I just have to take a seat beside you. I will never forget your betrayal while your body is dying." Set off in the year of 2018, in the capital of Manila, the group of 7 friends, together with the office worker's brother, a popular actress, and a painter, were mystically followed by a person wearing a black hoodie. Everyone has a secret to keep, but when someone tries to peek into the gloom, you will never know how dark they are._____________________________________________I originally entitled this story "Diyes" which means "Ten" in Latin words. It also released this story in the year 2018 as an unofficial/ school project film on the university premises of Pamantasan ng Cabuyao. Together with the author herself — that's me — the story's arranged with Razil Jane Mamplata and Chris Joshua Gonio as the main scriptwriters for the film. However, the book was written by me myself with many additional scenes that are not shown in the school film. SPECIAL THANK YOU CREDIT FOR ALL THE CREW WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE SCHOOL FILM ON THE YEAR 2018. YOU ARE PART OF MY WRITING CAREER JOURNEY AS IT TAKES FLIGHT. ------------ BETRAYER SERIES: BOOK #1: Ten Darkest Secrets (ONGOING) BOOK #2: Eight Strongest Lies (soon) BOOK #3: Four Bravest Keepers (soon) ------------- DISCLAIMER:The characters portrayed in this drama are fictitious. Organizations, names, places, and situations are based on imagination.Book cover made by: Author and Digital Artist Sendaline_16

  • Obscurum Within

    Obscurum Within


    Esecleus Agnello Villin left his province life to start a new one in a man-made island where the his college university was built and funded by the government. University of the New Philippines is located not so far from the Manila shore. Everything was ordinary at first until an incident occured where a student hurt another student to the extent that the victim lost consciousness. When everyone thought that it was just some crazy incident and won't happen again, another similar incident happened until things became unclear and everyone began to turn crazy.

  • Alternate Philippine History 1898

    Alternate Philippine History 1898



    What would happen if history took a different course back in 1898 and the Filipino revolutionaries learned of the secret negotiation between the American and Spanish forces in Manila?How will the future of the Philippines change?

  • LGBT/GAys

    LGBT/GAys crush

  • Back to Our Paradise

    Back to Our Paradise

    Two boys, Ersel and Lino, were childhood best friends for three years. One day, while Lino went to visit his grandparents with his parents for several days, Ersel suddenly goes to Manila with his parents without even leaving a word or letter, making the former sad and angry. Ten years later, the two suddenly meet again as college students. How will Ersel make up to Lino for disappearing without a word ten years before? Will their friendship go back to the way it was? Or will their meeting trigger a new emotion - love?

  • Curse of the Gods

    Curse of the Gods


    Ancient Egypt had rules of marrying siblings to avoid getting mixed blood successors. Don't think of this story as weird or disturbing.

  • Days of us

    Days of us

    He was the strongest and sweetest alpha of north. She was trained to be his Luna . They were about to get married. But before the marriage her mate appeared and claimed her.

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