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    Puck Amon is a multimillion-dollar businessman. Back on earth Puck had a lucrative transportation company. Considered outstanding even by his peers, Puck was crowned the golden boy of his era. Dying right after celebrating the signing of a million-dollar contract Puck awoke to a strange new world. After awaking in the new world Puck learns that he isn’t just an ordinary human anymore, but something much greater.

  • The Universal Overseer

    The Universal Overseer

    What Happens when a human gets reincarnated and becomes the Overseer of all?Follow this lucky fu***r as he manages The Entire CosmosDiscord link: https://discord.gg/5VjzxpB

  • OVERSEER: Servants

    OVERSEER: Servants

  • Overseer of Fate

    Overseer of Fate

    This is a story of certain being .Who for some reason chose to live a normal human life in the mortal world forgetting his past. Many more years pass by, life moved on through good and bad. As he lives through a normal life. In time he became old and death came knocking to him and one by one to everyone he knew . When he closed his eyes for the last time by reminiscing his past ,takeing his last breath , hoping to meet his loved ones on the afterlife. The pain of death came and went away .But it took his life with it. Than he opened his eyes again after regaining his conscious. But he didn't found his loved ones ,nor found himself in the afterlife but somewhere else. His life continues, as does the Story . I will update a cover photo for the novel after I make one. I am bad at drawing so I will edit one . Not like the owner of the photo will find out about it and after I edit it , it's mine right. Hahahaha . If he does find out, well let him come and bite me . Not like he will be able to reach me. Hehehehe (evil laugh) . If he does ,will never mind . This is my first novel . If anybody is reading this then thank you very much for your time . Please pray for me so that I can keep writing this novel. I will try hard to write and update more chapters. Reminder , there is no fix update rate on this novel because I will update when ever I will be able write a chapter of the story . So sorry . Enjoy

  • Overseer Restart

    Overseer Restart


    In an Era where the belief of Gods was dying and mysticism had disappeared, a young Sea god was born. Though he had no believers. He reigns over the vast seas and oceans, commanding a large amount of power. But he had no ambition to do anything.A Certain River God: So what does he really want to do, ah?Shen Hai: Just sleep for a few thousand years.All of a sudden, he became the Overseer of the Six Realms and the Floating Glass Palace.Shen Hai: ...I really just wanted to sleep.Glass Spirit: Haha.[BL]

  • The Legendary Overseer

    The Legendary Overseer

    In a world where spirits, beasts and grand civilisations exist. In the era of great chaos, lived a young man whose origins were unheard of. Whose intentions were unknown. His path decided the fate of many.

  • The Crazy Overseer

    The Crazy Overseer


    A cold and ruthless money shark loan ceo got isekaid.

  • Supreme Overseer

    Supreme Overseer



  • Great Martial Overseer

    Great Martial Overseer


    Aster Wen was a disciple of Lone Phoenix Sect. His aptitude in cultivation turned out to be very high, and he promised one day, he would stand at the peak. Not just of the world. But of the entire universe.

  • Azvloć; Overseer of Totality

    Azvloć; Overseer of Totality



  • A God's Lustful Adventure in Tensura

    A God's Lustful Adventure in Tensura



    Disclaimer: First Fanfic so please go easy on me the first twenty chapters are a bit cringy but stick to the endgame ones you won't regret it !! . . Before dying, the founding god of Tensura, also known as Veldanava, left the remnants of his body in a secret unaccessible pocket space. Those remnants are capable of granting their wielder infinitely strong powers. By growing up and becoming more powerful, responsible and mature, his only daughter, the great demon lord also known as Milim Nava The Destroyer, would get teleported automatically to that pocket dimension where she would absorb her father's remnants and become the supreme deity and overseer of this multiverse. But, what if someone else accesses Veldanava's pocket space and consumes his remnants before Milim.. Worse yet, what if that person has bad intentions and is preparing to use that power for it's own lustful desires ? Follow the story of Akira who becomes the supreme primordial god of Tensura after eating up not only Velda's remnants but the whole imaginary space, as he fulfills his desires such as building a harem and conquering the world. . . . MC WILL BE OVERPOWERED FROM START ! BIG HAREM OF BEST GIRLS ! R18 CONTENT AND SPIN OFF CHAPTERS ! . . . Happy Reading. -Author-sama

  • The Overseers

    The Overseers


    In a world where spirits, beasts and grand civilisations exist. In the era of great chaos, lived a man whose origins were unheard of. Whose intentions were unknown. His path decided the fate of many.

  • The overseer who became an adventurer

    The overseer who became an adventurer

    The planet earths overseer who got transfered into another world to become and adventurer with godly powers but no-one knows. This is my first lightnovel and would love some feedback!

  • Overseer's Asylum

    Overseer's Asylum


    The Overseer calls it a school with students as them and teachers as The Haveks, The Dents, The Grovelors and The Bits to end them. They are trapped in a Torture Asylum of 66 floors, that is, messed up like a Labyrinth, While Alexa tries to find her way out of it with her brother, Allan and her friends by her side and also strangers, who would help them to move past most of the difficulties as they might see some tragedy by the way as the Overseer likes to have fun with them to end them forever! Characters: Alexa, Allan, George, Hassan, John, Benjamin, Sarah, Diana, Andrew, Xavier, James and Rebecca (Others too...) Spoilers: There are 66 floors in the building and just one main elevator. This might not be the end, even if they get out of there... Content: - Preface - Author's Note - And it begins... (Volume 1) - Wiki: - Havek; The Normal Zombie-like creature with open intestines. It does not have eyes - Dent; The creature has 4 tentacles on its back. It could evolve further to obtain wings that are similar to that of an insect but do not have eyes - Grovelor; The creature with 4 legs looks like a hyena but is the size of a lion and does not have eyes - Bit; The Smartest creature of the Overseer; is a virus that is injected into the HG and is triggered when they are at their highest stress level to mutate the human. It is a plague that takes control of the body from top to bottom - Others; There are other creatures that aren't balanced in all fields, So, they are called the faculty by the Overseer

  • Overseer's Eye

    Overseer's Eye


    "It hurts...""Why is this happening?..."Sky, an orphan taken in by Mr. and Mrs. Amber, felt an excruciating pain in his left on his 16th birthday. A day that was supposed to be filled with smiles and happiness was instead filled with worries and sadness. When he woke up. He found out that his left eye was not normal anymore. He closed his right eye and watched with the left eye and everything he sees are lifeless. Everything was gray.When he lost his hope and just accepts that his left eye is no longer good, he meet Samantha Girden. "Pleased to meet you, My name is Samantha Girden."Samantha Girden was a mysterious girl shines as beautiful as the sun. Completely opposite to Sky who is as gloom and dark as the moon."Why do you have the [ All-Seeing Eye]?" Shockingly, Samantha know about the condition of Sky's left eye and offers him help. Samantha told him about the [ All-Seeing Eye ], the [ Overseers ] and the [ Chosen Ones ], and lastly, the [ 7 Parallel Universes ]."I'll help you with your eye and in exchange, you will go with me on my adventure."--This is the story of a young boy who suddenly meets the girl who will turn his life upside down. Join them in their adventures as they travel the 7 Parallel Universes.

  • The Isekai Overseers

    The Isekai Overseers


    Within the dull monochromy of the Void Abyss reside the five ancient beings, entities older than time immemorial. The five gods of the world. The creators, the spectators… the Overseers.Granted humanity and personality from their own accidental creations, these gods discover emotion... and consequently, boredom.Follow the story of these five omnipotent friends as they quench their desire for entertainment by copying a currently very popular idea from Earth... reincarnation stories!

  • My oversized body

    My oversized body

    Am writing this novel to inspire girls who are fat or chubby in nature Just know you are beautiful in your own way

  • Twisted Secrets

    Twisted Secrets



    I'm...so... dead. It's Luke Matthew!Run and escape only to be beaten another day or plead for mercy making promises to forever be his slave and still get beaten up. Yeah I'm taking the first option.I quickly jump on my feet hoping to make a beeline for the janitor's closet, when I'm suddenly yanked back by my hair - ouch! this mop of brown hasn't seen a saloon in months. Mind being gentle?" Doesn't this just bring back old memories, love? " Luke drawls in his annoying British accent.Okay, so you bumped into him on Friday last week, you shouted at him after and might have called him a number of names one of which was an idiotic butthead with an oversized ego. Then you've been avoiding him all week. You can't exactly blame the guy for having a personal vendetta against you.***“ You seem to enjoy playing with fire.” Nikon says without looking up as he attends to some papers. “ I don't like being disrespected. ” I tell him coldly. ***He feels it's all revenge. But has this need to protect her. He doesn't know when it started. But later realizes it doesn't really matter. What happens when Linda's past comes looking for her? What happens when she realizes what she knows about her past isn't all there is? And what happens when she gets herself tangled up in secrets so twisted they might get her killed?Follow Linda on her journey as she grows into a strong female with so many secrets to uncover. ***Please support this author and check out my other books* Burning Hatred: Entwined Destinies ( it's a fantasy romance ) please help me with your support*My sexy greek God matchmaker ( completed)And Please note that the cover is not mine. Mafia Teen fiction filled with lots of mystery and secrets. You're not going to find any other book like this. Mystery, action, romance and so many more await you. Just add this to your reading list, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks

  • The War That Transcends Timelines!

    The War That Transcends Timelines!



    Time. Time is intangible! Or so they said Sadly, we were wrong, time can be bent, bent to another's will. Empires stretching through the annals of another's history, Men of another race fighting in another man's war, technology, unknown to the Natives used to destroy them outright!Men fighting over resources not found in their Universe, troops fighting throughout the ages, brave heroes live and die. this... this is The War That Transcends Timelines!Kyle wit, abducted by a Mighty Empire to spearhead a section of their war is thrown right in the midsts of it! And through this trail be fire and death he shall go down in the annals of everyone's history and be known by enemies and allies as: The Marshall. A story where blood paints the earth, cruelty is common, men in the millions fight, shady politics, multi-layered planning and above all one person to fight against the norm.Comments keep me motivated, the biggest source of happiness for almost any authorPer (war)period 100-150 chapters or 100,000-150,000 words. One chapter between one to two days, one guaranteed teaser beforehand. Top 100 Guarantees Two 9-14 Chapters a weekFor people, there is a discord page:https://discord.gg/EQYQ6CJ

  • Reincarnation of a Worthless Man

    Reincarnation of a Worthless Man



    "Argh, how did my life end up like this?!" There was once a boy who's well-loved and popular with his peers. His smile could melt an adult's heart and his easygoing and sweet nature attracted a lot of girls who became his admirers. Little did he know that such a blessed life wouldn't last forever. Now, he is an ugly, overweight adult, working a job he doesn't like, and leading a life he doesn't want. No women want to be near him, let alone be his girlfriend, or even his wife. He is an oversized gear in a machine that doesn't even welcome him. When he gets fired from his job, it is the last straw from him. He remembers his life as a kid, and now good and beautiful it was. "I don't want this. I don't want this anymore!" "I would be better off dead than having to live like this for a second longer!" Suicidal, he passes by a flooding river, as there is a storm that day. He immediately thinks of throwing himself there, ending it once and for all. And he does. But not because he actually has the balls to kill himself via drowning, but because he sees a little girl being carried down the river by the strong current. In a split second, he decides that it would be better if she lives, even if he has to die in the process. And he does. He saves her, throwing her into the side of the river. But then his legs, rarely ever used, suddenly cramp. He can do nothing as he is swallowed by the waves. "Aah, it would be nice if I could be reincarnated into a fantasy world, like in those stories... I can do it all over, and do it better this time around..." His wish is granted. When he wakes up, he's no longer his old, adult self. He's a baby, living in an entirely new world. This is his story. ------ This story would have both happiness and hardships, heartwarming and sad moments, as well as romance that doesn't just end in a kiss. This is a harem story that will end up in a genuine polygamous relationship. It's also an adventure story, though it would stay as a slice-of-life for a good while as MC grows up.

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