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  • Survival of the book nerd in a medival fantasy world

    Survival of the book nerd in a medival fantasy world

    This is not a story about a great hero enriching the lives of all those around him or a devious main lead with great hidden power rising to prove all his peers wrong but about a middle school boy in a medieval world with supernatural powers, creepy power abusing and idiot nobles trying to destroy the life of his and all those around him in all it's about a boy surviving tribulations of life caused by the annoying but kind-hearted main antagonist oh did I forget to mention his best friend is the main protagonist and he's the greatest storytelling in the world.Note: This is my first novel so any feedback would be appreciatedSide note: The graphic doesn't belong to me only the fictional work and characters.

  • Another Murder?

    Another Murder?

    Blenar. A thought to be peaceful little Mediveal town holding 200 people. But what would you say if i told you that Murder has dawned upon the Horizon?One night after the other, one new Murder was to be heard in the Morning with no sign of stopping or resting. Who would have such capabilities to go in a house, murder a soul and retreat undetected?!Chief Ambers has brought a "Qualified Detective" to solve this case. But that detective will have to go to sleep... eventually.

  • The Emperor System

    The Emperor System


    Our protagonist Charles suddenly gets transmigrated into a medival world with a system.Where the end goal of the system is world domination, its a story about a smart, badass and a shameless guy and his epic tale of becoming the supreme emperor preached by millions of beings.

  • Kema: A Star Wars Story

    Kema: A Star Wars Story


    After the Jedi trials find Kema unfit she works to become a Jedi Guardian. On the way she also has to stop a traitor who she loved dearly. Right after becoming guardian she deals with the Jedi Purge, missing friends and an old reunion becoming Jedi Consular at the end.Cast:Kema Kordall/CordeXido Dival/SirlinJysell Harik/EnragaKaiZena Dolpho/Lady TalleEnodo IfediCT-1212 (Goldie)Yu'saraiBothka YodaExpect 3 chapters a week; up to 1.5K words/chapter. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, even important lol. **NOTE**:I DO NOT own Star Wars, Disney does! Only my character and the plotline behind it. Some plots concur with the Prequel trilogy, which I also do not own!

  • The One Who Caused Chaos

    The One Who Caused Chaos


    The world of "Sirus", Despite having such a futurestic name, is a home to a medival civilization which uses the power of swords and magic. Three hundred years ago, The world was invaded by "demons." Demons were some monstrous species which had nothing but low level animalistic instincts and hot headed nature. But Heroes arrives . Wherever there are demons, there would always be heroes. Will they be able to subdue the Demon Lord and Free themselves from this hell? Or will there be some untold obstacles which they might never be able to overcome. This is the "Dark Fantasy and Tragedy" Really Short Webnovel be me and hope you like it. Warning - Final chapter of this Novel have spoiler to my another novel, Phantom. So read at own risk

  • WAR OF AGES: The Beginning

    WAR OF AGES: The Beginning


    This novel is based on VR games which are in Strategy and RPG setting, not only the player can feel their surrounding they can taste any delicacy in the games, The NPC is able to interact with the player as if they are alive as a real human which can't separate a person from the NPC. The game has 4 era which is the ancient civilization of Atlantis, Indus, and the Lemurian, Medival that spread from the Asian, European, and the Southeast Asia, Modern time which start from great war, second world war, and cold war, as the last age is the Gothic era timeline after the end of the nuclear war and the world had already gone into universe war which has strange beast and the unknown horror lurk on it. "War is an endless event and the people inside it see what hell incarnate is like" said by anonymous. Warning: the cover is not yet final and may change later

  • Tamashī no burēka - Soul Breaker

    Tamashī no burēka - Soul Breaker

    In a Universe where both the Medival World and the Modern world exist alongside each other in harmony, Anomalies related to both Technology and Magic starts to suddenly happen, putting the lives of the people of both world in danger, follow Akira in his adventure to solve these anomalies, and possibly save the world.

  • Garden Of Death

    Garden Of Death


    Story is based on medival period of Knights, magic and unique powers which almost every one has , where the main character Eri who doesn't have any power is on his journey to fulfill the dream of his late parents and going on an adventure making friends along the way and fighting people who stand between him and his dream.

  • Rapid progression

    Rapid progression


    "I have been humble but all they did was try to take advantage of me. Well no more mister nice guy"Saito transmigrated to a whole new world that is quite medival with a touch of futuristic elements, its a world where ppl are born with special abilities mostly related to the four elements, with a few exeptionsSaito's story begins

  • I want to obtain the Crown

I want to be the king of Jinns

    I want to obtain the Crown I want to be the king of Jinns


    what will u do when you have no option but to go on a journey with u hate the and your both life are linked if one die other also diea genius and greedy normal being with dream like artifacts against the world powerful sorcerer magicians and sorcerer about the same in this world a race against time a medival world where magician ,, sorcerere ,, giants,, jinns,, and so on exists what can a normol human do lets go on a journey togther queen wonder magic = queen heerat jadoo. is same person namestactical = samartian no harem no system no reincarnation pure and new plot good character weak human protagonist with different artifacts strong king of magician and sorcerer and many more antagonist plz leave a comment if u don't understand something Zanbeel = storage poach but more it can also store living things jadoo mean magi if u guys want me to continue this plz leave a comment and tell me 2 chapters daily 2/day

  • General Adhira

    General Adhira


    how would you feel if you died in an isolation ward while suffering from corona and losing everyone you once knew because of it. something similar happened to our protagonist.------------------------------------------------------------------------I was just a normal Indian girl until the pandemic struck the world. millions of people died in it and one of them was me and my family. I died at the young age of thirteen and transmigrated into the body of a girl same as me but way more beautiful than me!! there was only one word for her:- DEAD GORGEOUS!! how can anyone look so beautiful anyway until I met them... I was in the medival era of India in which Mughals pulled over the Asian subcontinent. I transmigrate in the body of a girl who is a daughter of a minister of the current mughal ruler. Akbar!!" omg!! he looks so hot! he could be a film star "my role model as well as my master, Birbal!!" master!! anything to do to make trouble? I am bored!" a bratty yet cute prince, Jahangir" Gosh, he is so adorable!!"" where did this annoying fly come from!?" and much more!!this is the story of a girl who came to the past and changed history. a girl who fights for justice and women!! a girl who is deadly in more than one way:- Gorgeous, Strong, clevershe is indeed an overpowered main character until.....------------------------------------------------------------------------hey, guys!!the cover is not mine so, the credits are to the artist but the novel is mine. I hope you guys like my work!! love from~ Vani Orla

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