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  • The photographer

    The photographer


  • The photographer and BTS

    The photographer and BTS


  • Hayder photographer

    Hayder photographer


  • The freezing photographer

    The freezing photographer

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    She is the world's famous and rich photographer best known for her work. But what is her Secret?? She can freeze time!!!!!

  • The Photographer

    The Photographer

    May isang babaeng professional photographer at may isang lalaking sikat sa kanyang school na pinapasukan at dahil sa mapaglarong tadhana ay pagtatagpuin sina Tristan Zeitgeist Jung at Alexandria Lorein Alexa (Alexandria Lorein Yoon) ay may heart disease dahil sa hindi inaasahang pagtatagpo ng dalawa ay isa lamang sa kanila ang mananatili sa mundong kanilang kinatatayuan...

  • It Takes a Photographer

    It Takes a Photographer

    Olivia is a photographer working at Rory and Lou's art gallery. While taking pictures at the party Clay and Quint throw to celebrate the adoption of their son, she captures what seems to be a murder in the building behind them.<br><br>Lou and Quint take it upon themselves to investigate -- unofficially at first -- with the help of Rory and Gideon Monahan. When they find out the presumed victim is alive and denying anything happened, they dig deeper. Things heat up as Rory goes undercover to try to learn the truth while the others delve into the backgrounds of the people involved and Olivia finds more photos relevant to the case.<br><br>Now all they have to do is find out what the photos really show, and if what looked like a murder may be even more than it seems.

  • The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed

    The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed

    Romance REBIRTH


    After the real daughter of the Jiang family fell sick, she became stupid and insisted on marrying the cold-blooded, cruel, and crippled Fu Jiu. Mother Jiang said, "So be it. She's a good-for-nothing anyway. I only asked her to marry in place of my sister." Father Jiang: "After you marry him, remember to ask 9th master to help your sister find a better marriage." The fake heiress said, "Sob, I feel so sorry for Sister, but… if you get beaten to death by the 9th master, the Fu family will compensate us a lot of money, right? I'm looking forward to it." Jiang Li sneered. She bid farewell to her hypocritical family and brought her shabby dowry to the Fu family. After having been reborn once, she knew very well that Fu Jiu was the only person who treated her well. Everyone was waiting for Jiang Li to be beaten to death. Finally, one day, she was photographed by reporters and posted online. "It's all your fault! You used so much force last night! The Jiang family is going to laugh at me again!" Fu Jiuxiao said, "With me around, no one will dare to laugh at you. Moreover, I will make them pay back tenfold for the pain that the Jiang family has caused you!"

  • Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

    Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again


    The daughter of the Chi family has been living in the mountains for sixteen years. Suddenly, she returns to the White City. However, it's soon found out that this missy’s image is a little off. On the first day, the paparazzi catches her having a meal with one of the best actors. The photographs quickly top the hot searches. Best Actor: Don’t make wild guesses. She is my boss and I am her underling. Netizens: As if we would believe you! The next day, the paparazzi catches a financial tycoon tying her shoelaces in the middle of the street. This goes onto the hot searches once again. Some financial tycoon: Don’t make wild guesses. She is my boss and I am her underling. Netizens: (⊙…⊙) On the third day, the Chi family’s missy dominates the hot searches again with paparazzi photos of a big shot in the medical field sending her to school. Big shot in the medical field: I’m sorry, but she is my boss. Netizens: Where is the pretty-face Jiaojiao we were promised? Her image is collapsing. Just as the netizens are gradually getting used to Chi Jiao’s antics, the paparazzi catches her walking into the Civil Affairs Bureau with the head of the Quan family, Quan Jue. Many say that the strategies employed by Quan Jue are brilliant, sly in nature, and brutal. He's an extremely ruthless figure. Quan Jue: I would like to introduce you all to my wife, Chi Jiao. Jiaojiao has been weak and sickly since young. Do not bully her. Netizens: Master Quan, I think you have some misunderstandings about your wife. Chi Jiao suffered a violent death in her previous life. Her soul witnessed that man kiss her remains and perish together with the person who killed her. Only then did she realize that the illegitimate son living in her household had humbled himself because of his love for her. The reincarnated Chi Jiao’s main mission this lifetime is to woo Quan Jue, and become the Little Jiajiao in his heart.

  • Photograph


    Hannah, an ordinary teenage girl, came to an abandoned manor located at the far end of their town. It wasn't her idea, but she got dragged to the situation when one of her friends discovered an old camera. Thinking that it was abandoned by the previous owner, they took it with them not knowing the evil that awaits for them.

  • My Photographer Story

    My Photographer Story

    Romansa Historis ROMANCE ACTION R18 SYSTEM

    Zynki Ryu memilih pergi dari kehidupan mewah keluarganya karena Ryu lebih memilih menjadi fotografer daripada mengurus perusahaan keluarganya. Zynki Han adalah Ayahnya yang seorang Pengusaha Sukses yang memiliki ratusan cabang perusahaan di seluruh dunia. Keluarga Zynki. adalah keluarga terkaya yang kekayaannya tidak bisa terhitung. Zynki groups Adalah perusahaan terbesar didunia, banyak pengusaha yang berlomba - lomba untuk bergabung dengan Zynki Groups. Namun kebulatan tekad Ryu untuk menjadi fotografer membuatnya untuk memilih pergi dari kehidupan orang tuanya.

  • Becoming The Business Magnate's Spoiled Wife

    Becoming The Business Magnate's Spoiled Wife



    Qu Xiao unexpectedly transmigrated as the spoiled wife of a business magnate. Despite her good fortune, the original owner of her body failed to see that, and helped her maiden family to conspire against the magnate, even trying to divorce him and elope with a scumbag ex-boyfriend! Rolling her eyes in frustration with one hand on the divorce papers, Qu Xiao simply leaped into the magnate's arms while crying, "I would not divorce you!" Shang Liyan was stunned. "A-Are you still Qu Xiao?" Qu Xiao nodded fervently, and having the full script in hand, she wielded her omniscience as she wiped out all scumbags. Her ex was trying to seduce her? She sent him some hookers and secured compromising photographs of him, and sent him directly to the precinct! Her maiden family wanted the Shang family's stocks? She took their company instead! "Darling, you seem different from before!" Qu Xiao stared at the man before her, and swore to pamper him and love him in the place of the original owner of her body! She would protect the stoic magnate!

  • The Photographers

    The Photographers


    Four youngsters, obsessed with photography are on their way to find their true selves and escape from their turbulent lives. Discover how photography leads them to discern how exquisitely ravishing life can be...

  • I am photographer my name is waqas

    I am photographer my name is waqas

  • Ms. Photographer & Mr. Billionaire

    Ms. Photographer & Mr. Billionaire

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CEO

    A fun loving, eccentric girl with a passion for photography and an extremely short fuse. A laid back, cocky and ruthless CEO. What happens when the ice and fire meet?

  • Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!

    Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!



    "Better to have and not need than to need and not have." Sky Ishiyama is a nerd with Photographic Memory who after the bumps and turns in his life, turned to be a Doomsday Prepper. The story takes place in our world where our MC was diving through the Dark Web just for fun and discovered something that could only be found in books, movies, novels, manga, anime, or games. Zombies, Walkers, Freaks, Infected, Biters, or whatever you may call them. They're fucking real. Ever wondered what you could do in a zombie apocalypse where you actually know what you're doing? Actually surviving properly while preventing stupid deaths? Doing what is right and necessary? Or better yet, actually doing what you shout in the monitor when you're watching a film? Our MC is coupled with the knowledge of not just fighting z's but actually surviving by securing his home, finding allies, scavenging for supplies, building a community and so much more. If you could, kindly like the tags I've put up and it would be huge, huge help for me, thanks in advance! Also, a comment, a review, or even a vote of a single power stone would help me out a lot! Thanks again! Disclaimer: All of the names and places mentioned in this novel are fictional and any relation to people IRL is purely coincidental. Discord Server Link: (It's just something I created for fun and random chatting with people that want to discuss more about zombie things and other random stuff. It's created on 16/07/20 so it's fairly new and nothing much is in there lol Anyway, everyone is free to drop by and spend a few minutes to pass the time.) My Discord: Sky2316#9623

  • - Photograph -

    - Photograph -

    Teen ROMANCE

    Astrid is scrolling through her gallery when she came across the pictures of her ex, Peter, while they were travelling together. As she stares at the photos, the memories of the past came flooding back to her.

  • Photographer in your Wedding Day

    Photographer in your Wedding Day

  • The Photographs

    The Photographs

    One night alone in woods outside of the town.

  • 34 Photographs

    34 Photographs

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE BL

    "There are times when we are lost, bit could still be found. Same goes with our feelings. No matter how long we try to hide, no matter how hard we try to run away from it, no matter how hard we try to forget. It will find it's way to the light."Win a Creative Writing student, is a friend of Bright who's taking up the course Journalism, with photography as his hobby. But there's something wrong with their subjects. Because it seems like they've been writing about and capturing the wrong contents.Dive into a wholesome story, where bottled up feelings is a trend.● everything is written in English● may contain grammatical and typographical errors, please bear with me● may contain harsh language● most likely to be a wholesome story, please don't expect R-18 contents● i'm more of a serious type of writer and tries to strike reality as much as possible● enjoy reading Official hashtag if anyone of you will use: #34P#cylestial_hwang#hwang

  • The awoken photograph

    The awoken photograph


    Are you ready to enter into a world that seems peaceful but isn't as peaceful as you think, a photograph that looks normal but leads to a path you thought was non existent.