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  • Astral Pet Store

    Astral Pet Store


    What’s not to love about my new life after transmigrating into a Pet-centered world? There are mighty creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They can either be cuddly companions, helpers in your daily life, daring scouts or strong fighters. Or all of the above. Not bad, huh? I have a family, but the fact is completely overshadowed by my younger sister. She thoroughly hates my guts, and she makes sure that I know this. Every. Single. Day. Did I mention that she’s disgustingly talented while I am a bottom feeder? A terribly handsome one at that. I have free rein to run the family business on my own. A small and quaint Pet Store. It should have been great if not for the fact that the previous owner of this body was born with ZERO affinity to handle Astral Pets… It wouldn’t be a proper transmigration without a gimmick or a system to pave my road to greatness, don’t you think? I have one, but I don’t know if I would be better off without it… Welcome to the World of Astral Pets!

  • Young master Damien's pet

    Young master Damien's pet



    "Who touched you?" he asked, his eyes brooding down at her and when she didn't answer, his voice thundered in the room, "WHO?" The butler who stood near the wall spoke shakily, "Sir, it was Mr. Reverale," Damien's face turned sour, his jaw ticking in anger he turned his face to the side where the butler stood behind. "Bring the man here." "N-now?" stuttered the butler. It was the time of night. Damien who hadn't broken his eye contact with the girl in front of him, pushed his hand against the wall which now rested beside his beautiful girl's head. Turning his body, he first looked at his butler who had his head bowed. With great courage, the butler came to meet his Master's eyes, "Do you have any other better time? Or should it be after I wring your neck?" Damien asked calmly tilting his head. Not a second later, the butler ran out of the room to return back with Mr. Reverale after twenty minutes. "Damien, are we having a late tea party?" Mr. Reverale came to greet but the master of the house had other plans. Spotting the knife that was stuck to the apple on the table, he reached for it to pull it out. Just as Mr. Reverale went to exchange a handshake with him, Damien took hold of his hand to place it on the table. In one swift movement as if he were chopping onions, he chopped the four fingers of the man off his hand making him yelp and cry in pain. "No one touches what is mine. I am sure this will remind you the next time you even think about touching her," sighed Damien as if he were tired of telling people to keep their dirty hands off his belongings. Meet Damien Quinn, a pureblooded vampire who is a complete narcissist, brash with his words and stingy even though he is rich who haggled when he bought a slave from the black market. On the other hand, meet Penelope who believes she is a 'guest' for a few days at the Quinn as she is intent on escaping from the odd vampire who needs therapy. ~ Discord:

  • Cultivation Chat Group

    Cultivation Chat Group



    One day, Song Shuhang was suddenly added to a chat group with many seniors that suffered from chuuni disease. The people inside the group would call each other ‘Fellow Daoist’ and had all different kinds of titles: Palace Master, Cave Lord, True Monarch, Immortal Master, etc. Even the pet of the founder of the group that had run away from home was called ‘monster dog’. They would talk all day about pill refining, exploring ancient ruins, or share their experience on techniques. However, after lurking inside the group for a while, he discovered that not all was what it seemed...

  • Monster Pet Evolution

    Monster Pet Evolution



    Three years ago, the animals and plants on Earth underwent crazy and unexplainable changes that included transformations, reversions, and the addition of otherworldly species. And it was the start of a brand-new type of profession in the new generation of humanity - Monster Trainers, people who specialized in taming monsters. On his 18th birthday, the protagonist of the story, Gao Peng, suddenly received the ability of being able to see the attribute data frame of monsters. With his ability, he aspired to become the strongest monster trainer that ever lived while looking for a method to revive his parents!

  • Fey Evolution Merchant

    Fey Evolution Merchant


    A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, the world enters a new era. Humans are able to absorb the world's awakened spirit qi, allowing them to tread on a new path—spirit qi occupations! Simultaneously, the plants and animals on the planet are also evolving toward their ancestry line or developing spiritual mutations. Lin Yuan realizes that he can assist feys in evolving limitlessly and constantly purify their bloodlines. He starts off with a small fey evolution store on the Star Web and rises up from there. Lin Yuan: "There is no problem that I cannot solve to deliver the goods. If there is a problem, it is because the goods are better than expectations!" This is a story purely about pets!

  • The Tyrant's Pet

    The Tyrant's Pet



    Aries Aime Heathcliffe. A princess from the small kingdom of Rikhill was loved by all. With her beauty that was enchantingly demure and a wise mind, she had caught a lot of attention and captured the hearts of many. One of them was the dashing crown prince of the Maganti Empire. Overcome by the desire to have her and his interest in the land of the small kingdom, the crown prince of the said empire would stop at nothing. The knights from the Maganti Empire marched across the masses and seized the four-hundred-year-old kingdom of Rikhill. The kingdom of Rikhill fell into ruin overnight. The crown prince left no members of the royal family alive aside from his war trophy, Aries. After suffering in his hands, Aries found the perfect chance to escape. That was when he took her to the world summit. A gathering of each sovereign from each kingdom and empire for peace talks. There, she met the emperor of Haimirich, Eustass Silvestri Abel Bloodworth. Overwhelm by desperation, Aries begged him to take her in. It was too late when she realized that the man she asked for help was far more cruel, twisted, and downright diabolical than the crown prince for taking her as his… pet! EXCERPT: With a pair of crimson eyes hovering over her, Aries held her breath. When the corner of his lips curled up devilishly, she couldn’t react fast as he swiftly flipped their position. She only realized it when she was saddling him, gazing down at Abel, wide-eyed. “No one is above me in this empire and even out — not even the law, but look at you,” he intoned with a devilish smirk. “Staring down on me… so daunting.” Aries bit her lip, planting her palm on her inked chest. “Your Majesty…” “Do you now understand the power you hold, darling?” Abel carefully wrapped his fingers around her wrist, chuffed by her reaction. “Only you, Aries, may go above me and the only person in this world who can look down on me. No one else.” He raised an arm and ran his fingers through the side of her hair, settling his palm on the back of her head before he pulled her down until her face was a palm length away from him. “You better use this at your own disposal,” he whispered, tilting his head as he lifted it up to claim what’s his. HER. Meet Eustass Silvestri Abel Bloodworth, the sadistic tyrant, who reigned an empire with an iron fist. With his pet, Aries’ increasing presence in his boring, dark life, he was set to kill her. But alas, every time he thought of taking her life, he finds himself changing his mind. The more he kept her by his side, the more it got harder to dispose of her. And the more he yearned for something deeper and darker... it was driving him insane. With a secret he was keeping from her, what would Abel do if Aries found out about the rotting truth behind the empire and the emperor? Would he kill her? Or kiss her? Perhaps cage her? And if she found out that Abel wasn’t just a normal human, would she try to escape? Or would she accept that he wasn’t just a demon incarnate? In a complicated world that tainted them black, was love even possible to bloom between a pet and her master? Watch as these two play the dangerous and insane game of love and lust. Who would be the master and the pet? Who was the prey? Read to find out more. --------- Original Story by: alienfrommars FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommars Discord server: Disclaimer: Cover not mine. Got it from Pinterest. Credits to the artist.

  • Pet Simulator

    Pet Simulator



    # simulator Wang Ye transmigrated to a world of summoning pet monsters and made a contract with an ordinary little green sparrow as his pet monster. To his surprise, he awakened the Pet Simulator talent that allowed him to evolve his pet monster through simulations. The pet monster would evolve based on the ultimate evolution form set by its master. [0 years old. Little green sparrow was born. It practiced flying on a cliff. It encountered a strong current and dropped from the cliff. It was covered in wounds.] [1 year old. Little green sparrow learned how to fly after much hard work.] [2 years old. Little green sparrow saw a mysterious bird dancing in the air and sank into deep contemplation.] [5 years old. Little green sparrow got better at flying. It comprehended the skill of Sky Dancing.] [5.5 years old. Little green sparrow got bolder and attempted to learn how to swim. It plummeted into a spring from the cliff and drowned. It acquired the personality of Unstoppable Courage.] After the simulation ended, the pet monster could acquire either the skill or the personality it mastered during its life in the simulation. After going through a certain number of simulations, the pet monster had a chance of evolving into the predetermined ultimate evolution form. Wang Ye took a glance at his little green sparrow that was pecking away at rice. Without hesitation, he decided on its ultimate evolution form - the divine beast Angewomon. His little green sparrow looked at him with a look of confusion.




    [WSA 2024] Kent is an ordinary wizard in the Sky family wizard school, and his wife Thea also works as an elder in the same school. As Thea is moving out to the elder barracks, she kicks Kent out of the house and puts the house for sale. “You are just a piece of waste who couldn’t earn a silver.” Thea’s last words still lingering in Kent’s soul. (It’s not like Kent is a lazy guy who escapes studies. Most of Kent’s meridians were locked down by a curse.) Suddenly on the same day, Kent received a Raven from his maternal aunt. “Are you really my aunt?” Kent questioned with a doubtful gaze. “Yes, Kent… I have sent 5000 gold and Heavenly elixir to remove your meridian curse. Don’t mind asking me for more money. Your mom left a huge fortune for you.” From that moment Kent’s life changed as he brought a new flying pet equal to core disciples, new weapons, Villas, Fancy meals, and whatnot. Soon, his powers sore as became a Master class, Magus. Discord:

  • The King of Beast Trainers

    The King of Beast Trainers

    A brand new masterpiece by the author of "Unscientific Beast Taming"!!! The best fantasy novels in China in 2023! The invasion of creatures from different time and space gave birth to the "Beast Master" profession, and the protagonist was selected by a mysterious "black card", indicating that he has the qualification of a Beast Master and can contract to control pets to fight for himself! "Who could become the undisputed King of Beast Trainers in the brand-new Beast Training Era?" Royal Beast+Online Gaming+Spiritual Energy Recovery+Secret Realm

  • Unscientific Beast Taming

    Unscientific Beast Taming


    Shi Yu woke up one day in a world built on the foundation of Beast Taming, where powerful monsters roam and great societies formed around the Beast Tamers who tame them. After concluding that he'd been reincarnated because he was good looking, he put his skills as a mythology expert to use, aiming to become a professional Beast Tamer so he wouldn't be poor again in this life. Thankfully, he had been reborn with a trump card in this life, a Skill Index that broke certain rules of the Beast Taming world. Starting from zero by secretly copying and teaching skills to domestic and wild beasts alike, Shi Yu stepped on the path of Beast Tamers as he raised a bunch of logic-defying and unreasonably strong beast pets... Key Words: Beasts, Beast Pets, Pets, Summoning

  • National School Prince Is A Girl

    National School Prince Is A Girl



    Fu Jiu appears to be a normal lad in high school on the surface. But in fact, she (Yes! She!) is the hacker, Z, a villain-terminator in the online world of an alternate world. Having reincarnated into the body of a woman and being forced to disguise herself as a young man, she reigns over the game world, fights for justice, and puts a spell on all the girls around with her innate charm. However, her flirting comes across as gay to the rich Almighty Qin and his inner circle. Over time, the Almighty Qin falls for him… her. Has he turned gay for him… her? Now, that's confusing! Keywords: Rebirth, Face-slapping, Online gaming, Pet lover, Hacking, Chocolate-flavored lollipop Sugary Scene: Fu Jiu said, "Almighty Qin, do you have a girlfriend?" Qin Mo lowered his laptop. "No." Fu Jiu lowered her voice and started flirting carelessly. "You have one now, me." Upon hearing that, Qin Mo pounced on Fu Jiu domineeringly! Fu Jiu was stunned. "Wait, what are you doing?" Qin Mo replied, "Exercising my boyfriend rights." Please support us on Patreon: If we hit certain milestones, we will release more chapters in a mass release as well as increase the release rate!

  • My Pet Beast is really not an Evil God

    My Pet Beast is really not an Evil God

    Gary Smith arrived in a peculiar world of beastmasters, where an ancient taboo was reborn from the depth of time, and an evil god was lurking. In this world, birds and beasts, rivers and mountains, even elements could spawn spiritual power and turn into pet beasts. Among them, the powerful ones became ecological niches by themselves, radiating secret realm ecosystems such as the Yellow Spring, Skeleton Kingdom, Succubus Nest, and Kingdom of the Sky Tree, nurturing countless followers. The beastmasters make contracts with the pet beasts, nurture them, and control the spiritual power. After witnessing the "Taboo Sun" event, Gary Smith obtained the ability to extract materials from everything in the world and compile "Secret Food". Through the Evolutionary Secret Food, the combination of "The Shattered Dusk World" + "Ancient Dragon’s Dead Egg" results in the Feast of the End. When the pet beast consumes it, it evolves into the Dusk Dragon God. The Dusk Domain erodes the world, turning into the God at the end of time. The Skill Secret Food allows the pet beasts to plunder skills from everything, becoming omniscient and omnipotent. The Sacrificial Secret Food snatches the taboo time, sacrifices the ancient beings, and blasphemes against the gods. His style of beast control also started to become peculiar. There is the Spider Shadow that devours ancient dragons and weaves dreams of all lives with its threads, the Red Master that pollutes the multiverse, and the Devourer of the Realms, who consumes worlds... In response to this, he explained, "My pet beasts are just a bit peculiar. They really are not evil gods!"

  • Cultivation Pet Shop

    Cultivation Pet Shop



    "What? That chicken is actually a phoenix?""You're telling me that this dog is a qilin?""This little lizard is the legendary dragon?""What kind of weird pet shop is this? When did legendary beasts become so easy to find!"An ordinary looking shop, but what hides inside are legendary cultivation pets. Step inside, but only if you dare.-------------------------------------------------------------------Come follow me on twitter: check out my stream:

  • Starting With Contract Pets

    Starting With Contract Pets


    Su Bai wakes up and finds that the world has changed drastically. He realizes he has come to a world of pets. After accepting the new setting, he is determined to become a powerful Pet Tamer. One day, Su Bai’s pet releases a beginner skill spark. Flames flutter and the sky turns to ashes… A water attribute beginner skill causes the boundless sea to fall from the sky, flooding thousands of miles of mountains and rivers… One blow rips apart the claw, and endless sharp bursts explodes. One after another, worlds fall apart… A passerby: (゚Д゚≡゚д゚)!? This is a world of pets and monsters. Every teenager will develop a soul stone in the middle of their eyebrows. After placing the soul stones into stones, branches, water, and any other thing, a spirit egg unique to the owner would be born. Once the spirit is hatched, the owner will receive his own beginner spirit contract book. Then, he can embark on the road of contracting and training various spirits and monsters. However, Su Bai seems to be doing things a little differently… [Tags]: Beginner spirit, pets, monsters, spirits, cultivation, evolution, daily ease, adventure

  • Lord of Pets

    Lord of Pets



    【Pets】【Masters】【Summons】【Contracts】【Evolution】【Mutation】 This is a world of monsters. Demonic beasts, demons, angels, giants, elves, undead, fairies, witches, beastfolk, insectoids… countless races, endless divisions, infinite mysteries. Human masters can make contracts with familiars. Hence, taming, grooming, ascension, evolution, battles… is their daily life! In the Great Qian Dynasty, a youth named the Bai Wushang unexpectedly became an autonomous awakener, and his life-bound pet was the… Moonrabbit? —————————————————————— 【Currently publicly known evolution forms】 ■Mud Giant➼Sand Giant➼Stone Giant➼Black Iron Giant… ■Lesser Fire Sparrow➼Fire Sparrow➼Searing Godbird➼Inferno Bird… ■Quad-Winged Radiant Angel➼(Fallen Evolution)Six-Winged Dark Angel… ■Demon Ape➼Three-Eyed Demon Ape➼Dark-Golden Demon Ape➼……➼Eight-Armed Vile Dragon Demon Ape… ■Greater Ghost Fire➕Night Mare➼ (Fusion Evolution) Spectral Knight… "

  • Unserious Beast Tamer

    Unserious Beast Tamer

    Good news: I've time traveled, and I have a system. Bad news: This system is far from serious! Xu Ran watched his pet beasts, which trembled and made bizarre noises after being given a washing and protection, became disoriented and howled all night after being fed, and behaved more and more oddly after training. He fell into deep thought. How was he supposed to explain to these pet beasts' Beast Masters that he was indeed a serious person?!

  • Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Infinitely

    Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Infinitely

    【The No.1 beast taming online novel of 2024, the classic that you absolutely can't miss!】 Bai Qi said, "We should approach ferocious beasts with a peaceful attitude and not indiscriminately kill them for personal desires, especially for unrealistic things like skill and bloodline snatching." Media report: [Bai Qi said:"Kill ferocious beasts, grab skills!"] Bai Qi: "???" --------- Bai Qi traveled to a world dominated by beasts and became a student of the Military Science Department. In order to explore the extreme evolution of beasts, he embarked on an abnormal path of evolution with a group of pets who had deviated from the evolution tree. "So…should I choose Mechanical Lady or Beast Ear Lady?" This is a wonderful adventure story about a beast that can evolve infinitely, but it seems that its evolution is not quite right!

  • The Alpha's Little Slave

    The Alpha's Little Slave


    A wolfless half-human hybrid. That was all Harper Gray amounted to. To escape her family’s relentless abuse, Harper took the first chance to flee the moment her pack came under attack. But in the rubble of chaos and ruin, she found her mate. Unfortunately, she hadn’t expected the Moon Goddess to match her with the most notorious killer of the land― Damon Valentine, the alpha of the very same pack that decimated her own. Tales of his cruel misdeeds had spread far and wide. Every werewolf knew the name; even some humans feared it, and Harper was no exception. She had no plans of being mated to someone as terrifying as Damon Valentine, and she would do anything to break the bond. However, Damon Valentine had no plans of letting his little mate go. Captured, Harper was brought back to Damon’s pack― not as his future Luna, but as his pack’s newest slave. To complicate matters further, Damon wasn’t the only man the Moon Goddess had matched Harper with. Blaise Valentine — Damon’s twin brother — also had an interest in their new pet slave. The Valentine brothers had their share of conflicts but agreed on one thing: they would never let Harper go. ― Warning: - Dubcon - R18 themes ― Discord Server:

  • Pet King

    Pet King



    1. Download a suspicious game 2. Catch a few magical pets as partners 3. Go through interesting daily routines and lead the pet shop to a whole new level

  • MMORPG: Divine Mech Hunter

    MMORPG: Divine Mech Hunter


    Are you still fussing over obtaining mythical pets and exotic top-tier battle gear? Watch me as I bring along warheads, Spider tanks and Reaper4000 to swiftly wipe out multiple stages and slaughter the Boss! No matter how well you are in dodging bullets, or how acute your senses and reflexes are, you are still going to fall under the scope of my bullet storm. You will see me fight through the day and night while I hold onto my position being the best without breaking a sweat. While you were feeling overjoyed for just slaying a dragon, all I did was laugh and remain speechless. “Hey lad, ever heard of Gundam? Honestly, it is a mystical mech, and the dragon is nothing but a mere bug to this huge mystical mech.” This is the legend of the Divine Mech Hunter!