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  • Poison God's Heritage

    Poison God's Heritage



    "There is a thin line between poison and medicine, and I shall make you dance on it!" Dead and reincarnated, Shen Bao finds himself in a world of cultivation, a world he only believed that existed in stories and books. With hopes of heights and abilities far than what the mortal man could ever dream of, he's given a new purpose in life, however, fate had other surprises in store for him. What should have commenced as a regular life in any reincarnation story, for Shen Bao everything turned upside down when he found out that he doesn't have the ability to cultivate...

  • Poisonous Lips

    Poisonous Lips

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    The company we keep can either contribute to our success or destroy us at the very end, so they say. This was the case of Shade whose friend, Cynthia became a wolf in sheep clothing. For the love Shade had and Cynthia could not get, Cynthia did everything and anything she could to make sure everything ends bitterly for Shade. Day after day as she continued to dwell in her evil mindset she found confidence among the children of the night and from there, her true colour revealed. Be warned that this story contains strong words, immoralities and not decent for children. 18+ _______________________________________________________ If you enjoy my story and you want to connect with me. You can have a chat with me on: Discord: @sam-crowned00#2457 Instagram: @sam_crowned1 Facebook: @samcrowned Twitter: @sam_crowned Do not forget to always Vote, Comment, Review and send gift.

  • Poisonous Blood

    Poisonous Blood

    "Blood splattering, a wicked smile, a holy weakness, a darkened time. An enchanted world, where cruelty befalls, a hope for freedom will be your downfall. On the first fall of the 14th spring from now, a blood witch, more powerful than any witch you have encountered, shall free the supernatural world, from you, king Sebastian." ****************** She watched her parents die. She watched her loved ones suffer. She saw the cruelty in his eyes. The cruelty he killed with bloodthirsty smiles. Living in a time of cruelty, where humans hated, tortured and killed those different from them was not easy, especially for Vanessa Trone. Born in a clan of blood witches she watched her people die in the hands of king Sebastian, Tyrant ruler of Grimlock. But she was saved. A growing hate inside her. Her magic grows stronger and she discovers something new. An ancient power that disappeared for millenniums, Poisonous Blood. With this new found power will Vanessa get her revenge? Or will she be killed in the hands of a dictating king? Or will things take a turn when she begins to fall in love with the crown prince?©RamataMaguiraga 2020 Copyright All Rights Reserved.

  • Poisonous Revenge

    Poisonous Revenge


    I'm just a maid, yet why is all of this happening to me? She's cruel to everyone but me... Can this last? What brought us together was one common interest. Revenge. The world is a suspect and trust is unattainable so how will we work together to kill the one we desire? Get ready to read an interesting story about a duchess, her servant and the gruesome tragedies that befall both of them as they try to succeed in their long awaited revenge!

  • Poisonous Love

    Poisonous Love

    Why will Hana not forgive her child’s father? When he is offering such luxurious life? What did this man do to kill Hana’s love like this? Hana who loves her child but hates the man who caused her to have that child? This is the journey of “poisonous love” of Hana’s life the love for which she could do anything but also this is the love who took everything from her.

  • Poisonous Flower

    Poisonous Flower

  • poisonous love

    poisonous love

  • Poisonous Wish

    Poisonous Wish

  • Poisonous Wishs

    Poisonous Wishs

  • Poisonous Keeper

    Poisonous Keeper

  • The Poisonous Wildflower

    The Poisonous Wildflower


    Born from the reputable Hemlock Clan, named after a poisonous wildflower, and raised to be the most influential heiress. Beauty, intelligence, and riches. Name it, Azalea Hemlock has it all.Despite having the beauty that is enough to make even the gods to be in awe, Azalea being the intimidating femme that she is, no man can handle the poisonous wildflower.Life seems to be dull. Everything's relatively boring, not until she met a philandering city guy - Zeke Asclepius Vinnor.Azalea's well composed and nonchalant personality with Zeke's messy, sloven, and sloppy personality. They're a total contrast to each other.Will Zeke Asclepius dare to pick the poisonous wildflower? Or will he save his life from its toxicity?

  • A Poisonous Love

    A Poisonous Love

    She was love, He was Hate She was Hope, He was the destructionShe was Gold, He was the fire to melt her She believed in Dreams, He was a walking Nightmare The deeper she goes, The darker it's gets Hate and Love have a thin line in between what if it breaks ?? Two Different worlds and two Different personalities collided But Will they experience a Fairytale or Something more exciting but darker ~ A story of Love, Hate and mysterious ~



    After spending ten years in a farm banished by her father Elmira returns to Onville to marry the Duke of Maryfair as a second wife . Everyone was waiting to watch a joke but was presented with a shock of her true identity. This is my first ever novel and I hope you enjoy your read. I'm open to corrections and ideas please make sure to like at the end .

  • Reactions are poisonous

    Reactions are poisonous


    Reactions are caused by actions. They can be hazardous.So be careful with your actions.

  • Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman

    Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman


    An Jinxiu was the daughter of Grand Preceptor An, married to the current General Shangguan at the age of sixteen. However, she had delusions of fawning over the Fifth Prince whic is now His Majesty Bai Chengze. She had given him her heart, given him advice, plotted against him, stolen the military talisman from her husband's hands, helped him turn into a soldier and massacred the entire capital. So what if she helped him become the master of this world? An Jinxiu was a wicked woman that disobeyed the laws of women. A dirty woman; an abandoned woman with a husband. She is a wicked woman who wanted to climb the ranks of dragons and bring down the phoenixes. Her husband, Shangguan Yong, did not know poetry, so what if he did not understand romance? This man was the only one who had truly treated her with sincerity. She was reborn, back to the day before she got married. In this life, she'll live a completely different life. She'll love her husband.************Author's Note:Updates schedule: 1 chapter daily or maybe more, depends on the comments, reviews and votes? ٩(●ᴗ●)۶Notice: This novel is NOT an original work but a Translation. All credits go to the original Chinese author. All novels are translated using machine-based (MTL) I’m not a English or Chinese native. Beware of my grammatical errors, wrong spellings, weird phrases, etc. Please bear with me and let me try this novel translation journey (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)I’m just an amateur that want to share stories. Anyways, hope you will enjoy this novel as much I did. Thanks for visiting!------------------------------------------------I'm also working on my other translated novel: Rebirth of the Little Military Wife

  • Razelle: the Poisonous Rose

    Razelle: the Poisonous Rose


    Cover novel doesn't belong to me. It belongs to it's respective owners. Picture source: Google

  • Your faithful poisonous consort

    Your faithful poisonous consort

    Historical Romance HISTORICAL


    Shen Xinyi a girl who lived for two lives and died two times once again come back to her previous first life where she was once humiliated even as An Empress her children dead and her sacrifices were given a tribute of a white linen cloth at the end of her life Now that she is back with her modern life memories what will she do to pay back ?

  • Poisonous Bad Girl

    Poisonous Bad Girl



    what comes to my mind, I'll write it here !?maybe we both have seen the cruel side of life earlier than we should have.I hope you will love my work and support me.

  • Poisonous Genius Doctor

    Poisonous Genius Doctor

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