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  • Misguided Metaphors

    Misguided Metaphors

    History ROMANCE

    I'm not supposed to be here. I know it's wrong but my body and mind (I don't know if my heart's included) tell me to stay beside this man. He is the only person who understand mostly everything about me, needless to say my weird poetries, all my hopes and dreams, my crooked sense of humor. His laughter, grin and smiles are all there is that's giving me drug, making me seek for more of this. ..

  • The Iceberg Metaphor

    The Iceberg Metaphor


    Nicola Realonda is everyone. Why? She lies. She seeks revenge. Her mind is filled with immoral urges. But as what always psychologist says, there is a reason for everything. They are implying that it happened because something or someone triggers it. The sexual urges, selfish needs, or violent motives were always there, and it won't go away. Usually, those were hiding at the back of our minds. Like an iceberg, you only see the tip of it, and you are not sure what is underneath. So, be ready to stop it because once you lose your shit, you can not hide from the NBI. When an iceberg collapsed and turned upside down. Her Id will be exposed. What do you think she will do?Join her as she explore the world of psyche.

  • Nice

    Nice Metaphor

  • Life’s a metaphor

    Life’s a metaphor


  • A Clever Metaphor For Love

    A Clever Metaphor For Love

  • Emily Grace's 

•Pain is just a Metaphor•

    Emily Grace's _Grey_ •Pain is just a Metaphor•


    Pain is Just a metaphor

  • Pursuing Immortality

    Pursuing Immortality



    Meet Gu Yu—a college dropout and a talented incense maker, and at the same time, the rather stoic protagonist of this story. Despite his somewhat introverted manner, he has a tendency to make sarcastic remarks in his thoughts. One day, after saving a squirrel, a windfall (metaphorically and literally) dropped into his lap.Stumbling into the cultivation world with little help, he was not turned into Superman overnight (as he would like). Apparently, becoming a cultivator would not make your life easier, at least in the beginning. Somewhere along the road, he ran into Jiang Xiaozhai, a young woman who’s got the brains, the beauty, and maybe one or two secrets of her own. As it turned out, the two made a perfect team—Mulder-and-Scully style. Motivated by many unanswered questions, they had been running up and down the country, getting into all kinds of trouble, and learning more of the modern cultivation world, which is by no means the same as in the ages long past…

  • The Lich System

    The Lich System



    Duth our main focus has died tragically, more to the point he died watching his cousin die. Only to receive in kind a deadly sentence. originally content as now in spirit they rest. He has been woken to find himself pulled from the realms, not just him but many others like him. Other souls. Their tormented suffering allowing magic to expand to greater feats. Now vengeful not only with those who took his family, friends and other souls, but the world that stood by and allowed it. Duth with sheer will and perhaps an unknown entities help rises up as an avenging lich. Only it was all wrong, he had a system.. he wasn't right. emotions almost stripped bare, just like his flesh. Dark energies flowing in his metaphoric veins. But there stood a few solid goals. World domination and to bring the wraith of souls upon the unfortunates. Now in a game he never intended to play. Duth starts his journey of questionable morals and a seething and wrathful will.

  • Deep Space Epoch

    Deep Space Epoch


    (Going to be slow releases the week of 2/24 - 3/1. Slightly unwell and working all day Mon-Fri, so only expecting one chapter / 2 days)Ivan Storme was once a billionaire, a man who ruled with money. His company operated in all sectors across Earth and was publicly renowned. However, Ivan had built most of his power with shady and illegal means, often conducting inhumane actions for the sake of profit. When this information was discovered and released to the public, he was forced to flee or face a life sentence behind bars.With all of his past accomplishments and fortune crumbling before him and with no path of survival in front of him, Ivan took desperate measures to escape pursuit. He contacted an illegal human experimentation facility and paid all the money he had on hand to be cryogenically frozen in stasis for 200 years when the technology to revive someone from such a state existed.When he woke up from stasis and was expecting a new life in a highly developed world filled with flying cars and holographic projections, instead he woke up to an unfamiliar environment in a completely different galaxy..Ivan was sure of only one thing. The time he slept for was definitely not 200 years.From the author: This has been on my mind for a long time so I have decided to put pen to paper, metaphorically. I'm currently doing an average 7ch/week + extras as I like, I will update this of any changes.P.S. I don't proofread or edit. Doing so annoys me far more than you would be reading it. It's pretty clean already so for any typos, treat them as me testing your adaptability. ^.^ Comment any major errors and thou shalt be fixed

  • The girl, Who Defied Death.

    The girl, Who Defied Death.


    Ever heard of the term "time travel"? Yeah, more than heard, right? What if you could experience it, or meet someone who has experienced it? Well it would be a thrilling experience for most of you, won't it? A life full of uncertainty yet you feel like you can change things, a feeling you are in control."I will save–"Many people wish that they could undo something in the past; Relive their life in a better way, save someone, say farewell to people, do certain things differently, value the things they would lose later on in life. Or if you are a pessimistic person or have different goals in your creative or chaotic mind, the above structuring would be a bit different. But that all in the end is nothing but a castle in the air, at least for humanity."You can't prevent it–"My life was hit with a truck, metaphorically of course, when someone, from somewhere, told me something that would make any normal human who hears it be in denial. As if the denial or surprise I felt at that moment was only a metaphor for the great turmoil my life was going to see."Don't mess with what you–"There's a quote saying, "If you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you."The greater the abyss the greater the despair that will stare back at you."This… why? I… didn't… No…!"In this deluded reality when you believe to be in control of things that's when the things are most uncontrollably chaotic. – I wish I could have moved, just reached that hand, but now it was too late––#slowburn #drama #supernatural #slowburnromance #lightcomedy

  • Yellow is the Sun

    Yellow is the Sun

    these are recordings of my life encoded in metaphors. i hope you find your meaning by reading in between the lines.

  • Not Your Average Love Story [SEQUEL ONGOING]

    Not Your Average Love Story [SEQUEL ONGOING]


    They say you can't force love, You'll most likely find it when you're not looking.Just like how the Fetridge's Law works. Important things that are supposed to happen do not happen, especially when you are looking.Most important things in life really do happen when we least expect and it has happened to me. Love found me when it was the last thing on earth I was searching for. But what if Love isn't everything we compare it to? What if love isn't roses that blossoms? What if love isn't a fairy tale that brings magic to our lives?What if love is not air that you never get tired of breathing? What if love isn't rivers, and oceans that flows without end? And that we're just swimming in seas of depthless metaphors?SEQUEL STARTED IN THIS VERY BOOK

  • Spiritual


    Everything in Gardenia is dead. Some metaphorically and others literally.

  • Barbearian



    I had once been a human, I think, but now I'm a bear. Not a very good one, mind you, but still a bear. I'm hoping to make it big, both physically and metaphorically, to have my own fruit grove and honeycomb, and to never go hungry. That would be cool!Author's note: battle-junkie adventure story released in daily bite-sized chunks. Enjoy!

  • Ten Million Possibilities

    Ten Million Possibilities

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY BL TEEN

    Going home from a long trip, in the most unlikely situation, Win meets a stranger who opened a series of possibilities in his life. From a simple dream to gigantic life expectations that pushed him into different directions, allowing him to fully understand the metaphors of the world and the person whom he created as his universe.

  • The Tale of William Godrend

    The Tale of William Godrend


    A boy Crawls his way through metaphorical hell and vows to help others who were deemed cursed like him to be free, and after achieving this goal in his last moments he’s killed and Transmigrated into a world endless possibilities Where strength talks…. *Please comment, and let me know what you think I can improve*

  • The canary that decided to fly

    The canary that decided to fly

    Short, non-romantic metaphor of inner pain.Like a free canary, who no longer has ties.

  • Navigating the Corporate Jungle

    Navigating the Corporate Jungle

    THIS. IS. NOT. A. LOVESTORY.Its more of a self-help book to stop you from fuckin up in your job.This is my work life in a metaphor, you can like it, hate it or... Chuck it into the bin its up to you. But i do hope you enjoy :)Ctto of the photo used for the cover (our legal team has advised us to do so)

  • The Answer.

    The Answer.



    (Cover art by valiasevat_art.) Join the Requiems in their epic journey across time and space! Where it all starts in 2013, to where the Emperor matures in 2019! The Outcast is destroyed and the world as they knew it is as good as gone. Metaphorically, of course. Watch their journey unfold against the future with Ben as the protagonist in Volumes 1 and 2! The Gift and Emancipation: The World Taken. In 2036, the son of the Emperor fights onwards for his home and the girl he loves to demolish the corrupt society that inhabits his hometown of France! August Rivera moves forward as the third annual protagonist to avenge the girl he loves and attain freedom for the man he calls his rival in Volume 3! The World; Memento Mori. And finally, through the 2050s, enjoy a final teen thriller with the experiment of the Mad Scientist Abaddon Kuno as the protagonist. A young hispanic teenage boy by the name of Alexander Amara attends the newly opened Superhuman Only Academy with his best friend, Rosalyn Thomas. Join the two with their allies and comrades, the Major Arcana as they fight demons, travel to other worlds’ pasts and eventually meet God Himself in Volume 4! The Answer; Heaven’s Repent! Charlie Kyles, Athena Prelle, Cecilia Lane, Liliana and Sirilla Morningstar are not owned by me. Hazel Adams, Eddie Singh created by my friend and I along with Sunni Lynn. Story and plot written all by Ben Rivera.

  • Black Swan : Hope

    Black Swan : Hope


    black swan/ˌblak ˈswän/ unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences.Black Swan in Ballet The Black Swan metaphorically represents the negative "other". The evil twin. The darker nature.